After Limbaugh’s CIA and NSA Pals, Pat Buchanan Talks Up “October Surprise for Hillary … a Massive Document Dump That Buries Her”

Pro-Trump Hackers Could Also Tamper with Vote Totals in Manner Of Karl Rove’s 2012 ORCA Vote Fraud Machine; Trump-Bannon Campaign Is Not Conservative, Not Nationalist, and Has Apologized for Nothing; White Supremacists Laud New Prominence of Racist Breitbart Gang; Role of Reactionary Mercer Family in Choice of Conway and Bannon Confirmed; Trump Targets Obamacare While […]

CIA and NSA Spooks on Limbaugh Program Promise Cyber Surprise in Form of Massive Pro-Trump Data Dump in October, but Fail to Ask Why Hostile Foreign Powers Prefer Trump

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Thursday, August 18, 2016 State Department, NSA, DNC, Clinton Foundation All Under Attack; Where Is NSA Cyber Command Boss Keith Alexander and Why Is He Not Accountable for Cyber Attacks on US?; Goldman Sachs Banker Bannon, as Vindictive as Goebbels, Would Use Government Power to Crush […]

More Chaos in Flailing Trump Campaign as Fascist Billionaire Demotes Manafort of Ukrainian Mafia, Makes Extremist Ideologue and Goldman Sachs Banker Stephen Bannon of Neofascist Breitbart News Campaign CEO

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Wednesday, August 17, 2016 Establishment Hack Kellyann Conway Will Be Campaign Manager Traveling with Trump; Both New Hires Are Reportedly Creatures of the Super-Rich Mercer Family; Bannon Entourage Includes Alt-Right Valkyries; Neither Bannon nor Conway Has Run National Campaign, and Neither Enhances Trump’s Ability to Win […]

US-Russian Talks Continue on Joint Anti-Terror Coordination Center in Jordan; Russian Bombers Flying from Iran Pound Syrian Terrorist Rebels

United Front Against Austerity|Tax Wall Street Party American System Network|Tuesday, August 16, 2016 Trump Foreign Policy Rant Effective Only on Gullible Who Don’t Know Islamic State Is Being Defeated; After Liberation of Manbij from ISIS Nightmare, Kurdish-Arab-US Forces Move Towards Capture of ISIS Capital in Raqqa; Iraqis Ready Assault on ISIS-Held Mosul; Jill Stein Apologizes […]

THAAD System is Purely Defensive Measure for South Korea Faced by DPRK Madmen; China Must be Warned to Stop Issuing Threats of Force over Outrageous South China Sea Ocean Grab; Beijing’s Reckless Adventurism is Product of Xi’s Unpopularity Due to Failed Economic and Financial Management, Aggressive British-Chinese Alliance

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. PressTV August 16, 2016

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World Premiere Edition of the American System, an Anti-Wall Street Internet Radio Program in Support of the American System of Political Economy, Combining the Science of Economic Program with Revolutionary Activism

United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | Monday, August 15, 2016 Dear Friends – Today Marks the First Broadcast of the American System, a Daily Internet Radio Program Airing Weekdays at 9pm. You Are All Cordially Invited to Join Us Starting Tonight. Please Go to AmericanSystem.TV and Subscribe Now!

The […]

Psychotic Trump Now Says His Claim Obama Founded ISIS Was Merely “Sarcastic”

United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | Sunday, August 14, 2016 Real Founders of ISIS Were Bush, Cheney, and Gen. Petraeus Through Surge and “Anbar Awakening”; Trump Great Admirer of Disgraced Neocon Petraeus; Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy Must Enforce Law on Violent Threats Against Trump or Face Ouster; Tax […]

Trump’s Fascism and Psychosis Make Him Far too Dangerous for the Presidency; His Main Hope is an October Surprise of Terrorism; Islamophobic Candidate Wants to Use Nuclear Weapons in Middle East; Would Sabotage Iran-US Nuclear Accord, Ruin Emerging Détente

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. PressTV August 11, 2016

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Aftermath of Assassination Threats Shows Trump Demands to Be Above the Law

United Front Against Austerity | Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefing | Tuesday, August 9, 2016 Former CIA/NSA Boss Hayden Says Average Person Would Have Been Severely Interrogated After Inciting Violence Against Presidential Candidate and Supremes, but the Fascist Billionaire Still Walks Free; Trump Seen Worldwide as “Assassination Dog Whistle,” “Instigating Violence,” and “A Bloody […]

Pro-Trump August Surprise Terrorist Attacks May Be Imminent After GOP Candidate Incites His Followers to Assassinate Hillary Clinton and Supreme Court Justices over Allegedly Planned Gun Restrictions

Secret Service Must Investigate Fascist Billionaire; Maximum Vigilance Needed; Trump Cratering in National and State Polls; Defections from GOP Increase

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D. TARPLEY.net August 10, 2016

Today, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump crossed into the terrain of illegality by inciting his followers to assassinate Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and unspecified members […]