Democratic Party Fix Is in for Hillary Thanks to Sheep Dog Bernie Sanders as Unstable Webb Drops Out and Biden Punts; Austerity Ghoul Paul Ryan Still Haggling with “Freedom Caucus” over Succession to Boehner; Here Are More Reasons Why He Should Never Be Speaker

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Morning Briefing | Thursday, October 22, 2015

With astonishing rapidity, the forces set in motion by Bernie Sanders’ open and public embrace of Wall Street presidential candidate Hillary Clinton during the Democratic debate are asserting themselves through the US political constellation. As a direct result of Bernie’s embrace of the cackling former Secretary of State and demiurge of the Arab spring, the ducks are rapidly lining up in a row for Ms. Clinton. Her campaign is revived, her poll numbers are rising, and her mood is more complacent and confident than ever.

The personally labile former Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, a right-wing politician with a penchant for quitting (he left his senate seat after one term because he found fundraising distasteful) and an aversion to the grueling slog of a national campaign has now dropped out once again. And today, Vice President Joe Biden – who quit the 1988 presidential race because he was found to have plagiarized en bloc a speech by the then British Labor Party leader Neil Kinnock – has announced that he will not throw his hat into the ring.

Webb might have caused Hillary some minor problems, but Biden would have been a serious concern, capable of prolonging the nomination contest and exposing Ms. Clinton to the dangers inherent in her own temperament. The only resistance will now come from the marginalized and underfunded campaign of former Gov. O’Malley of Maryland. According to some, it is already all over but the shouting. But reality always turns out to be richer than the plan.

In the meantime, GOP circles are still haggling with Congressman Ryan of Wisconsin about whether he will become Speaker of the House. We therefore publish material on Ryan from the 2012 book, Just Too Weird: Bishop Romney and the Mormon Takeover of America-Polygamy, Theocracy, and Subversion. Despite a large media campaign to make Ryan look like a moderate; in reality a Ryan speakership would put a reactionary austerity ghoul from the mental world of the John Birch Society just two heartbeats away from the presidency. America would also get a First Lady from a family with racist traditions going back to Alabama Governor George Wallace. Ryan must never be Speaker.

Ayn Rand Devotee and Bircher Paul Ryan, Romney’s Veep Pick

By early August of 2012, Romney’s incorrigible ineptitude, his obsessive secrecy, and the incompetence of his tight Boston clique of advisors had put his presidential campaign on the path to decline. The Wall Street Journal and other citadels of hard-line reactionary politics continued to criticize him for excessive moderation and insufficient fighting spirit. The rightist harpy Laura Ingraham shrieked on her radio program that “Romney’s losing!”

This widespread disaffection with Romney created the danger that the militant right-wing extremists so important to the Republican base would come to regard Romney’s efforts with indifference or lukewarm commitment, giving Obama the margin of victory.

Romney had considered a number of vice presidential candidates. One was Senator Rubio, but Rubio’s 10 years of affiliation with Mormonism might focus excessive attention on an issue which Romney was anxious to avoid. General David Petraeus of the Pentagon and the CIA would add background in foreign policy, but this option did not pan out, perhaps because Petraeus did not want to be subjected to the degrading ordeal of a presidential campaign – or perhaps he wanted to be appointed to national office at some future time. Rand Paul was eager for the vice presidency, but he already had acquired a deserved reputation as a right-wing extremist of the DeMint-Lee-Toomey school in the Senate, and this would surely attract criticism. Ron Paul had wagered everything on the hope that Romney would need extra delegates to reach the GOP magic number of 1,144 convention votes, but Romney had sufficient delegates of his own in hand. Therefore, the main reason to choose Rand Paul had disappeared. Senator Portman from Ohio might have helped to win a critical Electoral College mega-state, but Portman was just another white bureaucrat like Romney for most voters. Governor Pawlenty, although a solid reactionary, was similarly bland. Condoleezza Rice would have attracted attention as a black woman, but she was not extremist enough on abortion and other social issues to please the Limbaughs and Hannitys.

Romney therefore chose Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the chief ideologue of Schachtian austerity of the House Republican caucus. Ryan was the main author of the House Republican “Path to Prosperity” program, which would abolish the existing Medicare program, replacing it with a voucher which would fall far short of the real cost of health insurance for elderly recipients. In effect, Ryan wanted to shift the risk for future increases in medical costs off the federal budget and onto the backs of low income seniors. It amounted to the utter destruction of Medicare as it had existed since 1965.

Medicare has been one of the most successful programs in world history in reducing the rates of morbidity and mortality among people over 65. Ryan wanted to destroy these benefits, because they were hated by right-wing ideologues, and because his wealthy backers did not want to be taxed to keep somebody else alive. Ryan had learned the art of the deceptive euphemism, and called his demolition of Medicare “premium support,” a dodge designed to befuddle gullible old people.

Along with the end of Medicare went massive tax cuts for the rich, even as taxes on working people and the middle class went up. Ryan also wanted to privatize Social Security, turning it into a system of private accounts. Here again, the risk is shifted from the government to the helpless elderly. Colossal commissions would go to the Wall Street brokers executing orders for the system.

Reactionary commentators like Bill Bennett and Peggy Noonan tried to tout Ryan as a serious intellectual, a man of ideas, a deep policy thinker sincerely concerned with the future fate of the United States. In reality, Ryan represented the reactionary petty bourgeoisie of the American Midwest. In a word, he was George Babbitt out of the pages of Sinclair Lewis’s famous novel – but without any of the openness to the issues of working people which Babbitt showed during at least one phase of his life. Ryan’s approach is that of a small-town or suburban Chamber of Commerce booster, relying on cracker barrel clichés and Friedmanite or Rothbardesque slogans to defend unjustifiable privileges and status claims for the wealthy. Ryan was a classic philistine.

Paul Ryan’s Wife from a Pro-Wallace Racist Clan

Wallace announces he is a presidential candidate on his racist American Party ticket, February 8, 1968. His running mate was Curtis Lemay who was responsible for millions of deaths.

Wallace standing against desegregation while being confronted by Deputy U.S. Attorney General Nicholas Katzenbach at the University of Alabama in 1963.

Four years ago, I argued that, while Obama was attempting to hide many things about himself and his wife, much could nevertheless be learned about this candidate by looking at the woman he had chosen to marry. That was true then, and it is true now in regard to Romney and Paul Ryan. Ryan’s wife is Janna Little Ryan, who comes from a well-to-do family holding energy interests in Oklahoma. Janna’s grandfather was Reuel Little, an active supporter of the racist Governor George Wallace of Alabama in his 1968 bid for the presidency, and a co-founder and stalwart of Wallace’s racist American Party. Reuel Little, a lawyer and rancher of Madhill, Oklahoma, was the American Party’s candidate for governor of Oklahoma in 1970. [1] If Little family values live on in Janna, then we have learned something important about Ryan’s view of race relations. Governor Wallace came close to making an explicit alliance with Mormondom: Quorum of Twelve member Ezra Taft Benson, also a committed racist, seriously entertained the idea of running for vice president on Wallace’s ticket. [2]

When Michael Leahy of the Washington Post attempted to reconstruct some of the contacts that had led up to Romney’s decision to tap Ryan as vice president, he found that the congressmen most able to talk about the Ryan-Romney relationship were Mormons serving in Congress. One of Ryan’s biggest supporters for the veep nod was Republican Congressman Jason Chaffetz of Utah, a leading Mormon. Chaffetz was so eager to get Ryan on the national ticket that he “sent an endorsement note to Mike Leavitt, the former Utah governor and a Romney campaign official thought to be a possible White House Chief of Staff in a Romney administration.” [3] Readers of this book know about Leavitt. Another advocate of a Romney-Ryan ticket was Republican Congressman Jeff Flake of Arizona, who in late 2010 urged Ryan to attempt a coup d’état against John Boehner to become Speaker of the House. Flake, now a candidate for Senate in Arizona, clearly regarded Ryan as the most reactionary figure who would still be able to defeat Boehner. Ryan emerges from this article as a special friend of the Mormon caucus in the House. [4]

Ryan’s Roots in The John Birch Society, A Mormon-Koch Brothers Front

The matrix for Ryan’s ideology is not hard to find. While Ryan represents Democrat Les Aspin’s old district in the Chicago suburbs, if we drive a few hours north, in the town of Appleton, Wisconsin, we find the headquarters of the John Birch Society. The John Birch Society is of course the archetypal reactionary organization of post World War II America. It was founded in 1958, the year after the death of the scoundrel Senator Joe McCarthy – another Wisconsin institution – to keep right-wing extremist ideas at the center of national attention. It was funded by Fred Koch, the father of the two reactionary Koch brothers whose political meddling has attracted so much interest in recent years. It uses the classic trick which we have observed in Joseph Smith and in Brigham Young of idolizing the U.S. Constitution, while vilifying and condemning every aspect of the United States government and its personnel. It claims to support the Constitution, but in reality the Constitution it is talking about turns out more often than not to be the Confederate Constitution of 1861. It is racist, xenophobic, anti-labor, and anti-women.

For several decades after its founding, the John Birch Society was a laughingstock, as seen in the movie Dr. Strangelove, in Walt Kelly’s Pogo comic strip, and in the songs of Bob Dylan and the Chad Mitchell Trio.

But the John Birch Society has never been a laughing matter. Among its members were Kennedy assassination figurehead Guy Bannister, and the golpista General Edwin Walker. There was also hatemongering columnist Westbrook Pegler, widely regarded as a fascist sympathizer in the 1930s and 40s. The JBS ideological influence has been highly destructive, and quite considerable. What was considered a bad joke or a curiosity in the Kennedy era is contending for power 50 years later. Nothing could show more clearly the ideological decadence and degeneration of the United States over that time. Whatever the specific details of Paul Ryan’s relation to the John Birch Society may be discovered to be, it is clear that Ryan comes from the JBS-McCarthy tradition of Wisconsin.

The Mormon Saints represent a very important faction of the John Birch Society. In the early years of the Birchers, one of their main boosters was none other than Ezra Taft Benson, who had been Eisenhower’s Secretary of Agriculture for eight years, and who then went on become the First President and Prophet of the LDS Church. Ezra Taft Benson supported the John Birch Society, even though the Birchers were spreading the idea that President Eisenhower, who had appointed Benson to his cabinet post, was either objectively or subjectively a communist agent. The Mormons were careful to cover their embrace of the Birchers with a pro forma 1963 statement putting a little distance between the LDS and the fanatics of Appleton, Wisconsin.

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