British Ruling Class Rammed Through Brexit to Set the Stage for New Imperial Adventures

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Morning Briefing | Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Extremist Financiers Play China Card; City of London Laughs as Reactionaries Laud Brexit as Independence Day from Globalism; Can There Really Be an Honest Vote Count in the World’s Most Entrenched Oligarchy? Trump Promises Government by “Killers” – and Americans Won’t Be Spared; Beware the Treachery of the Chinese-British Bloc

During the 20th century, the British Empire/Commonwealth of Nations comprised between one fourth and one fifth of the land mass and population of the world. It was the largest empire in world history. Today, the British Commonwealth of Nations has 53 members, united in allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II. This immense power has now been joined with the People’s Republic of China in a geopolitical combination bent on political and financial aggrandizement. Trump supporters are calling this a victory of freedom over globalism when in reality it is the biggest mass brainwashing job of all time by the City of London for geopolitical reasons. The British establishment has long sought to break out of the European Union and join with China for a policy of brinksmanship and geopolitical adventurism likely to reintroduce war into war into Europe since 1945.

In a world where vote fraud is more and more scrutinized, few are asking whether the United Kingdom, the most oligarchical country on the planet, could ever have an honest election. In a country where no law that is passed by parliament gets final approval without the Queen’s consent, we should ask why the will of the people is suddenly so respected. Or, is there something bigger behind this so called popular rebellion?

Perhaps a British financier clique planned this escape well before any referendum was ever called to give their new imperial plans populist cover. How did sinister hedge fund operators like George Soros know months in advance to invest heavily in gold and take other flights to safety? At the Tax Wall Street Party we assert that it is time to start asking big questions and not just go with our guts because Sir Rupert Murdoch – who championed the Brexit in his tabloids – can make the public feel virtually anything by deploying his pro-imperial propaganda. Why did Trump drive the Brexit propagandist around in his golf cart days after the vote? Is the State Department even aware that the dangerous incompetent and adventurer President Xi of China made a triumphant state visit to London last October, where he sealed a total strategic alliance with the United Kingdom which is the actual basis for Brexit?

While Nigel Farage and Donald Trump claim to bear the standard of a rising tide of “nationalism,” their policies and lack thereof could in fact hasten the Chinese domination of the global economy, the collapse of America, and the path to global war.

It is clear when looking at Trump stroll around his properties in the United Kingdom like the prized Turnberry and Aberdeen that he is under the spell of the British aristocracy. Is Trump in the final analysis more attached to the British/ global ruling class than to anything in the United States? As he reaches the autumn of his years his goal is to leave a less nouveau riche brand for his kids. Less gold leaf and more Burke’s Peerage.

The current economic realities in America – high unemployment, low productive output, declining birthrates, cultural decadence, intractable deflation of food, oil and other values – have not only driven the electorate in unprecedented numbers to alleged “anti-establishment” presidential candidate Trump – they have split oligarchic opinion in two.

This is clear to any master propagandist like Rupert Murdoch, who not only owns the tabloids where he peddled the leave vote but owns the Times which championed the opposite stay vote. Any adman knows that the establishment and elite are out this season and cultural populism is in. Murdoch knows that if his Times said leave then it wouldn’t give the appearance of being a class issue. Clever propaganda can sell virtually anything, even make an elite agenda appear to be a vote from the working class. As long as the New York Times doesn’t support Trump, he can make all his products overseas and in places as enslaved as Bangladesh and still be a populist hero. The man who built Trump Tower with concrete because it was cheaper than Pennsylvania Steel can be today’s champion of the Pennsylvania Steelworkers – as long as Roger Stone says he is the real deal and he doesn’t eat arugula or Belgian endive. Some people will slit their own throat based on their hatred for the elite in service of something far worse.

Trump represents a dangerous response to the decline of the American economy. This response was designed not by Trump himself, who is being revealed in the course of the presidential primaries as an infantile tyrant – unfocused, vindictive, grandiose, devoid of genuine good will, and prone to fits of psychopathic violence – essentially the personality profile of Adolf Hitler and other catastrophic figures. Trump’s intended role – to preside over America’s chaotic collapse – has been assisted by the international bankers and tabloid journalists who now seek to profit off the destruction of our once great nation.

In focusing on how Britain is playing the China card, we need to look back on Nixon’s rapprochement with China in 1972. Here is a comment from one of the protagonists:

“Well, I like Donald Trump. I know him personally […] He describes a problem. The Chinese have made enormous progress economically. Part of our difficulties are that we are not doing at home what we need to do in order to be competitive. And China is going to be a major force in the world. And we have to decide whether we’re going to deal with it by confrontation or by an intended cooperation. If they challenge our fundamental interests, we’re going to confront them.” – Henry Kissinger in 2011

Trump’s favorite daughter Ivanka is more at home with her brand in China than the United States. This is a much bigger issue than production costs, Ivanka finds the society of Chinese princelings genuinely congenial. All of the Trump family’s instincts are globalist.

Here is Ivanka Trump discussing her deep relationship with China https://twitter.com/thetrumpfiles/status/…

The coterie around Trump, both now and in his early years, has its roots in the shadow government apparatus of the Nixon and Ford presidencies, and in the corporate raider financier milieu responsible for America’s deindustrialization.

Campaign surrogate Roger Stone (who literally has a smiling, tattooed portrait of Nixon’s face on his back) was a member of the dirty CIA-penetrated CREEP operation that led to the Watergate scandal. Roy Cohn, the infamous blackmail artist and a mentor of both Trump and Stone, was an “informal” legal advisor to Nixon and Ford. Newly-announced campaign manager Paul Manafort employed his own dirty tricks in the 1976 Ford campaign and provided ongoing legal counsel as head of an informal “torturers’ lobby” for Nixon-supported dictators in Africa, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. Manafort’s guiding influence helps explain Trump’s frequent outbursts about employing ultra-violence against the families of ISIS militants.

In addition to the Vietnam war, one of Nixon’s most lasting legacies was the opening of the door to Communist China. This can be explained as part and parcel of a longstanding British “triangular” strategy dating back to the Opium Wars: to use China geopolitically against Russia, to make its rivals dependent on the role of international finance and free trade, and to subvert and manage China’s aspirations for economic development. As we will see, the players have switched positions, but the strategy remains the same.

Both now and then, there have been two Chinas: the pro-Wall Street and London faction of Mao Zedong and current president Xi Jinping, and the economic populist “youth league” faction represented by the ideals of Sun Yat-sen, Chiang Kai-shek, the Tianamen Square protesters, the massacre of whom was praised by Trump:

“When the students poured into Tiananmen Square, the Chinese government almost blew it. Then they were vicious, they were horrible, but they put it down with strength. That shows you the power of strength. Our country is right now perceived as weak… as being spit on by the rest of the world.”

Mao Zedong was educated at “Yali,” the Chinese outpost of Yale’s Skull & Bones fraternity dating back to the early 20th century. His role as a de facto British agent was to keep China de-populated, de-developed, and essentially harmless to oligarchic aspirations to monopolize the resources of Southeast Asia, a strategy culminating in the wars in Indochina and the current era of global free trade.

With China under the spell of the Mao faction, Kissinger’s “opening” would succeed in transferring American industry, technical knowledge and money over the intervening decades to China. While China’s rise is impressive and in many ways commendable, it has been managed and made possible only through the triangular trade of Anglo-American finance, cheap Chinese labor, and the sell-off of American technology by corporate raiders like Trump’s “China negotiator” Carl Icahn to Chinese state-owned corporations. Trump blames this process entirely on Bill and Hillary Clinton and neglects the central role of the very people he will task to manage the American economy.

These state-owned corporations manufacture goods for export using technology bought, stolen through espionage, and reverse-engineered from equipment and goods developed by now-shuttered American corporations. To take one of many examples, Chinese state-owned Shanghai Electric is now the owner of America’s formerly world-leading companies in power generation equipment, machine tools, elevators, and printing and packaging technology. This transfer of intellectual property, capital equipment and labor was no accident. China’s rise reflects the preference of international finance oligarchs to counter the formerly industrial US by making China the new workshop to the world.

The reversals of fortune have been astounding and rapid. In terms of productive capabilities and output, China in 2016 looks like America in 1950. China boasts the world’s largest steel industry, the world’s largest construction industry, the world’s most ambitious infrastructure projects, and a “soft imperialism” program helping to develop and penetrate Africa, Asia and South America. While America still has profitable finance and other service industry sectors, its formerly industrial cities like Detroit look like China under Mao Zedong, whose policies of deindustrialization and cottage industry led to mass famine and genocide.

Today China, drowning in American consumer dollars, is being seized upon by City of London banks who have opened major operations in Beijing and Shanghai, and who have convinced the Xi faction (complete with a carriage ride with Queen Elizabeth) to sell China’s sovereign debt on international markets, opening the yuan and therefore China’s economic policy to speculative attack and control by international financiers.

The historical precedents for a Trump presidency offer dark visions of America’s future. Like the ghosts before him, Trump’s judgement is clouded both by powerful revenge fantasies against false enemies, and by misguided loyalties that could ultimately lead our nation to ruin.

Trump as Andrew Jackson: a Bull in a China Shop

The comparison of Trump to Jackson is not controversial. There are numerous and clear historical parallels to the appeal of both men and to their respective historical moments. Contemporary biographer James Parton observed:

“Andrew Jackson, I am given to understand, was a patriot and a traitor. He was one of the greatest of generals, and wholly ignorant of the art of war. A writer brilliant, elegant, eloquent, and without being able to compose a correct sentence, or spell words of four syllables. The first of statesmen, he never devised, he never framed a measure. He was the most candid of men, and was capable of the profoundest dissimulation. A most law-defying, law-obeying citizen. A stickler for discipline, he never hesitated to disobey his superior. A democratic aristocrat. An urbane savage. An atrocious saint.”

– Parton, James, The Life of Andrew Jackson (1860)

While Jackson bewildered many of his contemporaries, he did not fool his most astute rival John Quincy Adams, who lambasted Jackson for transferring America’s public wealth to private banks, nor does his legacy affirm the folk hero image upheld by modern libertarians who fawn likewise over Donald Trump.

Jackson is remembered as having “killed the bank,” which is incorrectly interpreted as driving Wall Street out of the US Treasury. What Jackson did was to kill the public bank of the United States, which set off a speculative frenzy in private bank currencies, a financial crash (the panic of 1837), and nearly three decades of economic depression resulting in the Civil War and stopped only by the genuine nationalist policies of Abraham Lincoln. If Trump praises Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln, he is a damned liar.

Jackson, who had no experience in politics, was faithfully tutored by the treasonous clique of Aaron Burr, Martin van Buren and Chief Justice Roger Taney (a key stockholder in the Union Bank of Baltimore).

Trump’s policy of Mexican deportation would repeat Jackson’s genocidal policy of Cherokee removal on a larger scale. Whereas the prosperous Cherokee died en masse on the Trail of Tears to make way for slave plantations, Mexican families will be ripped apart in favor of low-wage “right to work” (non-union) labor.

When Andrew Jackson effectively aborted America’s economic and infrastructural development with his insane policies, American growth slowed rapidly, and Britain was the chief beneficiary. How? Jackson enabled the spread of slavery and the export of slave-picked cotton to British mills. Britain, not America, reasserted its place as the workshop to the world, and used its textiles and its empire of shipping and finance to conduct triangular trade in the east and the Opium Wars against China.

In this trade pattern, British textiles were sent to India, who sent opium to China, who sent tea and silver to Britain. Britain got not only the better end of the deal in terms of balance of trade, but waxed rich on lucrative shipping contracts and kept its rivals drugged and unable to fight back (despite China’s valiant attempts to ban opium in the wars that bear that name).

Trump, though a billionaire, is not a first-rate oligarch but a nouveau-riche/parvenu/arriviste with aristocratic aspirations. Is he being manipulated with flattery by British financiers much in the way Jackson was?

Brexit Ekes Out 2% Win in Needless Plebiscite Called by Colonel Blimp Cameron, Now Hoist with His Own Petard

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, June 25, 2016

Only One Elderly Third of British Voters Want Out of Europe; Demagogues Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage Play on Fears of Tight Little Island; Chaos Ensues: World Markets Crumble; Scotland and Northern Ireland Are Set to Break Out of Moribund “United Kingdom”; Continental Copycats Demand Their Own Exit Votes, Starting with Le Pen, Wilders, and Italian Northern League; Tempted by London’s Weakness, Irredentists Eye Ulster, Gibraltar, and Malvinas/Falklands; No US Military Help for New British Adventures Under Any Circumstances; Russia’s Tragic Gloating: Don’t They Realize They Are Next?; General De Gaulle of France Was Right: UK a Trojan Horse for Wrecking Europe; British the Most Bankster-Ridden People in the World, but They Choose to Blame Only Eurogarchs; City of London Bankers Are Much Worse Than Brussels Eurocrats; Could Buyers’ Remorse Yet Secure a Reprieve Before Article 50 Kicks In?; July 1 Centennial of World War I Somme Battle Recalls One Decisive Plus of EU: No Big Wars for 70 Years

World Crisis Radio
June 25, 2016

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Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, two top demagogues and bankers’ boys arguing for the Brexit debacle.

On July 1, 1916, the first day of the World War I Battle of the Somme, Britain lost 20,000 killed and 40,000 wounded and missing. Whatever one may say about the economic policies of the EU, European integration has procured the absence of major wars among the larger European states for more than 70 years. Farage, Boris, and their ilk care nothing about the benefits of such war avoidance.

Brexit Referendum Too Close to Call; Trump Seen As “Folkish” or “Blood and Soil” Candidate”: Neo-Jacksonianism and National Socialist Ideology on the Present-Day American Political Stage; Distinguished Columnist Leonard Pitts on When Hitler Comparisons Become Necessary

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Morning Briefing | Friday, June 24, 2016


As of this writing, the UK’s Brexit referendum on leaving the European Union is too close to call. But the disastrous results of a possible British secession are very clear indeed. If London departs the EU, Scotland and most probably Wales will vote to stay behind, wrecking the old UK. If UKIP demagogue Nigel Farage succeeds in his campaign to revert to Little England, his scurrilous colleagues on the continent like Marine Le Pen of France, Geert Wilders of the Netherlands, Beppe Grillo of Italy, and Frauke Petry of Alternatives for Germany will attempt exit referenda of their own. The English and their new Chinese allies will use their diplomacy to encourage these breakups. The result will be general chaos, probably followed by a reversion of Europe to incessant warfare as seen before 1945. Next week, we will mark the Hundredth Anniversary of the opening of the 1916 Battle of the Somme in northern France, which went on for 141 days. One day in this battle, July 1, 1916, saw the largest number of casualties ever suffered in a 24-hour period by the British military. About 20,000 soldiers were killed, and 40,000 wounded or captured. The entire battle saw 1.1 million total Allied and German casualties (among them Adolf Hitler), including about 150,000 Anglo-French and 165,000 German dead. The name of the British commander who planned that battle, Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig, has become synonymous with a general so incompetent as to become a butcher to his own men. Nigel Farage pushed for the Brexit vote, and UK Prime Minister David Cameron obliged by calling it. If the EU breaks up and war resumes in Europe, will these two be remembered as the new Haigs?

Leonard Pitts

The assertions made in this publication about the close affinities between the political method of candidate Trump on the one hand, and his precursors Mussolini and Hitler on the other, remain controversial in a dwindling number of political circles. Even so, the opposition to this diagnosis remains vocal and strident. We therefore welcome the opportunity to showcase a series of cogent, convincing, and common sense arguments about the necessity of a Trump-Hitler comparison from the distinguished columnist Leonard Pitts, Jr., of the Miami Herald. Leonard Pitts first attracted our attention through the remarkable grasp of German history which he put on display in comparing Paul Ryan’s support of Trump with the backing given to Hitler by the German aristocratic-Catholic reactionary politician Franz von Papen during the last days of the Weimar Republic in 1932-1933. Von Papen had briefly served as Chancellor during the autumn of 1932, and had then been replaced by the political general von Schleicher, who represented the last chance for Germany to avoid the Hitler dictatorship. Von Papen schemed and intrigued to overcome the objections to Hitler of the elderly Field Marshal von Hindenburg, the head of state and President of the Reich.

Von Papen was convinced that he could control the upstart guttersnipe Hitler, but in the event he narrowly escaped later assassination at the hands of a group of killers from the Nazi SS who murdered several members of his staff.

It is safe to say that the number of American newspaper columnists who have even heard of von Papen is infinitesimally small, even though this was the politician who played an indispensable role in Hitler’s seizure of power in January 1933.

Leonard Pitts has now gone on to address a number of standard objections to suggesting close parallels between the Queens fascist billionaire and the Austrian corporal and paper-hanger. In the course of these considerations, Pitts answers the old canard that comparisons with Hitler are always wrong, and the claim that the only danger is to be too quick to make such comparisons asserting, one can also be too slow. While readers are encouraged to ponder Pitts’ articles as a whole, here is the gist of his argument:

‘Yes, Hitler. Some of you questioned my evocation of history’s great villain in a recent column on House Speaker Paul Ryan’s surrender to presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. I likened Ryan to Franz von Papen, a German politician who helped Adolf Hitler rise to power under the naive delusion that he could control him. A handful of Trump fans found that, as one put it, “a bit of a stretch.” One guy expressed his skepticism through the time-honored expedient of the triple punctuation mark: “Hitler???” Yes, Hitler….

Almost by definition, Hitler and Holocaust comparisons trivialize that era and reveal the ignorant insensitivity of those who make them. But the key word there is, almost….

Because for the record, I’m not the only one who sees the shadow of Germany in the 1930s over America in the 2010s. Once again, a clownish demagogue bestrides the political landscape, demonizing vulnerable peoples, bullying opponents, encouraging violence, offering simplistic, strongman solutions to difficult and complex problems, and men and women who bear more moral authority on this subject than I ever could see something chilling and familiar in him….

If one should never be too quick to make comparisons to Germany in the 1930s, is it not also important, on the rare occasions it is merited, to make sure one is not too slow?

One reason, after all, that no one saw Hitler for what he was is that people simply could not conceive of anything as preposterously monstrous as what eventually occurred. They took refuge in the assurance — the false assurance, as it turned out — that reason would eventually reassert itself.

Once you have seen for yourself that the unthinkable is not, it moves from the arena of imagination to that of history.

And then, you must use it to understand where we are and help chart where we should — and should not — be going. You can’t blame people who didn’t realize what Hitler was. They had never seen anything like him before.

You and I, however, have no such excuse.’1

This is already an excellent array of reality-based arguments, arguments which do not rely on purely subjective and shifting criteria of personal taste, personal preference, and the like.

Another objection which is often made to the Trump-Hitler comparison comes frequently from ignorant libertarians who ask if Trump is so much like Hitler, how many Jews has Trump killed? This is a crude trick, which involves comparing apples and oranges. Hitler killed limited numbers of Jews and others before he seized power in January 1933, when several concentration camps started construction. The killing of Jews then increased sharply after the Krystallnacht of November 1938. The most intensive phase in the extermination of Jews, Russians, Poles, Communists, Social Democrats, gypsies, and others appears to of occurred after 1941-1942. The general idea is that Hitler’s massacre of Jews took place AFTER he had seized state power.

Trump has obviously not yet seized power, and thus does not have his hands on the levers of power which might put concentration camps into operation. So we cannot compare Trump as a private citizen contending for power with Hitler as an established dictator commanding all the resources of Germany and the occupied countries.

The only legitimate and valid comparison is that between Trump as he campaigns for power right now, and Hitler as he struggled pre-1933 to become Chancellor and then dictator. If we make this comparison, we find a shockingly large number of parallels and communalities, as we have illustrated in issues of this Briefing and in the Tax Wall Street Party Trump panel at the New York City Left Forum on May 21, 2016.

Trumpism Without Trump?

These ideological affinities between Trump and National Socialism are underlined in the very strange discussion taking place in the pages of the Buckleyite-reactionary National Review. Here one writer has ventured to see in Trump a rebirth of US Jacksonian folk nationalism, which the GOP would be well advised to pursue after the expected defeat of Trump in November.

Here the descriptive vocabulary is the most interesting feature. We know that Andrew Jackson was one of the most catastrophic presidents in American history. His destruction of Henry Clay’s Second Bank of the United States triggered the devastating panic of 1837, opening a period of prolonged economic depression and stagnation in this country, which culminated in secessionism and civil war. Jackson was also responsible for the genocidal crimes of the Trail of Tears, and generally carried out the policies dictated to him by John Jacob Astor through bankers’ boy Martin Van Buren. Jackson illustrates the terrible consequences of the triumph of demagogic cultural populism over the appeal to enlightened self-interest based on economic populism.

‘Trump’s positions follow the contours not of movement conservatism but of American folk nationalism, often known as Jacksonianism. As Walter Russell Mead, my boss over at The American Interest, has noted, Jacksonians characteristically emphasize anti-elitism and egalitarianism while drawing a sharp distinction between members of the folk group and those outside it….

Jacksonians are not synonymous with southerners or rednecks: Trump has performed best in northeastern states and prospered in cities. And while Trump is supported by racists (especially by the ugly little band of Twitter trolls known as the alt-right), Jacksonians cannot be dismissed as such en masse….

The idea that America has never had a sense of national folk identity is just plain false — and making political and policy judgments on that assumption was madness. The reappearance of naked nationalism has been a shock to those who spent decades maintaining that America’s unique and unqualified achievement has been to synthesize love of country and universal democratic ideals. Jacksonians have consistently felt that some combination of ethnicity, where you were born, and (though Bush didn’t mention it) faith unite the American people, though not quite in the same way as — and generally much more expansively conceived than — the European “blood and soil” ideologies to which President Bush alluded.’2

In this article, author Nicholas Gallagher is actually referring to quasi-fascist or proto-fascist ideologies without openly stating that he is going so.

What is “folk nationalism” supposed to mean? “Folk” and “folkish” as used in modern English derive pretty directly from the corresponding German terms “Volk” and “völkisch” or “voelkisch,” which are key parts of the world view of Hitler’s lieutenant Rudoph Hess and Alfred Rosenberg, the official ideologue of the Nazi Party. These terms are key for understanding National Socialism as a whole. These terms mean that Nazism was devoted to a racist, ethnocultural, or racist-nationalist view of the world – a view that was often called racist realism or “Völkischer Realismus.” The name of the official daily newspaper of the National Socialist German Workers’ (or Nazi) Party was “Der Völkischer Beobachter” – the Folkish (or Racist) Observer.

Folk realism in the US today means all the anti-Latino, anti-Moslem, and anti-Asian xenophobia, plus all the anti-black exclusion we see with Trump. It is true that much of this can be traced back to the ignorant and aggressive Jacksonian hooligans of the 1830s. The neo-Jacksonians may soon find their man listed along with Albert Pike, Nathan Bedford Forest, and Richard Wagner as precursors of European fascism as well.

The neocons have always been interested in conjuring up a cut-throat, racist-exclusionary version of US nationalism as a means of goading this nation into their crackpot schemes for new wars. So far they have failed, but Trump may yet help them if he ever gets the White House. Remember that the Hitler of 1933-1935 portrayed himself explicitly as the peace candidate.

There are obviously specific US cultural characteristics that include folk songs, cooking, quilts, local dialects, religious denominations, home building, and so forth. (Ask any American looking for roast turkey, pumpkin pie and cornbread in Rome at the end of November.) These are often delightful and sometimes grotesque and banal, but they cannot become the basis of a self-destructive exclusionary politics. The basis of the US policy is not to be found in Philly cheese steaks, but rather in the great universalist Enlightenment documents like the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution of 1788. And these are ideas which any person can decide to support and apply to join. This is the melting pot, the most strategically effective approach to immigration and nationalities developed anywhere in the world so far. The greatest strategic advantage of the United States is today’s world is the desire of so many intelligent and industrious Latinos, Asians, Arabs, and others to come here and build a better life. Without this yearning for America, we would be grappling with the demographic crisis of too few people and too many aged now afflicting Europe, Russia, China, Japan, and other powers.

Despite Gallagher’s tormented syntax, the last sentence given here suggests that Americans are or should be united by some version of “Blood and Soil” ideology. Here again the Nazi background is relevant. The German for “Blood and Soil” is “Blut und Boden,” a quasi-mystical late Romantic obscurantist ideology that asserted national unity (Volksgemeinschaft or ethnic community, not modern Gesellschaft or civil society)

The origin of the Blood and Soil method has been traced back to Nazi ideologue Alfred Rosenberg and to Oswald Spengler, the pessimist theoretician of the decline of the west who tried to turn national decline into a reason for dictatorship. Carl Schmitt, Hitler’s personal lawyer, argued that the German legal system should reflect blood and soil mythologies, rather than the optimistic and humanitarian American Enlightenment concepts. Hitler told Germans to “think with their blood” and not with their brains, meaning to deliberately prefer irrationalism over reason. This notion is well represented by Trump’s cult of his own intuition today.

“Radical Middle America” appears to be the same racist, reactionary and obscurantist concept of this country recommended by fascist ideologue Sam Francis to Pat Buchanan 20 years ago.3 All problems are ascribed to ethnic groups, and the Wall Street financier oligarchy escapes unchallenged and undamaged. This concept embodies the negation of everything which is best in American history. If the Republican Party is allowed to survive after this year, it is very likely to gravitate towards some version of Trumpism without Trump, as Gallagher implies. This would be even more dangerous in some ways than Trump himself. For the sake of our nation, it is therefore time for the Republican Party to depart the political scene.

  1. Leonard Pitts Jr., “If it talks like a Hitler and walks like a Hitler …,” Miami Herald, June 17, 2016 http://www.miamiherald.com/opinion/opn-columns-blogs/leonard-pitts-jr/ar…
  2. Nicholas M. Gallagher, “Trump’s Appeal to the Radical Middle Is a Wake-Up Call to Conservatives,” National Review Online, http://www.nationalreview.com/article/436544/donald-trump-jacksonian-vot…
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House Democrats Show Vital Signs of Life with Sit-Down Strike Starting as Pervert Hastert Reports to Prison; But They Have Only the Small-Bore Demand of the Gun Control Wedge Issue

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Thursday, June 23, 2016

To Gain Real Momentum, They Need to Fight for 40 Million New Infrastructure Jobs Paid for by the Federal Reserve and a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax to Stabilize and Expand Medicare and Social Security; Paul “Von Papen” Ryan Shows Spirit of Trump’s Fascist GOP by Turning Off C-Span Cameras; Sit-Down Strikes Can Win Mass Traction Economic Demands!

Flint, Michigan sit down strike on December 30, 1936. General Motors Fisher No. 1 workers became part of what has become what has been called the most significant strike in American labor history.1

This afternoon, about 100 Democratic members of the House of Representatives started a sit-down strike on the House floor with the single demand of a speedy vote on gun control measures. In recent years, the House Democrats have been a thoroughly downtrodden group, constantly defeated and humiliated by reactionary Republican demagogues operating from the relative safety of districts which have been so gerrymandered as to make them almost invulnerable to the normal election process. Ironically, the sit-down strike started at about the same time that former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who was long the main tormentor of these same Democrats, had to report to federal prison in Rochester, Minnesota to begin serving his term for the violation of federal banking laws as part of his attempt to hide his past as a sex pervert and child molester. Much of the Republican leadership of the House today is composed of members who were once part of the Hastert leadership team.

General Electric Works

On December 10, 1906, at the General Electric Works in Schenectady, New York 3,000 workers sat down on the job and stopped working to protest the dismissal of three IWW members.

The sit-down strike has a long and glorious history in the annals of American labor. The first such sit-down strike may have occurred in Schenectady, New York in 1906. There is no doubt that the sit-down strike played a central role in one of the decisive struggles which helped to create the American trade union movement of the mid-20th century, which did so much to build the largest middle class in recorded history. This refers, of course, to the General Motors sit-down strike in Flint, Michigan in 1936-1937, which helped to establish the United Auto Workers. Flint had been in the vanguard of American labor before it fell prey to the lead poisoning inflicted by Republican Governor Snyder.

GM sitdown, Kansas City, on December 16, 1936

Today’s sit-down strike in the House was organized in advance by veteran civil rights leader Congressman John Lewis of Atlanta, with the assistance of representatives like Clark of Massachusetts, Larson of Connecticut, and others. Even the centrist Stenny Hoyer of Maryland appeared among the protesters. Their goal is to respond to the recent Orlando massacre with gun control legislation, presumably the “No Fly, No Buy” limitation of gun purchases by those suspected of sympathy with terrorists, plus the closing of the so-called gun show loophole for firearms purchases. But the House Democrats show how unaccustomed they are to the actual exercise of power by demanding only an up or down vote on these measures by the full House, rather than the actual passage of this legislation. If the House Democrats believe in their demands, why not agitate to see their bills actually passed and sent to the Senate, or to a conference committee?

Cigar workers sitdown

Speaker Paul “von Papen” Ryan has lost all moral authority through his recent craven capitulation to the fascist bully Donald Trump, and is therefore highly vulnerable to the ongoing protest. In the wake of the Orlando shootings, Ryan’s main effort appeared to be the avoidance of any roll call votes that would put his duplicitous members on the spot, forcing them to choose between openly defying the orders of the National Rifle Association, or else giving their Democratic opponents and election issue in a time when political dynamics and popular emotions may be turning against the gun lobby.

In dealing with Trump, Ryan has shown much ineptitude and cowardice. Today, the Speaker appeared to be taken by surprise by the unprecedented uprising, and his leadership group was paralyzed for almost 12 hours before they improvised a tactic of monumental stupidity. Ryan came to the floor to demand that the House go on record condemning a modest rule coming from the Department of Labor which requires money managers to accept fiduciary responsibility for the savings which retired persons entrust to them for investment. The House GOP obediently took a strong stance in favor of the freedom of stock jobbers to fleece elderly retirees. It was a kind of reductio ad absurdum of the entire plutocratic Republican outlook. Ryan richly deserved the catcalls of “Shame! Shame!” he received when he addressed the House.

It is encouraging to see any signs of resistance from the House minority. At the same time, the very modest demand of a mere up or down vote appears unlikely to electrify a revolutionary mass strike across the country. House members must also ask themselves if gun control is really the greatest question of national destiny they could choose to put at the top of the national agenda at this time. They should also ask themselves whether the demographic and structural features of this issue make it the smart winning gambit which congressional Democrats so desperately need after a long series of humiliating reverses going back to 2010 and beyond.

Gun control is of course one of the classic wedge issues of modern US political history, the first part of Lee Atwater’s wedge issue trinity of guns, God, and gays, which must be seen together with abortion and racism as key parts of the reactionary Republican armory. Even under the most favorable circumstances, the gun issue will always be opposed by a substantial minority of highly committed, sometimes fanatical, and energized voters. Why attack the enemy’s strong point? Why not attack the flanks and rear?

No matter what they do in the coming days and weeks, congressional Democrats will inevitably be forced to broaden the spectrum of issues they address. The Tax Wall Street Party urges these Democrats to consider not betting everything on a highly unpredictable wedge issue, but rather focusing more of their energy on the mass traction economic demands which express the need of all working families in the United States to meet their own survival needs.

If a wedge issue can yield a 60%-40% or 70%-30% split, mass traction demands of the economic populist type can easily attain an 80%-20% result. Ultimately, they could attain a 99%-1% outcome, since these demands express the economic interests of the vast majority of the US population. And this remains New Deal America, even if many Democrats have given up. These mass traction economic demands are the stuff of which mass strikes, mass movements, and successful party re-alignments are made.

Today’s news brings reports that the Medicare premiums paid by Americans over 65 will sharply increase next year, even as the Social Security cost-of-living escalator mechanism will once again come nowhere near making up for the true extent of inflation. We can prepare ourselves from another cascade of obscene reactionary proposals for regressive taxes on working people to deal with the situation.

Why not get ahead of this crisis by demanding a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax on all financial transactions involving stocks, bonds, and derivatives on the nation’s financial exchanges and over the counter? Even President Obama has now recommended that Social Security benefits be increased, not cut. This would be a cruel hoax unless these increases are funded by Wall Street speculators, hedge fund operators, and unscrupulous bankers who created the depression. The crisis of government budgets at all levels in this country is due primarily to the fact that financial services escape the kind of sales tax which the producers of tangible, physical commodities must pay. If we split the proceeds on the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax between the federal government and state governments via revenue sharing, we can also rehire teachers, policemen, firemen, health professionals, and other government workers. The federal government should simultaneously launch a WPA-PWA type job creation program of 10 million entry-level positions in the inner cities and rural America for those who have so far been excluded from the workforce.

A second economic demand worthy of a congressional sit-in would be to commandeer and requisition the Federal Reserve System to deliver an initial tranche of $6.5 trillion infrastructure and education. This would take the form of a $1.5 trillion credit facility to refinance all existing and future student debt at a 0% interest rate with multi-decade maturities, renewable as needed. This would freeze the debt burden on the younger generation which is now preventing young people from taking their places in the US economy as producers and consumers, and also interfering with the formation of families.

The Federal Reserve must also be compelled by law to purchase $5 trillion in public works bonds from federal agencies, states, counties, municipalities, and authorities for the comprehensive rebuilding of this nation’s infrastructure, including energy production, rail, water projects, ports and docks, schools, hospitals, government buildings, and other necessary projects.

The Tax Wall Street Party estimates that about 30 million new productive jobs could be originated in short order through such a credit facility. Bankrupt Wall Street institutions like AIG and many others have been receiving the help of Federal Reserve credit facilities in the form of loans at virtually 0% for quite a while. It is time for manufacturing, mining, infrastructure, scientific research, and agriculture to receive the same kind of support. Only through this method can the United States definitively exit the long stagnation, which has followed the derivatives crisis of 2008.

The cumulative effect of these economic measures will be enough to drain the swamp of unemployment, underemployment, and despair which is the natural habitat of Trump. 40 million new productive jobs will cut Trump off at the knees in a way that no mere political argument ever could.

Because of its unprecedented role in promoting the paralysis of the United States government, and the United States economy, and because of its relentless promotion of killer austerity against the American people, the Republican Party manifestly merits extinction in the months and years ahead. If Democrats talk only about gun control, this potential is unlikely to be fully realized.

The Tax Wall Street Party calls on Congress to launch a permanent struggle for economic recovery, increased production, full employment, higher wages, rising standards of living, greater upward mobility, increased longevity, social peace, a more comprehensive social safety net, and improved standards of material and intellectual culture in this country.

In the meantime, we recall that all kinds of incidents, from the extraneous to the bizarre, have detonated the accumulated combustion of a mass strike, especially when the weather is good. Keep a sharp lookout.

  1. http://voiceofdetroit.net/2012/10/03/flint-sit-down-strike-workers-defie…
  2. For Ryan as the new von Papen to Trump’s Hitler, see earlier issues of this Briefing, and notably also Leonard Pitts Jr., ‘Paul Ryan’s Deal with the Devil,’ Miami Herald, June 7, 2016: ‘In 1933, Franz Von Papen was hungry for revenge. Having been ousted as chancellor of Germany through political subterfuge, he wanted payback against the former ally who had succeeded him. So he struck a new alliance, this one with Adolf Hitler, leader of a rising popular movement called the Nazis, and maneuvered to have him appointed chancellor. Von Papen didn’t think much of his partner. Like most political observers, he considered Hitler a noisy buffoon. Von Papen was certain he could control him once in power. House Speaker Paul Ryan seems to have made a similar calculation last week in endorsing another noisy buffoon, Donald Trump….Some people will resist comparing Ryan with Von Papen. But history teaches, when we allow it to. It imparts lessons, if we only listen. The lesson here is that leadership requires sound judgment, the ability to see what is right in front of you and understand it for what it is. Von Papen did not. He saw only a noisy buffoon he thought he could control. Ryan should take note. Because, as it turned out, von Papen was wrong.

Brexit a Recipe for World Chaos, Reviving Scottish Secessionism and Exacerbating EU Breakup

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, June 22, 2016

British Secession from European Union Could Trigger New Systemic Crisis of World Financial System; Vote Will Show if Pro-Chinese Geopolitical Adventurist Faction Prevails Over Traditional Parasitizing of Europe and US Among London Financier Oligarchy; As with Trump, Extremist Bankers Use Crazed Petty-Bourgeois Dupes to Implement Their Policy; British Workers Stand to Lose Defense of EU Social Regulations

British Tory Prime Minister David Cameron, the upper class bungler who promised the imbecilic and unnecessary Brexit Referendum so he could keep his wretched party together and win the last general election. A new world financial crisis could be the result.

On Thursday, British voters will cast ballots in a referendum as to whether the United Kingdom should stay within the European Union, or cast itself adrift on the ocean of adventures. Recent polls show the electorate is evenly divided between the “Stay” and “Remain” choices.

If Britain leaves the European Union, the economic and institutional damage will be severe. The EU is a deeply flawed institution, but in the current crisis world civilization itself is gravely threatened. This is now NOT the time for ideal utopias or maximum programs. Everything needs to be subordinated to the grim business of survival.

The British have long lived off invisible earnings – banking, insurance, export finance. This currently takes the form of non-EU firms using Britain as a way to have a foothold in the EU, but in the EU’s most deregulated part. Kiss all that goodbye if the UK is no longer a part of the EU.

If the British leave, Scotland will attempt to secede from the UK for the second time in a couple of years, and this time they are much more likely to succeed. The revenues from Scotland’s share of North Sea oil will no longer flow to the City of London. Scotland will stay in the EU, and a very impoverished Little England will float off into the Atlantic. The British will attempt to induce their traditional Scandinavian, Iberian, and Balkan client states to join their New Atlantis, which in the meantime will have unmasked as a totally deregulated war of everyone against everyone else with no labor legislation and no social legislation, devil take the hindmost – not so different from a Peter Thiel Seasteading colony of libertines. This might come just as Donald Trump was repatriating low-wage manufacturing jobs back to the US from China, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Mexico and the Philippines based on the fact that US production in Right-To-Work states is now about as cheap as a runaway shop or sweatshop in the Asia Pacific region.

The European Economic Community built on the European Coal and Steel Community or Schumann Plan, which had been launched in 1950 to promote postwar economic reconstruction. The EEC was created by the 1957 Treaty of Rome with the participation of the so-called Inner Six of West Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg. The EEC had Euratom for nuclear energy, a common agricultural policy, and a freight car pool. The EEC was originally influenced by pro-labor social democratic and Catholic social doctrine thinking and had numerous positive dirigistic elements. It is important to keep these in mind to understand that while the European Union is today a neoliberal and pro-banker institution, this could be rolled back to an earlier outlook under the right political conditions.

The British chose to stay outside of the Inner Six EEC. They instead in 1960 promoted the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) or Outer Seven, which leaned heavily toward laissez-faire doctrine. The EFTA members included Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Austria, Sweden, and Switzerland. These were smaller continental powers who traditionally looked to London.

The British were losing their empire at an accelerating rate, and the British-French fiasco in the 1956 Suez crisis taught London that its previous imperialist methods were obsolete. After some dithering, London and a few of its EFTA satellites (Denmark, Ireland, Norway) applied for membership in the EEC in 1960.

The goal of the British was to allow the City of London banks to parasitize the robust productive economies of Germany, France, Italy and other continental states, even as the UK took the lead in junking its own industries and creating a “quality of life” service economy under Harold Wilson of the Labour Party. The British would use the new Eurodollar market to finance Europe’s growing trade with the rest of the world. Over time, London would forget about trade and focus on derivatives, often as applied to the raw material markets.

General Charles de Gaulle of France was also aware that the British would never be true Europeans as long as the London financier oligarchy, intertwined with the Bank of England, the City of London, the Foreign Office, and the Court of St. James dominated British policy. De Gaulle argued that the British would function as a Trojan Horse for Wall Street, undermining European independence and initiative. His answer to the British bid for EEC membership was “NON!” Only in 1973, after De Gaulle’s death, did the British get into the EU.

And of course, De Gaulle was right. The odious Margaret Thatcher, in particular, used British EEC membership as a form of shameless blackmail, seeking to deny British workers the benefits of European social and labor regulations – such as a minimum wage – and trying to exempt the City of London from financial regulations. The British also represented the Achilles heel of the European Exchange Mechanism.

De Gaulle was right, and the British should have been kept out in 1973. But it is too late for meddling with that now. That train has left the station, and is now rolling through the Chunnel.

The City of London banking center is a much worse problem for civilized humanity than the EU bureaucracy in Brussels. As late as 10 years ago, Ireland benefited enormously from the EU Regional Fund. The London banks benefit nobody but themselves. By the 1990s, Anglo-American short-term speculative outlooks had the upper hand on the continent as well.

Unfortunately, there is no reason to think that Little England, outside of the EU and with Scotland gone, will be any less reactionary than England is today. In fact, it will most probably be more reactionary.

With all this bad news, the stability of the London derivatives market and banking center cannot be relied on. The breakup of the 300-year old arrangements in northwest Europe could easily unleash a worldwide speculative panic. As AFP reports:

‘The International Monetary Fund warned Thursday that a British vote next week to break with the European Union could stifle economic growth and weaken the ties that bind the eurozone. In a new report on the euro area, the IMF warned that the 19-nation single-currency bloc already faces rising doubts from within that could loosen its bonds, including from tensions over the refugee crisis and from financial strains….”A vote for the exit of the EU would precipitate a protracted period of heightened uncertainty, financial markets volatility and slower growth as the UK negotiates its new relationship with the EU,” IMF spokesman Gerry Rice said at a news conference. The IMF has already warned several times about the potential negative impact of a Brexit. In May, Christine Lagarde, the IMF managing director, said that quitting the EU would be “pretty bad to very, very bad” for the British economy.’1

There is no reason to risk all this and much worse in the name of the chimerical benefits of the Brexit.

Another powerful argument against Brexit adventurism is that a Britain cut adrift from Europe will most likely revert to traditional form and begin to fend off adversaries and challenges by way of geopolitical manipulation, balance of power, and other tricks which inevitably lead to new wars.

Whatever else may be said about the EEC and the EU, they have prevented new wars so effectively (exception: Kossovo and Serbia, 1999) that the current generations have little or no idea how fortunate they have been. But that could change very quickly once the demons of geopolitics are unleashed.

When the British almost lost the Boer War, Edward VII sealed a strategic alliance with Japan, which came back to bite perfide Albion in 1941. Today, the British have an alliance with China that is even more dangerous for themselves and for the United States.

The Complete and Global Sino-British Strategic Partnership of October 2015

When Chinese President Xi visited London in mid-October 2015, his trip was obviously much more than a routine friendship and cooperation visit. These proceedings had more of the character of the sealing of a worldwide strategic alliance between these two powers. The British elite has long been haunted by the fact that their rigid class structure, their contempt for science and technology, and their lamentable tendency to betray their international partners all seem to destine them for the future of decayed former world power (Weltmachtruine) like Holland (as London sees it).

When Great Britain was caught isolated and widely hated during the Boer War around 1900, King Edward VII responded with a strategic alliance with Japan. This time around, it looks like the London oligarchy has chosen to join forces with Beijing – against Japan, against the United States, and against the European Superstate dominated by Germany (as London sees it). This may also go against Russia and India as well. This tendency is confirmed by the noisy threats and agitation of the decadent UK PM Cameron.

London and the Chinese Communist Party go way back. During and after World War II, the British did everything possible to secure the defeat of Chiang Kai-Shek of the Kuomintang and the victory of Mao Tse-Tung’s communists. What we are seeing today is the resumption in grand style of a long-standing collaboration which has never really ended.

London Hailed as the New Venice

One commentator, Francesco Sisci, saw intriguing parallels between the future, which is seemingly opening up for Great Britain today and the long autumn of the Venetian Republic between about 1509 and 1799:

‘The UK could … help China with its complicated ties with America and also tutor Beijing in the difficult art of becoming a true global power. For China, this could be the meaning of the joint statement underscoring “a complete and global (quanmian quanqiu de) strategic partnership for the 21st century.” China did not sign “a complete and global” partnership with any other country although we don’t know the actual scope; for instance, if it includes military and intelligence cooperation and to what degree. Moreover, the two countries “acknowledged (rentong) the respective political systems.” For Beijing, this is a massive achievement in ties with a Western country, since there has so far been at least a shadow of distaste for the Chinese political system, and Beijing was always concerned of Western attempts to topple its government. In China this statement means that from at least one Western country there is no longer open or hidden pressure to change its political system. This will also have an impact in Hong Kong, where the British are still influential and Beijing is concerned about student protests, and it could have an impact on other Western countries, especially in Europe. If the UK did it, then others might follow, and America’s adamant position about the Chinese Communist Party might be put into a different perspective. Xi’s success is without precedent: He is the first leader of the Chinese Communist Party to get a Western country to offer what may amount to approval of the CCP rule of China. Nobody else managed that.’2

The same observer celebrated Anglo-Chinese cooperation in glowing terms and sought to promote London as the new Venice – an idea which has been bandied about for centuries. Here we read:

“Before Xi’s visit, the UK was clearly on the path of becoming a larger Switzerland, under siege by all kinds of political blackmail…. Now, the special “alliance” with China catapults the UK back to the center of Asia, the political and economic dynamo of the world….The political charts are there, used for centuries by Venice, swinging in the Mediterranean between Christian and Muslim kingdoms, between the Holy Christian King of Spain and the Infidel Grand Sultan of the Turks. Tiny, wily, and ingenious Venice managed for centuries to play the balance of power in the Mediterranean and retained its might even well after its bread and butter (the Mediterranean trade) was replaced by new routes for wealth that went through the Atlantic, geographically off-limits to the Italian city. After all, there has always been a strong invisible knot between London and Venice.

Brexit? No thanks – not worth it, and very bad for the US.

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Trump Threatens US Voters with More Terrorist Attacks; FBI Had Tried to Use Orlando Suspect Omar Mateen as Terrorist Patsy in an Earlier Attack

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Michael Sandford, Today’s Alleged Threat to Trump, a Probable Psychotic; Expect Many More Mentally Disturbed Persons to Be Deployed for False Flag Provocations Benefiting the Fascist Billionaire; Fox News Commentator Brit Hume Says More Terrorism Will Help Trump

Journalistic hacks are fond of parroting that the Trump campaign is an unusual campaign. With the Trump tweet shown above, we have the singular case of a presidential candidate threatening the American people with false flag, synthetic terrorism if they do not knuckle under to his odious brand of fascism. It also appears to be a threat to Republican Party forces now massing for a final attempt to prevent the fascist billionaire from seizing total control of the party bureaucracy at the Cleveland convention starting July 18.

In the meantime, it is becoming an open secret that Trump is the intended beneficiary of the terror wave now in progress. This does not mean that Trump necessarily orders the attacks. It means that intelligence community factions in the FBI and CIA who want Trump to seize power do call in the strikes.

So far the notion of a pro-Trump Strategy of Tension culminating in an October Surprise terrorist crescendo has been mentioned by Bill Maher, Thomas Friedman, Frank Luntz, Charlie Rose, Brian Lehrer of WNYC-FM and others. On the day of the Orlando killings, terror expert Peter Bergin of CNN spoke of an October Surprise.1 On the day of the Orlando shootings last Sunday, Brit Hume of Fox News made the following comments:

‘HUME: It does. And it illustrates that – why Trump rings a bell with so many people on the issue. You know, it’s – it’s been a paradox of this primary season, Chris, that in the polling that was done in state after state among Republican voters, immigration was ranked very low. But there’s no other way to look at Trump’s success without concluding that his stand on immigration, which I think in a lot of people’s minds just kind of blends into limiting all immigration, legal and illegal, has been a winner for him and may continue to be if – if, you know, this process goes on. If as he says there are more of these attacks, and he says there will be, I think that – that helps him.’2

As Friedman told Don Imus, ISIS knows the divisive and inflammatory figure they want in the White House: Trump. Many observers of various political persuasions are now catching on:

Donald Trump is counting on another terror attack on U.S. soil. Without it, there’s absolutely no possible way he can beat Hillary Clinton. And President Obama is obliging Trump’s request against his own party’s interest by tolerating acceptable losses and turning the focus to gun control. Trump’s numbers paint a brutally stark picture of disaster.’3

The close relations of Omar Mateen’s broadcaster father with the Voice of America/State Department/CIA complex have already been indicated. Now, the FBI side of Mateen’s background is coming to light.

A local paper in Florida has revealed that, in the course of an earlier investigation of Mateen, the FBI (before Orlando) tried to recruit him as a terrorist patsy:

‘Mateen’s background, however, was checked again by G4S in 2013 after the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office requested he be removed from the St. Lucie County Courthouse patrol after he allegedly made derogatory comments to a deputy. A deputy at the courthouse mentioned the Middle East to Mateen, who reacted by threatening the deputy, said Sheriff Ken Mascara, who attended the Wednesday night meeting at the community’s Island Club.

“Omar became very agitated and made a comment that he could have al-Qaeda kill my employee and his family,” Mascara said Wednesday. “If that wasn’t bad enough, he followed it up with very disturbing comments about women and followed it up with very disturbing comments about Jews and then went on to say that the Fort Hood shooter was justified in his actions.”

The FBI launched an investigation into Mateen after Sheriff’s Office officials reported the incident to the agency. As part of its investigation, the FBI examined Mateen’s travel history, phone records, acquaintances and even planted a confidential informant in the courthouse to “lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite,” Mascara said. The FBI concluded Mateen was not a threat after that, Mascara said.

In an interview with G4S management shortly after the courthouse comments, Mateen told his superiors he was the target of inflammatory comments from co-workers because of his Islamic faith, Levine said. The interview, Levine said, took place shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings, which were carried out by two Islamic extremist brothers. Levine said Mateen claimed his co-workers on one occasion asked him what suicide vest he was wearing on a particular day.

G4S concluded Mateen worked in a hostile environment and did not fire him, Levine said.’4

If the FBI tried once to recruit Mateen as a terrorist patsy, they could easily have come forward to try again a second time. And maybe the Orlando shootings were that second time.

If the FBI tried to tamper with public evidence once earlier today in regard to the supposed Mateen telephone transcripts, who can guarantee us that the Bureau has not been tampering with evidence all along? What has become of Gonzalez and Puyanera, the two eye witness victims who say there was a second shooter? Alternet offers these interesting comments:

‘Before Omar Mateen gunned down 49 patrons of the LGBTQ Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the FBI attempted to induce him to participate in a terror plot. Sheriff Ken Mascara of Florida’s St. Lucie County told the Vero Beach Press Journal that after Mateen threatened a courthouse deputy in 2013 by claiming he could order Al Qaeda operatives to kill his family, the FBI dispatched an informant to “lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite.” While self-styled terror experts and former counter-terror officials have criticized the FBI for failing to stop Mateen before he committed a massacre, the new revelation raises the question of whether the FBI played a role in pushing Mateen towards an act of lethal violence. Since 9/11, the FBI has relied heavily on informants to entrap scores of young, often mentally troubled Muslim men and send them to prison for as long as 25 years. The revelations of FBI manipulation have cast Mateen’s case in a troubling light. Though he refused to bite when an FBI asset attempted to push him into a manufactured plot, he wound up carrying out an act of spectacular brutality years later and allegedly swore loyalty to ISIS in the midst of it.

‘“It looks like it’s pretty much standard operating procedure for preliminary inquiries to interview the subject or pitch the person to become an informant and/or plant an undercover or informant close by to see if the person bites on the suggestion,” Coleen Rowley, a former FBI agent and division counsel whose May 2002 memo to the FBI Director exposed some of the FBI’s pre-9/11 failures, told AlterNet. “In the case of Mateen, since he already worked for a security contractor [G4S], he was either too savvy to bite on the pitch or he may have even become indignant that he was targeted in that fashion. These pitches and use of people can backfire.”’

While the full extent of Mateen’s contact with the FBI is unknown, the fact that an informant encouraged Mateen to agree to carry out a terror attack should provoke serious questions and further investigation. Whether or not manipulation by a FBI informant had any impact on Mateen’s deadly decision, there is no denying that the attempt to entrap him did nothing to protect the public. “The FBI should scrutinize the operating procedure where they use undercovers and informants and pitch people to become informants,” said Rowley. “They must recognize that, in this case [with Mateen], it had horrible consequences if it did, in fact, backfire.”5

Van der Lubbe

Marinus (Rinus) van der Lubbe (13 January 1909 – 10 January 1934) was a Dutch council communist convicted of, and executed for, setting fire to the German Reichstag building on 27 February 1933, an event known as the Reichstag fire.

The Nazis used the mentally impaired Dutch youth Van der Lubbe as their patsy for the Reichstag fire of February 1933, which was an indispensable element in Hitler’s consolidation of a dictatorship in Germany. Are Trump’s spook backers not doing the same thing with the crescendo of terror attacks now being promised by the fascist billionaire?

Omar Mateen, according to published reports, had strong homosexual tendencies which would have been in sharp conflict with the wishes of his political ambitions, and also with the traditions of the Moslem faith. A skilled terrorist controller might have played on the resulting tensions to goad Mateen into actions coherent with a patsy role. Maybe Mateen was a shooter, but maybe not.

Today, news reports attempted to hype the case of Michael Sandford of California, who is accused of planning to harm Trump. Sandford had no gun, no training, no real plan, nothing. Reports suggest that he is a psychotic with scant relation to the real world. We can probably expect a parade of such troubled individuals from now through November 8 at least. The way to stop them is to install mole detectors at the main US intelligence offices.

We should recall that entrapping mentally disturbed individuals with sting operations run by informants, many of them convicted felons, to drum up publicity for the “Global War On Terror” has been a favorite FBI-CIA technique for the last 15 years especially.

In 2007, an FBI informant conned 6 mentally deficient Islamists into making an armed attack on Fort Dix, New Jersey. This clear case of entrapment was prosecuted by none other than Chris Christie, the Garden State Goering and now a close Trump ally. According to Wikipedia: ‘Some accuse the FBI of entrapment, stating that the FBI informants created the conspiracy. The FBI used two convicts as paid informants in the case, one of whom was fighting deportation.’6

In 2006, we had a group of six cognitively impaired Haitians holed up in a warehouse in Miami who were approached by an FBI informant bearing gifts. Soon the Haitians had decided to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago. These hapless men had no weapons, no explosives, and no contacts to any real terrorists. The UPI and the New York Daily News reported that the alleged ringleader of the plot, a certain Batiste, “needs psychiatric help,”7

In 2007, a group of marginal individuals were approached by an FBI informant and convicted felon who encouraged them to bomb the facilities for delivering jet fuel to Kennedy Airport in Queens. This was another case of illegal entrapment of persons who did not fully understand what they were doing. The government’s case was subjected to harsh criticism, but to little avail:

‘The informant in the case was a longtime cocaine dealer who cooperated with investigators after being convicted of possession of about $2 million worth of cocaine in 2003, according to court documents…. A debate has emerged in the wake of the plot about the seriousness of a threat this plot posed and how seriously foiled plots should be taken in general. Criticism has emerged to the statement by U.S. Attorney Roslynn Mauskopf that the plot could have “one of the most chilling plots imaginable,” which might have caused “unthinkable” devastation. According to critics … the plot was never operational and the public had never been at risk. And the notion of blowing up the airport, let alone the borough of Queens, by exploding a fuel tank was in all likelihood a technical impossibility. Also cited is a portrait emerging of alleged mastermind Russell Defreitas as hapless and episodically homeless, and of co-conspirator Abdel Nur as a drug addict.’8

Nor is the Canadian RCMP in any way less likely to entrap hapless and harmless individuals than the FBI. In the fall of 2005, a group of 18 Ontario Moslems were encouraged by a skillful sting operative and agent provocateur to plan an attack on landmarks in the Toronto area, probably using a fertilizer bomb:

‘On November 27, 2005, Mubin Shaikh (a police agent) met with members of the terrorist group at an information meeting at a banquet hall regarding the use of security certificates in Canada, and began his infiltration of the group.’9

We can now expect a full deployment of this patsy pool as we go towards the election. Intelligent persons are encouraged to exercise extreme skepticism concerning any terror events occurring between now and the election. Assume that any such events are calculated to help Trump. Anyone who thinks that these terror attacks are primarily motivated by gun control is tragically wrong. They are motivated by power.

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Fifty-One State Department Warmongers Sign Bizarre Memo Demanding Confrontation with Russia via Regime Change and “Targeted Air Strikes” Against Forces Loyal to President Assad of Syria

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Saturday, June 18, 2016

Purpose of this Cabal Can Only Be to Save ISIS/Daesh from Imminent Destruction as Fallujah Is Liberated, with Menbij Surrounded and Raqqa and Mosul Next in Line; Russia Warns of “Total Chaos” if Imbecilic Plan Is Implemented; Obama Must Concede Nothing, but Fire All Fifty-One Subversives at Once as Security Risks; New Report of Florida Lotus Gunworks Seeking FBI Help That Never Came Gives New Urgency to Ouster of FBI Director Comey; FBI’s Official Version of Orlando Massacre Close to Collapse as Word of Patsy’s Father’s Intelligence Pedigree and Presence of Second Shooter Spreads; Trump October Surprise Continues; Brexit a Gambit of London’s Pro-Chinese Geopolitical Adventurer Faction, Whose Schemes Should Be Discouraged

World Crisis Radio
June 18, 2016

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

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Spooks for Trump: CIA-Voice Of America-State Department Background of Orlando Massacre Suspect’s Father Shows Intelligence Community Support for Pro-Trump Strategy of Tension/October Surprise

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Morning Briefing | Thursday, June 16, 2016

Seddique Mir Mateen is the father of the accused Orlando killer Omar Mateen. The elder Mateen is wise in the ways of Washington, having lobbied the US Congress, notably the maverick California Republican, Dana Rohrabacher. Mateen senior’s company is called Durand Jirga. Durand refers to the Durand Line, the line of demarcation between Afghanistan and Pakistan recognized by the British. As a result of the partition of British India, the Durand Line is today the border between India and Pakistan. A Jirga is a traditional Afghan assembly of elders and leaders who make decisions for the community and mete out justice; the highest-ranking of these assemblies is the loya jirga, which can legislate the form of government. Durand Jirga is also the name of Mateen senior’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. The elder Mateen’s program is broadcast on Payame Afghan TV.

Seddique Mir Mateen announced his candidacy for the presidency of Afghanistan on May 22, 2015.He is a sympathizer of the Afghan Taliban, which seems to be his radical cover. Mateen senior sometimes speaks as an imposter, issuing orders to the Afghan Army and security forces while pretending to be president, which he of course is not. Nevertheless, Mateen senior is evidently funded by the CIA.

The pattern is by now familiar: veteran, experienced intelligence operatives with a pedigree of working for the CIA and the State Department in conflict zones around the world to emigrate to the United States and live the good life. They stay in close contact with the US intelligence community. The next generation, often born in the United States, is consigned to terrorist operations in the same way that the cadet (younger) sons of the European nobility were once sent to make a career as junior officers in the army.

This was what we saw in the case of the Boston Marathon Bombing, when the uncle of the two accused patsy Tsarnayev brothers, Ruslan Tsarnayev/Sarni, turned out to have been married to the daughter of Graham Fuller, a main CIA controller for the entire Afghanistan mujahedin rebellion against the Soviet invasion and occupation.

In the case of the Orlando shooting, it transpires that the father of the accused shooter is deeply immersed in the Voice of America, the CIA, and the State Department.

Omar Mateen, the accused patsy, worked for G4S – previously known as Wackenhut, the notoriously spook-ridden and scandal ridden security company.

The father of the accused shooter goes by the name of Seddique Mir Mateen. He is the host of the Durand Jirga Show on Payame Afghan Television of Ashta TV, which is based in Los Angeles. Payame broadcasts in Pashto, the eastern Iranian language of the Pushtuns and also the lingua franca of Afghanistan. It also broadcasts in Dari or Dari Persian, the second most prevalent language in Afghanistan, and in Urdu, a version of Hindustani which is the language of Pakistan, and also of several Indian states. Seddique Mir Mateen is a Pushtun and a militant backer of the Afghan Taliban.

Like Mohammed Merah, the French secret police informant who became the Toulouse synagogue shooter of 2012, the younger Mateen had been sent on a grand tour of the Middle East, specifically to the religious sites in Saudi Arabia in 2011 and 2012.

Sources familiar with Payame Afghan TV report that this broadcaster enjoys the unenviable reputation of being a controlled asset of the US government’s Voice of America, and thus qualifies as a creature of the CIA and the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence:

‘The father of the man who slaughtered 50 people in the Orlando nightclub shooting Saturday night is a longtime CIA asset, whose TV show receives funding from the Voice of America -Dari. The name of the … Afghan satellite channel, Payame Afghan, is said to be widely-known in Southwest Asia as a CIA-Pakistani ISI construct….’1

Frame grab shows program on Payame Afghan TV defaced and labeled as belonging to the Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI). Courtesy of Daniel Hopsicker’s Mad Cow Morning News.

Mateen was also in contact with the violent felon Marcus Dwayne Robertson, a former bodyguard for the Egyptian Blind Sheikh. Both were implicated in the 1993 first bombing of the World Trade Center in New York City:

‘The gunman who murdered at least 50 people in a Florida nightclub early Sunday morning was a follower of a controversial gang leader-turned-bank robber who was released from prison last year despite warnings from prosecutors that he would recruit people to carry out violent acts, sources told FoxNews.com. Marcus Dwayne Robertson, a former U.S. Marine known to his supporters at his Orlando-based Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary as “Abu Taubah.” Omar Mateen, whose bloody siege inside a packed Orlando gay nightclub ended when SWAT teams stormed the building and killed him, was a radical Muslim who followed Marcus Dwayne Robertson, a law enforcement source said. During the same period, federal authorities claimed Robertson served as a bodyguard to Omar Abdel Rahman, nicknamed the “Blind Sheik,” who led the terrorist group that carried out the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center and donated more than $300,000 in stolen funds to mosques he attended, both claims Robertson denied. Robertson has adamantly denied the claims. After he was arrested in 1991 along with most of the other members of the gang, prosecutors cut a deal with Robertson, and let him serve four years in prison before going to work undercover for the FBI between 2004 and 2007 to document terrorists’ plans and networks in Africa, Egypt and the United States.’2

Mateen had also fallen under the intellectual influence of Anwar Awlaki, the deceased US double agent who figures in the life stories of so many terrorist patsies:

‘As part of the 2014 probe, which [FBI Director] Comey said did not amount to a formal investigation of Mateen, agents were told by someone who knew Mateen that they had concerns about him radicalizing because they knew he had watched Anwar al-Awlaki videos in the past. But the person told investigators that since that time, Mateen had married and had a child and he no longer considered him a possible threat.’3

The late Anwar Awlaki was a notorious double agent working for US intelligence. He helped to implicate a number of patsies as part of international Islamist terrorism, a process known as “sheep dipping.” Awlaki was known among the knowledgeable as “Anwar Awlaki, the CIA lackey.” Awlaki was brutally eliminated by a Predator drone when he had outlived his usefulness.

The television program hosted by Mateen the elder on Payame Afghan Television offered a strange spectacle, with the host sometimes claiming that he was in reality the President of Afghanistan, and sometimes that he was merely a candidate for that office:

‘The father of Omar Mateen hosted a bizarre, shoestring talk show, in which he ranted about the United States and once declared his support for the Taliban. Seddique Mateen posted dozens of hour-long episodes of his “Durand Jirga Show” on YouTube between 2012 and 2015. The clips cast a confounding shadow over the man who initially claimed his terrorist son was not religiously motivated in killing at least 50 people at an Orlando gay nightclub. “Our brothers in Waziristan, our warrior brothers in Taliban movement and national Afghan Taliban are rising up,” he said in Dari….4

‘Only hours before the massacre in Orlando, Seddique posted a video called Provisional Government of Afghanistan on a Facebook page. It appears that he is pretending to be the president of Afghanistan, and orders the arrest of multiple Afghan political figures. Dressed in army attire, he stated: “I order national army, national police and intelligence department to immediately imprison Karzai, Ashraf Ghani, Zalmay Khalilzad, Atmar, and Sayyaf. They are against our countrymen, and against our homeland….

In Seddique’s most recent Youtube video, he declares his candidacy for the Afghan presidency. However, the video came a year after Afghanistan presidential elections were held, which raises questions. In the video he goes back and forth between topics and even seems incoherent at times. Seddique uses the Dari language, and not Pashto, the language of Pushtuns, which adds another element of mystery to the video….

According to the Washington Post, Seddique holds strong political views and supports the Afghan Taliban. It is also reported that he is being referred to under two different names, Seddique Mateen and Mir Seddique. There are several videos posted on a Youtube channel under Seddique Mateen’s name. In one of the videos Seddique denounces the Pakistani government and expresses gratitude towards the Afghan Taliban. He stated: “Our brothers in Waziristan, our warrior brothers in [the] Taliban movement and national Afghan Taliban are rising up. Inshallah the Durand Line issue will be solved soon”….

According to The Daily Beast, Seddique owns a non-profit company, “The Durand Jirga, Inc.” A description of the company can be read on its webpage.’5

This evidence strongly suggests that forces inside the US intelligence community, especially the CIA, but also in the State Department and other agencies which control the Voice of America, there exists considerable support for the Strategy of Tension scenario, culminating in an October surprise terror event on terms favorable to Trump, which may represent the only means of installing the fascist Donald Trump in the White House in November. For the good of the nation, it is imperative that Obama install mole detectors at the offices of the principal intelligence agencies. Taken together with the persistent reports of a second shooter, and also with the strange figure of Ed Henson, the gun shop owner who sold Mateen the two weapons he allegedly used, the official version of the Orlando massacre is increasingly untenable, and the thesis of an orchestrated political false flag event is becoming more and more plausible.

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Backlash Against Trump for His Allegation that Obama Supports Terrorism; More Corroboration of Second Shooter in Orlando Massacre

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Morning Briefing | Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump Depends on Media Non-Feasance and Public Ignorance as Anti-ISIS Forces Cut Key Terrorist Supply Line at Manbij in Jarablus Corridor; Biggest Attacks on ISIS Now Ongoing; GOP Magical Thinking about Terrorism Exposed Here Six Months Ago

Tonight, the Erin Burnett Out Front program on CNN gave ample coverage to the testimony of Leydiana Puyanera, a wounded victim of the Orlando nightclub shootings, who categorically asserts that there was a second shooter on the scene who worked together with the accused suspect Mateen. The second shooter, she asserts, was white and did not appear to be afraid. Another wounded victim, Patience Carter, says she heard Mateen talking on the phone to a person or persons who sounded to her like an ally of the gunman. Both the FBI and the local police, the report notes, are still adamantly denying the presence of a second shooter. Here is the CNN report by reporter Nick Valencia:

No doubt to the disappointment of some of his more fanatical followers, Trump’s proposals in the wake of the Orlando massacre have fallen far short of the brutality and savagery he had demanded earlier in his campaign. So far, Trump has not demanded that the accused patsy’s first wife, second wife, child, and father be summarily executed in line with his tactic of exterminating entire villages and families in the manner of the Nazi SS. Trump has also not explicitly demanded that Mateen’s current wife be subjected to torture to make sure she tells the FBI what she knows. And although Trump has restated and expanded his call for measures against Moslems in the United States, he has so far stopped short of demanding that they wear yellow crescent when they go in public.

So much of Trump’s rhetoric turns out to be an appeal to magical thinking, incantations, myths, and spells. This publication has repeatedly exposed the magical quality of GOP verbiage, as for example in the last Republican debate before Christmas, when we noted that “#Cruz believes in magic by pronouncing bogus incantation of “radical #Islamic terrorists” he imagines have accomplished something in reality.”1 Now, six months later, Obama and Clinton have taken up this analysis in what must be seen as yet another example of the intellectual leadership in the anti-Trump cause provided by the Tax Wall Street Party.

In the wake of the Orlando false flag event, Trump has called for the exclusion of other classes of persons from areas where terrorism is endemic. Does he mean Christian Arabs in their Maronite, Melkite, and Syriac? Does the billionaire dolt even know that these subdivisions exist? Trump also wants to start a neo-McCarthyite witch hunt in the Arab-American community to put the screws on Moslems who will be accused of failing to inform the police about terror attacks in advance.

The despicable opportunists who currently lead the Republican Party are profoundly worried about the backlash against such ideas at the polls in November. In some ways, they represent a new fault line for the breakup and splintering of the GOP. Up to now, Trump has attacked and antagonized most of the ethnic and demographic groups in the US population. In a very dangerous move, he has also begun to vilify members of the federal judiciary, which is a very dangerous place to pick a fight for nothing more than some inconsequential civil suit. Trump has singled out members of the media for personal aggression and slander, along the lines of his ego ideal Richard Nixon. Now he has also suggested that Obama is a supporter and enabler of terrorism. It is a safe bet that these tactics are generating more institutional enemies than followers.

The Republican Party already has plenty of demographic and other problems of its own. The crazed petty bourgeois Tea Party base is out of patience with the slick representatives of the elite billionaire donor class. The Buckleyite ideologues of the #NeverTrump movement cannot accept Trump’s opportunistic hodge-podge of demagogic populism and opportunism.

The scope of the Orlando massacre is also setting off anti-gun reactions in that the Democratic Party and in large parts of the US population. If Trump and the GOP leaders stick to their slavish support of the doctrinaire National Rifle Association, this will be yet another public relations problem for them. The Democrats agree on the No Fly, No Buy slogan, meaning that persons on the government’s no-fly list should not be allowed to buy firearms. With proposals like this one commanding the support of a large majority of voters, the GOP’s embrace of the National Rifle Association may prove to be a disadvantage this time around.

As for the patsy Mateen, he is resembling his fellow Floridian Mohamed Atta of 9/11 fame more and more. Atta was allegedly a strict observant Moslem who cohabited with a prostitute, frequented discotheques, and made ample use of liquor and cocaine. Mateen is now revealed as a frequenter of gay bars like Pulse and an assiduous user of gay cell phone apps. Anything but strict religious observers, what will the FBI try to prove out of this narrative?

Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan gave an awkward press conference today to repudiate Trump’s speech of yesterday. Along with GOP House Majority Leader McCarthy, Ryan was attended by Congressman Steve Scalise of Louisiana, a close political ally of the Ku Klux Klan whom Trump was so reluctant to repudiate a few months back. Scalise fits the new look of the pro-Trump and openly racist GOP perfectly: for years, he has been exposed for his close cooperation with white supremacist groups from the David Duke machine in his state of Louisiana.2

Starting from Trump’s absurd megalomaniac tweets, Dana Milbank of the Washington Post speculates today that Trump may be helping himself by goading his Moslem and other targets into reactions against him:

‘He does deserve congratulations — for a new wave of radicalization. Trump’s anti-Muslim hostility makes it easier for terrorists to recruit and to inspire disaffected young Muslims. Trump warned Monday that the terrorism seen in Orlando “is going to get worse and worse” — and, thanks to him, that’s probably true.’3

One premise of Trump’s demagogy which deserves more scrutiny is his assumption that ISIS is winning on the battlefield of armed conflict. The reverse is true; ISIS is now under the most severe military pressure in its history. The most important prong of four offensives against the Islamic State is the attack on its principal supply line from Turkey. This offensive is being conducted by the YPG-Kurdish-SDF push against Manbij, the most important remaining road junction in the Jarablus corridor. The Manbij offensive

‘comes at the same time as other enemies of Islamic State, the governments of Syria and Iraq, also launched major offensives on other fronts, in what amounts to the most sustained pressure on the militants since they proclaimed their caliphate in 2014….The Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) alliance launched the advance two weeks ago to seize Islamic State’s last territory on the Syria-Turkey border and cut the self-declared caliphate off from the world….Having seized control of the last route into Manbij on Friday, the SDF has yet to enter the town….”We are closing in on Manbij,” [a member of the anti-ISIS Manbij Military Council] said, adding that fighting continues on the city’s outskirts….Syrian government and allied forces are trying to advance against the Islamic State south-west of their de facto capital in Syria, Raqqa.’4

Obama personally called attention to the losses being sustained by ISIS after a special National Security Council meeting held at the Treasury Department:

‘At the outset, I want to reiterate our objective in this fight. Our mission is to destroy ISIL. Since I last updated the American people on our campaign two months ago, we’ve seen that this continues to be a difficult fight – but we are making significant progress. Over the past two months, I’ve authorized a series of steps to ratchet up our fight against ISIL: additional U.S. personnel, including Special Forces, in Syria to assist local forces battling ISIL there; additional advisors to work more closely with Iraqi security forces, and additional assets, including attack helicopters; and additional support for local forces in northern Iraq. Our aircraft continue to launch from the USS Harry Truman, now in the Mediterranean. Our B-52 bombers are hitting ISIL with precision strikes. Targets are being identified and hit even more quickly – so far, 13,000 airstrikes. This campaign at this stage is firing on all cylinders.

‘And as a result, ISIL is under more pressure than ever before. ISIL continues to lose key leaders. This includes Salman Abd Shahib, a senior military leader in Mosul; Abu Sa’ad al-Sudani, who plotted external attacks; Shakir Wahayb, ISIL’s military leader in Iraq’s Anbar province; and Maher al-Bilawi, the top ISIL commander in Fallujah. So far, we’ve taken out more than 120 top ISIL leaders and commanders. And our message is clear: If you target America and our allies, you will not be safe. You will never be safe.

‘ISIL continues to lose ground in Iraq. In the past two months, local forces in Iraq, with coalition support, have liberated the western town of Rutbah and have also pushed up the Euphrates River Valley, liberating the strategic town of Hit and breaking the ISIL siege of Haditha. Iraqi forces have surrounded Fallujah and begun to move into the city. Meanwhile, in the north, Iraqi forces continue to push up the Tigris River Valley, making gains around Makhmour, and now preparing to tighten the noose around ISIL in Mosul. All told, ISIL has now lost nearly half of the populated territory that it once controlled in Iraq – and it will lose more.

‘ISIL continues to lose ground in Syria as well. Assisted by our Special Operations Forces, a coalition of local forces is now pressuring the key town of Manbij, which means the noose is tightening around ISIL in Raqqa as well. In short, our coalition continues to be on offense. ISIL is on defense. And it’s now been a full year since ISIL has been able to mount a major successful offensive operation in either Syria or Iraq.

‘As ISIL continues to lose territory, it also continues to lose the money that is its lifeblood. As a result of our strikes against its oil infrastructure and supply lines, we believe that we’ve cut ISIL’s revenue from oil by millions of dollars per month. In destroying the storage sites where they keep their cash, we’ve deprived ISIL of many millions more.

‘Thanks to the great work of Secretary Lew and many others here today – and working with nations and financial institutions around the world – ISIL is now effectively cut off from the international financial system. Cutting off ISIL’s money may not be as dramatic as military strikes, but it is critically important. And we’re seeing the results. ISIL’s cash reserves are down. It has had to cut salaries for its fighters. It’s resorting to more extortion of those trapped in its grip. And by ISIL’s own admission, some of its own leaders have been caught stealing cash and gold. Once again, ISIL’s true nature has been revealed: These are not religious warriors, they are thugs and they are thieves.’5

Obama’s mention of Manbij in the Jarablus corridor is especially significant. Right now there are thought to be two US aircraft carriers in the eastern Mediterranean, both focusing on ISIS. Compared to this overview, Trump is simply a defeatist.

Other NATO countries, including France and Germany, have also sent small numbers of special forces to this critical Turkish-Syrian border area. They may have been attracted by the impending doom of ISIS. Unfortunately, the intentions of these forces are not at all clear.

‘French special forces have been tasked with training the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and building a military base near Kobani ahead of a major offensive on the Daesh-held city of Manbij, political analyst Idris Nessan, who served as deputy foreign minister of the Kobani Canton, told Sputnik. The French on the ground are not expected to take part in combat, at least for now. “French soldiers arrived in Kobani along with US troops to take part in liberating Manbij. They are primarily tasked with coordinating airstrikes of the [US-led] coalition, consulting and providing training to Manbij’s Military Council and the Syrian Democratic Forces,” he said. Nessan could not disclose how many French soldiers were present in Kobani, but added that additional troops could arrive if required. Manbij is a strategically important city located southwest of Kobani in northern Syria. It has been surrounded by Kurdish and Arab fighters, but Daesh militants are still maintaining their grip on the urban area itself. The siege has dealt a major blow to the terrorist group that relies heavily on unfettered access to Turkey that has allowed the organization to regroup, rearm and resupply. Manbij has also served as a key link between the border region and the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de facto capital of the Daesh caliphate.’6

A small contingent of Special Forces of the German Bundeswehr are also on the scene:

‘Tens of German special forces troops entered the Syrian territory on Tuesday joining French and US troops that are participating in a military operation near the northern Syrian city of Manbij, Arab media reported. The Al Mayadeen pan-Arabic TV channel noted it was the first announcement of the German forces’ presence in Syria. German servicemen are supporting their Western allies’ forces stationed near the Tishrin hydropower plant, the channel said, citing its sources. In late May, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic forces announced an offensive against the Islamic State group. One of the goals of the operation supported by the US-led coalition is to liberate the city of Manbij.’7

In evaluating whether this Franco German military presence will be a plus or a minus in the struggle to wipe out the Islamic State, it will be well to bear in mind warnings coming from Thierry Meyssan of the Voltaire Network, who has been pointing to a plan to establish a pseudo-Kurdish state in northern Syria which risks coming under the control of a Kurdish renegade:

‘Washington and Moscow are working together to develop the military strength of the Syrian Kurds, allegedly to combat Daesh, but in reality to fight President Erdogan, whom the two great powers would be happy to remove. But the apprentice dictator of Ankara is preparing to turn the tables. He has begun to re-shuffle the population at the Syrian frontier in order to catch the Turkish Kurds in a vise, and is preparing to use his Syrian Kurdish spy, Salih Muslim – armed by the United States and Russia – to create a Kurdistan in Syria to which he can expel the Turkish Kurds…. But in reality, the YPG is the armed branch of the PYD (Democratic Union Party), which has two co-Presidents – a woman, Asya Abdullah, and a man, Salih Muslim. Asya Abdullah is faithful to the principles of Abudllah Öcalan – the founder of the PKK (Kurdistan Worker’s Party) – and intends to create a Kurdistan on Turkish territory…. Salih Muslim is a traitor who, in a secret meeting at the Elysée on the 31 October, negotiated an agreement’8

The supporters of the pseudo-Kurdish state are thought to include the United Kingdom, France, and Turkey, with the US and Russia opposed. These developments merit enhanced scrutiny.

On the US domestic front, Trump may be losing ground against his opposition. Polls are now including not just the two major parties, but the Libertarians and the Green Party as well. Email and direct mail fundraising appeals now start from the assumption that Trump is losing, and that his dupes must send money to rescue the fascist billionaire. Trump, of course, was supposed to be a plutocrat so opulent that he could self finance everything without batting an eye. The Trump myth is crumbling as it crashes on the rocks of objective reality. The relevant polling is that Hillary is leading Trump by 42% to 38%, with the libertarian Johnson at 9%, and the Green Party at 5%:

‘The four-way horserace question — in addition to asking about Clinton and Trump — also listed Gary Johnson (the Libertarian candidate) and Jill Stein (the Green Party candidate) as additional third party options. The results from this question also show Clinton gaining on Trump. She now enjoys 42 percent support; Trump has 38 percent, Johnson has 9 percent support and Stein has 5 percent. Support for Johnson and Stein remained consistent from last week’s results — but Clinton now leads Trump by 4 points. In last week’s four-way horserace results, Clinton trailed Trump by a single point — 39 percent to 40 percent.’9

At the same time, it should be recalled that the Strategy of Tension in favor of Trump probably does not represent a single isolated event, or even a series of separate attacks, but rather is more likely to be a complex psychological warfare plan, which proceeds through phases towards some kind of October Crescendo. We should also remember that the Benghazi attacks of September 11, 2012 were supposed to represent an October Surprise in favor of Romney, but that this operation misfired because of Romney’s total political ineptitude in exploiting the event. Trump’s political ineptitude is of course far greater than that of Romney. All these plans tend to underestimate the well-known Rally Round, which generally sees the American people coming together to support the President when the nation is considered to be under attack. Trump’s speech of yesterday, in which he accused Obama of collusion with terrorists, risks running afoul of this Rally Round reflects, much to the detriment of the fascist billionaire.

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Orlando Massacre a Blatant Pro-Trump False Flag; Fascist Candidate Suggests Obama a Secret Moslem in Collusion with Terrorists

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, June 14, 2016

In Reality, Orlando Event Fits Pattern of Pre-October Surprise Made to Order to Save Trump’s Faltering Bid for Power; More Pro-Trump Strategy of Tension Expected; Need Mole Detectors at FBI, CIA, NSA; FBI Director Comey Has Failed and Should Resign; No Real Evidence Linking Mateen to Foreign Terror Organizations

For the past two and a half months, or more precisely since April 2, 2016, the Tax Wall Street Party has been urgently calling attention to the acute danger of an “October Surprise” terrorist attack favored or inspired by rogue network factions in the US intelligence community favorable to a seizure of power by the fascist candidate, Donald J. Trump. The simple logic of such an event is that Trump is so widely hated that under normal circumstances it would be virtually impossible for him to win enough states to take the Electoral College and thus seize the White House. Therefore, a terrorist event late in the campaign becomes plausible, since this might be a way to win the election. Even more likely is a series of events or strategy of tension, (see image above) which would proceed through several phases of articulated terrorist attacks to gradually build towards a crescendo of national hysteria in which Trump would demand dictatorial powers to save the nation from the inept Obama and Hillary Clinton, discredited bourgeois politicians of the old regime.

In general, it must be understood that the more or less automatic beneficiary of terrorist events from now through November 8 and beyond can be none other than Trump. The pattern of his response to the recent EgyptAir tragedy has demonstrated his commitment to the cynical political exploitation of such events. When the United States loses, Trump wins. By contrast, it is the task of persons of good will to inoculate as many people as possible against what is coming, so that they will be able to resist and counter attack the psychological warfare operations, which may be unleashed against the American people in the near future.

Here is how we introduced our first considerations on the 2016 October Surprise in the April 2, 2016, edition of this Daily Briefing:

National Revulsion Against Trump Reaching Critical Mass; GOP Operatives Eye Terrorism on Scale of Paris or Brussels as Possible Outside Event to Save Republican Ticket

September/October Surprise Plausible; Intelligence Community Factions Supporting Trump Are Prime Suspects in Any Terror Attacks Between Now and November Election…April 2, 20161

Over the last several months, the possibility of an October Surprise of pro-Trump terror of has been publicly discussed by such well-known media figures as Bill Maher, Pro Trump terror Frank Luntz, Thomas Friedman, Charlie Rose, and Brian Lehrer of New York’s WNYC.2

Here is the discussion of the October Surprise principle which we offered on May 3, 2016:

In the wake of a large-scale terror attack, Trump would demand that all power be concentrated in his hands in a virtual state of siege – just like Hitler in late January 1933 – because he had been the only one to correctly forecast an imminent terrorist bloodbath. Trump could expect backing from those same media factions which have already given him more than $2 billion worth of free media for his primary campaign. The real estate demagogue might have a substantial chance of winning the Electoral College. As president, he could be expected to abuse the USA Patriot Act, the Espionage Act, and the full panoply of electronic eavesdropping. He has already promised to do much of this.

We are therefore looking at a classic October surprise, a terrorist event designed to interfere with the normal course of a presidential election. The original October surprise consisted of the machinations of the Reagan campaign to prevent the release of the Iranian hostages before the November, 1980 presidential election. Four years ago, in 2012, Republican forces attempted to humiliate the Obama administration and give Mitt Romney a ticket to the White House by using subversive CIA factions to carry out the Benghazi attack and prevent timely assistance from being rendered. In the modern era, due especially to early voting and absentee ballot voting, an effective October surprise needs to be front-loaded to the first half of October at the latest.’3

On Sunday, June 12, the day after the Orlando massacre, Trump staked his claim to credit for predicting that more terrorism was coming. This tweet reflected the crippling Narcissistic Personality Disorder which has afflicted him all of his life: he immediately portrayed the entire Orlando event as hinging on himself and his own critical role in forecasting the future:

In the wake of the EgyptAir disaster, Trump immediately claimed terrorism, and at least some media replied that there was no proof of this. (Today, more than three weeks after that incident, there is still no proof concerning the cause of this air disaster.) This time, Trump simply assumes terrorism, and the media are too morally and intellectually bankrupt to contradict him.

Of course, there is no real proof that accused Orlando shooter Omar Mateen had anything to do with Al Qaeda, ISIS, Nusra, or any other terrorist organization. Any other characterization depends on the fake or hearsay reports. We are told that Mateen used a 911 phone call to the Orlando police to pledge allegiance to ISIS, Nusra, and Hezbollah, but this is hopelessly confused and cannot be taken seriously. We demand that the FBI immediately release transcripts and tapes of all three 911 calls involving Mateen, which they claim to have in their possession. These tapes should not meet the same fate of total oblivion suffered by the security cameras on so many buildings in Pentagon City and Crystal City which must have photographed whatever flying object hit the Pentagon on 9/11, and which have never been released. This same skepticism goes for the alleged expression of solidarity by Mateen with the Sarnayev brothers of Boston, the supposed authors of the Boston Marathon massacre. As for the claims by the Orlando police, the shooter could be heard shouting praise of Allah; such claims have no probative or evidentiary value.

According to CBS New York:

‘The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, claimed responsibility for the shooting, CBS News reports. The terror group’s news organization, Aamaq Agency, said the attack was “carried out by an Islamic State fighter.”’4

But this supposed claim of responsibility by a group linked to ISIS is based on US media reports and is thus purely opportunistic and bereft of probative value or credibility. So ultimately, there is precious little that would link Mateen to any terrorist organizations. But there is plenty of evidence that links him to the broader US police and security community, which he worked for.

In the face of this, we are more than justified in asking how Trump knew what was coming. Was he engaged in what might be described as insider trading? Does he have back channels to the intelligence community, or for that matter to a notorious pro-terrorist government like that of Turkish President Erdogan?

In any case, a massive backlash against Trump began developing on the Internet on the part of normal people horrified by so much megalomania.

Just like his ego ideal Nixon, Trump had a media enemies’ list, which now includes the Washington Post, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Des Moines Register, Univision, National Review, Mother Jones. All of these are now banned from Trump rallies, press conferences, and other events. We hope he bans all media, and thus cuts off the free publicity he has been getting.

With outrageous chutzpah, Trump took to NBC’s Today Show with Savannah Guthrie this morning and tried to suggest – again, with no proof – that Obama is a mole or terrorist sympathizer:

‘Trump replied that “I’m the one who predicted it, but I don’t want the credit.” Guthrie pointed out that he’s still calling attention to the credit — and noted that “in fairness, everyone can predict that there will be another terrorist attack.”

“I’m not sure that the president knows that!” Trump replied. “He won’t even use ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’ he thinks everyone’s a sweetheart!”

He also spoke conspiratorially about whether Obama “really gets it, but doesn’t want to know about it,” adding that “there are a lot of people who think he really doesn’t want to see what is happening — because Savannah, why isn’t he addressing the issue?”5

On Fox and Friends, the fascist billionaire again suggested that Obama was a mole in cahoots with the terrorists. Once again, he laid it with a profession of his own omniscience:

‘Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump hinted Monday that President Barack Obama is either naive about the threat of terror or actively working with extremists in a Fox News interview after the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history….‘“I mean, I’ve been right about a lot of things, frankly, I was right about ‘take the oil,’ I was right about many, many things,” he said, “Our government, we’re led by a man – look, guys, we’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind, people can’t believe it.” “They cannot believe that President Obama is acting the way he acts and can’t even mention the words radical Islamic terrorism,” he continued. “There’s something going on. It’s inconceivable. There’s something going on.” Trump also said Obama either “doesn’t get it or he gets it better than anybody understands – it’s one of the other, and either one is unacceptable.”’6

Implicit in all of this seems to be the idea that Obama is secretly a Moslem. As an early critic of Obama in 2008, who has carefully examined the evidence concerning Obama’s religion, the present writer has concluded that Obama is in no way a Moslem, and that the preponderance of the evidence points in the direction of his atheism. As far as terrorist sympathizers are concerned, this is the same Obama who some years ago instituted Terror Tuesdays at the White House, with ample time scheduled for reviewing human targets to decide whether they should be eliminated by predator drones and other means. Trump’s comments are absurd.

Trump also posted a statement on his campaign website, in which he portrayed himself as a dictatorial man on horseback in the tradition of Julius Caesar or Napoleon:

‘If we do not get tough and smart real fast, we are not going to have a country anymore. Because our leaders are weak, I said this was going to happen – and it is only going to get worse. I am trying to save lives and prevent the next terrorist attack. We can’t afford to be politically correct anymore.’7

The American people should ponder how lucky they are that Trump is not already president. If Trump were president today, it is likely that he would have engaged in an oppressive frenzy of repressive measures, including the imposition of martial law, the suspension of habeas corpus, holding pens in the public streets or in sports stadiums on the Chilean model, boxcars and cattle cars, and perhaps even a few summary executions.

Trump’s speech at St. Anselm’s College today repeated his call for a total ban on Moslems crossing the US border to enter this country. He also darkly hinted at how we might use the president’s power to deny entry into the country against other unnamed groups coming from areas of conflict. He also suggested that Moslems and others who fail to denounce terrorist acts will also face serious “consequences” – evidently a new McCarthyite witch-hunt along the lines of the one superintended by Trump’s mentor, the infamous Roy Cohn.

But, whatever else he might have been, Mateen was born in the United States, in the same state as Trump, in the same city as Trump, and even in the same borough of Queens where Trump says he was born. Mateen was from New Hyde Park, Queens, New York City, which is an exclave of the larger town of New Hyde Park which is located in Nassau County, just across the city line. So Trump and Mateen are paesani, further underlining the absurd and obsolete quality of Trump’s racist, blood and soil world (Blut und Boden) outlook.

And Trump’s rhetoric has feet of clay. The entire orchestrated hysteria of the last few days depends on assumptions which are largely untenable. The Orlando events also display some of those characteristic features which allow us to identify terrorist events as synthetic creations, classifiable as false flag terrorism.

Many terrorist actions have been ascribed to the actions of mentally troubled misfits or lone assassins, from the time of Lee Harvey Oswald to the present day. One virtually infallible clue to a false flag synthetic terrorism event is the presence of multiple shooters according to real-time reports from actual eyewitnesses. Then, all the assassins but one quickly disappear from the dominant media narrative, often without any comment as to why they are being discarded. Recent examples of this include Major Hassan of Fort Hood, and Anders Breivik of Norway, both of whom were initially reported as acting in conjunction with other shooters.

How Could Mateen Kill and Wound So Many?

In these cases, as in the Orlando shootings, one of the main common sense objections to the official version is that a single lone assassin is assumed to be capable of generating the very large numbers of victims, even while acting alone. Breivik is alleged to have chalked up 78 dead and 319 wounded – a fantastic total. For Mateen, the claim is 50 dead and over 50 injured – also impossible.

Eyewitness Daniel Gonzalez Reports a Second Shooter

In the Orlando case we have the report of eyewitness Daniel Gonzalez, who reports the presence of a second person working together with the main shooter by seeking to prevent victims from leaving the nightclub, and perhaps also by shooting:

‘“He kept on shooting and shooting and shooting, rapid fire,’’ Gonzalez said, “and he’d change (clips), put in more ammunition — bud-dudda. I could smell the ammo in the air.’’

He said he heard another gun from a different direction, so he wonders if there were two gunmen.

“Everybody dropped to the floor. We were trying to look for an exit. But the main exit was right next to the entrance where the shooter was shooting,’’ he said.

“In a moment of desperation we were all crawling on the floor trying to find a place to exit. I looked to my right and I could see people going through some curtains. We were digging through the curtains and found a door.’’

But he said the door was blocked by a man. He wasn’t sure if it was a club security person or an accomplice to the gunmen.

“Fifty people were trying to jump over each other trying to exit the place. There was a guy holding the door and not letting us exit. He’s like ‘Stay inside, stay inside.’ As he is saying that, the shooter keeps getting closer and closer and the sound of the bullets is getting closer. Everyone starts to panic. People are getting trampled. Let us out, let us out!’’’

Gonzalez’ first thought was that it was a hate crime. “This guy is trying to prevent us from leaving. Maybe they’re working together,’’ he said. … “I’m pretty sure it was more than one person. I heard two guns going at the same time. It was very, very crazy.’’8

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, Cop

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen
Omar Mir Seddique Mateen

Omar Mir Seddique Mateen, the accused patsy, was according to published accounts someone who had always wanted to be a cop, and who had been working as a security guard for nine years, most recently at a shopping center. He was thus practically a cop, or halfway a cop. He worked at Treasure Coast Square:

‘Treasure Coast Square is a shopping mall in Jensen Beach, Florida, USA. It comprises more than 120 stores, including anchor stores Dillard’s, JCPenney, Macy’s and Sears, as well as a food court and Regal 16-screen movie theater. The mall is managed by Simon Property Group, and opened in 1987.’10

Mateen’s father appears politically knowledgeable and familiar with the workings of the US Congress, which he lobbied. He had proclaimed himself a candidate for President of Afghanistan, whence he had emigrated to the US. Mateen’s first wife says that he had a violent temper, and sometimes became violent enough to beat her. She left him after four months. Mateen had a second wife, and a child by her:

‘An obscure real estate record says that Orlando terrorist Omar Mateen had a second wife — but the woman remained a mystery Monday, with few details emerging about her even as the gunman’s first spouse went public about their abusive relationship. The second wife, Noor Salman, was listed as Mateen’s spouse on a St. Lucie County mortgage document from September 2013. The couple moved into a house in Port Saint Lucie, Fla. with Mateen’s father and another one of his relatives, the document says.’11

G4S Secure Solutions of the United Kingdom

A salient fact about Mateen is his job with G4S Secure Solutions, a high-profile international security company headquartered in Great Britain, and thus inevitably with links to British intelligence.

‘The security company that employed Orlando nightclub shooter Omar Mateen also is a federal contractor for the Homeland Security and State departments – raising more questions about how he passed background checks despite being on the FBI’s radar screen and the level of security at a firm handling sensitive U.S. operations. Mateen, who killed 49 people and wounded dozens more early Sunday inside the gay nightclub Pulse, started working for G4S Secure Solutions in 2007 and until the attack was employed as an armed guard at a gated retirement community in South Florida. The U.K.-based firm has a far-reaching portfolio that goes well beyond retirement villages, however, with its U.S. arm having become one of the biggest government contractors since 9/11. This includes helping secure 40 U.S. embassies worldwide and working with U.S. agents on border patrol.’12

Of all the red flags for a patsy, Mateen has most of them.



Mateen’s Gun Purveyor Was a New York City Cop

Ed Henson of the St. Lucie Shooting Center is a “former” New York City police officer. The New York Daily News reports that he retired from his post as NYPD detective in 2002. In his Monday appearance for reporters, Henson appeared calm and judicious as he spoke fluently and knowledgeably about the various technicalities of long gun and handgun purchases, waiting periods, background checks, and other details. His rhetorical posture was “Sorry, fellas, I’d like to help, but that is all I can tell you.” He was too polished, too smooth, too affable. He implied that his gun shop provides services for government agencies. What part of the NYPD was he attached to? Was it the Red Squad, one of the infamous Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs) which form a semi-private network within the new post 9/11 domestic counterinsurgency and Cointelpro apparatus?

There is a photograph of Mateen wearing a grey NYPD tee shirt. Is that a statement about his sense of personal identity? How great was the influence of Henson over Mateen? Is Henson a patsy minder?

Henson ‘“told the Orlando Sentinel he had few memories of Mateen. “He’s a nobody,” Henson said. “He’s a customer. He came and purchased his guns and he left. We do a large business.”’13

Gun Shop Owner Ed Henson Talks Like Trump in Public, Wants Obama Executed

The combination of Mateen and Henson is all the more remarkable when we discover that Henson’s public posture was that of Islamophobia to the point of obscenity, mixed with plenty of anti-Obama obsession:

‘ATF Agent Sal van Susteren confirmed to the New York Daily News that accused Orlando shooter Omar Mateen purchased the weapons he used in the weekend’s massacre at St. Lucie Shooting Center, not far from Mateen’s apartment in Fort Pierce, Florida. The New York Daily News reported that the store’s owner, Ed Henson, an ex-NYPD officer, had posted on Facebook in December a meme that said, “F— Islam, F— Allah. F— Muhammad. F— the Koran. F— people who support terrorism,” as well as a comment in November calling for Obama to be “handcuffed, removed from Office and charged with Treason and then publicly executed!” “How can the American People and military stand by and do nothing while this piece of sh– puts everyone of us in danger.”14

This sure looks like a pro-Trump network, since the ideology is identical. More recent reports raise the possibility that Mateen may have been a homosexual himself, despite his father’s report that he became furious when he saw men kissing:

‘Omar Mateen lived a double life. The homophobic maniac who murdered 49 people inside Orlando’s gay-friendly nightclub Pulse Sunday morning had been hanging out there for three years — and chatted with men via online dating services like Grindr, said multiple witnesses who claimed to have firsthand knowledge of Mateen’s habits.’15

According to this, Mateen actually frequented the Pulse Night Club himself.

FBI Director James Comey gave a press conference on Monday in which he repeated hearsay evidence and failed to document or corroborate any of the FBI’s assertions about what happened.

‘Comey said the shooter, who was killed in a gunfight with police responders, made three 911 phone calls from the club during the attack, beginning at about 2:30 a.m. In the calls, he claimed allegiance to the leader of the so-called Islamic State (ISIL) as well as the perpetrators of the 2013 Boston Marathon attack and a Florida man who died as a suicide bomber in Syria for a terrorist group in conflict with ISIL.’

The contents of these purported 9/11 calls are exactly what must be documented and proven. If the FBI could not find the truth about Mateen for years before June 11, 2016, why should we assume that they have figured anything out now? Comey continued:

‘“There are strong indications of radicalization by this killer and of potential inspiration by foreign terrorism organizations,” Comey said, adding that the FBI is the lead investigative agency on this case because it is a terrorism investigation.

Director Comey also described the FBI’s prior contacts with the killer, beginning in May 2013. The FBI opened an investigation when the shooter, then working as a contract security guard, made some inflammatory comments to co-workers and claimed a family connection to Al Qaeda. The shooter was interviewed twice during the preliminary investigation, where he admitted making the statements but said he had done so in anger at his co-workers, who he believed were discriminating against him. The case was closed after 10 months.

Two months later, the shooter’s name surfaced as a casual acquaintance of the Florida man who blew himself up in Syria for the terrorist group al Nusra Front. “Our investigation turned up no ties of any consequence between the two of them,” Comey said. “We will continue to look forward in this investigation, and backward. We will leave no stone unturned.”

Comey said the Bureau is reviewing those cases to see if anything was missed. “We’re also going to look hard at our own work to see whether there is something we should have done differently. So far, the honest answer is: I don’t think so. I don’t see anything in reviewing our own work that our agents should have done differently.”16

Comey’s smug complacency is astounding for a bureaucrat whose agency has just failed yet again in its essential mission of protecting the American people. As we have said before, Obama should put a mole detector at the door of CIA, FBI, NSA and the rest. In the meantime, Comey needs to take responsibility for failure and resign.

‘FBI Director James Comey added in a statement on Monday that the shooter was involved in precisely three calls to a 911 dispatcher at approximately 2:30am. Comey said: ‘He (Mateen) called and hung up. He called again and spoke with the dispatcher and hung up. ‘And the dispatcher called him back and they spoke briefly. ‘During the calls he said he was doing this for the leader of ISIS, who he named, and pledged loyalty to. But he also appeared to claim solidarity with the perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombings and solidarity with the Florida man who died as a suicide bomber in Syria for Al-Nusra Front – a group in conflict with the so-called Islamic State.’

The Boston bombers and the suicide bomber from Florida were not inspired by ISIS, which adds a little bit to the confusion about his motives’, Comey concluded.

Police chiefs chose to act when he boasted to the 911 call handler about ‘bomb vests, explosives’ and said he would murder more young people.’17

Again – let’s hear those tapes, fast.

In the meantime, the lies and half-truths leaked from the US intelligence community are circulating in the media as the truth:

‘CBS News Justice and Homeland Security correspondent Jeff Pegues reports that that Mateen called 911 just prior to the attack and pledged allegiance to ISIS. According to CBS News, Mateen identified himself to the 911 operator and also mentioned the Tsarnaev brothers, who were behind the Boston Marathon bombings in 2013.’18

Once again, this is exactly what must not be believed without conclusive proof.

In the meantime, this attack and any further terrorist attacks on the US and the other NATO states must be prima facie attributed to intelligence factions favorable to Trump. Obama must act now to prevent these factions from acting again.

To complete the false flag picture, it appears that the Orlando massacre was preceded by a mass casualty exercise held last October. [See links below]

It coincided with the annual meeting of the Emergency Nurses Association and used 100 actors and professional makeup and special effects experts & Fx appliances.


Used “100 volunteer actors”


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