CIA black sites in Lithuania: The price of NATO membership was letting US trample national sovereignty

Russia Today
December 22, 2009

From Russia Today:

Lithuania provided all the necessary conditions for operating a CIA secret prison for terror detainees, a parliamentary investigation has confirmed.

In light of the report, Lithuania’s prime minister has called for a crackdown on corruption in the country’s security services.

… historian and investigative journalist Webster Tarpley says that now that the official probe has proven the allegations true, the official US media is trying to cover the story up.

‘This is a very bitter pill [for Lithuania],’ Tarpley told RT. ‘It is clear that as a price for NATO membership, Lithuania was forced to let the CIA run wild with kidnappings, secret prisons and no charges, no due process, no notifications to the International Red Cross – none of this stuff.’

Click here to view Webster Tarpley’s recent interview on Russia Today

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