ISIS-Daesh Positions in Northwest Syria Reported Close to Envelopment by Syrian Arab Army as M4 Highway Supply Line Is About to Be Cut; Putin and Rohani Pledge to Defeat Terrorism

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Morning Briefing | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Terrorist Front in Northwest Syria Appears Close to Collapse

The terrorist rebel position in northwest Syria is now close to collapse as shown on this map in the area circled in red, where the Syrian Army is about to cut a major supply route of ISIS near Kassab

The rebel position south of Kessab in northwest Syria is regarded as especially critical, with key hills like Kizilidag and Jabal Aterra being liberated by the Syrian government forces. As a result, according to a reliable source, “the access of Turkish military and terrorists to Latakia province is now 100% dependent on the M4 [highway] and from there to minor roads. Should the terrorist defenses collapse on all positions north of M4, which is not very far from happening, then the Syrian Army will have artillery control over M4 and the terrorist rebel rats inside Latakia province will be doomed.”

Clearing the terrorist rebels out of the whole of Latakia province and reaching the Turkish border will be a major achievement for the Russian-Syrian steamroller.

Assad forces working together with Hezbollah have also made gains on the southern side of the major city of Aleppo, and say that they have defeated a rebel counter-offensive. The rebels in this sector are largely al Nusra/al Qaeda, who have reportedly sent a distress call to the Erdogan regime in Turkey calling for re-enforcements and other emergency help. The Russian air force is said to have made it harder for the ISIS butchers to spread propaganda by destroying their main radio transmitter in Menbeij. Terrorist forces also suffered reverses in the eastern part of the city of Homs. Assad forces are also advancing near Ghouta in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, the site of the chemical warfare incident faked by Turkey and Saudi Arabia which almost started a world war in August-September 2013.

Other reports indicate that some of the rebels groups are fighting among themselves. Turkish air force units are effectively deterred from intervening by the presence of Russian S-300 long-range anti-aircraft missiles.

The defeat of ISIS/Daesh and its fellow terrorists is increasingly no more than a question of time.

Prime Suspect in Paris Terror Assault Is ISIS, Jointly Controlled by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Moslem Brotherhood, and NATO Intelligence Factions

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, November 21, 2015

Islamic State Reeling under Defeats at Sinjar, Aleppo-Palmyra, Kweyris Air Base, Ramadi, And Raqqa, Plus Loss of Jihadi John; Cui Bono of Attacks is ISIS Need for Victories and Glory to Recruit Foreign Patsies; ISIS Role as Frankenstein’s Monster Tracks Trajectory of Hitler; Paris Attacks Crude and Primitive, Not Sophisticated; French Diplomatic Offensive Converges with Russian Quest for Anti-ISIS Bloc; US Must Join in Closing Jarablus to Aleppo Corridor; The Week the Islamophobic GOP Went Fascist: Trump Wants to Close Mosques, Enact Discriminatory Laws, Compel Registration; Carson, Cruz, Christie, Paul Harass Helpless Refugees; Rubio Courts World War III vs Russia – Never Again a GOP President!

CLAUDE GUÉANT, a protégé of the corrupt Charles Pasqua, former chief of staff to President Sarkozy and former French Interior Minister from February 2011 to May 2012: convicted of misuse of public funds and given a suspended sentence of 30 months in prison and a fine of € 75,000. After last week’s colossal security failure revealed that little has changed since the Charlie Hebdo killings, it is time to purge the moles and Grand Orient freemasons from the French security services.

The Tax Wall Street Party condemns the cowardly and despicable irregular warfare action which occurred in Paris, France on November 13, 2015 and the following days, and extends its sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims. We take this opportunity to urge President Hollande and other world leaders to proceed at once in cooperation with the legal Syrian government to the final annihilation of ISIS/Daesh and the punishment of all those forces who have contributed to the creation and maintenance of this savage entity.
—Daniela Walls, National Chair

World Crisis Radio
November 21, 2015

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UN Security Council Urges All Nations to Oppose ISIS; New York Times Sees Saudi Arabia as “A Daesh That Has Made It” — US Rage Grows Against Terrorist Controllers in Ankara and Riyad

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
November 20, 2015

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ISIS Must Be Quickly Destroyed to Prevent Degenerate Elites from Using Its Terrorism to Impose Police-State Dictatorships in the Western World; French Police Once Again Manage to Kill the Patsy Who Knew Most About Terrorist Operations; Why Is Bernard Cazeneuve Still Interior Minister of France?; Cui Bono Analysis Shows ISIS Needs Victories to Recruit in Face of Bombing; This Explains Timing and Targeting

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Morning Briefing | Friday, November 20, 2015

Today the French National Assembly voted to extend the current 12 day state of emergency declared by President Hollande and Prime Minister Valls to a state of emergency of three months. While such measures are understandable in the wake of the large-scale terrorist attacks in Paris last Friday, such developments also point unmistakably to the danger of a police state emerging either gradually or suddenly, out of the often exaggerated public safety concerns of national security bureaucrats.

This inexorable process points up the urgent need to destroy the ISIS state and army without any further delay. Every day that passes brings with it the renewed danger of some spectacular revenge attack by this demented genocidal cult, which some unscrupulous bureaucrat is likely to use to advance the cause of liberticide measures – measures that will tend to destroy political and religious freedom.

In a number of Western countries, including France and the United States, there are clearly enough now two distinct factions at work: on the one hand, we have the forces of darkness who refuse to undertake vigorous measures to bring the ISIS monstrosity to an end, while at the same time they use the existence of this terrorist entity as an excuse for new variations on the Patriot Act, and similar oppressive codes in other countries. Groups that can be considered positive and patriotic are the ones who demand the immediate annihilation of ISIS, while at the same time exercising restraint in the area of police state measures. 1

M. Bernard Cazeneuve

In this context, it is useful to inquire why a certain M. Bernard Cazeneuve (in photo) is still Interior Minister (Police Minister) of France. Normally, in a country like France, we can observe the workings of the very useful principle of ministerial responsibility. It means that if a debacle occurs on the watch of a certain head of an executive department (a minister or cabinet secretary), then that failed official must draw the consequences by immediately tendering their resignation. In many countries, if the national soccer team loses an important game, then the Sports Minister must resign. In many countries, a serious train crash is enough to make mandatory the resignation of the Transport Minister. France is a country where this principle has been honored until quite recently. But now we have the case of Bernard Cazeneuve, the minister responsible for police and security under the presidency of Hollande.

Cazeneuve has already had one catastrophic failure during his time in office – the Charlie Hebdo killings of early January, 2015. Now, despite the reform measures supposedly implemented by Cazeneuve and his team to make sure such failures were not repeated, we have the biggest massacre in France since the end of World War II. By French tradition, Cazeneuve should have resigned. But instead, he remains in office, and has now been rewarded with sweeping new powers to jail any person at any time without charges, since the French equivalent of habeas corpus has been suspended for the next 90 days. This dubious proceeding reminds us of the case of US Attorney General John Ashcroft, who was in office at the time of the September 11, 2001 attacks, but who remained in office in blithe disregard for any idea of ministerial responsibility. Ashcroft should have quit, but he instead made a series of demands for expanded power. The Ashcroft argument seemed to be that the more he failed, the more he should be rewarded with expanded powers.

The oligarchical ascendancy in the Western world over recent decades has thus destroyed one of the important regulating principles of the behavior of top officials. Top officials desperately need to know that if they fail, they will inevitably be fired, and that sooner rather than later. Why then is Cazeneuve still Interior Minister of France, despite his record of failure? The world also wants to know about the failures of the French security apparatus which has now allowed two major multi-person terrorist attacks in 2015 alone.

In a related development, the Paris state prosecutor today announced that Abdelhamid Abaaoud, a Belgian of Moroccan origin, had perished in the firefight during the night between Tuesday and Wednesday in the Paris suburb of St. Denis. Abaaoud had travelled to Syria and then returned to France. He was very much on the radar of French and European police agencies, who claim they lost contact with him. Why then was it so easy for him to move around without being discovered, or subject to surveillance? Equally important, why did it prove necessary to kill Abaaoud, who would have been much more valuable as a prisoner able to talk about themes like his training with the terrorist rebels in Syria, the transportation apparatus that moved him across Turkey twice, and related themes? The French police seem to be extremely trigger happy when it comes to suspects who might also be knowledgeable witnesses providing important information needed to liquidate the terrorist networks.

And this is not the first time. Back in March 2012, just as the French presidential election was getting underway, the obvious patsy Mohamed Merah went on a shooting spree in the southern French areas of Toulouse and Montauban. He killed some French soldiers, and then went on to attack a Jewish school – all made to order for the fear-based campaign of then-incumbent Sarkozy. Rather quickly, it transpired that Merah was an official informer of the French security agency DGSE. He was officially a French government agent. But soon he was tracked down and surrounded by the French police, who then proceeded to kill him. The killing of Merah was pointedly unnecessary, and probably served to wipe out highly embarrassing testimony that might have implicated some of the top French intelligence officials.

Something similar happened at the end of the Charlie Hebdo terrorism incident of January 2015. In this case, all the principal patsies – including Amedy Coulibaly and Chérif and Saïd Kouachi were slain by the police at the end of the affair.

The French police have now gone three for three when it comes to eliminating suspects who might have become extremely effective witnesses in the dismantling of terrorist networks. They may realize they are protecting Saudi Arabia and Turkey, or they may be trying to protect the mechanisms of state-sponsored terrorism.

The ongoing attempts at analysis of this event have been impeded by a widespread tendency to fall back on clichés which have been around for a decade and a half. Many analysts feel obliged to use words like false flag or Gladio, despite the fact there is much evidence that these notions do not apply. We are dealing to be sure with state-sponsored terrorism, but we must be prepared to entertain the possibility that the states involved are less those of NATO than countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey, to say nothing of nonstate actors like the Moslem Brotherhood.

One indispensable principle of any terrorism analysis is the issue of cui bono or cui prodest — who benefits from this event, since the one who benefits is the prime suspect.

As we have attempted to outline in recent days, ISIS must be viewed as having suffered very serious defeats recently, including the bombing of Raqqa, the killing of the notorious butcher Jihadi John, the siege of Ramadi by the Iraqi Army, the crisis of ISIS manpower in the Aleppo to Palmyra area, the lifting of the siege at a key Syrian Army air base, and the capture of Sinjar by Kurdish ground forces backed up by US combat aviation. With many demoralized and disillusioned ISIS veterans now returning to their homelands, it is clear that ISIS is threatened by a crippling shortfall in the recruiting of new fanatical patsies. In order to maintain recruiting, ISIS needs victories, so that the young dupes can be made to see the caliphate as somehow invincible. Despite the best efforts of the corrupt Western media, the myth of ISIS invincibility has been torn to shreds, which means that new and spectacular victories are indispensable. That, we would submit, is the most likely explanation for what happened in Paris. This is also probably the motive for the bombastic threats coming from ISIS over the last few days about their grandiose and megalomaniac plans for attacking Washington DC, New York City and Rome, Italy.

Saturday Night Live parody or sophisticated media warfare? ISIS is being defeated on all fronts, and will probably suffer a partial collapse in the Aleppo-Palmyra area this winter, which makes it all the more urgent to arrange terrorist attacks like the Russian airliner, Beirut and Paris, while spewing out threats about glorious victories to come. These guys are a pile of dirty laundry.

Does Saudi Arabia sponsor terrorism? Certainly they do, as seen by the threat of terrorist attacks delivered by Saudi Prince Bandar to Russian President Putin at the end of 2013, when the Kremlin was told that if Russia did not cease its support for the government of President Assad in Syria, Islamist terrorism would strike.

The Turkish government also sends out threats left and right. These can easily be found in the public domain, and most often involve a threat of military action against any power seeking to dominate the Turkish-Syrian border, and especially to close the ISIS supply lines coming into northern Turkey over the hundred kilometers or so starting with Jarablus on the West Bank of the Euphrates River and proceeding over to the area of Efrin and Aleppo. The standard Turkish threat against anybody interfering with the ISIS supply lines includes the snarl of “we won’t ask anybody’s permission” when it comes to the defending the sanctity of ISIS logistics.


1 “An army which liberticide and prey / Makes as a two-edged sword to all who wield….” – Shelly, “England in 1819,” emphasis added

US Must Join Growing Russian-French Anti-ISIS Bloc or Face Isolation; Willingness to Attack the 100Km Jarablus-Aleppo Corridor Is Litmus Test for All World Powers; Oust Ashton Carter, Appeaser of ISIS; US Public Realizing that Saudis and Turks Are Enemies, Russia A Friend in War on Terror

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Morning Briefing | Thursday, November 19, 2015

TWSP Foreign Policy Spokesman Dr. Webster Tarpley in Press TV debate on ISIS: “The world needs a broad coalition of nations committed to fighting terrorism. The first task of this new coalition should be to cut the ISIS supply line between Jarablus and Aleppo.”

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, French President François Hollande has announced that he will be visiting Washington on November 24 and Moscow on November 26. Hollande’s mission is to create an international bloc of nations dedicated to an uncompromising assault on ISIS/Daesh. This kind of an international Grand Alliance against terrorism has been the principal goal of Russian diplomacy over the past year. Obama must be ready to support this project and to compel the various factions in this administration to move in this direction. Factions ranging from the neocon militarists to the humanitarian bombers will not like the proposals Hollande is bringing, since they require cooperation with Russia, flexibility in dealing with the Assad government in Syria, and an actual commitment to victory, understood as the crushing and dismantling of ISIS. All of this contrasts sharply with the policy of appeasement of terrorism and phony war which has been promoted by the now departed ISIS Czar General John Allen. Obama needs to be ready to fire any officials who sabotage US participation in the emerging international anti-terror consensus, since to do otherwise will be to court a dangerous isolation of the United States. Ashton Carter at the Pentagon would appear to be the leading candidate for spending more time with his family.

This French diplomatic offensive is a central part of the growing international commitment to smash ISIS in the short to medium run ahead. France, Russia, Germany, and other important countries have a vital interest in making sure that this new and active coalition be formed quickly. This goal is eminently feasible, since the genocidal ISIS cult has now absorbed serious defeats in the Aleppo-Palmyra area, in Sinjar, in Ramadi, in recent bombing attacks on their capital of Raqqa, and the through the loss of internationally known leaders like their infamous butcher “Jihadi John.” Always a paper tiger, ISIS is now on the ropes. If the Jarablus-Aleppo corridor could now be interdicted, the collapse and disintegration of ISIS would be within reach.

Starts diplomatic offensive against ISIS: French President François Hollande, who will arrive in Washington on November 24.

There can be no cease-fire that leaves the ISIS mass murderers in control of populations when the shooting stops. The fanatics could then continue their atrocities as the world looked on aghast. The indispensable pre-condition for a cease-fire is that ISIS be destroyed in advance. Call this the Tarpley Doctrine if you will.

Secretary of State Kerry is obviously thinking about a cease-fire of a very different kind. Given the Secretary’s notorious Skull and Bones track record, we must be forgiven for suspecting that Kerry, like so many other US officials, is scheming to preserve ISIS for future use against Iran, Russia, Central Asia, and other possible targets.

Kerry has suddenly become very optimistic about the timeframe for a cease-fire: ‘Speaking to reporters today in Paris about the weekend Syria talks in Vienna, Secretary of State John Kerry said he believes an agreement on a ceasefire and transition to end the Syrian Civil War could be mere weeks away, saying there was a need to recognize how much the talks have accomplished.’

This looks like a cease-fire designed to save ISIS from imminent military destruction at the hands of a broad coalition of enraged states. Countries that are serious about fighting terrorism should tell Kerry there will be nothing doing in this regard. The situation is reminiscent of the last days of the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka in May 2009, when diplomats like Britain’s Milliband and France’s Kouchner rushed in with proposals for a cease-fire which clearly aimed at preserving the rebels so they could survive to destabilize Sri Lanka another day.

Within the context of sharpening factionalization in Washington, Politico highlights a military faction or factions willing to cooperate with Obama whose main idea is to prevent the kind of reckless and irresponsible escalation which is usually associated with neocon civilians, neocon generals, and humanitarian bombers. If these officers are trying to prevent a US escalation on the ground, their efforts are useful. However, the skepticism should not extend to providing air support and air cover to the YPG Kurds west of the Euphrates, where they would play a key role in cutting the ISIS supply line.

Politico writes:

‘Even as U.S. and allied aircraft step up their bombing campaign against the terrorist group after Friday’s attacks in Paris, senior military officials privately express worries that political leaders [Ashton Carter? The Republican Presidential field? Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton?] in Washington and foreign capitals still haven’t absorbed the lessons of America’s last two big wars. In both cases, the military defeated the Taliban, Saddam Hussein’s regime and the Iraqi insurgents, but civilian leadership failed to do the political, economic and diplomatic heavy-lifting needed to sustain those wins. The same thing could happen again in the fight against ISIL, the military officials say, unless far more is done to train and arm local allies, beef up the State Department’s capacity to assist foreign allies to improve governing structures, counter the terrorist group’s message in mosques and in social media and employ much more international leverage to end the Syrian civil war. Otherwise, the growing pressure to strike back hard against ISIL will mean that guns and bombs once again get far more attention and resources than the other levers of power that would ultimately prove more consequential. The military officials say these concerns are behind President Barack Obama’s refusal to launch a more expansive military operation that includes American ground troops against the terrorists.’

This report thus indicates the existence of a pro-Obama realist and non-Utopian faction inside the Pentagon.

In the meantime, the flagrant pro-terrorist treachery of Turkish President Erdogan is beginning to be understood by important sectors of the US media and public. One significant harbinger of this occurred this morning when Fox News reporter Geraldo Rivera commented that Saudi Arabia and Turkey, because of their pro-terrorist activities, cannot be viewed as friends of the United States, but that Russia is a reliable partner and friend in the struggle against terrorism. Hearing this on Fox News was something of a watershed. The Fox anchors back in the studio on Sixth Avenue in New York immediately spluttered that Russia was no friend, but the damage was already done. We wonder what most Americans would say if they realized that the NATO treaty commits them and their families to fight and die in the defense of madman Erdogan if one of his pro-terrorist escapades should blow up in his face. The NATO bureaucracy is now more of a threat than a defense for America.

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Kerry Announces Plan for U.S. and Turkey to Close Jarablus Corridor – but Is This Just Another Dirty Trick by Erdogan?; To Be Sure of Destroying ISIS, U.S. Must Provide Air Support And Air Cover to Kurds West of the Euphrates; French Carrier Heads to Levant; Putin Instructs Russian Forces in Eastern Mediterranean to Cooperate with France as an Ally, but Ashton Carter’s Pentagon Churls Spurn Cooperation; Reactionaries of All Stripes Trying to Regroup Around Anti-Syrian Islamophobia

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thanks to pressure from numerous quarters, US policy is evolving toward the goal of closing the infamous Jarablus corridor, where the supply lines serving ISIS in northern Syria come across the border from Turkey. Kerry has finally identified the central military strategic question of the current phase of hostilities in Syria: this is that the easiest, quickest, most economical, most humane, and most elegant way of crushing the ISIS Islamic State is to cut off the ammunition, food, medicine, fuel, and recruits which come into Syria from Turkey, across the section of border which stretches approximately 100 km or 60 miles west from the city of Jarablus on the Euphrates River to the Efrin-Aleppo area.

As Kerry told Fareed Zakaria on the CNN program GPS on Sunday, November 15, 2015:

“About 75 percent of the border between northern Syria and Turkey has been secured. You have another piece where we are engaging in an operation with the Turks to secure the final piece west of the Euphrates River.”

This important news has been largely ignored by the US controlled media. It was cited in NPR’s Morning Edition on Tuesday, November 17, but it seems to have been deleted from the transcript on the NPR web page. Otherwise, it has mostly been carried by RT.

The Tax Wall Street Party welcomes Kerry’s recognition of the strategic importance of the Jarablus to Aleppo corridor. We have been campaigning since late July, and with special emphasis since November 1, to get this critical terrorist lifeline cut. Our thanks and congratulations go to all those activists of good will who have contributed to our campaign to let ISIS wither on the vine, be it on social media or by any other means. We must now redouble our efforts to secure the necessary Grand Alliance which will destroy ISIS.

The obvious danger is that Kerry will be duped by the wily Erdogan, who will try to turn the Jarablus corridor into a safe haven under Turkish air cover for ISIS and other terrorist groups, the very opposite of what he purports in public to now support.

As an expert interviewed by RT noted concerning Erdogan’s track record of prevarication:

‘The fact that the recent attacks against Kurdish militants came shortly before Ankara’s announcement of plans to “act militarily” against ISIS, has caused experts to doubt Turkey’s real intentions. “I believe that Turkey’s declaration that it intends to launch a military operation against ISIS is a mere cover up for its real intention to wage a war against the Kurds. Turkey is against the Kurds and especially the PKK militants,” geopolitical analyst Jamal Wakim told RT. “Especially that Erdogan is worried now about the prospects for Kurdish-American collaboration, after the backing that the Kurds got from Moscow.” One of the Turkish government’s main concerns is the potentially growing influence of Kurds in the region. “In this case, the Kurds of Turkey, who spread for 40 percent of Eastern Anatolia, would be in a better position to pressure for getting their own rights within Turkey on one hand, and maybe they can push forward autonomy and even independence,” Wakim said.’

Observers of the Syrian conflict cannot forget the cynical and treacherous bait and switch carried out by Turkish President Erdogan, with the help of now-ousted US ISIS Czar John Allen at the end of July. Just after the YPG Kurds liberated the town of Tel Abyad and thus took control of the entire Turkish-Syrian border from the far eastern corner all the way to the Euphrates, Erdogan proclaimed that he would now start attacking ISIS, and would allow the United States to use the important Incirlik air base to attack ISIS. But it soon became apparent that the devious Erdogan, the true heir to the Byzantine tradition of trickery and manipulation, was bombing the Kurds, especially the PKK, while maintaining the outrageous scandal of Turkish logistical support for ISIS through the Jarablus corridor.

Erdogan’s late July bait and switch was his attempt at damage control, just after the liberation of Tel Abyad. Probably as part of a secret and very dirty deal between Erdogan and the warmonger ISIS Czar Allen, it was noted that the US was not supporting the advance of the Kurds west of the Euphrates River:

‘…Kurdish forces in northern Syria have disclosed that they were no longer receiving U.S. air support in their ground offensive against Islamic State forces in Jarablus. This city is the last major border crossing between Syria and Turkey still controlled by Islamic State and is critical to the flow of Jihadists into Syria as well as a key conduit for IS smuggling operations. The Pentagon has declined to either confirm or deny the Kurdish claim that they are no longer receiving American air support for operations west of the Euphrates River.’

Russian President Putin has ordered his military forces in the eastern Mediterranean and the Levant to cooperate with French forces as allies. Unfortunately, Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook today announced that the United States was not interested in such cooperation because Putin does not share the US obsession with overthrowing President Assad of Syria

At this point, the Turkish attempt to interfere with this operation would face the combined power of Russia, the United States, France and other nations. If Erdogan tries to stonewall, he will be crushed.

This was a stab in the back to the Kurds, who have been the most capable opponents of the ISIS fanatics, and have done most to dismantle the myth of ISIS invincibility purveyed by the controlled media of the NATO countries. But now, ISIS Czar Allen has been forced out, so his secret deals are worthless, and the United States should start supporting the Kurds in a major thrust to capture Jarablus and push further west of the Euphrates.

Therefore, Erdogan is falling back on strategic deception, first of all by promising Kerry that Turkey will do something to cut the ISIS supply lines. This is unlikely in the extreme, as will probably be seen in a few days. But Erdogan is also preparing to depict his phantomatic crackdown on ISIS logistics in the form of a dog and pony show for international dupes. In a harbinger of this, NPR Pentagon correspondent Tom Bowman, speaking last Friday on the Diane Rehm Show’s International Hour on NPR, stated:

But will the Turkish Brigadier General mentioned here who is doing such a good job in cutting off the ISIS supply lines turn out to be yet another creature of Hill and Knowlton or some other K Street to Madison Avenue public relations firm hired by the Turks?

As reported yesterday, Obama appears to have held his own during his one-on-one meeting with Erdogan during the just concluded G-20 in Turkey. Of special interest was the US airstrikes which destroyed approximately 125 tanker trucks being used to smuggle oil out of the ISIS territories and into Turkey for sale on the world market. Just as Erdogan is widely reputed to be the operational boss of ISIS, so Erdogan’s son is reliably reported to be one of the kingpins of the oil smuggling operations.

The complicity of Erdogan’s Turkish regime with smuggling operations so vital to the economic survival of the Caliphate is not a matter of speculation, but has been thoroughly documented by publications like the Huffington Post, and the London Guardian, as we see here:

‘More concerning, however, is mounting evidence of past Turkish government collusion with Islamic State. On July 25, the Guardian disclosed that U.S. Special Forces had captured “hundreds of flash drives and documents” when, on the night of May 15-16, 2015, they had raided the compound of Islamic State’s financial chief, Abu Sayyaf. The documents showed there had been widespread collusion by Turkish government officials in the smuggling of oil from Islamic State controlled oil fields in eastern Syria. Stolen antiquities, another lucrative source of revenue for the Islamic State, were also being smuggled out of Syria with the tacit consent of Turkish officials. Indeed, it’s possible that the highly publicized destruction of archeological sites in Syria and Iraq by Islamic State was nothing more than a cover for the systematic looting and sale of artifacts from these archeological remains. According to the Guardian, “direct dealings between Turkish officials and ranking ISIS members were now undeniable.” Smuggled oil alone was responsible for generating between $1 million and $4 million a day in revenues for Islamic State.’

And what of the Syrian refugees? The most humane thing we can do for them is to destroy ISIS, and bring the Syrian-Iraqi military conflict to a rapid end. In the meantime, the reactionary Republicans are in high dudgeon about this latest influx of (gasp!) foreigners.

The French nuclear aircraft carrier Charles De Gaulle, currently steaming towards the eastern Mediterranean with a mission of launching air attacks against ISIS.

Neo-confederates always like to turn political and economic problems into conflicts between ethnic groups. The tragedy of the Old South is with them late and soon. Are the Saudis, the Turks, and the Moslem Brotherhood fomenting terrorism? Manifestly they are. But the Islamophobe wants to ignore all that and scapegoat individual Syrians. Such methods are despicable and ineffective. Nevertheless, a gaggle of reactionary and xenophobic Republican governors and members of Congress have now come forward to demand the exclusion from the United States of all Syrians, or at least of all Moslem Syrians. They often cite the extremely dubious Syrian passport found on the body of one of the Paris patsies, which may be stolen or a fake. Incredibly, some right-wing crackpots argue that yet another fake terrorist’s passport found after a terrorist attack proves that the entire incident is somehow not authentic, but then turn around to use the passport story as the motivation for excluding certain kinds of foreigners. This only goes to show that libertarianism has been a form of doublethink since its ill-starred inception. The demagogue Ted Cruz and his rival, the erratic Ben Carson, want to propose legislation to keep refugees out based on a religious or ethnic test – both proceedings of unlikely constitutionality. The new reactionary Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, a person who wants economic genocide via killer austerity against Americans, also wants to move Islamophobic legislation.

‘…that’s a very key point, and to prevent them [ISIS] from selling the oil and also getting fighters and arms across the border from Turkey, what they’re trying to do now is close a 63-mile gap in the Turkish border. And I’m told that there’s a Turkish one-star general up there that’s doing quite a good job working to close that gap. But that’ll be really important if they can do it. It may take some time. But if they are able to cut off that area, then you’re going to see ISIS start to “wither on the vine” [notice typical Tarpley-speak]. They can’t move weapons, they can’t sell oil, they can’t get equipment across from Turkey. There’s no other way out.’

Terrorists came from Canada in 1999, and they could come through the Mexican border at will, but for some reason they do not, although that could change. Be that as it may, Islamophobia enacted as an official and declared US policy would antagonize the Arab street and Arab souk, giving ISIS a second wind just when their stock is at an all-time low. It might even bring ISIS governments to power where reactionary monarchs hold sway, which would not be progress. The caliphate would be sure to argue that the crusaders had finally revealed that Islamophobia is the true motivation for the attacks on ISIS. Interrogate refugees, but an ethnic or religious test would violate the Fourteenth Amendment guarantee of the equal protection of the laws not just to US citizens but to ALL PERSONS:

No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. (XIV Amendment, Section 1)

Notice that this amendment speaks twice about persons, and only once about citizens, meaning that these protections apply to everybody within U.S. jurisdiction.

Which just goes to show that the Republicans and libertarians hate the Constitution they so much profess to revere. The 20 GOP governors are out to lunch and should shut up. Donald Trump, who peaked two months ago, will be joining them soon.

At G-20 in Turkey, Obama Correctly Repeats: No US Ground Forces Needed to Fight ISIS; No Safe Haven for Terrorists, No to No-Fly Zone; Clear Rebuff to Erdogan Emphasized by US Destruction of 120 Tanker Trucks Taking Part in Oil Smuggling Directed by Erdogan’s Son; French Jets Hit Terrorist Capital of Raqqa; French President Hollande Calls on US and Russia to Cooperate Against ISIS; Closing Jarablus-Aleppo Corridor Remains Job One for All

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

At the close of the G-20 summit held in Turkey, President Obama correctly restated his current policy, despite the demands delivered by Turkish President Erdogan in a one on one meeting of the two leaders. Obama stated that there will be no large contingent of U.S. ground troops sent into Iraq or Syria. Obama added that the U.S. will not support a no-fly zone over northern Syria, and also rejects the idea of a safe haven for terrorists in the Jarablus to Aleppo area. This means that Erdogan has failed in his attempt to change U.S. policy. Obama’s statements are a defeat for Erdogan and his sidekick the ex-U.S ISIS Czar Allen. To emphasize the point, U.S. forces have bombed an agglomeration of oil tank trucks in Turkey, destroying about one hundred and twenty of them. These trucks are the vehicles used for smuggling oil out of Iraq and Syria into Turkey – A trade which is notoriously under the control of Erdogan’s son.

French President Hollande speaking to a rare joint session of the French Senate and National Assembly at Versailles has called upon the United States and Russia to cooperate in the destruction of ISIS. French jets overnight attacked the terrorist capital of Raqqa, and destroyed a number of military installations. The time is ripe for the major powers to join in a final offensive to destroy ISIS. The way to do this is to cut the ISIS supply line that cross from Turkey into Syria in that Jarablus to Aleppo corridor, see video statement below.

(EN) How France Must Retaliate Against Terrorism: Cut the ISIS Supply Lines Crossing the Syrian-Turkish Border Between Jarablus and Aleppo, Quickly Destroy the Islamic State, and Bring the War in Syria and Iraq to an End
(FR) La Riposte qu’il faut au terrorisme: couper les lignes d’approvisionnement de Daesh entre Jarablus et Aleppe, détruire vite l’État islamique, et mettre fin à la guerre en Syrie et Irak

How France Must Retaliate Against Terrorism: Cut the ISIS Supply Lines Crossing the Syrian-Turkish Border Between Jarablus and Aleppo, Quickly Destroy the Islamic State, and Bring the War in Syria and Iraq to an End

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
November 15, 2015

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Strategic Iraqi Town of Sinjar Liberated from ISIS Psychopaths in Just 24 Hours, Blocking Mosul to Raqqa Highway 47

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ousted ISIS Czar Allen Raves that US War with Caliphate Will Last “Forever” Unless Assad Is Eliminated; ISIS Reeling on All Fronts as Russo-Syrian Forces Break Siege of Kweres Air Base; Iraqi Army Envelops Ramadi; Terrorists Decimated by Bombing & Desertions in Aleppo-Palmyra Region, Likely to Collapse this Winter; Gnome Chomsky Covers for Erdogan with Classic Limited Hangout Pitch; In GOP Debate Ruled by Monsters from the Id, Trump’s Rejection of Minimum Wage Hike Destroying His Populist Mask as 95-Minute Iowa Tirade Raises Doubts about Sanity; Unstable Mythomaniac Carson Not Fit for Oval Office; Stock Market Decline Pre-Discounts Fed Rate Increase; Ted Koppel Issues Sinister Warning about Looming Cyber Attack; At Iowa Democratic Debate, Confront Bernie Sanders Concerning Crimes of His Saudi Pals

World Crisis Radio
November 14, 2015
With a Report from Thierry Meyssan in Damascus

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Jihadi John

Gnome Chomsky

Donald Trump
Jihadi John
Eliminated: The Pentagon claimed that US forces had slain Jihadi John, a British member of the ISIS genocide cult who has appeared in terrorist videos purporting to show western prisoners being decapitated.
Gnome Chomsky
His Washington Post op-ed chiding Turkey about repression of reporters while not mentioning Erdogan’s role as boss of ISIS perfectly illustrated the classic limited hangout: to defend someone by pretending to attack them.
Donald Trump
His rejection of an increase in the federal minimum wage has destroyed the illusion of his populism and may well mark the beginning of his decline.

Kurds from YPG, PKK, Pershmerga Plus Yazidis Launch Major Offensive with US Air Support Against ISIS-Held Sinjar in Northwest Iraq

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Morning Briefing | Friday, November 13, 2015

Highway 47 — Main Strategic Communications Line Between Terrorist Capital of Raqqa and Captive Iraqi City of Mosul — Cut on First Day; Kurds Advance to Sinjar City Center; U.S. A-10 Warthogs and B-1 Bombers Hit ISIS Butchers; Goal of Offensive Is Cutting Terrorist Caliphate in Two; New York Times Spreads Defeatism; Time to Restore US National Honor After Shame of Petraeus-Allen Phony War Policy

Map of northwest Iraq shows strategic town of Sinjar (center) situated on key highway 47 linking Mosul in the east with Raqqa, Syria to the west. Kurdish forces backed by US airstrikes have driven ISIS terrorist fighters out of Sinjar and have seized control of 22 miles of highway 47

Late on Wednesday, November 11 Eastern time, Kurdish forces from the three principal factions, joined by members of the Yazidi minority group and backed up by US air power, began attacking ISIS terrorist positions in the area around the city of Sinjar in northwestern Iraq. Sinjar controls the strategic Highway 47, which stretches between the ISIS capital of Raqqa in eastern Syria and the Iraqi city of Mosul, which has been occupied by the terrorists since August 2014.

The current operation, codenamed Operation Free Sinjar, aims at cutting the ISIS supply lines between Raqqa and Mosul, with its 1 million inhabitants, and thus driving a wedge between the Iraqi and the Syrian territory held by the terrorists, in effect splitting the self-styled “Caliphate” into two parts. Kurdish commanders reported that ISIS resistance was generally not effective, with one Kurdish officer saying that he could observe terrorist fighters throwing away their weapons and fleeing on foot, so great was their fear of having their vehicles bombed by the US fleet of A-10 Warthog close support aircraft circling over the city. Kurdish commanders reported that terrorists of many nationalities had been slain in the offensive.

In action over Sinjar: A-10 Warthog ground support aircraft

The ineffective ISIS resistance, contrasting sharply with the exaggerated myth of ISIS invincibility carefully cultivated by CIA networks in the Western media, has allowed today’s offensive to make rapid progress towards its initial goals. As ABC News reported:

‘Hours after it began, a large Kurdish offensive has retaken from ISIS a section of a key highway in northwestern Iraq that has served as a main supply route between ISIS forces in Syria and Iraq. More than 7,500 Kurdish fighters began their assault on the ISIS held town of Sinjar early this morning after U.S. aircraft conducted two dozen airstrikes on ISIS targets in support of the operation. A statement released by the Kurdish Regional Security Council claimed that Peshmerga fighters had captured Highway 47, a strategic road near the town of Sinjar that is a main supply route between the ISIS de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria and the Iraqi city of Mosul.’

According to Iraqi state television, the Kurdish forces have reached the Mayor’s office in City Hall in downtown Sinjar. Defeatists nevertheless predicted that it will take between 2 and 4 days to mop up the terrorists.

The Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq , reported the offensive without mentioning the YPG and PKK forces involved: ‘ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Peshmerga forces supported by coalition airstrikes launched a major offensive against Islamic State (ISIS) in Shingal (Sinjar) Wednesday night to free the Kurdish Yezidi town from the militant group. “From approximately 2100 hrs on 11 November 2015, International Coalition warplanes struck dozens of ISIL fighting positions ahead of Operation Free Sinjar, a Peshmerga-led ground offensive to retake the town of Sinjar from ISIL terrorists.” The Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) said in a press release. According to the KRSC statement, “Operation Free Sinjar will include up to 7,500 Peshmerga from three fronts to cordon off Sinjar city, take control of ISIS’ strategic supply routes, and establish a significant buffer zone to protect the city and its inhabitants from incoming artillery.” ISIS militants captured the Yezidi town in August 2014 where they killed hundreds of civilians, took thousands captive and displaced tens of thousands more. Peshmerga forces have dug trenches and forward operation positions around the town in the last several months. “Coalition warplanes will provide close air support to Peshmerga forces throughout the operation,” said the KRSC about the offensive.’

The New York Times recalled the events of August 2014, when several thousand Kurdish Peshmerga fighters controlled by the Barzani-Talebani regime in northern Iraq, generally considered to be closely allied to Israel, refused to resist ISIS and instead simply withdrew, forcing the Yazidi population of the town of Sinjar to take refuge on the slopes of nearby Mount Sinjar, where they faced death from starvation, thirst, and exposure. A major precondition for today’s offensive had been to placate the deep suspicion towards Barzani-Talebani on the part of the Yazidis, who have seen thousands of their countrymen massacred and thousands of women forced into sex slavery. But the New York Times does not describe the peshmerga track record: ‘MOUNT SINJAR, Iraq — Sweeping down in hodgepodge convoys of trucks and buses, Kurdish forces and Yazidi fighters opened their offensive against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq on Thursday with a burst of initial success: The forces cut off the main highway the jihadists used as a supply line, and they moved in to begin fighting for the town of Sinjar. The fall of that town to the Islamic State last year was the start of a wave of atrocities — the killing, enslavement and rape of thousands of people from the Yazidi religious minority — that led the Obama administration to step up its use of air power against the jihadists. And it was with heavy American airstrikes that the fight to retake Sinjar began in the early morning hours of Thursday. More than 7,000 fighters — mostly Kurdish forces, but also Yazidi fighters seeking revenge against the jihadists — raced toward an important supply road, Highway 47, coming from different directions to try to cut off as many as 700 Islamic State militants believed to be waiting in and around Sinjar, flanked by thick fields of improvised bombs…. As they approached Highway 47, the scream of military jets — A-10 [Warthog tank buster] attack planes and B-1 heavy bombers, according to the American command — and the thud of explosions grew closer.’

US Special Forces advisors are reported to be advising Kurdish commanders. This may include some of the 50 additional troops recently ordered to northern Iraq by Obama.

This publication has been asserting for some weeks that the key to defeating ISIS is to cut its supply lines, particularly along the Turkish border between the northern Syrian town of Jarablus on the Euphrates River and the Efrin region about 100 km (60 miles) to the west. Such a policy of interdicting ISIS logistics would be the most efficient means of wiping out this terrorist congeries. Today’s offensive does not target the critical Jarablus corridor, but it does at least inaugurate a policy of cutting the ISIS supply lines, which is indeed the key to wiping out the ragtag Caliphate. ISIS remains a paper tiger, capable of massacring defenseless women and children, but fundamentally unable to withstand a serious attack by highly motivated troops like the YPG and other Kurds, especially when backed up by US and coalition aircraft.

Most news organizations are capable of understanding that, with the Kurds now in possession of 22 miles of the strategic Highway 47 between the terrorist capital of Raqqa and the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, the ISIS holdings are being cut in half. But not the defeatists at the New York Times.

The pessimistic Gray Lady thinks that, although the Kurds need paved highways for their tanks and heavy vehicles, the ISIS irregulars can simply take their pickup trucks out onto the tens of thousands of miles of unpaved roads which crisscross the arid terrain of northern Iraq. As the New York Times writes: “The ease of creating informal roads through the flat, sandy desert in northern Syria could limit the effectiveness of an American-backed offensive to cut off a key Islamic State supply route. The operation seeks to retake control of the highway between Raqqa, the Islamic State’s capital in Syria, and Mosul, the largest city controlled by the group in Iraq….The secondary roads are slower, and they could flood in winter rains, but they will be sufficient to continue the flow of supplies from Raqqa to Mosul, according to Michael Knights, a military expert at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP). “The only way to cut off this area is to establish military outposts within line of sight of each other, covered by a generous allocation of airpower,” he said.’

Amateurs talk tactics, while professionals talk logistics, as the saying goes, and it is clear that the mercenary neocon chickenhawks at WINEP do not understand the vital role of logistics in delivering the sinews of war. ISIS pickup trucks can indeed use unpaved roads, but only by using much more fuel than they would on a paved highway. More importantly, ISIS relies on the sale (by such figures as Erdogan’s son) of large quantities of stolen Iraqi crude oil on the world market. This oil has to be transported into Turkey using tank trucks, and these tank trucks are very much bound to paved highways. At the same time, ISIS must deliver large quantities of refined gasoline, ammunition, food, and busloads of new recruits to keep control over Mosul. All of these deliveries will require large trucks heavily dependent on paved roads. Therefore, the defeatism and pessimism of WINEP and the New York Times do not correspond to reality. More ISIS logistics routes need to be cut.

Operation Free Sinjar comes in the context of regional violence across the Middle East. ISIS has claimed responsibility for a double bombing in a pro-Hezbollah neighborhood south Beirut, Lebanon which claimed 43 dead and over 200 wounded. Hezbollah fighters have been playing an important role in assisting the Syrian Arab Army to keep up the pressure on ISIS.

The Israelis today continued to harass Hezbollah and the Syrian government forces. Antiwar reports that ‘as they intermittently have done over the course of the past few years, Israeli warplanes today attacked the Syrian capital city of Damascus, striking an area near the Damascus airport. Locals reported explosions in the area, along with a brief power outage and a temporary grounding of flights out of the airport.’

At the same time, the Iraqi Army continues to close the ring on ISIS-held Ramadi, where only a few terrorist logistics routes remain to be cut. Once the siege is complete, it will only be a question of time before the ISIS fanatics starve or surrender.

On the eve of a new round of multilateral Syria talks in Vienna, “reports on this weekend’s talks … suggest Russia is planning to propose an 18-month period of reform in the nation, leading to free elections. This encompasses the long-standing Russian goal of uniting the existing Assad government, a close ally, with secular rebel faction to fight ISIS. The proposal hasn’t even formally been made yet, but it’s already facing condemnation from multiple factions involved in the Vienna talks, particularly Saudi Arabia and its allies, who insist that any deal for free elections must explicitly exclude the participation of leaders of the current government.’

The Saudis demand that Assad leave at once, suggesting that they will try to assassinate him otherwise, while the British claim that the Russian proposal is of no importance.

The marplot ISIS Czar John Allen is now reported to have left the State Department. Allen has been replaced by his former deputy, Ambassador Brett H. McGurk (born April 20, 1973), who was appointed by President Barack Obama on 23 October 2015 and assumed office as Special Presidential Envoy for the Global Coalition to Counter ISIL. It is hoped that today’s offensive against ISIS will mark the definitive end of the Petraeus-Allen phony war policy, and the beginning of a new phase during which the destruction of ISIS can be brought about without further delay. Only in this way can US honor be retrieved from the shame and duplicity of the Petraeus-Allen phony war appeasement of ISIS.

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