Hillary-Bernie Democratic Debate Will Showcase Bankruptcy of Party; Tune in and Follow Twsp Live Tweet of This Event; But Path to Reform of US Political System Starts with Collapse of GOP as National Force, Followed by Split of Democrats into Wall Street and Pro-Labor Branches; Tax Wall Street Party Seeking to Catalyze This Process

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Morning Briefing | Monday, October 12, 2015

The Democratic base – duped by Obama in 2008, and duped by Bernie in 2015

The Democratic Party presidential debate to be held on Tuesday evening can be expected to showcase the programmatic and moral bankruptcy of this political entity. Hillary Clinton is attempting to reinvent herself as a critic of Wall Street excess, a maneuver which will be believed by few. Bernie Sanders, far from being the “real deal” which disingenuous commentators claim he is, actually ranks as one of the most slippery and duplicitous of all the candidates. Bernie pays lip service to some positive policies on his website, but in his television appearances and his all-important standard stump speech, the Vermont mush-head candidate is careful to limit his commitments to a few timid reforms, concentrating more on meaningless platitudes like his pledge to limit the power of the billionaire class. Unfortunately, the Democratic rank-and-file – duped though they were by Obama in 2008 – have learned very little, and some of them appear more than ready to be duped again.

Bernie Sanders has gone on record repeatedly to voice the conviction that Saudi Arabia ought to dominate the modern Middle East, effectively by using its military establishment to police the region in favor of the United States. His quote destined to live in infamy is that the Saudis and other reactionary Gulf monarchies “need to get their hands dirty.” In reality, those hands are already dripping with blood, as for example in the genocidal war against Yemen, where a food blockade is setting up a situation of death on a mass scale. On NBC’s Meet the Press this morning, Bernie bluntly stated that he wants not only Saudi Arabia, but also the reactionary absolutist Emirates of Qatar and Kuwait to make the Middle East safe for imperialism. He also voiced his support for the use of drones, and called for the overthrow of the Syrian government of President Assad. Answers like these provide the reason why the Tax Wall Street Party has defined Bernie as a crypto-warmonger. So far, his followers have paid very little attention to these questions, despite the fact that the internal life of the Democratic Party during the first decade of this century was almost completely devoted to the issues of war and peace, occupation, and drones.

Public executions in Saudi Arabia-this is the horror which Bernie Sanders wants to dominate

Bernie also claims to be opposed to the TPP trade sellout. Let him show us the seriousness of his commitment by staging a talking filibuster against this damaging deal at the earliest possible moment. Let him recruit other Senators to join with him. Let him put a hold on the TPP. Let him, in short, exhaust the entire armory of parliamentary obstructionism to stop the free-trade destruction of millions of US jobs. We will be watching Bernie Sanders carefully on Tuesday evening, and we invite his supporters to do the same. They should be demanding that he clear up the warmonger question, and also specify how he proposes to fight the trade deal, since his one little vote will not be enough.

Hillary Clinton, after almost 50 endorsements of the TPP, has now discovered that she is opposed to it. We think she is lying about this. Obama had spoken about renegotiating the disastrous NAFTA trade pact with Canada and Mexico, but at the same time also sent his campaign representative Austin Goolsbee of Skull and Bones to reassure Canadian diplomats that Obama’s proposal was pure campaign demagogy, which would not be acted upon. When we look at Mrs. Clinton, we should remember that Bill Clinton destroyed the welfare system of aid to families with dependent children (AFDC), which Franklin D. Roosevelt had included in the Social Security Act of 1935. Many reactionary Republicans continue today to rail against welfare, but in reality welfare has been gone for almost 20 years – thanks to Clinton. In 1999, Bill Clinton presided over the abolition of the Glass-Steagall separation between commercial banking and investment banking. In 2000, Clinton crowned his service to Wall Street by signing the law which legalized and deregulated derivatives, putting the US on track towards the world derivatives panic of 2007-2008. Like the restored Bourbons after 1815 in France, the Clintons have forgotten nothing and learned nothing.

Could an upheaval within the Democratic Party be the starting point for a reform of the dysfunctional and Weimarized US political system? The Democratic Party of today is a loose confederation of interest groups, ethnic groups, lifestyle groups, and sexual preference groups, tending to operate on the basis of identity politics rather than a comprehensible program. The prestige of the New Deal, the continuing power of many New Deal, New Frontier, and Great Society institutions, and the towering figure of Franklin D. Roosevelt, all deeply embedded in the American consciousness, are factors which allow the Democratic Party to win elections, which the gaggle of identity politics and interest groups could never win. Unfortunately, control at the top is exercised by Wall Street figures like Robert Rubin, Paul Volcker, Tim Geithner, and the like. Trade unionists do a lot of the party’s work in terms of getting out the vote, but labor has been relegated to a marginal position in the party today. Democratic Party ideology is strongly Malthusian; many activists imagine that wealth exists and simply needs to be distributed more equitably, whereas the real problems of full employment and raising the standard of living all have to do with increased production of tangible, physical commodities. Precisely because the Democratic Party is such a congeries of disparate groups, it is difficult to see how reform could begin here.

Do you want an economy based on this? Or this?

And if the Democratic Party were to collapse in some crisis which left the Republicans intact, this would lead directly to the Permanent Austerity Dictatorship to which many GOP reactionaries and fascists aspire. If the Republicans can control the presidency and both houses of Congress, they can also pack the Supreme Court with reactionary and fascist judges. Those judges would then uphold state laws limiting the right to vote, by denying ballot box access to the young, the old, the sick, the poor, and especially to the black and the Hispanic. Such a Supreme Court would also uphold anti-union legislation making the United States a union busting or “right to work” country. Once these changes had been made, the United States would be on a low-wage path to national decline for generations, maybe forever.

But, if we look at the Republican Party, vulnerabilities and even possibilities for collapse at the national level in the short to medium run can perhaps be found. The chaotic developments of this past week in the House Republican conference, with the faction fight between the reactionaries around Boehner and the Tea Party fascists of the Freedom Caucus, show how unstable and dysfunctional the GOP has become. In 2010, the Republican bosses eagerly opened their doors to the Tea Party fanatics, who now make up some 10 or 15% of the Republicans in the House. But these fascists have made the fatal mistake of believing in their own primitive propaganda and lies, not realizing that the whole point of a political party is to stay in office and cash in. The fascists have already provoked one government shutdown and a close brush with default and national bankruptcy. Before the end of the year, we may have yet another approach to default, and perhaps a government shutdown after that. The super-rich donors and corporations who finance the Republican Party are not paying for crackpot libertarian ideology; their support is supposed to lead to legislation favoring their economic interests. The crisis in this patronage system is now occurring.

The Republican Party cannot exist today without massive financial infusions from figures like the Koch brothers, Sheldon Adelson, and very likely foreign interests. How else can we understand Congressman Hensarling’s determination to destroy the Export Import Bank, which could get a large majority of the House any day of the week if Boehner were to allow a vote. He must be paid by Beijing. http://againstausterity.org/exim

In recent decades, it has been possible to distinguish within the GOP camp a group of religious-vindictive bigots, a group of neocon warmongers, a group of libertarians primarily focused on the legalization of narcotics, and a dominant faction of plutocrats and their dupes who tend to run the show. One element of the GOP crisis right now is that, even as the organized libertarian faction breaks up with the collapse of the Rand Paul campaign, the libertarian anti-government ideology or right-wing anarchism has spread to the entire party, in some cases making it very hard for the GOP to effectively implement the interests of the plutocrats. Here is a fault line to be exploited.

The other indispensable requirement for the Republicans is to maintain the current system of gerrymandering, which magnifies their number of seats in the House out of all proportion to their actual strength in the population as a whole.

Yet another requirement for the Republicans is that the fascist nature of the minority Freedom Caucus, and also the reactionary essence of the Boehner Establishment, be concealed from the American public. The most obvious thing here is that the mass media still insist on describing extreme right wing, radical Republicans as “conservatives,” when it is plain that there is absolutely nothing conservative or traditionalist about them. The only acceptable term is “reactionaries,” and more than a few have already slipped beyond that category and into the land of outright fascism — no doubt seeking to join hands with Donald Trump, who has preceded them there.

There is good reason to believe that if the Republicans could be even partially deprived of their billionaire financing, their system of gerrymandering, and the assistance of the presstitutes in hiding their real fascist and reactionary qualities, the GOP might dwindle into a regional party of racists, bigots, warmongers, plutocrats, and other elements in the rural south, the intermountain west, and rural America more generally.

It is also imperative that there never again be a Republican president. All of the current GOP presidential candidates come equipped with neocon warmonger advisors, many of them veterans of the catastrophic Iraq war who would like to prove the validity of the neocon method by starting still more foreign wars. George W. Bush, Paul Wolfowitz, George Shultz, James Baker, John “Death Squads” Negroponte, Michael Hayden, Otto Reich, Michael Chertoff, Tim Ridge are all listed as handlers for Jeb Bush. Michael Hayden is also a great friend of Carly Fiorina, and might join her if Jebbie falters.

Fortunately, the Donald Trump campaign may be enough to seal the doom of the GOP as regards the White House by making the party anathema among Hispanics, immigrants of all types, women, and other groups. We have been imagining Trump either as a wrecking ball attacking the rickety GOP edifice, or else as the Samson who brings down the temple of the Philistines on the heads of his captors.

The Republican Party may already be demographically incapable of electing a president under normal circumstances. But watch out for vote fraud, and watch out for the Bonapartist clique around the CIA General David Petraeus, who seem to think that a military dictator is what the American people want.

If the Republican Party begins to fragment, this could soon be followed by a split of the Democrats, producing a Wall Street faction and a second group which might be called populist, pro-labor, or New Deal. The Wall Street group would include figures like Obama, Biden, Senator Schumer, Senator Durbin, Senator Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and the other top leaders. The pro-labor group is harder to associate with famous names, but members of Congress like Marcy Kaptur, John Conyers, and Peter DeFazio give you some idea of this grouping. Figures like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders must be categorized with extreme caution, since these may well represent gatekeepers and border guards, rather than authentic anti-Wall Street leaders.

Be that as it may, the simple structural impact of the disappearance of Republicans from Washington and a split of the Democrats along plutocratic and anti-plutocratic lines would do the indispensable job of shifting the political center of gravity back from the extreme unbalanced right wing position of recent decades, and more towards the normalcy of the Eisenhower-Kennedy era. This in itself would be a huge advantage for this country.

The Tax Wall Street Party will be live tweeting the Democratic presidential debate on Tuesday evening, so please join us @TaxWallStParty, @WebsterGTarpley and @FightAusterity as we expose and critique Hillary and Bernie in real time. We will also be deconstructing the statements of Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Linc Chafee. Quackacademic Lawrence Lessig will reportedly be holding forth in the spin room or the parking lot, so we will include him as well. See you Tuesday night!

In Ankara Terror Bombing, Prime Suspect Is ISIS, Enabled by Erdogan’s Turkish Deep State; Police Presence, Usually Dense, Was Lacking; Massacre Fits into Ruling Party’s Strategy of Tension for November 1 Nationwide Vote; ISIS Backer Erdogan Aiming at Islamist Dictatorship; NATO Propaganda in Absurd Attempt to Blame PKK; Moscow Likely to Read Attack as First Fruit of Carter’s Threats; In Tuesday’s Democratic Debate, Bernie Sanders Must Condemn Genocide in Yemen by His Saudi Pals, and Pledge a Talking Filibuster Against the TPP Trade Sellout and for a 15% Protective Tariff; US Media Ignore Carter’s Threat of Islamic Terrorism Against Moscow — #FireCarterB4WW3 !

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Morning Briefing | Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today two explosions killed about 100 people and wounded about 250 at a pro-Kurdish demonstration in the Turkish capital of Ankara. The demonstration was called to demand an end to Erdogan’s military offensive against Kurdish organizations which has been escalating since the end of July, when the devious Turkish President began bombing the YPG and PKK Kurdish military units while pretending to be striking ISIS. Another demand was greater democracy in Turkey, something which contradicts the ruling party’s relentless campaign for an authoritarian dictatorship under Erdogan. The bombings came in the midst of an election campaign, which will see Turks go to the polls on November 1.

Eyewitnesses noted that while in the Turkish capital the police presence at any political demonstration is usually overwhelming, on this occasion there were very few policemen to be seen. Turkish officials stated that the attack was most likely carried out by two suicide bombers, one for each of the twin blasts. Suicide bombers are one of the specialties of the ISIS genocide cult. The first working hypothesis would accordingly be that two fanatical ISIS patsies delivered the explosives, and had no trouble accessing the demonstration site because the usual security screen had been stripped. The demonstration was organized by the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) with the help of the unions, who called for a general strike in the wake of the bombing.

In posing the question of who benefits from an event like this, it is clear that Erdogan is likely to score political gains. Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman and anti-Kemalist (anti-Ataturk) AKP Party is striving desperately to get the votes needed to change the constitution to concentrate more power in the hands of Erdogan, making him a dictator. The AKP also wants to make it easier to arrest opposition members of parliament, especially those from the Kurdish party. The present Turkish constitution offers a traditionally strong guarantee against attempts to jail or intimidate members of Parliament.

Some Middle East experts assert that Erdogan is not just the paymaster and logistical officer for ISIS, but also the secret Caliph of the Islamic State. Erdogan’s daughter runs a hospital for wounded terrorists, while his son’s company sells oil stolen by ISIS in Iraq on the world market.

Image courtesy of civicegypt.org

The NATO propaganda line on the Ankara bombings seems to be that the PKK is responsible. This is patently absurd, since the PKK would have no motivation for a bloody attack on a large crowd of their fellow Kurds. The mentally challenged Donald Tusk of Poland, a top Eurogarch in Brussels, tweeted: “I condemn brutal terrorist attacks in Turkey. EU committed to fight PKK.” This line represents a new low in Orwellian doublethink.

Erdogan had been planning to ram through his enabling legislation to make himself dictator in the wake of elections held just a few months ago, in June. But his design was frustrated by the unexpectedly strong showing of the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP), which received about 13% of the vote and 80 seats. Erdogan then made sure that no coalition government could be formed within the officially established time limit. Erdogan is hoping that a combination of military clashes by Turkish forces with the PKK and YPG will procure his AKP Party the votes of the infamous and fascistic Nationalist Movement Party, otherwise known as the Grey Wolves after the nickname of its militant and often violent youth wing. This is the AKP strategy of tension, an approach which NATO governments have been using since the 1969 Italian “Hot Autumn” almost half a century ago.

Turkish officials are trying to muddy the waters by presenting an array of possible suspects: “Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, exposing a mosaic of domestic political perils, said Islamic State, Kurdish or far-leftist militants could have carried out the bombing,” Reuters reported. In reality, Davutoglu, the resident ideologist of neo-Ottoman mythology, would himself be on any serious list of suspects.

The HDP party has been unusually outspoken in placing the blame for today’s tragedy on the Turkish government:

‘HDP leader Selahattin Demirtas blamed the government in blunt terms. He said the attack was part of the same campaign as the bombing of an HDP rally in the southeastern city of Diyarbakir on the eve of June elections and a suicide bombing blamed on Islamic State in Suruc near the Syrian border in July, which killed 33 mostly young pro-Kurdish activists.

“The government’s right and chance to hem and haw has long expired. You are murderers. Your hand is bloody. Blood has splattered from your face, your mouth to your nails and all over you. You are the biggest supporters of terror,” he told reporters in comments broadcast on the internet.’[i]

We think this quote is the strongest denunciation of false flag terror issued in recent years.

There are currently estimated to be about 32 million Kurds, divided among Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Turkey. The Turkish concentration is the largest, with 15,000,000 or more Kurds living there. The Kurds are the largest ethnic group in the world which does not enjoy the advantages of its own national state. The courageous and intelligent behavior of the Kurdish forces, including female militias, fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria has excited the admiration of the world, and seems to constitute an eloquent argument for the right of the Kurds to form such a national state. The Kurdish language is part of the Indo-European group, along with English and other Western languages. In Turkey, the Kurds are the largest ethnic minority. Since the Turkish census does not count Kurds, it is impossible to know with precision what percentage of the Turkish population they represent, but estimates range from 10% up to 30%.

Kurdish women have played a leading role in successful military operations to defeat ISIS, and in the process have helped to deflate the image of invincibility of this genocide cult which had been carefully constructed by the western media.

Demands for Bernie Sanders at Tuesday’s Democratic Debate

Bernie Sanders

Now that Hillary Clinton has declared her opposition to the TPP trade sellout, many have concluded that this position is simply a lie, which she has manufactured for election purposes. On Friday, a commentator on National Public Radio insisted that while Hillary is a prevaricator, candidate Bernie Sanders should be considered “the real deal.”

But is he? People who correctly feel that they were duped by Obama should now try to learn the obvious ways in which deception by candidates can be exposed. In the case of Bernie Sanders, there are two salient issues which can be used for this purpose. Those who are considering giving their support to Sanders should demand that the Vermont senator deliver on the following two points during this Tuesday’s Democratic primary debate:

  1. Bernie Sanders has repeatedly expressed his confidence in Saudi Arabia as the most effective gendarme for the Middle East. He wants the Saudi military forces to engage in several countries and “get their hands dirty.” But the Saudis are currently engaged in a military campaign in Yemen which can only be described as genocidal, since it includes a food blockade which is likely to lead to famine and death on a large scale. Also, since the signs of a new Palestinian intifada against the Israeli occupation are multiplying, Bernie should tell us whether he is going to give Netanyahu the usual blank check.
  2. Bernie says that he is firmly opposed to the TPP trade sellout. But his one vote as a senator is not likely to be decisive. Reactionary demagogues like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have once again illustrated the tremendous potential of the talking filibuster, known to many from the famous scene in the Jimmy Stewart movie, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Will Bernie Sanders promise to conduct a talking filibuster to the most extreme limits of his physical ability when it comes time to block consideration of TPP fast-track legislation? Will Bernie promise to organize other Senators to join him in this talking filibuster, as the reactionaries have done? Will Bernie put a hold on the legislation? Are there other forms of parliamentary obstructionism which Bernie will use to try to stop this new job killing measure?

If Bernie refuses to do these things, that will be powerful prima facie evidence that he is just another lying demagogue.

[i] “Bombs kill 95 at pro-Kurdish rally in Turkish capital,” Reuters, October 10, 2015, http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/10/10/us-turkey-explosion-idUSKCN0S4…

Utopian Madman Ashton Carter Threatens Russia with Islamist Terrorism in Tandem with Saudi Arabian Declaration of Jihad Against Moscow

Berserk Secretary of Defense Must Be Removed Now As Danger to US National Security; In White House Faction Fight, Robert Malley Realist Group in NSC Is Advocating Working with Assad to Crush Terrorism – Against Opposition of Kerry, Samantha Power, and Outgoing ISIS Czar Allen; Contrary to Media Drumbeat, Dumping CIA Terrorist Rebels Is Not Retreat, but Advance Towards Rational Policy; Another Security Breach with Drone Behind White House Sent to Intimidate Obama by War Party Still Fuming Over President’s Dismissal of “Mumbo-Jumbo” and “Half-Baked Ideas”; Mood in Moscow Is for “Winning the War Against Terrorism;” Experts Astounded by Stubborn US Support for ISIS

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, October 10, 2015

World Crisis Radio
October 10, 2015
With a Report from Stanislav Byshok in Moscow and Benton Harbor Michigan Commissioner and Mayoral Candidate Marcus Muhammad

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[download audio]

Stanislav Byshok, Commonwealth of the Independent States – Election Monitoring Organization

Benton Harbor Michigan Commissioner and Mayoral Candidate Marcus Muhammad

Celebrating Ten-Ten Day, Anniversary of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s 1911 Chinese Revolution, which Created the First Republic in Asia Along Lines Suggested by Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Dr. Sun Yat-Sen, First President of the Chinese Republic in 1911

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter shocked the world on Thursday by making it clear that parts of the US government look with favor on Saudi Arabia’s proclamation of Holy War (jihad) against the Russian Federation because of Moscow’s decision to wage a real war – as distinct from the US phony war – against the Syrian terrorist rebels. According to the London Guardian:

“Moscow will soon start paying the price for its escalating military intervention in Syria in the form of reprisal attacks and casualties, the US defense secretary has warned, amid signs that Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies are preparing to counter the Russian move.”[i]

In addition to this crude threat, Carter announced that the United States will refuse to coordinate flight plans and air traffic with Russia over Syria. This makes unwanted and needless collisions and clashes more likely, and adds to the growing danger to the American people – another reason why the reckless and incompetent Carter must be dismissed.

Carter’s grasp of basic strategic reality is also in question: he ranted in Brussels that Moscow is increasingly isolated on the diplomatic front. But this week’s Russian launch of cruise missiles against ISIS and al Qaeda from ships in the Caspian Sea was obviously done in coordination with Iraq, Iran, and Syria. In Baghdad particularly, US influence is waning even as that of Russia is growing, all because of the success of Petraeus and Allen in imposing their phony war paradigm on the entire US effort, meaning that no serious air destruction could be unleashed on ISIS. Today Putin is harvesting an easy victory over the ISIS rabble in part because the US pulled its punches against an opponent which is a paper tiger, not JV but intramural rejects.

Carter is also crippled by his own overweening arrogance, which is surely a compensation for some deep inner insecurity. A person who knows Carter has provided the profile of an infantile bully, nastier than Hillary Clinton. Carter’s insolent yap may yet cost the United States dearly; in the summer of 2014, Carter went out of his way to gratuitously insult the soldiers of the Iraqi army, upon whom the hopes of defeating ISIS in part depend. Carter raved about the Iraqi army that a “combination of disunity, deserters, and so-called ‘ghost soldiers’—who are paid on the books but don’t show up or don’t exist—has greatly diminished their capacity.” Carter knew very well that the Iraqi infantry had fled because their officers had been bribed by the Secretary’s Saudi friends, who wanted the triumph of ISIS.[ii]

But now, there are tentative signs of reality-based thinking in the Obama White House. In today’s Bloomberg View, Josh Rogin and Eli Lake write:

“A week into Russia’s military intervention in Syria, some top White House advisers and National Security Council staffers are trying to persuade President Barack Obama to scale back U.S. engagement there, to focus on lessening the violence and, for now, to give up on toppling the Syrian regime…. Other officials told us that while the U.S. still has programs in place to aid the moderate opposition, top members of the administration who have been pushing for more of that support, or for the establishment of safe zones in Syria, are increasingly frustrated with the White House’s reluctance. This group included Kerry and General John Allen, the outgoing special envoy to the anti-Islamic State coalition.”[iii]

Of course, deciding to work with an existing secular government against murderous obscurantist fanatics is not a retreat, but an advance towards the bright uplands of reason. The realists include Robert Malley, the Middle East director of the National Security Council, and his predecessor Philip Gordon. The anti-Assad fanatics inside the administration include Kerry, Samantha Power, and the outgoing ISIS Czar John Allen of the Petraeus faction.

National Security Council Middle East Director Robert Malley

Philip Gordon, former Middle East Director of the National Security Council

Malley joined the Obama administration in February 2014 as a consultant with the title of senior director of the National Security Council. On March 6, 2015, the National Security Council announced that Malley would replace Philip Gordon as the Special Assistant to the President and White House Coordinator for the Middle East, North Africa and the Gulf Region. Malley deserves the critical support of persons of good will for his current program of pacification and war avoidance.

Philip H. Gordon was Malley’s predecessor. A few weeks ago, he contributed an article to Politico which we may treat as the program of this realist group:

“[Recent developments in Syria] make it increasingly difficult to deny what should have been apparent for some time—the current policy of the United States and its partners, to increase pressure on Assad so that he ‘comes to the table’ and negotiates his own departure—must be rethought…. The essential problem with U.S. Syria policy since the start of the crisis has been the mismatch between objectives and means—the objective of displacing the Assad regime has proven unachievable with the means we have been willing or able to deploy to achieve it. To correct this mismatch, we have two options: increase the means, with whatever costs and consequences might accompany doing so, or modify the objectives…. The hardest issue in any attempt to bring regional powers together on Syria would be the question of the fate of Assad….instead of insisting on Assad’s immediate departure as a prerequisite to any agreement, a U.S.-led contact group could explore measures including the establishment of local and regional ceasefires; radical decentralization that would empower local authorities and get the regime out of agreed parts of the country; the cessation of regime air attacks in exchange for an end to opposition offensives; constitutional reform; the establishment of entities that would include representatives from the government and opposition and provide a basis for initial dialogue; eventual elections in which Assad might or might not be allowed to run; and potentially even safe areas that would negotiated between the regime and the opposition. A transitional agreement backed by the outside powers that included some of these steps would fall short of the ‘transitional governing body with full executive authority’ called for in the June 2012 Geneva communiqué. But it could start a process and would be far preferable than the elusive pursuit of that unattainable goal. An accord reached among the outside powers could also be more credibly backed by the threat of force than a plan that some key actors vehemently oppose.” [iv]

Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas – Sacrificing the lives of Palestinians to keep his hold on power

Whose Intifada?

Eyeless in Gaza — The dubious Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas has now declared a third Intifada against the Israeli occupation, although he has failed to furnish the people of Gaza with the logistical sinews of an effective rebellion. Haniyeh, who strongly supports the terrorist rebels of Syria, is reported to have been feeling left out of things since the signing of the Iran nuclear accord. The cause of the Palestinians who demand the two-state solution is just, but that of Haniyeh personally far less so. Hamas is implicated in terrorist attacks in the Sinai against the Egyptian government of the neo-Nasserist al-Sisi. Hamas is now widely mocked as the Palestinian Section of the Moslem Brotherhood. The Palestinian people deserve better leadership.

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  2. Ted Gup, “Will Ash Carter’s Arrogance Ruin Him? The Pentagon chief’s harsh dismissal of Iraqi soldiers is all too typical. I should know,” Politico, http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2015/06/the-arrogance-of-ashton-c…
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War Psychosis Grips Washington Elites as Russia Hits CIA’S Pet Syrian Terrorist Rebels with Ship-Launched Cruise Missiles from Caspian Sea; US Harvesting Disastrous Results from Petraeus-Allen Phony War Against ISIS; Obama Must Sack Ashton Carter from Pentagon for Reckless Statements, Veto Defense Bill with $1 Billion for Syria and Kiev Fascists; US-UK Punish Germany with VW Exhaust Scandal, Huge Loss at Deutsche Bank; World Financial Crisis Entering New Downturn; Saudi Arabia Declares Holy War Against Russia as Salafists Mobilize; GOP Freedom Caucus Fascists Reduce House of Representatives to Chaos as Debt Limit Crisis Looms

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Morning Briefing | Friday, October 9, 2015

Dr. Strangelove / Ashton Carter

According to reports from the Russian Ministry of Defense, a flotilla of four ships in the Caspian Sea launched 26 land attack cruise missiles at ISIS targets in Syria. [1] The ships participating in the attack were three Buyan-M class corvettes and the flagship guided missile frigate Dagestan, which are equipped with UKSK vertical launch systems that can fire long-range cruise missiles. In this instance, the 3M-54 Kalibr (known as the “Sizzler” to NATO) was fired over 900 miles away from the Caspian Sea, over Iran and Iraq and struck targets in central and western Syria. It is notable that the Russian cruise missile strike had been agreed upon with Syria, Iran, and Iraq before taking place. The Russian Foreign Ministry has declared no civilian casualties resulted from this strike against ISIS and that all missiles hit within 5 meters of their target. [2] This has not stopped the spin-doctors in the Western media from alleging that some missiles had landed in Iran. Citing anonymous Pentagon officials and Iranian television reports, the Washington Post contradicted the Russian Defense Ministry. [3] The veracity of either claim is unclear as of now; one thing that is certain is that these attacks on ISIS show the might of the Russian fleet and its firepower. If the Pentagon is not interested in being shown up by Russia’s war against terror they must counter these strikes with attacks of their own against ISIS and other Syrian terrorists. French President Hollande has warned of a new conflict from which Europe would not be “sheltered,” while NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg is raving about a buildup of NATO troops in Turkey in response to a trifling air incident. Turkey routinely violates the airspace and territorial waters of most of its neighbors.

The flailing and incompetent US Secretary of Defense has proclaimed that the US is categorically opposed to the Russian action in Syria, and will not cooperate under any circumstances. Ashton Carter is the New Strangelove, and he should be fired immediately.

  1. http://news.usni.org/2015/10/07/kurdish-video-lends-credibility-to-russi…
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Brzezinski Recommends World War III to Save Al Qaeda

Zbigniew Brzezinski / Dr. Strangelove

As a result of the Russian cruise missile attacks on Syrian terrorist rebels trained and deployed by the CIA, a war psychosis is spreading among the Washington elites. One example of this is in the recent ravings of Obama’s original strategic guru, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski’s Russophobia is well known; he is the author of the principal US intelligence community plan for the dismemberment and Balkanization of the Russian Federation with micro-states, ministates, warlords, and failed states.

In Brzezinski’s demented view, a few Russian cruise missiles coming down on Al Qaeda and other terrorists arrayed against Assad are more than enough reason to start thermonuclear World War III. Brzezinski, whose personal story goes back to the gaggle of reactionary and chauvinist colonels who ruled in Poland after the death of Marshall Pilsudsky in the 1930s, suggests a US ultimatum to Russia to stop interfering with the jihadis, and bandits that the CIA has been arming. This ultimatum should come festooned with threats, and be delivered in a spirit of “strategic boldness,” since Zbig thinks that US credibility in the Middle East is at stake. Back in the real world, US credibility in the Middle East has been virtually destroyed by a duplicitous policy which refused to engage in serious attacks on the ISIS rabble, even though they would have been totally vulnerable to a serious air campaign. This is why Russia is being welcomed in Iraq, as well as Syria. Putin’s strategic insight has been to see how much of a paper tiger ISIS actually represents once it comes under serious military attack. The Russian attacks on ISIS are highly effective, giving the Russian forces a relatively easy victory over a genocidal fanatic cult which has not proven very resilient when actually under attack. All of this has been made possible by the harebrained scheming of the Petraeus-Allen faction in the Pentagon, which has persisted in viewing ISIS is a valuable asset, which ought not to be destroyed, but rather turned against nations like Iran and Russia. Now that Allen is on his way out, it is urgent that the policy he has represented as ISIS Czar for the past year be reversed.

Brzezinski, who is Jimmy Carter’s former national security advisor, and who may be considered the founder of Al Qaeda during the Russian presence in Afghanistan, wants to lash out at Russia at all costs:

“In these rapidly unfolding circumstances the U.S. has only one real option if it is to protect its wider stakes in the region: to convey to Moscow the demand that it cease and desist from military actions that directly affect American assets…The Russian naval and air presences in Syria are vulnerable, isolated geographically from their homeland…They could be ‘disarmed’ if they persist in provoking the US…But, better still, Russia might be persuaded to act with the U.S. in seeking a wider accommodation to a regional problem that transcends the interests of a single state… China would doubtless prefer to stay on the sidelines. It might calculate that it will then be in a better position to pick up the pieces. But the regional chaos could easily spread northeastward, eventually engulfing central and northeastern Asia. Both Russia and then China could be adversely affected. But American interests and America’s friends — not to mention regional stability — would also suffer. It is time, therefore, for strategic boldness.”[i]

A highly reliable Middle East source has given the Tax Wall Street Party the following comments on the strategic situation:

“The incidents between Russia and Turkey are probably deliberate. Just before Russia began the current attacks, Moscow had congratulated the PKK Kurdish forces for their struggle against ISIS/Daesh. This amounted to a threat to Turkey to help the PKK. Some Turkish bombardments hit a group of Chechen fighters, and also struck some other fighters who were led by Turkish soldiers, some of whom were killed. After that, there were not one but several border incidents. It seems that the Russian planes were checking on the amount of aid which Turkey is giving to the jihadi fighters which are forced to fall back into Turkish territory. Concerning Palestine, since the signing of the Iran nuclear accord, Hamas (now called the Palestinian Section of the Moslem Brotherhood) has been marginalized on the international level. Its only way to get back into the game is to provoke a new intifada. They have been trying to do that for the last three months.”

Angloamerican Hands Behind Troubles at Volkswagen, Deutsche Bank?

The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Junker has just declared that Europe cannot allow its relation to Russia to be determined by the United States, and that relations between the European Union and the Russian Federation have to be normalized, presumably meaning that the economic sanctions should be lifted. This gets very close to the statements by French President Hollande in early January, which were the immediate prelude to the Charlie Hebdo incident. This kind of thinking is also common in Germany, and there is good reason to believe that some of the problems besetting Berlin in recent months have represented a kind of Anglo-American punishment for signs of reluctance by Merkel to toe the State Department line. The timing of the Volkswagen exhaust scandal is extremely suspicious, and points to a targeting of German political forces who are interested in a New Rapallo, meaning a rapprochement with Moscow. Today the Deutsche Bank, one of the largest in Europe, announced a stunning $7 billion loss, which will probably mean that the bank will pay no dividend for the first time since the immediate postwar period, 60 years ago. Deutsche Bank has of course been guilty of the most imprudent speculations, but at the same time, it is increasingly likely that these losses have been the result of a ganging up process on the part of London and Wall Street zombie bankers and hedge fund hyenas, similar to the “idea dinner” which triggered the attack on the national debt of the “PIIGS” in 2010.

McCarthy Will Not Replace Boehner; Chaffetz Speakership Means Polygamy in US

Over the weekend, it was already clear that the planned elevation to Speaker of the House of the GOP hack politician Rep. McCarthy of California was in deep trouble, because many members of the fascistic Freedom Caucus had declared that they wanted a real storm trooper, and not some mere milquetoast reactionary. This meant that McCarthy could not receive the 218 votes necessary to occupy the third ranking post in the American government. McCarthy today retired from the competition, although he wants to hold on to his current post as House Majority Leader. Ethics charges were filed against McCarthy by Florida Democratic Congressman Grayson, and the threat of a grilling by the Ethics Committee may also have encouraged McCarthy to quit the race.

We can console ourselves that such a fanatic mediocrity will not be situated two heartbeats from the immense power of the presidency. But at the same time, the leading contender left in the field for the moment is Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz, a Mormon fanatic. Washington insiders are aware that the Saints will go into overdrive to make sure that Chaffetz gets the post, and then that he use it to reestablish polygamy in the United States. And, as experts point out, the prevalence of polygamy is inseparably connected with a widespread epidemic of statutory rape of girls barely in their teens. The idea of Chaffetz being situated two heartbeats away from the presidency is an absolute apocalyptic nightmare. Will Chaffetz bring a harem with him to the Speaker’s office?

As for the contest of the speakership, the most likely outcome for the moment seems to be a Weimar style ungovernability, with no candidate able to receive 218 Republican votes. This will either mean that Boehner stays on as Speaker, or else that chaos will escalate. The Republicans are still operating under the so-called “Hastert Rule,” which means that all decisions must be made, not by a majority of the entire House, but by a majority of the Republican caucus. The Speakership can be frozen by just over 10% of the entire body – which corresponds to the fascists of the Freedom Caucus. There is even talk of bringing in an outsider such as Mitt Romney (another Mormon!!) to occupy the post, since the Speaker need not be an elected member of Congress.

  1. Financial Times,
    http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/c1ec2488-6aa8-11e5-8171-ba1968cf791a.html; Brzezinski: Politico 10/05/15, Obama should retaliate if Russia doesn’t stop attacking U.S. assets http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/zbigniew-brzezinski-financial-times-op-ed-obama-retaliate-russia-214438#ixzz3o21rcT00

Syrian Conflict Pits the Modern, Tolerant, Secular State Run by Assad Against the Mass Slaughter of the Synthetic Genocide Cults ISIS and Al Qaeda; Petraeus Faction’s Backing of the 2011 “Arab Spring” Destabilizations Part of Long Tradition of Western Support for Oligarchs of Moslem Brotherhood; Time for the United Nations and Diplomacy to Resume Their Rightful Place: A French View from Thierry Meyssan

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Friday, October 9, 2015

The Tax Wall Street Party is pleased to offer the American public this essay, which was composed to mark the opening of the 70th United Nations General Assembly at the end of last month by Thierry Meyssan, the founder of the Voltaire Network (Réseau Voltaire), an international political movement opposed to imperialism. This piece was offered to the op-ed page of the New York Times, which declined to publish it.

Meyssan speaks here with great authority about the Middle East and the destructive role of the US, UK, France, and the other NATO powers. Meyssan must be considered the founder of the worldwide 9/11 truth movement, having before the end of September 2001 advanced a penetrating critique of the US government story of what hit the Pentagon – a critique which retains its full validity down to the present day. Meyssan chose to leave France when the Sarkozy regime declined to help him against well-documented threats to his personal security. He was in Libya during the NATO bombing, and barely escaped alive after he was captured by the anti-Qaddafi terrorist rebels after the collapse of the government in the late summer of 2011. Long a resident of Beirut, Lebanon, he moved to Damascus, Syria in the autumn of 2011. He has been the only western reporter to remain in the Syrian capital over the past four years. During that time, he has also served as a consultant to the Syrian government. His writings are regularly published on the Voltaire Network websites, where they can be found in numerous languages. He also has many co-thinkers and readers in Russia, where he has appeared on national television and published influential articles in Komsomolskaya Pravda and other mainstream media. During the 1990s, Meyssan was a leader of the French Left Radical Party (Radicaux de Gauche). He is one of the foremost representatives in today’s world of the politique and later French republican and secular tradition that seeks to defend the rights and dignity of the individual, especially in the face of religious fanaticism, obscurantism, and superstition.

Let’s Unite Against the Project by Al-Qaïda and Daesh

Thierry Meyssan editor of http://www.voltairenet.org

by Thierry Meyssan

The conflict which has plunged Syria into mourning is not a war opposing different communities, but a war between two projects for society.

On one side, a modern, secular Syria, in other words, a society which is respectful of ethnic, religious, and political diversity ; on the other, the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, who, since their creation in 1928, have been seeking to re-establish the Ottoman caliphate by means of jihad.

The Muslim Brotherhood claim that they wish to defend and propagate Islam. But their interpretation of the Qur’an excludes any spiritual experience of Allah, thus reducing it to a simple legal manual. They are preaching a religion without God.

From 1954, although the Muslim Brotherhood had assassinated two Egyptian Prime Ministers, the CIA decided to use them to destabilize the Soviet Union as well as to combat the Arab nationalist movements. As a result, Syria was obliged to deal with a murderous cycle of terrorist attacks (1978-82), until the military branch of the organisation was defeated at Hama.

In 1979, the Western powers decided to use the Muslim Brotherhood, with the help of Saudi Arabia, and under the command of Osama Bin Laden, to fight the Communist Afghan government. During the Cold War and afterwards, bin Laden’s men were used as a paramilitary force in ex-Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia), and then in the Russian Caucasus (Chechnya).

In 2005, Qatar took over from the Saudis. With their new sponsorship, the Brotherhood managed to convince some of us that they had changed, and that they were now able to exercise power. David Petraeus, against the advice of the White House, gave his support to the « Arab Spring ». At first won over by this movement, Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans and Syrians quickly rose in revolt against the Brotherhood.

In 2012, the White House, exasperated, demanded the abdication of the Emir of Qatar and got rid of David Petraeus. The Muslim Brotherhood then placed themselves under the protection of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The situation entered a new phase with Daesh’s decision to proclaim a caliphate, despite the opposition of Al-Qaïda, for whom the time of the caliphate had not yet come. Little by little, the multitude of fanatical groupuscules in Africa and Asia who were inspired by the Brotherhood rallied together under the blood-stained sabre of the « Caliphe ». Terrorism mushroomed. After the political assassinations, after the paramilitary operations, the Brotherhood began ideological cleansing on a massive scale, purging the Sunni community and massacring all others, until, finally, they reigned only over a vast cemetery. They did not hide their ambition to overthrow all the Arab régimes and to attack us on our own territory.

It’s time to make a true assessment of the activity of the Brotherhood and check our a prioris, which have been based on the lies spread about this unfortunate alliance.

Faced with the uninterrupted tidal wave of jihadists from all over the world, including our own nation, the Syrians have chosen to save their own people before defending their own land. Currently, 12 million of them have been forced to flee the combat zones. 4 million are now refugees in neighbouring countries, while 8 million have been able to seek protection by moving to the territories administered by the Republic. Of the 19 million who have stayed in Syria, almost 500,000 are now in the clutches of the jihadists, spread out across a vast territory.

Since the creation of Baba Amr’s « Islamic Emirate » (2012), in all of the occupied territories, including those administered by the « Free Syrian Army », whom we qualify as « legitimate opposition », schools have either been closed or burned, alcohol is forbidden, women are not allowed to leave their homes without being veiled and accompanied by a man of their family, and polygamy has been legalised. Everywhere, including in countries which are our allies, and whom we call « democratic », the right to vote has been repealed, our common heritage has been destroyed, homosexuals are thrown from windows, and slavery has been re-established. The jihadists kidnap any women they like as spoils of war and abuse them. Children are inducted by force and used as soldiers, kamikazes, or executioners.

Syria is a Republic, in other words, its government serves the general interest under the control of universal suffrage. The fact that the Syrian people participated massively in their elections, and that the results were validated by the diplomats present in Damascus is enough to prove that statement. Since the signing of the Geneva Communique (2012), the Syrian government has scrupulously applied its recommendations, and the country moves every day a little closer to Democracy.

However, we remain blinded by the war propaganda of our allies, like that of the « Syrian Observatory for Human Rights », a London-based branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, or the « National Council », a non-elected assembly dominated by the Brotherhood. Consequently, we continue to accuse Syria of being a dictatorship, of using chemical weapons, or having killed 11,000 of their citizens under torture. And yet, we are not so sure – after the signature of the 5+1 agreement with Iran, the Coalition helped the Syrians to defend Al-Hasakah.

Our resentment towards them is the result of a misunderstanding. We have been persuaded that Syria sought the destruction of the Israeli people. This is untrue. Syrians are a peaceful people. Their only request, in conformity with the pertinent UN resolutions, is the restitution of the Golan Heights, which are still illegally occupied. President Bill Clinton organised negotiations to this end, which failed only because of the inflexibility of the Israeli party, to which he attested in his memoirs. Syria now awaits the resumption – and closure – of these talks.

By supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, we have opened the gates of Hell. Let’s help the Syrians and the Iraqis to close them again. Let’s answer the appeal of President Putin. Together, let’s defeat barbarism, save civilisation, and re-establish peace.

Thierry Meyssan

President of the Voltaire Network, he is the only foreign journalist who has been living in Damascus for the last 4 years.

To Defeat Obama’s TPP Trade Sellout, the AFL-CIO Must Lead a Campaign for Return to 15% Protective Tariff; Bernie Sanders Must Oppose TPP with Talking Filibuster in Senate; Russo-Turkish Air Incident Shows Need for Coordination Between US Coalition and Moscow in Anti-ISIS Campaign; Will Russian Presence in Mideast Detonate New Palestinian Intifada?; Capitol Hill Civil War Roundtable Hears Real Story of 1863 Russian Fleets with Parallels for Today; #ARRESTMcCAIN4ISIS

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Get active on social media! Tweet to @RichardTrumka and @AFLCIO with your demand of the 15% Protective #Tariff

Earlier this week in Atlanta, the United States reached an end to negotiations over the contentious trade deal known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The deal, which would encompass nearly 40% of the world’s economic output, has been hotly contested by labor and farming sectors in the US as being yet another free-trade monstrosity. [1] Opponents of the deal are correct in their analysis that the TPP will be destructive to American working families and industries, but there is a fatal lack of initiative by the opposition to propose alternatives to the deal. After the negotiations were finished in Georgia, all the AFL-CIO could muster from its leader Richard Trumka was a meek cry: “The Administration had a hard time reaching this deal for good reasons: it appears that many problematic concessions were made in order to finalize the deal. We ask the Administration to release the text immediately, and urge legislators to exercise great caution in evaluating the TPP.” [2] The deal, we recall, was negotiated in secret.

Other opponents have already capitulated to defeatism after the close of negotiations. Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders released a statement saying, “Wall Street and other big corporations have won again…In the Senate, I will do all that I can to defeat this agreement.” [3] Bernie’s defeatist rhetoric and past actions raise serious doubt as to the veracity of his promises for action. The least Bernie could do is to promise a talking filibuster if he wants to be taken seriously, but he is too cowardly even for that minimal gesture. He was silent on the demand earlier this year that he reveal the details of TPP that he has access to as a Senator. Take note of this impotence and treachery when putting any hope you have into a Bernie Presidency.

Rather than complain about the corrupt bargaining among the TPP nations, the labor movement in the United States should be demanding their economic right to be protected from competing against foreign sweatshop labor by a 15% protective tariff. The protective tariff – a tax on imported goods and labor – was the cornerstone of American economic policy for a century after the Abraham Lincoln administration. Franklin D. Roosevelt did not live long enough to enact his Bill of Economic Rights, which included the right of every American to both “a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation;” and “to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad.”

China is already fighting for world economic domination by imposing tariffs of 25% and up on their domestic auto, steel and other industries to prevent importation of goods made with cheaper labor (such as Vietnamese textiles) or below-cost product dumping used to stifle competition from developing economies.

Rather than whining about the murkiness of the details of TPP, it’s time for the AFL-CIO and its president Richard Trumka to galvanize the American public, stiffen the resolve of the Congress, and energize the presidential primaries, where only the loathsome Donald Trump has dared utter the word “tariff”. It’s time to re-introduce American working people to one of their proudest traditions. The answer to the TPP is the $15 minimum wage and the 15% protective tariff.

One of the innumerable pro-tariff publications produced by American System economists during the XIX Century

Russia-United States Coordination Necessary to Prevent Wider Conflict in Middle East

As Russia continues its valiant and swift fight against terrorism in the Middle East, they are facing increasingly wild accusations and saber rattling by US coalition partners and NATO. After a Russian plane allegedly violated Turkish airspace, the increasingly hysterical Erdogan regime is making implied threats of full-scale war against Moscow. The Associated Press reports:

Continue reading To Defeat Obama’s TPP Trade Sellout, the AFL-CIO Must Lead a Campaign for Return to 15% Protective Tariff; Bernie Sanders Must Oppose TPP with Talking Filibuster in Senate; Russo-Turkish Air Incident Shows Need for Coordination Between US Coalition and Moscow in Anti-ISIS Campaign; Will Russian Presence in Mideast Detonate New Palestinian Intifada?; Capitol Hill Civil War Roundtable Hears Real Story of 1863 Russian Fleets with Parallels for Today; #ARRESTMcCAIN4ISIS »

Petraeus Lays Out Plan for Neocon Warmonger Regroupment after Passage of Iran Nuclear Accord, Russian Engagement in Syria, and Ouster of Neocon ISIS Czar Allen; Petraeus Demands: for “Geopolitical Chernobyl” in Syria, Bomb Assad, Create a Safe Haven for Terrorist Rebels, and Impose a No-Fly Zone; For Iraq: Continue the Anbar Sunni Awakening that Gave Birth to ISIS; For Iran: Endless Confrontation; For Mccain, Endless Admiration

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Monday, October 5, 2015

With the passage of the Iran nuclear accord, the ouster of ISIS Czar General John Allen, and the developing pattern of Putin-Obama consultations, the neocon war party and especially its constituency among restless, disgruntled, insubordinate, and politically ambitious flag officers (both retired and active duty) is attempting to regroup and counterattack with the help of its foreign allies in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and other countries. It is therefore useful to study the public pronouncements of David Petraeus, the unrepentant leader of the neocon military faction. Here is an excellent sample of Petraeus’ scheming, drawn from his recent appearance before the Senate Armed Services Committee, chaired by the ultra-warmonger Senator John McCain. – TWSP editors

Two war criminals: Petraeus and McCain

Testimony of former CIA Director and General David H. Petraeus, U.S. Army (Ret.) before the Senate Armed Services Committee on U.S. Policy in the Middle East, September 22, 2015:

I will focus here this morning on three countries at the eye of the present geopolitical storm: Iraq, Syria, and Iran.

It has been more than a year since the United States commenced military action against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. And, while there have been significant accomplishments, the progress achieved thus far has been inadequate. An impressive coalition has been assembled, key ISIS leaders have been killed or captured, and support for local forces in Iraq and Syria has helped roll back ISIS in certain areas. Some elements of the right strategy are in place, but several are under-resourced, while others are missing. We are not where we should be at this point.

In Iraq, we have halted and reversed ISIS’s momentum in some areas. But we have seen gains by ISIS in others, such as Ramadi. In my judgment, increased support for the Iraqi Security Forces, Sunni tribal forces, and Kurdish peshmerga is needed—including embedding U.S. advisor elements down to the brigade headquarters level of those Iraqi forces fighting ISIS. I also believe that we should explore use of Joint Tactical Air Controllers with select Iraqi units to coordinate coalition airstrikes for those units. And we should examine whether our rules of engagement for precision strikes are too restrictive. That said, we should exercise restraint to ensure our forces do not take over Iraqi units. I would not, for example, embed U.S. personnel at the Iraqi battalion level; nor would I support clearance operations before a viable hold force is available.

As critical as the frontline fight against ISIS is, however, the center of gravity for the sustainable defeat of ISIS in Iraq lies in Baghdad.

In this respect, we should recall that the cause of Iraq’s unraveling over the past several years was the corrupt, sectarian, and authoritarian behavior of former Prime Minister Nouri al Maliki and his government. This is what alienated the Sunni Arab population we worked so hard to get back into the fabric of Iraqi society during the Surge. Maliki’s actions, in turn, created the conditions for the Islamic State to reconstitute itself in Iraq, after which it gained additional strength in the Syrian civil war and then, of course, swept back into Iraq.

The key now is for the U.S. to help strengthen those in Baghdad who are prepared to pursue inclusive politics and better governance—goals that unite Iraq’s Shiites, Sunnis, and Kurds. It is vital that Sunnis and Kurds, in particular, are again given a stake in the success of the new Iraq, rather than a stake in its failure.

There is, at present in Iraq, an unprecedented opportunity to support Prime Minister Abadi who, with the backing of Iraqi citizens in the streets, Iraq’s senior Shia cleric, and the Shia ISCI party, is embarked on very serious reforms that are being resisted by the leaders of the major Iranian supported militias and former Prime Minister Maliki.

The reality is that the challenges in Iraq are neither purely political nor purely military. They are both. What is required therefore is an integrated civil-military plan, in which diplomatic and military lines of effort are coordinated to reinforce each other. That is what Ambassador Crocker and I pursued during the Surge, and all the elements of that effort are once again required, though it is the Iraqis who must provide the ground forces and achieve reconciliation if the results are to be sustainable.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have the proper civil-military architecture in place to support this, though we appear to be moving closer to it. Notably, the operational headquarters for the military campaign against ISIS in Iraq is based in Kuwait. This means that the U.S. ambassador in Baghdad does not always have a day-to-day military counterpart. I would strongly recommend facilitating this by moving key elements of the headquarters to Baghdad—and ensuring that a comprehensive civil-military plan is pursued.

I note here that I am very encouraged that the general selected to lead the campaign in Iraq is the officer who, as a brigade commander in Ramadi in the fall of 2006, launched the reconciliation initiative on which we subsequently built during the Surge, leading eventually to what became the Anbar Awakening.

Downtown Ramadi, Capital of Anbar Province
Is this the geopolitical Chernobyl that Petraeus refers to? Pictured here, Syrians hold photos of Assad and Putin in pro-Assad protest

I should also note that, in my view, the commander in Baghdad should focus primarily on Iraq, while another commander, perhaps positioned in Turkey and perhaps under the three-star in Iraq, should be designated to focus on operations in Syria, which clearly need greater unity of effort.

Let me now turn to the situation in Syria.

Syria today, Mr. Chairman, is a geopolitical Chernobyl—spewing instability and extremism over the region and the rest of the world. Like a nuclear disaster, the fallout from the meltdown of Syria threatens to be with us for decades, and the longer it is permitted to continue, the more severe the damage will be.

It is frequently said that there is “no military solution” to Syria or the other conflicts roiling the Middle East. This may be true, but it is also misleading. For, in every case, if there is to be any hope of a political settlement, a certain military and security context is required—and that context will not materialize on its own. We and our partners need to facilitate it—and over the past four years, we have not done so.

It has been clear from early on in Syria that the desired context requires the development of capable, moderate Sunni Arab ground forces. Such Sunni elements are critical for any objective one might have in Syria: defeating extremists like ISIS, changing the momentum on the battlefield to enable a negotiated settlement, and upholding that agreement while keeping ISIS down.

Unfortunately, we are no closer today to having that Sunni force than we were a year ago—or when support for such forces was first considered several years ago. The central problem in Syria is that Sunni Arabs will not be willing partners against the Islamic State unless we commit to protect them and the broader Syrian population against all enemies, not just ISIS. That means protecting them from the unrestricted warfare being waged against them by Bashar al Assad—especially by his air force and its use of barrel bombs. This, not ISIS, has been the primary source of civilian casualties; it has also been a principal driver of the radicalization fueling ISIS and the refugee crisis.

The problems in Syria cannot be quickly resolved. But there are actions the U.S., and only the U.S., can take that would make a difference.

We could, for example, tell Assad that the use of barrel bombs must end—and that if they continue, we will stop the Syrian air force from flying. We have that capability.

This would not end the humanitarian crisis in Syria, or end the broader war, or bring about the collapse of the Assad regime. But it would remove a particularly vicious weapon from Assad’s arsenal. It would demonstrate that the United States is willing to stand against Assad. And it would show the Syrian people that we can do what the Islamic State cannot—provide them with a measure of protection. I would also support the establishment of enclaves in Syria protected by coalition airpower, where a moderate Sunni force could be supported and where additional forces could be trained, Internally Displaced Persons could find refuge, and the Syrian opposition could organize.

Free Syrian Army or “Moderate rebels”? Petraeus suggests these jihadis will provide protection which is really nothing more than brutal anarchy

Now, no one is more conscious of the costs of military intervention, or of the limits of our military power, than I am. As commander in Iraq and then Afghanistan during the height of combat in those countries, I wrote more letters of condolence to parents of America’s sons and daughters than any of my contemporaries. I do not make recommendations for any kind of military action lightly. But inaction can also carry profound risks and costs for our national security. We see that clearly today in Syria. And Russia’s recent military escalation in Syria is a further reminder that, when the U.S. does not take the initiative, others will fill the vacuum, often in ways that are harmful to our interests.

Russia’s actions to bolster Assad increase the imperative of support for the moderate opposition and Syrian civilians. We should not allow Russia to push us into coalition with Assad, which appears to be President Putin’s intention. While we should not rush to oust Assad without an understanding of what will follow him, Assad cannot be part of the solution in Syria. He is, after all, the individual seen by Sunnis across the region as responsible for the death of some 250,000 Syrians, the displacement of well over a third of Syria’s population, and the destruction of many of Syria’s once thriving communities.

Finally, let me turn to Iran.

Continue reading Petraeus Lays Out Plan for Neocon Warmonger Regroupment after Passage of Iran Nuclear Accord, Russian Engagement in Syria, and Ouster of Neocon ISIS Czar Allen; Petraeus Demands: for “Geopolitical Chernobyl” in Syria, Bomb Assad, Create a Safe Haven for Terrorist Rebels, and Impose a No-Fly Zone; For Iraq: Continue the Anbar Sunni Awakening that Gave Birth to ISIS; For Iran: Endless Confrontation; For Mccain, Endless Admiration »

Russian Bombing of Terrorist Forces in Syria Seeks to Stabilize Assad Government and Syrian Army as Vital Components of Anti-ISIS Front

Syria, Hezbollah, Iraq, Iran Reported Ready to Crush Caliphate Under Russian Air Cover; CIA Terrorist Factions Targeted Are Notoriously a Revolving Door with Al Qaeda; #ArrestMcCain4ISIS!; Washington Must Coordinate with Moscow to Avoid Dangerous Incidents; US Paying Price for Year of Phony War Under Ousted ISIS Czar Allen; Jubeir of Saudi and Netanyahu Posture at UN; Trump’s Tax Plan Rewards Finance Oligarchs and Tax Evaders; Post-1990 Neocon Malevolence and Stupidity Squandered US Advantages, Forced Coalescence of Russian-Led Anti-Hegemonic Bloc; Unipolar World Was Disaster for Americans Too

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, October 3, 2015

World Crisis Radio
October 3, 2015
With a Report from Michael Chiotinis in Athens

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

[download audio]

Washington — Webster Tarpley will address the Capitol Hill Civil War Roundtable, Monday October 5, 2015 at National Press Club, Washington DC-dinner at 5:30, lecture with powerpoint slides follows at about 7pm.

Bashar al-Assad
President Bashar Assad of Syria
#ArrestMcCain4ISIS !
Donald Trump
Donald Trump
Saudi Foreign Minister al-Jubeir

ISIS Genocide Cult Reeling under Second Day of Serious Russian Air Attacks; Walnuts McCain – Friend of Caliph, Kidnapper , and Cannibal – Accuses Moscow of Killing CIA’S Non-Existent Moderate Terrorists; New US Guidance Puts Al Qaeda AKA Al Nusra Off Limits to Coalition Sorties; Syrian Army, Hezbollah, Iran Reported Ready to Envelop Caliphate under Russian Air Cover; #ARRESTMcCAIN4ISIS !

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Morning Briefing | Friday, October 2, 2015

Together with the heads of foreign states and governments Vladimir Putin paid tribute to those killed in the Great Patriotic War and laid flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Alexander Garden. (photo kremlin.ru)

A new era in international politics is emerging as Russia comes into the Middle East theater for the first time in decades. For the second day in a row, Russian jets struck terrorist targets in northwest Syria, hitting the areas of Jisr al-Shughour and Jabal al-Zawiya. These two areas have been under the control of Jaish al-Fatah, the Army of Conquest, which includes factions of al-Nusra and is thus a wing of al-Qaeda. The Syrian Al-Fatah is technically on the US list of terrorist organizations, yet it is being supported by Turkey and Qatar, allegedly members of the US led anti-ISIS coalition1. The message of the NATO nations now appears to be that all attacks against ISIS are acceptable, but all attacks against al-Qaeda are abhorrent. The idea of the US shielding al-Qaeda will undoubtedly come as a surprise to the three thousand US victim’s families who have been made to believe that al-Qaeda was responsible for the attacks of 9/11.

The crazed booster of terrorists in Syria, John McCain, has been foaming at the mouth after the latest Russian air strikes, claiming they have killed the so-called moderate terrorist rebels of the “Free Syrian Army.” McCain told CNN:

“Their initial strikes were against the individuals and groups that have been funded and trained by our CIA in an incredible flaunting of any kind of cooperation or effort to conceal what Putin’s first priority is, and that is of course to prop up Bashar al-Assad…I can absolutely confirm to you that they were strikes against the Free Syrian Army or groups that have been armed and trained by the CIA because we have communication with people there…this is an Orwellian experience.”2

What is truly Orwellian is McCain’s warmongering hypocrisy. McCain has met with the nominal Caliph of ISIS, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the kidnapper Mohammad Nour of al-Nusra, and the infamous cannibal of the Syrian opposition forces, in a secret and illegal meeting in 20133. McCain’s lunatic television speech, in which he slanders the Russian fight against terrorism, should be enough to get him arrested for treason and is an insult to all Americans.

International reporting agencies are also raising the possibility of a renewed assault against terrorism by a coalition of Iran, Hezbollah, and Syrian ground forces and Russian airstrikes. Reuters reports that Hezbollah and Iranian forces and equipment are massing in Syria. Shiite militia forces from Iraq are also reportedly joining the ground offensive; these ground forces would also be covered by Russian air support4.

While these reports must be taken with a slight grain of uncertainty, it is not out of the realm of possibility that this coalition could be forming and preparing an attack against ISIS and their terrorist associates. It is nevertheless incontrovertibly true that the fight against terrorism in the Middle East is changing rapidly and drastically. The US must now face the certainty of a newly forming, multipolar, and collaborative world that is no longer ruled by the megalomaniacs of the neocon warmonger faction.

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Beginning of The End for ISIS: Russian Warplanes Launch First Raids on Terrorist Forces in Syria; After Year of Phony War, US and France Whine About Targets; Pentagon Must Keep Pace or Lose Face in Bombing Campaign; Allen’s Appeasement No Longer Viable; Congress Funds US Through December 11 Despite 151 GOP Sociopaths

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Morning Briefing | Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yesterday marked a major shift in the fight against terrorism in Syria and opened the path towards peace in the Middle East. Russian fighter jets launched 20 sorties over Syria yesterday, destroying at least eight terrorist targets with surgical strikes. According to the London Daily Telegraph, the strikes also destroyed ISIS ammunition, fuel, command posts and communication centers[1]. Unlike the phony war plan of US ISIS Czar General John Allen, which included limited air raids against ISIS that were ultimately ineffective, these strikes by Russia were coordinated with the legitimate Assad government of Syria. The Russian-Syrian attacks represent the beginning of a cooperative effort to destroy terrorism in the Middle East2.

Russia’s fight against terrorism has had the welcomed effect of making the Allen-inspired policy of appeasement impossible to follow for the United States. In order to save face in the war against terrorism and keep up with the Russians, the Pentagon claimed that US had also been conducting airstrikes against ISIS in Aleppo3.

However, rather than applaud actions taken against Al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, Western governments and media outlets whined that Russia was not only attacking ISIS but also the so-called moderate terrorist rebels. Regarding a Russian strike in Homs, a traditional haunt of the terrorist band known as the Free Syrian Army, an anonymous French diplomatic source told Reuters: “It is not Daesh (Islamic State) that they are targeting, but probably opposition groups, which confirms that they are more in support of Bashar’s regime than in fighting Daesh.” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius also complained that Russia must stop its support for Assad, that Assad must step down, and that Russia was ambiguous about whom they were fighting in Syria. These flippant remarks by Fabius were directly castigated by Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moualem, who rightly said: “What we have heard from the representative of France today clearly shows the true role played by France with regards to supporting terrorism.”[4] France is making trouble in order to secure a bigger slice of the concessions pie.

One other wretched soul protesting the Russian airstrikes was Khaled Kohja, head of the puppet Syrian National Coalition, which purports to be an organ of opposition against Assad. Khoja claims the Russian airstrikes in Homs only killed civilians [although these reports are coming mainly from NATO stooges].[5] It must also be pointed out that Khoja makes his statements and directs his venom against Assad and Putin from the safety of his abode in Turkey, and is essentially under Erdogan’s protective custody. This means that Khoja is receiving aid and comfort from a state which has consistently housed, trained and supplied the ISIS genocidalists, Al-Nusra butchers and other Islamist groups in Syria and Iraq whose total body count is immense.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov also announced that Russia will present a proposal to the UN Security Council on fighting terrorism. In a Security Council meeting yesterday, the discussion was centered on “resolving conflicts in the Middle East and northern Africa and the battle with the terrorist threat.” At the meeting, the so-called Quartet of Mideast mediators — the United Nations, United States, European Union, and Russia — will meet together and then join with Middle East nations to discuss options for peace negotiations and fighting terrorism.[6]

Secretary Kerry Meeting With Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif

Watch Webster G. Tarpley on Press TV

Congress Passes Stopgap Bill to Fund Government to Mid-December; Spectre of Government Shutdown Still Looms; Beware of Bipartisan Deal that Destroys Americans’ Economic Rights

By a margin of a few hours, both Houses of Congress managed to deliver to the President a Continuing Resolution to temporarily fund the government through December 11. Rabid reactionaries and outright fascists in both the Senate, and more so in the House, tried their hardest to attach killer amendments to defund Planned Parenthood in a fruitless effort to shut down the government. Overall, 151 insane Republicans in the House of Representatives voted against the bill, acting out their contempt for the American people and the idea of a functioning government. The bill will prevent the government from immediately shutting down, but the threat of a government shutdown later in the year still hovers over Washington. The possible sellout, as we detailed yesterday, is a deal brokered between House and Senate leaders and Obama that would cut spending on programs like Medicare and Social Security, threatening the lives of thousands of working Americans. Austerity hangs over the heads of the American people and we urge all readers to prepare for action should the austerity psychosis in Washington rear its ugly head later this year.

GOP wants this to be the future of America while China races to the moon!

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