Brace for Strategic and Financial Cataclysms in 2018

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity|TWSPTax Wall Street Party

ASNAmerican System Network|Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Kim’s Rocket Rattling and North Korean Threat to Mass Produce Nuclear Weapons Mean Massive Proliferation, Requiring U.S. Mass Production of Orbital Lasers for Anti-Missile Defense; Kim’s Patron Xi of China Hypocritically Claims World Hegemony as “Keeper of the International Order”; Don’t Let Trump Seize on Pretext of Economic Protests in Iran to Wreck JCPOA Nuclear Accord; Tweet Tantrum Targets Iran AND Pakistan Simultaneously; Stock Bubble Not Likely to Survive $1 Trillion Quantitative Tightening of Money Supply During 2018

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