Sir Colin Powell, Who Lied To The World About Iraq, Now Lies About Obama

Gen. Powell 2008 In The Nepotistic Footsteps Of Field Marshal Von Hindenburg 1933

Washington DC, Oct. 19 – Colin Powell, who five years ago deliberately lied to the UN Security Council about nonexistent weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, now craves public attention for his endorsement of the totalitarian demagogue Obama. Powell is promising national rebirth under Obama, the evident darling of the ruling financier elite. Does Sir Colin (who was knighted by the Queen of England for his services in killing Arabs) still believe in Saddam’s WMDs? It looks like the same people who brought us the catastrophic Iraq war are determined to install Obama in the White House.

Powell is one of the most pompous and monumental failures in American public life. He has played a leading role in every US policy debacle of the last half-century, including Vietnam, the Iraq-Kuwait war, and now the Iraq war. He also served as a helper to Frank Carlucci in suppressing the White House evidence that would have sent Bush the elder to the federal pen as a result of Iran-contra gun running and drug running twenty years ago. Powell is known to get his marching orders from an intelligence network that stretches from the CIA to the Pentagon, and which includes such unsavory figures as Richard Armitage (the man who outed Valerie Plame), who is probably still Powell’s best friend. Powell has brought this country many disasters, and he now wants to bring us a truly incalculable one – a seizure of power by the totalitarian trio of Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.

Why is the discredited and hated liar Powell coming out of the obscurity of his retirement to pontificate about the superiority of Obama? The best bet is that he is angling for a political plum job for his sleazy, no-talent, and nepotistic son, Michael Powell, who did such an incompetent job as head of the Federal Communications Commission during the first term of the current Bush. Powell used libertarian cover to serve the telecom monopolies and cartels while seeking to suppress free speech. It is well known Michael Powell got his FCC chairmanship thanks to lobbying and influence peddling by his famous father, and for no other reason. Thanks to daddy, Michael has since become a trustee of the genocidal RAND Corporation, where Zbigniew Brzezinski and others make strategy for their puppet Obama. Now, with the prospect of an Obama regime, Colin Powell is anxious to take care of his feckless son for the decade ahead.

Colin Powell recalls the story of another soldier turned politician – Field Marshal Paul von Hindenburg, who was a top German commander in World War I and then President of Germany under the Weimar republic. Von Hindenburg had his own corrupt and greedy son, Oskar von Hindenburg. Oskar, like Michael Powell, had only made it to being a field grade officer and had then turned to political influence peddling, trading on his father’s famous name. Oskar became involved in corruption and embezzlement schemes, and built up huge gambling debts. Field Marshall von
Hindenburg’s desire to protect his son and advance his career was one of the main reasons the elderly German President dropped his long-standing opposition to naming a certain Bohemian corporal named Adolf Hitler as chancellor in January 1933. President Hindenburg put the needs of his wastrel son over the fate of his nation, and Colin Powell seems to be doing the same thing today. In retrospect, we know the terrible price paid by the German people for Hindenburg’s weakness in 1933. What price will the American people have to pay for a seizure of power by the Obama machine? It is not too late to make sure that we never find out.

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