ISIS-Daesh Positions in Northwest Syria Reported Close to Envelopment by Syrian Arab Army as M4 Highway Supply Line Is About to Be Cut; Putin and Rohani Pledge to Defeat Terrorism

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Morning Briefing | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Terrorist Front in Northwest Syria Appears Close to Collapse

The terrorist rebel position in northwest Syria is now close to collapse as shown on this map in the area circled in red, where the Syrian Army is about to cut a major supply route of ISIS near Kassab

The rebel position south of Kessab in northwest Syria is regarded as especially critical, with key hills like Kizilidag and Jabal Aterra being liberated by the Syrian government forces. As a result, according to a reliable source, “the access of Turkish military and terrorists to Latakia province is now 100% dependent on the M4 [highway] and from there to minor roads. Should the terrorist defenses collapse on all positions north of M4, which is not very far from happening, then the Syrian Army will have artillery control over M4 and the terrorist rebel rats inside Latakia province will be doomed.”

Clearing the terrorist rebels out of the whole of Latakia province and reaching the Turkish border will be a major achievement for the Russian-Syrian steamroller.

Assad forces working together with Hezbollah have also made gains on the southern side of the major city of Aleppo, and say that they have defeated a rebel counter-offensive. The rebels in this sector are largely al Nusra/al Qaeda, who have reportedly sent a distress call to the Erdogan regime in Turkey calling for re-enforcements and other emergency help. The Russian air force is said to have made it harder for the ISIS butchers to spread propaganda by destroying their main radio transmitter in Menbeij. Terrorist forces also suffered reverses in the eastern part of the city of Homs. Assad forces are also advancing near Ghouta in the eastern suburbs of Damascus, the site of the chemical warfare incident faked by Turkey and Saudi Arabia which almost started a world war in August-September 2013.

Other reports indicate that some of the rebels groups are fighting among themselves. Turkish air force units are effectively deterred from intervening by the presence of Russian S-300 long-range anti-aircraft missiles.

The defeat of ISIS/Daesh and its fellow terrorists is increasingly no more than a question of time.

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