ISIS Butchers Seize Control of Terrorist Safe Haven in Northern Syria, Score Gains Near Aleppo; Latest Debacle Plays Out Treacherous Logic of Turkey’s Erdogan and US ISIS Czar Allen

Al Qaeda Cleared Out, “Free Syrian Army” Ran Away, so Caliphate Took Over Vital Territory– as per Allen’s Calculations; Time for Obama to Reject Calls for US Divisions, Unleash Kurds, Demand Turkey Finally Interdict Border with Syria; Allen Implicated in Fake Optimism of “Reworked” Pentagon Reports of US Phony War on ISIS; Obama’s New Syria […]

Turkish Pals of ISIS Czar John Allen Helped Nusra AKA Al Qaeda Capture US-trained Syrian Mercenaries; Goal Was to Shield ISIS Butchers; Case Is Far Worse Violation of US State Secrets Than Petraeus or Hillary; Erdogan Must Be Expelled from NATO; Obama Needs to #FireAllen4ISIS !

United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New evidence pertaining to the ambush of the Pentagon’s Division 30 platoon of Syrian rebels the Al-Nusra brigade has come to light in a recent report from the McClatchy DC news bureau. According to multiple sources cited in the […]

Netanyahu Redoubles Effort to Save ISIS by Attacking Syria with Artillery and Jets; Israeli Warplane Reported Shot Down Over Syrian Territory; Iran and Syria Media See Netanyahu’s Bombing Campaign vs Damascus as Gambit to Inflame American Jewish Opinion Against Iran Nuclear Accord; Beware Desperate Actions by Netanyahu; Obama Returns to White House from Vacation Just in Time to #FireAllen4ISIS!

United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | Monday, August 24, 2015

As we have chronicled, recent developments in the Middle East have opened up the prospective of either destroying the ISIS butchers, or at least of decisively weakening them. This potential derives from two very recent events: on the […]

Scheming ISIS Czar Allen Has Until Labor Day to Attack Syria, Preserve ISIS, and Save Erdogan from Looming Election Defeat

Pullout of NATO Patriot Missile Shield from Turkey, Russian Delivery of MiG 31s to Syria Set Stage for Destruction of Caliphate; Allen’s M.O. Calls for Covert War Coup While President Is Out of Town; Advisers Aid Assad, Prepare Way for Collective Security Treaty Organization Peacekeepers; Putin in Crimea Warns of Terror Offensive; Need High Alert […]

Convergence of Putin and Obama Against Allen and Erdogan: Moscow Delivers 6 MIG-31 Foxhound Aircraft to Assad Government of Syria; These Planes Plus NATO Pullout of Patriot Missiles Will Allow Syria to Clobber ISIS Terrorists Shielded Up to Now by Erdogan; Russian Advisers on the Scene Supplying Syria with Satellite Imagery, Studying Terrain for United Nations Peacekeepers; #FireAllen4ISIS

United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | Friday, August 21, 2015

An unimpeachable Middle East source sends the following intelligence estimate:

“The delivery of six MIG 31 combat aircraft to the Syrian government in Damascus corresponds to the withdrawal by Germany, Spain, [and the US] of Patriot missile […]

Syrian Terrorist Rebels Just Trained In a Program Pushed by ISIS Czar Allen Immediately Defect to Al-Qaeda/ISIS; This Program Must End Now; More on the Horrors of ISIS Sex Slavery; Is Nightmare Scenario for Syria Realistic, or Just Another Gambit from Allen with Obama on Vacation?

United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | Tuesday, August 18, 2015

General Allen is a macabre laughingstock once again in Syria with the help of his crony Recep Erdogan, turning an alleged anti-ISIS fighting force into an ally of insurgents waging war against the legitimate Syrian government. After Obama […]

Behind Putin’s “Big Stalingrad” Ultimatum to Turkey: US ISIS Czar Allen Scheming to Smash Syrian Army and Kurds, Shift Terrorists East Against Iran and Russia, as Turkey’s Erdogan Prepares Islamist Attacks in Russia’s Crimea Region; Pentagon Threatens Air Strikes to Protect Absurd Company-Sized “Moderate Rebel” Contingent–Too Small for Action, but Good for Allen-Petraeus Neocon Provocations

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. PressTV August 5, 2012

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The recent warning by President Putin to the Turkish envoy Ümit Yardim highlights the potential for Erdogan’s insane support for ISIS to explode into much wider conflict. At the recent forum held in Ankara, Crimean Tatars loudly denounced “Russian occupation” in […]

Putin Issues Ultimatum to Turkey: Stop Supporting ISIS Terrorists or Face Break in Diplomatic Relations; Tells Erdogan to “Go To Hell”; Threatens “Big Stalingrad” For Turkish and Saudi-Backed Fighters in Syria; Russia Will Work with Iran and China to Save Syria From Hypocrite Dictator Erdogan; Moscow Concrn Reflects Cold Coup by US ISIS Czar Allen to Push Terrorist Forces East Towards Iran and Russia; Americans Must Demand #Fireallen4Isis Now

United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | August 5, 2015

US Media Hiding ISIS Czar Allen’s Putsch Setting Up Turkish-Controled Safe Haven and Logistics Base for Terrorists in Northern Syria

Thierry Meyssan of Voltaire Network Exposes Turkish President Erdogan as the Kingpin of ISIS; Erdogan’s Son and Daughter Serve as Integral Parts of Caliphate’s Rear Echelon; Varoufakis Reveals Preparations Approved by Tsipras for Parallel Payment System Ready to Switch to Drachmas, While Galbraith Talks Clearing and Settlement – but Was There a Complete Plan B? […]

Tax Wall Street Party Exposes Anti-Obama Coup by ISIS Czar Allen and Turkey’s Erdogan for a Terrorist Safe Haven Under NATO Protection in Northern Syria: The Full Three-Part Expose

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. TARPLEY.net July 30, 2015

First Published July 28-29-30, 2015 Tuesday, July 28, 2015 — UFAA/TWSP Morning Briefing Coup d’Etat in Washington: While Obama Visits Africa, ISIS Czar Allen Rams Through No Fly Buffer Zone in Northern Syria, Protecting ISIS Supply Line from Kurds; Obama Must Fire Allen Now! #FireAllen4ISIS

At […]