American Journalist: What Happens in Syria is Blind Terrorism, Typical of the CIA with Arab Finance

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Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency
December 3, 2011

DAMASCUS, (SANA)-American journalist Webster Tarpley said the West is doing its best to destabilize the situation in Syria where civilians have to deal with death squads and blind terrorism, which is typical of the CIA.

“What average Syrians of all ethnic groups say about this is that they are being shot at by snipers. People complained that there are terrorist snipers who are shooting at civilians, blind terrorism simply for the purpose of destabilizing the country,” Infowars Website quoted Webster as saying to Russia Today TV.

He added: “What you are dealing with here is not a civil war, but death squads, you are dealing with terror commandos; this is a typical CIA method. In this case it’s a joint production of CIA, MI6, Mossad, it’s got money coming from Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.” Continue reading »

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