Tarpley on Russia Today: CIA-MI6 kidnap “renditions” flourish under Obama gulag

November 3, 2009

In an interview with RT’s Dina Gusovsky, Webster G. Tarpley comments on news from the London Guardian that an aircraft belonging to the infamous CIA pirate fleet used for illegal kidnap-renditions over several years has been observed in a rendez-vous with British Special Air Services commandos at Birmingham airport. Obama’s executive order of January 22, 2009 explicitly allows such illegal renditions, so this should be no surprise. Also, Obama’s order leaves a gaping loophole for the maintenance of US “black site” secret prisons/torture chambers, as long as the inmates are moved around periodically. The implication is that the identified black sites at Stare Kiejcuti in Poland and in Romania are still functioning. This is strong circumstantial evidence that the US is still delivering prisoners to countries where torture is routinely practiced. This was the case of Imam Nasr of Milan, in which a score of CIA employees, including Rome station chief Bob Lady, have been indicted by Italian prosecutors, and top officials of the Italian military intelligence SISMI arrested. The change is from Bush’s open brutality to Obama’s cynical hypocrisy. Human Rights Watch, which condemned rendition under Bush, now supports it under Obama.

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