Emergency Call to Congress: Stop the Destruction of Social Security by Wall Street Puppet Obama!

Webster G. Tarpley
December 12, 2010

Dear Senator/Congressman —

American voters are shocked and outraged by Obama’s latest betrayal of the FDR New Deal heritage. Most alarming in his dirty deal with the Republicans is the proposed sabotage of Social Security. We will work hard to defeat any politician of any party who loots or drains the Social Security trust fund, including Obama’s diabolical trick of a payroll tax holiday. Tell Obama HANDS OFF OUR SOCIAL SECURITY! Any problems with Social Security can be easily solved by removing the cap on the FICA payroll tax and making rich parasites and economic royalists pay their fair share — not rewarding them with tax bonanzas. We can already see the GOP vultures led by Ryan, DeMint, & Co. getting ready to destroy Social Security if this measure goes through.

We demand that you use your position and influence actively, to beat back this sinister ploy by Obama.
In the Senate, any senator who does not filibuster Obama’s plan deserves to be primaried first, and then defeated at the polls.
If this rotten sellout is not stopped, House members must dump Pelosi as minority leader, rather than become parties to such monstrous treachery.

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