Ted Cruz Campaign Brainwashing Gullible Contacts with “Psychographic Targeting” Based on Profiling and Manipulation Using Freudian Techniques from the Harvard-M.I.T.-London Boutique; Freudian and Secular Humanist Elements Abound; Pro-Gun Activists Praised in Public by Cruz Are Mocked as Neurotics, While Other Supporters Are Branded as “Temperamental”

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Morning Briefing | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ted Cruz
Cruz’s data mining and profiling machine may explain his unprecedented 21% gain in the latest Des Moines Register poll. But will devout Hawkeyes appreciate Cruz’s surveillance and manipulation? We doubt it. Remember “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” in Matthew 23:13

About us now in the depth of the pit we found
a painted people, weary and defeated.
Slowly, in pain, they paced it round and round.
All wore great cloaks cut to as ample a size
as those worn by the Benedictines of Cluny.
The enormous hoods were drawn over their eyes.
The outside is all dazzle, golden and fair;
the inside, lead, so heavy that Frederick’s capes,
compared to these, would seem as light as air,
weary mantle for eternity !

—Dante, Inferno, Canto XXIII. (The German Emperor Frederick II executed traitors by encasing them in lead. Dante’s hypocrites have colorful and attractive decorations on their leaden cloaks, and they trample on the most notorious hypocrites, who are nailed to the floor.) 1

In this Gustave Dore’ in Dante’s Inferno, Dante and his guide Virgil view the “sad college of the hypocrites” in the fifth pocket of the eighth circle, the home of fraud. The hypocrites are clad in leaden cloaks which are colorfully painted on the outside. Ted Cruz should contemplate this engraving and repent!

If you don’t like the surveillance, data mining and intrusions into privacy practiced by the infamous National Security Agency, chances are you will NOT like the profiling, manipulating, and brainwashing techniques of the Ted Cruz for president campaign. If you are an evangelical or fundamentalist Christian, chances are you will be outraged by a presidential campaign which regards you as fearful and suffering from “neuroticism” if you want to have a gun to protect yourself from burglars. If religion is important to you, you will not be happy when that same concept of “neuroticism” turns out to derive from none other than Sigmund Freud, without a doubt the biggest secular humanist of all time. This is the same Sigmund Freud who summed up his views about God in the infamous tract The Future of an Illusion. This is the same Freud who asserted in Totem and Taboo that religion itself started through the murder of a patriarch. Dukakis was a fiasco in Iowa in 1988 when he recommended growing Belgian endive; this new MK (Mind Kontrol) routine by Cruz may harm his candidacy even more.

As of today, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is leading in the Republican presidential primary polls in Iowa, and is rapidly catching up on Donald Trump in the nationwide GOP competition. In addition to the very obvious mobilization of networks belonging to the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite Freemasons, Cruz is benefiting from an extensive program designed to identify and mobilize his supporters. The problem is, Cruz is doing this by telling each micro-class of voters exactly what they want to hear, blurring the lines of truth and falsehood. Building directly on the Obama campaign’s 2008 system for crafting messages designed to appeal to the specific mentality of each of these micro-classes, Cruz has taken pandering to the voters to a new nadir.

We have long attacked Cruz as the consummate hypocrite of the 2016 elections. His pained expression is supposed to express his infinite patriotic concern. The word hypocrite is thought to derive from the Greek term for an actor, and we can be certain that Cruz – more than Reagan, more than Schwarzenegger – is acting all the time.

According to today’s Washington Post:

‘Cruz has largely built his program out of his Houston headquarters, where a team of statisticians and behavioral psychologists who subscribe to the burgeoning practice of “psychographic targeting” built their own version of a Myers-Briggs personality test. The test data is supplemented by recent issue surveys, and together they are used to categorize supporters, who then receive specially tailored messages, phone calls and visits. Micro-targeting of voters has been around for well over a decade, but the Cruz operation has deepened the intensity of the effort and the use of psychological data. The personality and political scores applied by the campaign are used to tightly tailor outreach to individuals. For example, personalities that have received high scores for “neuroticism” are believed to be generally fearful, so a pro-gun pitch to them would emphasize the use of firearms for personal safety and might include a picture of a burglar breaking into a home.’

Now the gun owners of Iowa know exactly what Ted Cruz thinks of them! Fearful and suffering from neuroticism! And just who were the architects of this deviltry? Yankees and more secular humanists, direct from the Harvard-MIT boutique! As the Washington Post reports:

‘To build its data-gathering operation widely, the Cruz campaign hired Cambridge Analytica, a Massachusetts company reportedly owned in part by hedge fund executive Robert Mercer, who has given $11 million to a super PAC supporting Cruz. Cambridge, the U.S. affiliate of London-based behavioral research company SCL Group, has been paid more than $750,000 by the Cruz campaign, according to Federal Election Commission records. To develop its psychographic models, Cambridge surveyed more than 150,000 households across the country and scored individuals using five basic traits: openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. A top Cambridge official didn’t respond to a request for comment, but Cruz campaign officials said the company developed its correlations in part by using data from Facebook that included subscribers’ likes. That data helped make the Cambridge data particularly powerful, campaign officials said.’

We note that this system of mass brainwashing seems to be controlled by a Wall Street hedge fund hyena. This correlates directly with the fact that Cruz’s wife has been an employee of Goldman Sachs. This part of the work was done in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the point on the globe which is spiritually most distant from the cornfields of Iowa. Other parts of the project seem to have arrived from that den of iniquity called London, where the elite once belonged to the Hellfire Club, and in many cases still do.

Final adjustments to the brainwashing protocol were added by Cruz’s personal minions. On approaching a likely voter, they asked themselves ‘Would she be a “relaxed leader”? A “temperamental conservative”? Maybe even a “true believer”?’ In one case the answer was “stoic conservative.” Using these methods,

‘The Cruz campaign modified the Cambridge template, renaming some psychological categories and adding subcategories to the list, such as “stoic traditionalist” and “true believer.” The campaign then did its own field surveys in battleground states to develop a more precise predictive model based on issues preferences. The Cruz algorithm was then applied to what the campaign calls an “enhanced voter file,” which can contain as many as 50,000 data points gathered from voting records, popular websites and consumer information such as magazine subscriptions, car ownership and preferences for food and clothing.’ An email will be tweaked based on the personality of the recipient. If a respondent were a “stoic traditionalist,” the conversation would be very direct and to the point. If a potential supporter was labeled “temperamental,” the language and approach would change, according to Chris Wilson, the campaign’s director of research and analytics, who has taken a leave from the polling firm he leads, WPA Opinion Research. “The tone would be inspiring and become more and more positive as the conversation progresses,” he said.’ 2

In Dante’s portrayal of the pocket where the hypocrites are confined for all eternity, some of the worst hypocrites are nailed to the ground where they are trampled on by the lead-clad procession of their peers. In this engraving by Gustave Dore’, Dante and Virgil contemplate the fate of Caiaphas. This chilling graphic should encourage Ted Cruz to repent! Metanoeite!

Fifty thousand “data points” are a lot of data points. Cruz may really be in the same league with the NSA. Anybody who signs up for the Cruz campaign or installs one of their apps in a smart phone will be living under a microscope in a goldfish bowl from then on. And notice how many of Cruz’s labels are derogatory.

In a recent interview, Cruz’s rival Donald Trump answered all questions about civil liberties and intrusive police state surveillance with the monolithic refrain: “We need more surveillance.” Once again Cruz seems to be going Trump one better, although he is doing it in his usual hypocritical and surreptitious form. The campaign is already competing in ways to spy on and manipulate its own voters, while using their profiles to tell them exactly what they want to hear.

Cruz claims to care about God, but he obviously worships power and money. In his world-famous Inferno, the great Italian poet Dante puts such hypocrites as Cruz in the fifth pocket of the Eighth Circle, which is devoted to fraud. Their punishment is to be crushed down by cloaks of thickest lead. The sallow-faced hypocrite Cruz should recall the Scripture where Christ warns: “But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites!” (Matthew 23:13) Otherwise, he may wear his hypocrisy like a cloak forever.


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