Corrupt Media, in Bid to Boost Trump, Hype Antics of Bernie or Bust Sectarian Diehards, Many of Them Radical Subjectivists Cut Off from Today’s World; Bill Clinton Travels Down Memory Lane in Bid to Humanize Hillary, but Forgets Welfare, Free Trade, Derivatives and Pact with Gingrich

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fascism Is at the Gates – the Democratic Party Must Rally to Defeat Trump

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The Democratic Party, whatever its many faults, is now the only institutional barrier standing between America’s future and the fascist regime which Trump and the Republicans intend to impose. It is therefore time to set Utopian wish lists and pipe dreams aside and focus with great realism on the tasks of national survival – of defeating the Fascist Billionaire, while speeding the extinction of the Republican Party in the process.

If Trump seizes power, literally everything may be lost. He will attempt to destroy the free speech of the First Amendment, the due process of the Fifth Amendment, the birthright citizenship and due process by the states of the Fourteenth Amendment. He will be a tyrannical and vindictive Nixon, armed with the surveillance and harassment powers of the post 9/11 era. His retainers Manafort and Roger Stone come straight from the CREEP of Watergate infamy. This time the target may be you. If Trump wins, your normal political activity may soon no longer be possible. You may be muzzled. Sued for all you are worth. Jailed on some pretext. Or worse.

All petty squabbles, resentments, and grievances must be subordinated to the urgent task of stopping Trump. Successful resistance against Trump will require a different kind of campaigning, and a different kind of economic program.

So far, the rhetoric and methods deployed by Democrats against Trump by Democrats have been weak and ineffective. Hillary Clinton says “loose cannon.” Bernie Sanders says “bully and demagogue.” Many say he is a racist. Although all of these are true, none of them will work by itself. More than a few House Democrats have been leading the way in attacking Trump and tying their opponents to the fascist billionaire. Trump must be attacked as follows:

TRUMP IS A FASCIST AND NAZI – The only politically adequate and scientifically accurate terms for Trump are FASCIST and NAZI. Of the dozen basic features of fascism, Trump has every one. Countless public figures, many of them famous and/or authoritative, have said so, from Louis CK to Newsweek to ex-GOP Sen. Gordon Humphrey last week. Democratic candidates should take the gloves off and call a spade a spade before Trump hysteria becomes unstoppable. Friends of the Democratic Party should promote an international conference of scholars to discuss this question. Trump’s dictatorial methods and instability could easily lead to a reign of terror, or even civil war.

TRUMP IS A PSYCHOTIC SOCIOPATH – Trump’s cover story is that he suffers from a mild case of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, the malady that afflicted Howard Hughes. That means he has been examined by a psychiatrist, making the demand for his mental health records just as important as his the demand for his tax returns. Many have seen Trump as a narcissist or megalomaniac. Others detect the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, which killed his father. Keith Olbermann has produced a humorous and well-documented video showing that Trump could not pass a simple screening test for insanity. Make this go viral, and use it to promote a conference of mental health professionals to pass judgment on Trump’s cognitive impairment. Someone should do for Trump what Dr. Justin Frank’s Bush on the Couch did for the 43rd president more than a decade ago.

Other important themes include Trump as a Mafioso and tax evader with ties to organized crime; Trump as an anti-worker and anti-labor union buster; and Trump as a tool of malevolent foreign interests. Promote aggressive opposition research on these themes.

Trump Is a Threat to Civilization Itself

Putting “fascist” together with “psychotic,” the most effective argument against Trump is the danger that he will get control of the US nuclear codes, start World War III, and put an end to civilization as we have known it. This analysis is being taken onto cable television by Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter of The Art of the Deal. Schwartz says that Trump’s finger on the nuclear button threatens us all with a nuclear catastrophe. Schwartz should be a featured prime time speaker at this DNC. Democrats should go back to the Lyndon B. Johnson campaign’s 1964 attacks on Barry Goldwater as a warmonger and update them for Trump. And remember that Goldwater was bellicose, but not clinically insane.

To Defeat Trump, Crush ISIS this Summer

Trump’s demagogy of fear, defeatism, and pessimism requires a foreign enemy which he can use for his fear-mongering. He has usually cited ISIS (aka Daesh, ISIL, Islamic State, Caliphate). The corrupt US news media have been hiding the fact that ISIS is reeling from attacks on its holdings in Iraq and Syria, and could be finished off soon. A critical way to cut Trump off at the knees politically is on the battlefield, by completing the destruction of ISIS before November. This is perfectly feasible from a military point of view. President Obama must see to it that objectives like Mosul and Raqqa are liberated from ISIS, in part by firing failed and defeatist generals, and by ignoring countries like Great Britain which are pursuing their own imperial agendas. It is time to drop the absurd hostility to Russian and Syria, and join with them to fight actual terrorists. Trump desperately needs the US to be feckless and impotent in the fight against ISIS. The antidote is American victory against this terrorist entity.

Stop Trump’s Strategy of Tension and October Surprise

Democrats have often been terrified to discuss so-called conspiracy theories. This time they have no choice: Trump has frequently made sinister paranoid hints about President Obama being in league with terrorists or harboring sympathy for them. He talks absurd conspiracy theory to hide the obvious fact that Trump himself is the beneficiary of a coordinated Strategy of Tension made up of all kinds of terrorism, financial panics, crime sprees, and related chaotic events. Terrorist attacks like San Bernardino, Orlando, Dallas, Nice, are the fuel the Trump campaign runs on.

Comedian Bill Maher, journalist Thomas L. Friedman, talk show host Charlie Rose, Brian Lehrer of WNYC, and even GOP pollster Frank Luntz have spoken in public about the potential of terror events in September-October to stampede masses of voters into the Trump column and catapult the fascist bully into the White House. This is the infamous Trump October Surprise. Factions of the US intelligence community back Trump and have a vested interest in this scenario. It is hopeless to pretend this is not happening — this issue must be attacked head on. Trump relishes predicting future terrorism. Ask him how come he knows so much.

The new wave of FBI and CIA failures suggests that the pro-Trump faction in the intelligence community may be quite considerable. Because of their incompetence and bungling, these agencies need to be put under special surveillance by the White House, using officials of reliable loyalty and other monitors. In addition, ministerial responsibility must be observed. If more terror attacks occur, top officials of the relevant agencies must be fired, whether this means Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Rogers, or others. Watch Trump surrogate Michael Flynn’s old boys at the NSA. As always, watch Gen. Petraeus, whose October Surprise expertise is unquestioned.

No More Democratic Warmongers and Regime Changers

The Democratic ticket suffers from lack of credibility on national security and the economy. It is time to put together the best initiatives of recent years to create a program capable of exposing Trump as the demagogue he is, and defeating him.

  • The American people are sick of war. They regard Ms. Clinton as a potential warmonger. She must rehabilitate herself and offer assurances by repudiating her adventurism of Iraq and Libya. She must abandon her reckless demand for a No-Fly zone in Syria, which means bombing Assad, saving ISIS, and possible confrontation with Russia. She must solemnly declare that any additional US use of military force abroad must be preceded by a formal declaration of war by the Congress, with no substitutes accepted. Sen. Kaine’s work on the War Powers Act should be used to expose Republicans as hypocrites on the ISIS issue. The Democratic ticket must also formally condemn the idea of regime change as applied to Syria, Iran, or any other country. They must reject and abolish the practices known as “color revolutions” and “the Arab spring,” which have brought so much war, chaos, and civilizational breakdown into the world. Samantha Power and her humanitarian bombers, infamous for having weaponized human rights, should be ousted. The same goes for Victoria Nuland, who has brought chaos to Ukraine and much of eastern Europe.

Tax Wall Street, Seize the Fed, 15% Protective Tariff for 40 Million New Jobs and Full Employment, Silencing Trump

  • Bernie Sanders, the Progressive Caucus, and other Democrats have rightly demanded a tax on Wall Street speculation, variously called a Robin Hood Tax, Tobin tax, financial transfer tax, or Wall Street Sales Tax. This should be a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax on all financial transfers over $1 million per person per year, paid by the seller, with half of the proceeds going to the US Treasury and half to the states under revenue sharing. It should be collected on stocks, bonds, and the notional value of derivatives both exchange traded and over the counter. Here are hundreds of billion dollars of Treasury revenue to pay for health care, free college education, and a 10-million job Marion Barry Memorial job creation program for the inner cities and rural American designed to bring young people into the work force for the first time, as Congressman Conyers and others have been requesting for years.
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren in 2013 advanced a landmark proposal to force the Federal Reserve to go beyond its current role as an institution of the bankers, by the bankers, and for the bankers and finally begin to serve the needs of the entire US economy, not just Wall Street. Warren’s idea was for Congress to direct the Fed to finance student loans at 0.75% through the discount window – far less than the 7% to 12% interest often charged on the $1.5 trillion of crushing student loans debt. It is imperative to apply this approach to the entire economy with 0%, long-term Federal Reserve credit for student loan refinancing. $5 trillion in 0% century bonds should be allocated to rebuild and modernize the entire national infrastructure, creating 30 million new productive jobs at union wages, bring the country to full employment for the first time since 1945. This job program can finally lift the nation out of the post-2008 depression. It can begin to reverse the more than 50% decline in the US standard of living since 1967-1974 which is the single greatest unsung factor helping Trump.
  • Clinton and Kaine now say they are opposed to the NAFTA-CAFTA-TPP line of free trade sellouts, which have forced US workers to compete with low-wage foreign sweatshops, bring untold plant closings, runaway shops, de-industrialization, declining wages, and despair. But the public simply does not believe them, and with good reason. The Democratic Party must therefore support a permanent 15% across-the-board protective tariff on all imports. This will give the public confidence that the era of free trade sellouts, dumping, US status as the buyer of last resort, and the giant sucking sound are really at an end. It will also outflank Trump, who has never proposed a permanent protective tariff. Trump regards tariffs as a weapon, and not as a permanent stable featured of a well regulated national economy.

Obama Should Call Congress Back for a Special Session to Enact the $15 Federal Minimum Wage, Indexed to Real Inflation

  • A new effort needs to be made to establish the $15 per hour federal minimum wage. In 1948, Harry Truman called the GOP Congress back into session and forced them to take a stand on a number of key issues. President Obama should help bar the door to Trump by calling the Congress back into session to pass emergency legislation, starting with the $15 minimum wage, indexed to the real inflation rate. Free college and Medicare for All can also be brought up. Force the GOP to vote, and force Trump to take a binding position. It will tie them in knots, disrupt their campaigns, flush them out, and expose them to public scorn as the Do-Nothing Trump Congress. It will also commit both members of the Democratic ticket to $15, with no more evasions. It will help break GOP control of both houses of Congress.

Follow Alexander Hamilton and Franklin D. Roosevelt, Not Modern Mush-Heads

In the disputed election of 1800, the great Alexander Hamilton faced a dilemma similar to ours today. In that year, the House of Representatives had to choose between Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr for the presidency. As Hamilton wrote, if anybody had earned his hatred, it was Jefferson, who had fought him at every turn. But, Hamilton concluded, the public interest required that the arch-traitor and scoundrel Burr be kept out of the presidency. Jefferson might promote bad laws, but Burr would try to split the country and set himself up as king, which he later did. Hamilton’s Federalist Party flocked to support Burr, but Hamilton wisely threw his influence into the scales to make Jefferson President – an action which later cost him his life.

When the nation is in danger, long-standing hatreds and animosities must be jettisoned.

When fascism is at the gates, as it is today in the form of Trump, a national unity approach is indispensable. After the fall of France to the Nazis in June 1940, the great Franklin D. Roosevelt decided to re-shuffle his cabinet to make it a national unity government. An unprepared nation suddenly was confronted by the specter of a two-front war. Two Republicans – Republicans!! – were brought in. Henry Stimson became Secretary of War and Frank Knox, who had been on the GOP ticket for vice president, were ushered in. Knox especially had slandered FDR on the 1936 campaign trail, but FDR was a wise statesman who refused to nurse petty, stupid grievances at the expense of the American people in a time of grave crisis. Only in this way could FDR get support from the anti-New Deal industrialists and bankers who might otherwise have openly boycotted and sabotaged the war effort. The lesson is that, when fascism threatens, national unity must be achieved. All the more so today, when a fascist movement is already on our soil.

Some word-mongering leftist mush-heads claim that Hillary and Trump are identical. But ask yourself: which candidate is clinically insane? No contest: it’s Trump. Which candidate has a fascist mass movement? Once again, the answer is Trump, whose real running mate has emerged as David Duke of the KKK. The argument is over. #StopTrumpTerror is the order of the day, and everything else takes second place.

Defeat Trump, and the Demise of the GOP Is Within Reach this Year

A severe 2016 defeat for the GOP, with their loss of the White House, the Senate, the House, and thus the Supreme Court, will put this despicable party on the road to much-deserved oblivion. Once the GOP has been crippled as a national political party, the path will be open for the Sanders-Warren anti-Wall Street and pro-labor wing of the Democratic Party to assert its dominance over the various Wall Street Democrats. The potential party re-alignment, the re-orientation of the entire political playing field for decades to come, if far more important than the ephemeral candidates we see in the short term.

We must defeat Trump, send the GOP into the garbage can of history, and open a new perspective human progress for the United States.

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Vichy Republicans Repeat History by Rallying to Trump on Xenophobia Issue Just as French Fascists Rallied to Defeatist Petain in 1940

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
July 25, 2016

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Unelectable Trump’s Main Hope Is a Massive Wave of Islamist and Domestic Terrorism to Fuel His Strategy of Tension and October Surprise Planning

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Saturday, July 23, 2016

Munich Killings Appear As If on Cue; GOP Convention Suffused by Nixonian Paranoia; Trump Acceptance Speech in Spirit of New Dark Ages; GOP Split a Different Way on Each of Four Days; Trump’s Attacks on NATO Designed to Camouflage the Free Ride He Gives Wall Street; Kerry After Andrews AFB Anti-Daesh Conference: Coalition Wants to Escalate Against Islamic State; U.S. ISIS Czar Mcgurk Says Liberation of Mosul in Sight; House to House Fighting in Manbij; UK Defense Minister Fallon Sabotages US-Russian Cooperation Against ISIS in Service of Chinese-British Alliance; Britain Won’t “Collude in Any Way with Russia”; British Defeatist on Mosul and Raqqa Offensives

World Crisis Radio
July 23, 2016

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[download audio]

British Defense Minister Michael Fallon

British Defense Minister Michael Fallon at this week’s Andrews AFB Conference of the Anti-ISIS Coalition took a leading role in attempting to prevent vital cooperation between Russia and the United States against ISIS. Fallon also attempted to spread defeatism to stall the planned attacks on Mosul and Raqqa, the last big cities held by ISIS. The most obvious way Fallon’s wrecking job makes sense is in the context of the Chinese-British alliance.

The British, now allies of China, have used the just-concluded Andrews AFB conference of the anti-ISIS coalition to sabotage emerging cooperation between the Russian Federation and the United States in the cause of destroying ISIS. As the Washington Post reports:

‘The timeline has “clearly accelerated” for a Mosul offensive, British Defense Minister Michael Fallon said in an interview, but “a lot more planning” is needed for what comes afterward. Britain agreed during the conference to double its troops on the ground in Iraq to 250, he said. An offensive in Raqqa, he said, “looks further off.” Fallon, who has been defense minister for the past two years, is one of the few senior cabinet members to keep his position following Britain’s recent reshuffle of the Conservative Party government. Although Britain is flying combat missions against the Islamic State in Syria along with the United States, Fallon said he had not seen any “formal” U.S. proposal to coordinate counterterrorism strikes there with Russia. “We don’t think it’s right to collude in any way with Russia,” he said. “We’re happy with the current arrangement.”’

This is Perfide Albion playing the classic Trojan horse role in slowing the destruction of ISIS, which is an urgent necessary to reduce terrorism and deprive the Trump campaign of the fear-mongering that is its principal stock in trade.

In Enraged, Red-Faced and Apoplectic Diatribe, Trump Stakes Claim for Authoritarian Dictatorship in United States Based on White Identity

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Friday, July 22, 2016

“I Am Your Voice,” Intones “Blue Collar Billionaire,” Posing As Defender of Little People, but Forgetting His Savage Perversion of Eminent Domain; Trump Boasts of Magical Powers to End Violent Crime; Underlying Theme Is Triumph of the Will, with Trump As Sole Nixonian “Law and Order” Enforcer Who Can Overcome Crisis by Force of His Personality: “I Alone Can Fix This”; Fear and Loathing of Hillary Clinton; No Intelligible Economic Program, Concrete Protectionist Plan, or Infrastructure Strategy Emerges from Convention; Trump Never Mentioned Wall Street, Much Less Threatened the Banks; No Protective Tariff Proposed; Trump Waffles on Mexico Paying for Wall and on “Countries Compromised by Terrorism”; Traditional American Optimism Becomes Film Noir; In New Outrage, Sheriff Joe Arpaio Vilifies All Undocumented Workers As Criminals; Social Media Consensus Evolving Towards Trump As Fascist Who Must Be Stopped; Not Nationalism, but National Sabotage and National Bankruptcy

#Nazi agitation before seizing power Jan 1933 was heavily based on crime & punishment featuring serial killers to push #LawAndOrder #Trump

#WilliamKnudsen praised by #Priebus at #RNCinCLE was saboteur of US war production during WW2-He was accused of preferring #Hitler to #FDR

#PeterThiel is leader of #YoungWolves faction of #Bilderberg, parades as #AnarchoCapitalist-Big $$$ backer of #RonPaul-A Predator-#RNCinCLE

#Trumpers prepared to slit their own throats, lining up behind neo-reactionary billionaires like Peter #Thiel.


#RNCinCLE-#Thiel camouflaged as exponent of modern science & technology-Scorns bathroom debate, is proud to be gay-#GOP platform homophobic

#ReincePriebus’ bizarre salute to WW2 war production footdragger #Knudsen plus #Trump’s citing #AmericaFirst kowtow to #Hitler-Very odd

Billionaire #TomBarrack worked for degenerate #SaudiArabian royal family and also served Jean-Claude “BabyDoc” #Duvalier of #Haiti #RNCinCLE

#Trump surrogates pushing line of the #PeoplesBillionaire-#Smerconish thinks #billionaire #Thiel & #HedgeFundHyena #Barrack are outreach!!

Ghost of #Nazi #Propaganda Minister #Goebbels in rafters in #Cleveland as demagogic #Trump campaign prepares to launch film of #Megalomaniac

No-talent #JohnVoigt in infomercial whitewashing career of #Trump starting from vandalization of #Commodore hotel plus epic saga of ice rink

Government of #Billionaires by Billionaires for Billionaires-Most character witnesses are cronies clients relatives hangers on-#RNCinCLE

#WallStreet predator & former #Cocain abuser #LarryKudlow from union-busting #Reagan administration also a poor character witness for #Trump

#RNCinCLE Sweat shop entrepreneur & and Runaway shop profiteer #Ivanka is devoted to job creation in #China #Vietnam #Indonesia #Bangladesh

#RNCinCLE #Ivanka speech has #AynRand ethos-#SleazyDon as master builder-secret philanthropist-rugged individualist-He taught union busting

#RNCinCLE #ivanka tells marvels of #Trump Org & #GOP hypocrites applaud benefits they always deny to US worker-An orgy of hype & hypocrisy!

Second generation #Narcissist #Ivanka long omn promises and short on fulfillment-Crocodile tears for student loan victims but no solutions

#Trump intones his slogan of #LawAndOrder plagiarized from #Nixon-He is positioning for pro-Trump #Terrorism in form of #OctoberSurprise

#Trump can’t get elected without stunning shocking #OctoberSurprise terror destabilization capping months-long #StrategyOfTension #RNCinCLE

If US trade deficit is $800 billion what are #Trump’s plans for high-technology exports to earn foreign exchange? #RNCinCLE No economic program!

Crippled US defeated on all fronts according to #DefeatistDon-Promises #AmericaFirst, that shopworn slogan of appeasing #Hitler #RNCinCLE

Demagogue #Trump’s #Nixonian slogan now re-cast as “#Law and #Ordure” – No specifics no police hires no appropriations no nothing #RNCinCLE

Ranting re #Hillary’s emails is beating dead horse-#Trump poses as tribune despite crushing little people using #EminentDomain #RNCinCLE

#RNCinCLE #Trump telegraphs that he intends to impose a total #PoliceState #Dictatorship-His contempt for US #Constitutionis well known

This speech a rant of #Hitlerian intensity and #Mussolinian histrionics-Appeal to irrationality & latent psychosis plays well at #RNCinCLE

#RNCinCLE No policies are described, but only adjectives usually in the superlative-#Trump is coming across TOO HOT in family living rooms

Junking earlier honest broker camouflage #Trump gives total blank check to #Netanyahu, #Likud, #Israeli govt-#RNCinCLE No Moselms need apply

#Trump an enraged red-faced gesticulating ID of #psychosis resonating w/ the human wreckage in the hall-Main appeal is to despair #RNCinCLE

#Trump’s mythic-fantomatic #Wall a universal #Panacea guaranteed to keep out #OriginalSin, cure warts and grow hair on a billiard ball-

#Trump to enforce US laws? How about #AntiTrust Laws? Labor laws & contracts? #Securities laws? Too big to fail? Too big to jail? #RNCinCLE

#Trump may indeed repatriate obsolete #Chinese sweat shops for low-wage non-union no benefits jobs-While capital investment goes to #China

Lots of posturing about great trade deals but not one word about 15% protective tariff across the board-And how do you define great deals?

#RNCinCLE #Trump kids family wife have left the hall-He rants on in crescendo of #FakeAmericaGreatAgain-Reform schools by privatization!

Has NY delegation seated in front of #Trump’s podium been beneficiary of hallucinogenic stimulation? Has #Trump mentioned #WallStreet yet?

Good eg of #Trump’s mixing church & state remains #TheInquisition-#RNCinCLE- If father #FredTrump were there he would wear his #KKK robe!!

Rumbling of imminent #BalloonDrop heard as demagogue hits final notes of fake cultural populism-#Trump as convinces nobody-#RNCinCLE

#RNCinCLE The entire #ImperialFamily present on stage for Imperial Balloon Drop to great delight of crazed petty bourgeois in hall-Degraded

#Trump’s apoplectic diatribe concludes w/ balloons and confetti, the latter representing shredded #TaxReturns-vets’ charities-bounced checks

These are the #VichyRepublicans who preferred #Hitler to #PopularFront-Another reason #GOP is doomed #RNCinCLE

Enraged red-faced apoplectic #Trump in great tradition of #NSDAP #Nuremberg tirades, #Rome balcony speeches

#Trump’s demeanor tonight is a wager on the ongoing #StrategyOfTension and the looming #OctoberSurprise which will validate this yelping.

#PerfideAlbion-New #UK Defense Minister #Fallon servant of UK-#China deal in open sabotage of #Obama anti-#ISIS plan; Buried but big story: UK @DefenceHQ Min #Fallon criticizes Obama Admin plan to “collude” w/#Russia against #ISIS.


In Massive Convention Affront to Trump, Ted Cruz Pointedly Refuses to Endorse Him for Presidency, Tells Republican Delegates They Are Free to Vote Their Conscience, and Is Booed Off Stage by Crazed Fanatics

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Thursday, July 21, 2016

Campaign Boss Manafort May Come Under Pressure to Resign; After 36 Hours of Lying About Melania’s Plagiarized Speech, Trump Campaign Offers Up a Scapegoat Staffer Who Claims She Included Paragraphs from Michelle Obama by Mistake, but Skepticism Persists; Pence Speech a Catalogue of Reactionary Clichés; His Debut Bungled for the Second Time; Melania Trump Last Seen Monday Night After Her Copygate Speech and Did Not Appear with Trump Tonight; Her Whereabouts Unknown; Trump Appeared Grim and Exhausted; NY Daily News Sees GOP “Civil War”

With Webster G. Tarpley Reporting

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.


Clinton backer James Carville has advanced the theory that the purloined Michelle Obama passages were inserted into Melania Trump’s speech by a hostile operative seeking to inflict a classic dirty trick on the Trump campaign. In an interview with the New York Daily News, Carville is quoted as follows:

“… you know there’s a ton of Republicans that don’t like Trump,” he added. “I think one of them was in the speech shop put that in there. Then, it goes through the vet and then she says it and then this person, he or she tips off the press.”

Carville knows so much – maybe he was involved himself.



#Trump &#Christie prepare hit list of#Proscriptions-Government workers to be purged for political reasons-Spoils


#Trump‘s campaign depends in#GASLIGHTING-Undermining reason & rationality of American people by manipulation psywar tricks-Into#Psychosis

#RNC atmosphere is that of#WitchHunt#LynchMob#Pogrom#KangarooCourt#Exorcism#TwoMinutesHate-No#Economic Program-Mostly#Cult of#Trump

#FL Gov#RickScott#AusterityGhoul and profiteer attacks#PoliticalCorrectness#PC is bad but#Fascism is even worse and that is#Trump

Those who live by personal attacks will perish by personal attacks-#Trump can dish it out but he can’t take it-Scratch bully-Find coward!

#RNC 2016 is the lifeless husk of this historical form which after decades of decline has collapsed into an#Orwellian#Gestapo nightmare

#Trump‘s#AmericaFirst is a thinly veiled historical reference to pro-#Nazi anti-#FDR mvt of 1940-1941 led by#Goering‘s friend#Lindbergh

Will#ElmerGantries &#HolyRollers think that mega-hypocrite MikePence’s veep nod is enough, or will they demand that#Trump be born again?

#Trump veep pick#MikePence ranked as 432 most reactionary out of 435#House members-Doctrinaire ideologue of inhuman cruelty, unfit for#WH

#UnionBusting#AusterityGhoul failed#WI Gov rants that America deserves better-He leaves the people with nothing but their eyes to cry with

#Lobbyists view#Trump beneath layer of cretinous magical slogans as a blank slate where they can buy legislation they want with big bucks

#Cruz the unctuous sallow-faced#Hypocrite spokesman for God-Hopes#GOP “Principles” will prevail-But what about#Trump?

#Cruz recites litany of#GOP#Ideological Obsessions-He clearly considers himself#Isoapostolic but others are not sure-Crowd loves#Brexit!

#Cruz takes pro-#Fascist turn as seen in his support for#Trump‘s infamous#Wall-But NO ENDORSEMENT OF TRUMP-Mega-defeat for Fascist Trump!

#Trump harvests bitter fruits of his infantile tantrums insults abuse-Has antagonized vital#Ohio #Kasich machine, fails to buy off#Cruz

#Cruz tells#RNC delegates to vote their conscience which in whip-speak means you can vote any way you want-Or else sit it out!#Trumps rage

This afternoon#Cruz held gathering of 1,200 delegates looking past#Trump debacle-He now signals his backers not to lash themselves to Don

#Trump returns to#RNC but No#Melania! Why is#GOP hope for#FirstLady#AWOL? Can she be relied on to comfort her spouse through 3am call?

#Melania#Trump#AWOL#MIA– What has transpired? Has#Copygate caused problems on home front? Watch for statement from#Manafort re Melania!

#gopconvention a tribute to the cult of#Trump – No groundwork for 30 million jobs – A#Fascist can only produce hate, fear, and bigotry

Can#MelaniaTrump be#FLOTUS when she crumbles so easily? Won’t put on a brave face evn4 sympathetic RNC and husband #Selfish#Vain#Weak

#Trump snubs#Gingrich &#Callista by Leaving hall after son#Eric‘s speech-Is#Fascist billionaire in fit of pique over#Melania‘s skulking

Republicans Nominate Trump for President in Unprecedented Totalitarian Roll Call of the States

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Two Vote Tallies Emerged, One at Podium Dictated by Priebus and Manafort, Another on Convention Floor Announced by the States; DC Gave 9 Votes to Kasich, 10 to Cruz, Zero to Trump, but Priebus Podium Bureaucrats Counted 19 Votes for Trump; Alaska Voted Cruz 12, Trump 11, Rubio 5, but Podium Counted All Votes for Trump; Alaska Protest Stopped Convention, but Was Steamrolled by Priebus; Trump Reported Gripped by Apoplectic Rage When Media Discovered 2 Paragraphs of Melania’s Speech Were Plagiarized; Fascist Billionaire Should Fire Bungling Manafort If He Wants to Keep His Marriage; Trump’s Suicidal Feud with Ohio Governor Continues; Does Trump Campaign Need Another Dose of Terrorism to Keep Going?

With Webster G. Tarpley Reporting Live

Trump’s Art of the Deal Ghostwriter Repents, Sees Third World War and End of Civilization If Candidate Gets Nuclear Code


#Trump apoplectic over #Melania‘s #Copygate debacle-Will he fire #Manafort for disloyalty? Or will this trigger his #NervousBreakdown?

With last night’s #Plagiarism outing, #Trump spouse qualifies as #CrookedMelania-She boycotted #Pence rollout as protest vs kids’ influence

If #Copygate debacle continues #SleazyDon #Trump may have to fire #Manafort or face yet another nasty divorce from #CrookedMelania

Today’s #GOP convention devoted to hack politicians, #Koch stooges #Ryan #McConnell #Congressmen, family #Nepotists-Then #Apotheosis of Don

#Manafort is clone of #Nixon and shows it by #StoneWalling on #Copygate just as #TrickDick did on #Watergate#Trump claims #Infallibility

Ghostwriter #TonySchwartz created #Trump‘s public persona-#DrFrankenstein put lipstick on pig-Now fears nuke war!

#GOPinCLE With the level of incompetence within @realDonaldTrump campaign- #Manafort – Imagine a #US w/ #Trump in charge of #Nuclear arsenal

#RNCinCLE #gopconvention#Manafort on the hook for #CrookedMelania speech. @realDonaldTrump shown as an incompetent leader.

#Tyrant #Trump sees anything less than unanimity as outrageous-Roll call of states 6pm-Will #Priebus #Gestapo suppress #MN #CO #UT votes?

#Trump‘s #Totalitarian #RollCall of states has #Priebus #Gestapo dictating to delegations how they are voting-Total departure from tradition

#DC delegation cast votes 9 #Kasich 10 #Cruz from floor but chair gives all 19 to #Fascist #Trump who is digging his own grave with #Gestapo

#Idaho boasts of being one party state-just like #Nazis#GOP literally splitting w/ two roll call vote counts-One on podium, other on floor

#GOP is visibly split in two at highest level in roll call of states-The #totalitarian #Priebus #Manafort vote count, & the floor count

#Outrageous #Orwellian #Totalitarian #antiAmerican top down #Dictatorial #Oppressive #Arrogant #Tyrannical #Absolutist #RNC #Fascist #Trump

#Trump officially nominated by #GOP which has cast itself into the #Abyss of collapse & extinction-#Yellow capped #RNC #Gestapo all over

#RNCinCLE #gopconvention #Hitler #Brownshirts , #Italy #BlackShirts , @realDonaldTrump #Gestapo come in #YellowHats

#Trump stooge #PaulRyan poised to announce the #Gestapo version of roll call of the states-#Alaska protests they cast 11 votes for #Cruz

#Alaska demands poll of their delegates-They say #Trump #Gestapo chairwoman miscounted in favor of #Fascist billionaire-Now recount of #AL

#Alaska voted 12 #Cruz 11 #Trump 5 #Rubio#Manafort #Priebus #Gestapo counted all 28 for Trump-AL protested, poll ongoing-#Priebus claims 4

#Ryan proclaims #Fascist #Trump as #GOP candidate for president-#Trump #Manafort steamroller #Alaska for pleasure of #Tyranny but get PR woe

#GOP now under dictatorship of rigid psychotic fatherless insecure terrified pathological inflexible #ID of #Trump#ObsessiveCompulsive

During #RonPaul era #Libertarians said left-right paradigm was unreal-Now they unmask as reactionaries, right wingers-Call foes commies

Tiresome parade of D-lister Has-Beens hacks-Get set for #psychotic tantrum by #Trump first in wake of #CrookedMelania

#Trump claims largest #GOP primary vote total ever but always forgets to mention 53% voted against him-He looks #Lobotomized or drugged

#Hypocrite #Ryan from #JohnBirch country pleads for color blind society but reports say there are only 18 black delegates out of c 2,500

@WebsterGTarpley And with that decision, democracy dies in America and fascism has usurped the rule of law. #CultOfTrump

GOP Fracturing and Splintering on First Day of Cleveland Convention

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Colorado Walks Out, Joined by Some Iowa and Other Delegates After Trump and Campaign Boss Manafort Won’t Grant Mere Token Roll Call Vote on Freedom of Conscience for Delegates Despite Majority Petitions from 11 States, Including Battlegrounds Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia; Trump’s Tyrant Mentality May Defeat Him; An Estimated 400 to 600 or One Fifth of Party Delegates Already Hostile to Trump; Gestapo Tactics Against Dissident Delegates; Manafort Insults Ohio Gov. Kasich, Who Controls Best Machine in Must-Win State; Ex US Senator Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire GOP Calls Trump-Priebus Forces “Brownshirts…Like Fascists”

Listen to: Webster Tarpley on the 7/18 GOP Convention

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#GOP #Mindbender #FrankLuntz tries to make #Trump look less #Fascist In #CBS-he is on record speaking of #OctoberSurprise #StopTrumpTerror

#Trump GOP deserves #Extinction-Their beliefs exposed as phony ideology of # exploitation-Their evangelicals worship #Mammon and #Moloch

PlugUgly #PaulManafort reveals #GOP convention will be vehicle for #Trump #PersonalityCult as #Authoritarian #Dictator-#StopTrumpTerror

Cable #TV commentators treat #Trump with kid gloves hoping to gain favor with his future regime-try to blur his #Fascism #StopTrumpTerror

First night of #GOP #Dumpster fire dedicated to Make America Safe-Meaning #Orgy of #Fearmongering & #Hysteria-#StopTrumpTerror #TWSP

Holier Than Thou #Pence will need solace of faith on veep trail since #Trump will give him Living Hell on Earth with humiliation, snubs

Last #GOP convention in #Cleveland chose #Landon #Knox in 1936, defeated in huge landslide by #FDR-Very bad omen for #Trump #StopTrumpTerror

Moribund #GOP now totally unprincipled gang of predators representing nothing more than keeping power via big bucks from sociopaths eg #Koch

Get set for maudlin sentimentality dished up by cynical #GOP profiteers, featuring victims of #immigrants, #Benghazi, #FastAndFurious vets

#StopTrump #KendalUnruh #DelegatesUnbound says her group has 1,100 delegates in 11 states to force roll call vote in next 2.5 hours #MSNBC

Lucky City of #Cleveland & #Cuyahoga Cty get to pay $5 million to lure #Trump’s #GOP plutocrats & #billionaires to hold their confab there

#BikersForTrump blather that their #Fascist billionaire #FederalReserve darling & #TV star is not #Establishment-PT #Barnum was right

Anti-#Trump forces hope to to get signatures of 50% of delegates in 7 states to force roll call on #RulesCommittee report to embarrass Don

Whatever happened to #WallStreet?-#Trump’s strategy as demagogue is to define #Washington as the #Establishment getting WallStreet off hook

Anti-#Trump forces at #RNC need process server to deliver petition for roll call vote on rules to party secretary who has gone into hiding

Former ##GOP #NH senator #GordonGumphrey calls #Trump “sick sociopath,” wants roll call vote on #Rules Cttee report

#NationalReview article by former #NH Sen #GordonHumphrey reads like sad #Obituary for #RepublicanParty now in death agony #StopTrumpTerror

With #Manafort & #RogerStone calling shots #RNC using #Nixon-era dirty tricks-fake story of broken printer, party secretary gone into hiding

#GOP boss #ReincePriebus using blatant #Gestapo tactics vs #DelegatesUnbound org seeking #RollCall vote on #RulesCttee report re voting

#CO #Rep #KenBuck joins #KendalUnruh to get roll call vote on voting-#RNC sends #Trump Gestapo thugs in yellow hats to intimidate delegates

Outrageous pro-#Trump #Gestapo tactics at #RNC to prevent symbolic roll call vote on rules-UT Sen #MikeLee, VA pol #KenCucinelli protest

#Colorado delegation #WALKOUT at #RNC because of unfair voice vote on #Rules Cttee report-Ex NH senator #GordonHumphrey raps #Brownshirts

Ex US Sen #GordonHumphrey says he was shouted down by “#Brownshirts-#Fascists” which reflect #Trump-His advice is #NeverTrump

#RNC hack chairman gloats that three states fell below required numbers thanks to threats arm twisting intimidation by #Trump #Gestapo

Last option for anti-#Trump forces to embarrass #Fascist billionaire would be to nominate a vice presidential candidate vs #Pence

Leading VA #GOPer #Cucinelli mocks #Trump as Law And Order candidate who cheats, tramples rule of law at his own #convention Bad blood in VA

#GOP rules forbid pledged delegates voting for other candidates-But silent re abstaining DC MN UT IA CO WA ME VA WY vs #Trump

In Victory Magnanimity-But not for #Brownshirt #Trump who stupidly blocked symbolic roll call vote on Rules Cttee report angering 11states

Among big losses on bleak day #Trump’s resident thug #Manafort needlessly offended Gov #Kasich of #Ohio-His machine is indispensable to win

#KendalUnruh of anti-#Trump forces tells #MSNBC “The corpse of representative government lies dead on the floor-Why even have a convention?”

#DuckDynasty bozo claims #Trump supporters like to hunt fish pray-Urges total confidence in cynical money-grubbing hustler & City Slicker

#MSNBC-“You are seeing the #RepublicanParty fracture and break apart before your eyes” with walkout by #Colorado and other delegates

Truth about #Benghazi can only come from Gen #Petraeus of #CIA & #CarterHam US #Africom-Last two speakers mentally disturbed, not rational

#RachelMaddow talks #Benghazi incident as #OctoberSurprise-Now apply this to the ongoing pro-#Trump #StrategyOfTension & #OctoberSurprise

#Trump & #Manafort are scoundrels who manipulate a disturbed and grieving mother for their own cynical partisan political needs

#StandDown order was issued by #CIA boss #Petraeus & US Africom-#GOP probes deny order to save these two-Op was designed to elect #Romney

#RNC under #Trump devotes first night to #Benghazi #FastAndFurious Deaths caused by illegals-Murder mayhem defeatism death and pessimism

Trump Unmasks As Warmonger, Demands War of Civilizations Declared by Congress with NATO Involvement

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, July 16, 2016

Putin-Kerry Negotiations End on Positive Note; Nice Security and Vehicle Barriers Totally Inadequate for July 14 Crowd of 100,000; Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, Who Has Presided over Three Massacres, Is Suspect As Top Grand Orient Freemason Along with Premier Manuel Valls and Many Others in Government; Trump Leaves Pence Twisting in Wind for Twenty-Four Hours; Dim-Witted and Unpopular Indiana Governor a Koch Puppet with Barbaric Positions to Match; Imbecile Gingrich Wants to Make Sharia Law the Issue; Chinese Claim to Control One Third of World Trade Through South China Sea Must Be Vigorously Rebuffed; Turkish Army and Air Force Attempt Overthrow of ISIS Boss and Terrorist Controller Erdogan; In FDR’s World War II Terms, “America First” Trump Is Defeatist, Divisionist, Alarmist, Slanderer of US Allies – Like Chicago Tribune and Hearst

World Crisis Radio
July 16, 2016

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[download audio]

Attempted Military Coup in Turkey, Outcome Uncertain

After this week’s edition of World Crisis Radio had already been taped, reports arrived of an attempted military coup by elements of the Turkish Army and Air Force. These units are acting to fulfill the landmark pledge of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to keep Turkey modern and secular, and not to let the country revert to the obscurantist nightmare of the late caliphate – which is exactly the project embodied by Erdogan’s increasingly oppressive Islamist dictatorship. Erdogan has been exposed in previous editions of this briefing as the dominant figure behind ISIS/Daesh/ISIL, with the Turkish MIT secret police providing recruits, weapons, ammunition, spare parts, gasoline, evacuation for the wounded, and marketing of stolen oil. Erdogan’s son and daughter are integral parts of the ISIS machine.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Turkey has been the greatest single sponsor and patron of ISIS and related terrorism in Syria. Whatever the outcome of this coup, Erdogan is likely to emerge weakened, especially if he attempts to outdo himself in vindictive cruelty – as his first statements on returning to Istanbul suggest. Erdogan had assumed he had nothing more to fear from the decimated and intimidated army, but the secular spirit of Ataturk still lives, and may prove more powerful than Erdogan’s reign of terror. Will the Turkish dictator still be as blatant and arrogant in his support for ISIS? And ISIS, in any case, is being destroyed, so that Erdogan may be destined to perish with his own creation. In order to survive the coup, with his back to the wall and fearing for his own survival, Erdogan had to call for street mobs to attack the soldiers seeking his ouster. To the extent that people came out, the genie of mass action is now out of the bottle, and may prove hard to neutralize. In any case, a dictatorship like the one sought by Erdogan is absurd and obsolete, and will not long endure among the upheavals of the current age.

Putin-Kerry Talks in Moscow Could Represent Step Towards Much-Needed US-Russian Condominium Against Terrorism in Middle East

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Friday, July 15, 2016

Pentagon Boss Ashton Carter and 51 State Department Imbeciles Trying to Sabotage President; Firing of Carter Long Overdue; Cutting of ISIS Supply Line from Turkey via Jarablus Corridor Between Aleppo and Manbij by US-Backed SDF-YPG Will Deprive Trump of His Main Foreign Policy Theme on Eve of GOP’s Cleveland Dumpster Fire; ISIS Counter-Attacks on Strategic Crossroads of Manbij Repulsed with Heavy Losses for Terrorists

Russian President Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have today begun talks in Moscow with visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry. The object of these talks is widely reported to be bilateral cooperation designed to increase the military pressure on the two main terrorist organizations in Syria, the ISIS/Daesh/Islamic State “Caliphate,” and the al-Nusra forces, a branch of Al Qaeda. According to RT, these talks began in a constructive and businesslike atmosphere, with expressions of shared purpose coming from both sides:

‘“Our last conversation with President Obama convinces me that we are not just developing cooperation, but doing so with the aim of achieving tangible results,” said the Russian president, after receiving Kerry at the Kremlin, during a welcoming photo opportunity. Putin called his US counterpart last week, partly to discuss Syria. “I send the President my best wishes, and hope that you can report that we have moved forward on our issues, as a result of these talks,” he said.

‘“Hopefully we will be able to make some genuine progress that is measurable and implementable that can make a difference to events in Syria,” the US Secretary of State replied. “I look forward to a serious conversation.” “I’m ready to work, I know you are, let’s go,” said Kerry with a smile, before the media were ushered out, and the two sides got to down to business, with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov present by Putin’s side.’1

A document widely believed to represent the US proposal being presented to Putin was published today on the website of the Washington Post. According to the leaked document, the United States is proposing military cooperation made possible by the creation of a Joint Implementation Group (JIG) coordinating center by the two powers in Jordan. This permanent command-and-control institution would allow the close coordination of airstrikes and other measures against the terrorists. With the creation of this JIG, attacks on the Assad government and criminal proposals like that of a no fly zone or terrorist safe zone in northern Syria would become far more difficult to initiate. It is possible that the proposal carried to Moscow by Kerry has been leaked by forces in the Washington bureaucracy hostile to an antiterrorist, pro-peace settlement:

‘The Obama administration’s new proposal to Russia on Syria is more extensive than previously known. It would open the way for deep cooperation between U.S. and Russian military and intelligence agencies and coordinated air attacks by American and Russian planes on Syrian rebels deemed to be terrorists, according to the text of the proposal I obtained. Secretary of State John F. Kerry plans to discuss the plan with top Russian officials in a visit to Moscow on Thursday. As I first reported last month, the administration is proposing joining with Russia in a ramped-up bombing campaign against Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, which is also known as the Nusrah Front. What hasn’t been previously reported is that the United States is suggesting a new military command-and-control headquarters to coordinate the air campaign that would house U.S. and Russian military officers, intelligence officials and subject-matter experts. Overall, the proposal would dramatically shift the United States’ Syria policy by directing more American military power against Jabhat al-Nusra, which unlike the Islamic State is focused on fighting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. While this would expand the U.S. counterterrorism mission in Syria, it would also be a boon for the Assad regime, which could see the forces it is fighting dramatically weakened. The plan also represents a big change in U.S.-Russia policy. It would give Russian President Vladimir Putin something he has long wanted: closer military relations with the United States and a thawing of his international isolation. That’s why the Pentagon was initially opposed to the plan.’2

This setup would tend to box in aggressive impulses coming from Trump, Clinton, or any other future president. Regional press organs in the Middle East are already referring to the Kerry proposal as a US bid to Russia for a “joint bombing campaign” against the main terrorist rebel centers. In general, according to the Kerry document, the JIG is intended to merge US and Russian efforts along the following lines:

‘JIG Location, Organization and Composition Location. The JIG is to be located in the vicinity of Amman, Jordan. Participants intend to negotiate their own support requirements with the host nation. Organization. The participants intend to maintain separate, national headquarters in which they will install systems to exchange information with their respective headquarters responsible for tactical actions against Nusra and Daesh. The participants, through the JIG, intend to establish a coordination center at which they are to exchange intelligence and operational information…. JIG Role in Military Operations. The participants, through the JIG, should enable coordination between the participants for military operations against Nusra. Participants, through the JIG, may work to maximize independent, but synchronized, efforts against Daesh in Syria. Coordination should begin with information exchange on both Nusra and Daesh. If national authorities determine that integrated operations against deliberate targets are in the interest of both participants, the participants should coordinate procedures to permit integrated operations.’3

When the Washington Post says that the Pentagon was initially opposed to this plan, they are referring most of all to the dangerously incompetent and trigger-happy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, a utopian Dr. Strangelove in the Herman Kahn tradition. Bradley Clapper of the AP reflects the consternation now spreading through Washington circles seeking wider war. (Indeed, the desire of certain warmonger circles to create the worst possible atmospherics for the Moscow talks may take unpredictable forms in the coming days, now that the Kerry proposal has been made public). Clapper writes:

‘‘The proposal would undercut months of U.S. criticism of Russia’s military actions in Syria, and put the United States alongside Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chief international backer, despite years of American demands for him to leave power. Russia would get what it has wanted since intervening in Syria on Assad’s behalf last September: leadership of an international anti-terrorism alliance. Much of Washington is wary about working too closely with Russia. A dissent cable signed by 51 State Department officials last month showed a sizable part of America’s diplomatic establishment believing a U.S. military response against Assad’s forces was necessary. Opposition to this latest Syria plan is shared by a significant number of officials at the State Department and the Pentagon and among U.S. intelligence agencies, according to several American officials…. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has questions about Russian activities in Syria, his spokesman, Peter Cook, said Thursday. If the Russians are prepared to do the right thing, Carter would then “be open to that conversation.” “We’re not conducting or coordinating any military operations with Russia at this moment,” Cook added. “And it’s not clear that we’ll ever reach an agreement to do so.”’4

For all his pedantry about military doctrine, the bungling “Ash” Carter seems to have forgotten that the president is the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, and that Carter himself is part of that chain of command. Carter needs to be reminded that the answer to a direct order from the president is not a “conversation” of backtalk, but rather swift and obedient implementation. Carter should be called upon to repudiate this impudent statement by his spokesman Peter Cook. If he declines to do so, he should be fired on the spot.

In the meantime, fighting continues in the critical logistics hub of Manbij in northern Syria, where, for all practical purposes the Jarablus to Efrin corridor on which ISIS depends for recruits, gasoline, ammunition, spare parts, military equipment, and money flows has already been cut.

In the last several days, the encircled ISIS forces launched a desperate counteroffensive to break the siege, and that counteroffensive has now been largely defeated, albeit at considerable cost to the SDF-YPG forces surrounding Manbij, including the loss of Mohamad-Ali Mustafa, Leader of the Martyrs of the Dam Brigade, who was helping to lead the liberators. According to the ARA agency:

‘AMUDE, SYRIA, July 13 — Senior official of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Dr. Nasir Haji Mansour on Tuesday told ARA News that ISIS is fighting very hard in Manbij city “which is slowing down the operation” that started on 31 May. Moreover, ISIS has started to kill civilians that are trying to flee the city, he said. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on 31 May launched an operation to take the 98-km border pocket of Manbij from militants of the Islamic State (ISIS). So far, the battle has taken a very heavy toll on the SDF forces. “If the SDF capture Manbij, all of Aleppo’s countryside would be under threat, because it’s a strategic stronghold for ISIS,” SDF official Mansour told ARA News. “It’s a strategic battle and different from Tel Abyad and Shaddadi [where ISIS just withdrew],” he said. “If the operation is successful, the connection between ISIS, Turkey and Aleppo’s countryside will be cut off,” he said.… However, the SDF official says ISIS has only one of two solutions in Manbij: “Either they will surrender and give up, or fight against us until they die,” he said. So far, it seems that ISIS has chosen for the last option.’5

The Aleppo countryside referred to is another term for the Jarablus corridor, through which Erdogan’s Turkey has been catering to the logistical needs of the ISIS butchers. The most recent tactical dispatches from the fighting front indicate a slow but inexorable advance of the SDF-YPG into the key points of Manbij. According to Fars:

‘TEHRAN, July 14 — (FNA)- The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) seized back control of al-Nafous building in Manbij city in Northeastern Aleppo after killing tens of terrorists. A military source said that after the Kurdish forces retook control of Seven Seas square in the Northern parts of Manbij, they could also regain al-Nafous building and seizing an ISIL tank in the region. The source reported heavy clashes in Manbij, adding that the SDF say they are keeping the dead bodies of 25 ISIL terrorists. Also another source close to the Kurdish forces said that they killed over 40 ISIL militants in Manbij on Wednesday. The SDF forces won back the strategic Seven Seas square in Manbij on Thursday. During their operations in Manbij, the Kurdish forces purged ISIL terrorists from 2km of the city from al-Sharia square to the National hospital. The SDF forces destroyed a vehicle carrying weapons and ammunitions for the ISIL terrorists and killed 28 of them. They also seized a large number of weapons and munitions from the militants. The militants then were surrounded by the Kurdish forces between all-Sharia and Seven Seas squares which ignited heavy clashes between the two sides. The terrorists sought to blow up a suicide car to open their escape way but the SDF forces outsmarted and destroyed the car.’6

Shervan Darwish of the Manbij Military Council has recently reminded Americans and Europeans that, with the effective blocking of the Jarablus corridor already been carried out by the SDF-YPG forces, it is now no longer possible for ISIS to send its trained terrorist cadre into Turkey and thence into the rest of the world. Darwish thanked the US-led international coalition for assistance in the form of weapons, experts and training, and air support. Darwish’s comments:

‘Kurdish military official and commander of the SDF-led Manbij Military Council, Shervan Darwish, said that the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group is no longer able to send jihadi fighters from Syria to the outside world. “The time for ISIS transportation of terrorists to the outside world has come to an end. We have imposed a complete siege on the group’s major border pocket near Turkey. The group cannot cross that border anymore,” Darwish said in an interview with ARA News. “Also, the roads linking Manbij with Jarablus and Aleppo have been blocked by our (SDF) troops,” the Kurdish commander said. Darwish pointed out that other roads between Raqqa [capital of the Islamic State] and other Syrian areas have been cut off by the Kurdish-led Syrian democratic Forces (SDF) after heavy clashes. “ISIS seems paralyzed… no more terrorist convoys and reinforcements for ISIS in Syria. The group is now in a defensive position, desperately trying to keep its positions,” he said. “We have been working hard to accomplish this. Besieging ISIS in its key territory means protecting the entire world from further transportation of trained terrorists,” he told ARA News. “Of course the group could still use its sleeper cells to carry out attacks in the West, but those who have been trained for years in the ISIS jihadi camps in Syria are no longer able to carry out their missions abroad. They are now under siege, and soon will be eliminated on the Syrian soil,” the SDF official said. He added that the US-led coalition has been playing a key role in supporting the SDF factions on the ground. “The coalition has provided us with military experts and weapons, and it continues to support us through an effective air cover. Our cooperation and collaboration has weakened ISIS,” Darwish said. “We will continue to work together in order to eliminate this mutual enemy, this brutal enemy of humanity.”7

These remarks hold out the hope that the terrorist capital of Raqqa can be liberated before the end of the summer, meaning in advance of the US presidential election. The SDF-YPG are currently in the front line of the struggle of civilization against terrorism, and must be given comprehensive help.

Obama has just ordered 560 more US special forces to the Mosul area to help make good on his April promise to liberate that city – the largest controlled by ISIS – before the end of the year, and hopefully before the end of October. Loyal US commanders should recall Farragut at Mobile Bay and Sherman before Atlanta in late summer of 1864, when both strove for victory to keep a catastrophic candidate out of the White House.

The added dividend is clearly that the annihilation and extinction of ISIS will provide a severe blow to the demagogic election strategy of the defeatist Donald Trump. The anti-nationalist Trump is betting everything on US failures and disasters. He is selling the US cause short whenever and wherever he can. Some good news coming from Manbij, Fallujah, and Mosul will go far towards defeating this candidate who gloats over “crippled America.”

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