Dean-Brazile Minority Coup Splits Democrats; Senator Clinton Is The Real Democratic Party

By Webster G. Tarpley

Washington, DC, May 31 — Today the Rules Committee of the Democratic National Committee has taken a giant step on the road to political suicide. Today’s decision to cut in half the voting strength of the Florida and Michigan delegations effectively disenfranchises the voters of these two vital and indispensable states, and reduces them to second-class citizenship. Even the infamous three-fifths compromise embodied in the US Constitution of 1787 treated a slave better than the Democratic National Committee is treating the voters of Florida and Michigan. Without these two states, any Democratic ticket is doomed to defeat in the November election. The Democratic Party does not exist for the primary purpose of obeying its own rules; it exists for the purpose of winning elections, and the goal of such winning is that the interests of the people may be served and defended. This basic truth of equity has now been trampled on by the Dean- Brazile-Obama Wall Street puppets.

Howard Dean, Donna Brazile, and their retainers have argued that they owe it to black voters and to fervent youthful idealists to make sure that Obama gets the nomination. In reality, the Democratic National Committee has proven over and over again that it does not care a damn about black voters, nor about young voters either. Dean and Brazile get their orders from Wall Street bankers like Rockefeller and Soros and their associated think tanks, and it is these Wall Street interests that are demanding Obama be nominated to carry out a program of draconian domestic economic austerity and a final confrontation with Russia and China, as prescribed by the Brzezinski Plan.

By their actions of today, Dean, Brazile, and the Obama campaign have already split the Democratic Party. It is they who must assume the historical responsibility for the impending scission. If you exclude half of Michigan and half of Florida, you have already split the party, and this is what the Obama camp has done.

Obama has never won elective office in a truly contested election, and there is no way he can win a normal presidential election in 2008. He can only hope that the intelligence networks controlled by his Wall Street backers can destroy Senator McCain with piloted scandals at some moment in September or October. This is how Obama got his senate seat. So Obama will either be defeated, or else he will owe his presidency to the FBI.

Obama’s candidacy is already beset by at least five distinct orders of scandal. First is the fact that he is the product of a nest of racist foundation-funded provocateurs associated with Reverend Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ, with the renegade theolib priest Father Pfleger being merely the latest in the series of these racist hate mongers to come to the attention of the public. Second is the fact that Obama is a product of a nest of Weatherman terrorists, including Obama’s close friends Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, who have sponsored his career at a number of critical points. Third is the fact that Obama is sunk up to his eyeballs in a cesspool of corruption and graft associated with the Daley-Blagojevich Cook County Democratic machine and ongoing criminal conspiracy known as the Illinois Bipartisan Combine, which features the Levantine gangsters Antoin Rezko, Nadhi Auchi, and former Iraqi Electricity Minister Aiham Alsammarae. Fourth is a complex of scandals involving murder, cocaine, and illicit sex, associated with the names of Larry Sinclair and of Donald Young, the gay choirmaster of Wright’s church who was found murdered last Christmas morning. Fifth are the relations between the Obama campaign and terrorist patsy groups in the Middle East. The relations of Robert Malley with Hamas have already led Obama to dump Malley. The next phase may well involve the sponsorship in Washington of Ilyas Achmadov, the envoy of the murderous Chechen terrorist organization, by Obama’s top controller and guru, Zbigniew Brzezinski. These five echelons of scandal mean that Obama is out of the question as a viable candidate of the Democratic Party.

According to a recent Rasmussen poll, about one third of Democrats and one half of Clinton supporters want Senator Clinton to be on the November ballot without regard to what the Democratic bosses may decree. These results were gathered in a situation when this option was totally taboo for the controlled corporate media. With some elementary mass political education, these numbers would rise considerably overnight. What is needed now is the certain trumpet.

We now stand on the edge of a cliff, peering into the abyss. The catastrophes for the United States which are now coming into view on the horizon of an Obama regime are many orders of magnitude beyond the destruction wrought by Bush, Cheney, and the neocons. The initiative is now in the hands of Senator Clinton. Today, Dean (a loser of 2004) and Brazile (a loser of 2000) have irrevocably split the Democratic Party, even as they showed their own moral insanity and unbelievable political stupidity. Senator Clinton must now deal with the consequences of what Dean and Brazile have done. Mrs. Clinton must now declare herself and her majority faction to be the real Democratic Party, the heirs Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, and launch a fight that will go all the way to victory in November. In a contest fought out among McCain, Obama, and Clinton, there is no doubt that Clinton would emerge as the winner.

Clinton needs to say something like this:  “I represent a clear majority of the Democratic Party primary voters. This majority must rule, and will rule, despite what a discredited gaggle of unelected and unaccountable party bosses and machine hacks may decree. The infamy and moral insanity of today’s meeting of the Rules Committee shows that the Democratic National Committee has been seized by an illegitimate insurgent group intent on carrying out a coup d’état. The Democratic National Committee has been hijacked by Wall Street interests whose unspoken agenda is alien to the needs of the American people. I call on Democrats to fight back. This is your party, and not the party of Howard Dean. My campaign is the real Democratic Party. I call on my supporters to seize control of the party apparatus in every state, and to make sure that my name will be on the ballot in November, so as to guarantee the American people the choice of at least one candidate who is actually qualified to be president in this crisis. In the midst of war and economic depression, we cannot permit another failed presidency on the part of yet another feckless and incompetent demagogue who has come out of nowhere to contravene the clear will of the voters in his quest for the highest office. Our national survival is once again at stake. Democrats, rally to me! Because of who I am and because of the grave responsibilities which I face, I call upon you to support me, whatever may happen. The Democratic Party is not the plaything of wealthy elitists. We are the New Deal Democrats, the party of Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, and with your help we will secure the future.”


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