At Davos, Macron of France, Gentiloni of Italy, Merkel of Germany, and Trudeau of Canada Repudiate Trumpism

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity|TWSPTax Wall Street Party

ASNAmerican System Network|Thursday, January 25, 2018

While U.S. Retreats, Macron Bids to Replace China’s Xi as Leader of World Economy with “France Is Back” Speech; But EU Leaders Are Still Mired in Failed Neoliberal Economics; Hariri of Lebanon Repeats That Final Status of Jerusalem Is Still Open Despite Trump Ploy; Total Depravity of Evangelical Leaders Shown by New Theological Concept Cooked Up for Trump: The Mulligan!; Did God Choose Winner in 2016?; Will Trump End Up at the Bad Russian Table During His Visit to the Magic Mountain?

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