GOP Fracturing and Splintering on First Day of Cleveland Convention

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Morning Briefing | Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Colorado Walks Out, Joined by Some Iowa and Other Delegates After Trump and Campaign Boss Manafort Won’t Grant Mere Token Roll Call Vote on Freedom of Conscience for Delegates Despite Majority Petitions from 11 States, Including Battlegrounds Iowa, Colorado, and Virginia; Trump’s Tyrant Mentality May Defeat Him; An Estimated 400 to 600 or One Fifth of Party Delegates Already Hostile to Trump; Gestapo Tactics Against Dissident Delegates; Manafort Insults Ohio Gov. Kasich, Who Controls Best Machine in Must-Win State; Ex US Senator Gordon Humphrey of New Hampshire GOP Calls Trump-Priebus Forces “Brownshirts…Like Fascists”

Listen to: Webster Tarpley on the 7/18 GOP Convention

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#GOP #Mindbender #FrankLuntz tries to make #Trump look less #Fascist In #CBS-he is on record speaking of #OctoberSurprise #StopTrumpTerror

#Trump GOP deserves #Extinction-Their beliefs exposed as phony ideology of # exploitation-Their evangelicals worship #Mammon and #Moloch

PlugUgly #PaulManafort reveals #GOP convention will be vehicle for #Trump #PersonalityCult as #Authoritarian #Dictator-#StopTrumpTerror

Cable #TV commentators treat #Trump with kid gloves hoping to gain favor with his future regime-try to blur his #Fascism #StopTrumpTerror

First night of #GOP #Dumpster fire dedicated to Make America Safe-Meaning #Orgy of #Fearmongering & #Hysteria-#StopTrumpTerror #TWSP

Holier Than Thou #Pence will need solace of faith on veep trail since #Trump will give him Living Hell on Earth with humiliation, snubs

Last #GOP convention in #Cleveland chose #Landon #Knox in 1936, defeated in huge landslide by #FDR-Very bad omen for #Trump #StopTrumpTerror

Moribund #GOP now totally unprincipled gang of predators representing nothing more than keeping power via big bucks from sociopaths eg #Koch

Get set for maudlin sentimentality dished up by cynical #GOP profiteers, featuring victims of #immigrants, #Benghazi, #FastAndFurious vets

#StopTrump #KendalUnruh #DelegatesUnbound says her group has 1,100 delegates in 11 states to force roll call vote in next 2.5 hours #MSNBC

Lucky City of #Cleveland & #Cuyahoga Cty get to pay $5 million to lure #Trump’s #GOP plutocrats & #billionaires to hold their confab there

#BikersForTrump blather that their #Fascist billionaire #FederalReserve darling & #TV star is not #Establishment-PT #Barnum was right

Anti-#Trump forces hope to to get signatures of 50% of delegates in 7 states to force roll call on #RulesCommittee report to embarrass Don

Whatever happened to #WallStreet?-#Trump’s strategy as demagogue is to define #Washington as the #Establishment getting WallStreet off hook

Anti-#Trump forces at #RNC need process server to deliver petition for roll call vote on rules to party secretary who has gone into hiding

Former ##GOP #NH senator #GordonGumphrey calls #Trump “sick sociopath,” wants roll call vote on #Rules Cttee report

#NationalReview article by former #NH Sen #GordonHumphrey reads like sad #Obituary for #RepublicanParty now in death agony #StopTrumpTerror

With #Manafort & #RogerStone calling shots #RNC using #Nixon-era dirty tricks-fake story of broken printer, party secretary gone into hiding

#GOP boss #ReincePriebus using blatant #Gestapo tactics vs #DelegatesUnbound org seeking #RollCall vote on #RulesCttee report re voting

#CO #Rep #KenBuck joins #KendalUnruh to get roll call vote on voting-#RNC sends #Trump Gestapo thugs in yellow hats to intimidate delegates

Outrageous pro-#Trump #Gestapo tactics at #RNC to prevent symbolic roll call vote on rules-UT Sen #MikeLee, VA pol #KenCucinelli protest

#Colorado delegation #WALKOUT at #RNC because of unfair voice vote on #Rules Cttee report-Ex NH senator #GordonHumphrey raps #Brownshirts

Ex US Sen #GordonHumphrey says he was shouted down by “#Brownshirts-#Fascists” which reflect #Trump-His advice is #NeverTrump

#RNC hack chairman gloats that three states fell below required numbers thanks to threats arm twisting intimidation by #Trump #Gestapo

Last option for anti-#Trump forces to embarrass #Fascist billionaire would be to nominate a vice presidential candidate vs #Pence

Leading VA #GOPer #Cucinelli mocks #Trump as Law And Order candidate who cheats, tramples rule of law at his own #convention Bad blood in VA

#GOP rules forbid pledged delegates voting for other candidates-But silent re abstaining DC MN UT IA CO WA ME VA WY vs #Trump

In Victory Magnanimity-But not for #Brownshirt #Trump who stupidly blocked symbolic roll call vote on Rules Cttee report angering 11states

Among big losses on bleak day #Trump’s resident thug #Manafort needlessly offended Gov #Kasich of #Ohio-His machine is indispensable to win

#KendalUnruh of anti-#Trump forces tells #MSNBC “The corpse of representative government lies dead on the floor-Why even have a convention?”

#DuckDynasty bozo claims #Trump supporters like to hunt fish pray-Urges total confidence in cynical money-grubbing hustler & City Slicker

#MSNBC-“You are seeing the #RepublicanParty fracture and break apart before your eyes” with walkout by #Colorado and other delegates

Truth about #Benghazi can only come from Gen #Petraeus of #CIA & #CarterHam US #Africom-Last two speakers mentally disturbed, not rational

#RachelMaddow talks #Benghazi incident as #OctoberSurprise-Now apply this to the ongoing pro-#Trump #StrategyOfTension & #OctoberSurprise

#Trump & #Manafort are scoundrels who manipulate a disturbed and grieving mother for their own cynical partisan political needs

#StandDown order was issued by #CIA boss #Petraeus & US Africom-#GOP probes deny order to save these two-Op was designed to elect #Romney

#RNC under #Trump devotes first night to #Benghazi #FastAndFurious Deaths caused by illegals-Murder mayhem defeatism death and pessimism

Trump Unmasks As Warmonger, Demands War of Civilizations Declared by Congress with NATO Involvement

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, July 16, 2016

Putin-Kerry Negotiations End on Positive Note; Nice Security and Vehicle Barriers Totally Inadequate for July 14 Crowd of 100,000; Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, Who Has Presided over Three Massacres, Is Suspect As Top Grand Orient Freemason Along with Premier Manuel Valls and Many Others in Government; Trump Leaves Pence Twisting in Wind for Twenty-Four Hours; Dim-Witted and Unpopular Indiana Governor a Koch Puppet with Barbaric Positions to Match; Imbecile Gingrich Wants to Make Sharia Law the Issue; Chinese Claim to Control One Third of World Trade Through South China Sea Must Be Vigorously Rebuffed; Turkish Army and Air Force Attempt Overthrow of ISIS Boss and Terrorist Controller Erdogan; In FDR’s World War II Terms, “America First” Trump Is Defeatist, Divisionist, Alarmist, Slanderer of US Allies – Like Chicago Tribune and Hearst

World Crisis Radio
July 16, 2016

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Attempted Military Coup in Turkey, Outcome Uncertain

After this week’s edition of World Crisis Radio had already been taped, reports arrived of an attempted military coup by elements of the Turkish Army and Air Force. These units are acting to fulfill the landmark pledge of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to keep Turkey modern and secular, and not to let the country revert to the obscurantist nightmare of the late caliphate – which is exactly the project embodied by Erdogan’s increasingly oppressive Islamist dictatorship. Erdogan has been exposed in previous editions of this briefing as the dominant figure behind ISIS/Daesh/ISIL, with the Turkish MIT secret police providing recruits, weapons, ammunition, spare parts, gasoline, evacuation for the wounded, and marketing of stolen oil. Erdogan’s son and daughter are integral parts of the ISIS machine.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

Turkey has been the greatest single sponsor and patron of ISIS and related terrorism in Syria. Whatever the outcome of this coup, Erdogan is likely to emerge weakened, especially if he attempts to outdo himself in vindictive cruelty – as his first statements on returning to Istanbul suggest. Erdogan had assumed he had nothing more to fear from the decimated and intimidated army, but the secular spirit of Ataturk still lives, and may prove more powerful than Erdogan’s reign of terror. Will the Turkish dictator still be as blatant and arrogant in his support for ISIS? And ISIS, in any case, is being destroyed, so that Erdogan may be destined to perish with his own creation. In order to survive the coup, with his back to the wall and fearing for his own survival, Erdogan had to call for street mobs to attack the soldiers seeking his ouster. To the extent that people came out, the genie of mass action is now out of the bottle, and may prove hard to neutralize. In any case, a dictatorship like the one sought by Erdogan is absurd and obsolete, and will not long endure among the upheavals of the current age.

Putin-Kerry Talks in Moscow Could Represent Step Towards Much-Needed US-Russian Condominium Against Terrorism in Middle East

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Morning Briefing | Friday, July 15, 2016

Pentagon Boss Ashton Carter and 51 State Department Imbeciles Trying to Sabotage President; Firing of Carter Long Overdue; Cutting of ISIS Supply Line from Turkey via Jarablus Corridor Between Aleppo and Manbij by US-Backed SDF-YPG Will Deprive Trump of His Main Foreign Policy Theme on Eve of GOP’s Cleveland Dumpster Fire; ISIS Counter-Attacks on Strategic Crossroads of Manbij Repulsed with Heavy Losses for Terrorists

Russian President Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have today begun talks in Moscow with visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry. The object of these talks is widely reported to be bilateral cooperation designed to increase the military pressure on the two main terrorist organizations in Syria, the ISIS/Daesh/Islamic State “Caliphate,” and the al-Nusra forces, a branch of Al Qaeda. According to RT, these talks began in a constructive and businesslike atmosphere, with expressions of shared purpose coming from both sides:

‘“Our last conversation with President Obama convinces me that we are not just developing cooperation, but doing so with the aim of achieving tangible results,” said the Russian president, after receiving Kerry at the Kremlin, during a welcoming photo opportunity. Putin called his US counterpart last week, partly to discuss Syria. “I send the President my best wishes, and hope that you can report that we have moved forward on our issues, as a result of these talks,” he said.

‘“Hopefully we will be able to make some genuine progress that is measurable and implementable that can make a difference to events in Syria,” the US Secretary of State replied. “I look forward to a serious conversation.” “I’m ready to work, I know you are, let’s go,” said Kerry with a smile, before the media were ushered out, and the two sides got to down to business, with Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov present by Putin’s side.’1

A document widely believed to represent the US proposal being presented to Putin was published today on the website of the Washington Post. According to the leaked document, the United States is proposing military cooperation made possible by the creation of a Joint Implementation Group (JIG) coordinating center by the two powers in Jordan. This permanent command-and-control institution would allow the close coordination of airstrikes and other measures against the terrorists. With the creation of this JIG, attacks on the Assad government and criminal proposals like that of a no fly zone or terrorist safe zone in northern Syria would become far more difficult to initiate. It is possible that the proposal carried to Moscow by Kerry has been leaked by forces in the Washington bureaucracy hostile to an antiterrorist, pro-peace settlement:

‘The Obama administration’s new proposal to Russia on Syria is more extensive than previously known. It would open the way for deep cooperation between U.S. and Russian military and intelligence agencies and coordinated air attacks by American and Russian planes on Syrian rebels deemed to be terrorists, according to the text of the proposal I obtained. Secretary of State John F. Kerry plans to discuss the plan with top Russian officials in a visit to Moscow on Thursday. As I first reported last month, the administration is proposing joining with Russia in a ramped-up bombing campaign against Jabhat al-Nusra, al-Qaeda’s Syria branch, which is also known as the Nusrah Front. What hasn’t been previously reported is that the United States is suggesting a new military command-and-control headquarters to coordinate the air campaign that would house U.S. and Russian military officers, intelligence officials and subject-matter experts. Overall, the proposal would dramatically shift the United States’ Syria policy by directing more American military power against Jabhat al-Nusra, which unlike the Islamic State is focused on fighting the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. While this would expand the U.S. counterterrorism mission in Syria, it would also be a boon for the Assad regime, which could see the forces it is fighting dramatically weakened. The plan also represents a big change in U.S.-Russia policy. It would give Russian President Vladimir Putin something he has long wanted: closer military relations with the United States and a thawing of his international isolation. That’s why the Pentagon was initially opposed to the plan.’2

This setup would tend to box in aggressive impulses coming from Trump, Clinton, or any other future president. Regional press organs in the Middle East are already referring to the Kerry proposal as a US bid to Russia for a “joint bombing campaign” against the main terrorist rebel centers. In general, according to the Kerry document, the JIG is intended to merge US and Russian efforts along the following lines:

‘JIG Location, Organization and Composition Location. The JIG is to be located in the vicinity of Amman, Jordan. Participants intend to negotiate their own support requirements with the host nation. Organization. The participants intend to maintain separate, national headquarters in which they will install systems to exchange information with their respective headquarters responsible for tactical actions against Nusra and Daesh. The participants, through the JIG, intend to establish a coordination center at which they are to exchange intelligence and operational information…. JIG Role in Military Operations. The participants, through the JIG, should enable coordination between the participants for military operations against Nusra. Participants, through the JIG, may work to maximize independent, but synchronized, efforts against Daesh in Syria. Coordination should begin with information exchange on both Nusra and Daesh. If national authorities determine that integrated operations against deliberate targets are in the interest of both participants, the participants should coordinate procedures to permit integrated operations.’3

When the Washington Post says that the Pentagon was initially opposed to this plan, they are referring most of all to the dangerously incompetent and trigger-happy Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, a utopian Dr. Strangelove in the Herman Kahn tradition. Bradley Clapper of the AP reflects the consternation now spreading through Washington circles seeking wider war. (Indeed, the desire of certain warmonger circles to create the worst possible atmospherics for the Moscow talks may take unpredictable forms in the coming days, now that the Kerry proposal has been made public). Clapper writes:

‘‘The proposal would undercut months of U.S. criticism of Russia’s military actions in Syria, and put the United States alongside Syrian President Bashar Assad’s chief international backer, despite years of American demands for him to leave power. Russia would get what it has wanted since intervening in Syria on Assad’s behalf last September: leadership of an international anti-terrorism alliance. Much of Washington is wary about working too closely with Russia. A dissent cable signed by 51 State Department officials last month showed a sizable part of America’s diplomatic establishment believing a U.S. military response against Assad’s forces was necessary. Opposition to this latest Syria plan is shared by a significant number of officials at the State Department and the Pentagon and among U.S. intelligence agencies, according to several American officials…. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has questions about Russian activities in Syria, his spokesman, Peter Cook, said Thursday. If the Russians are prepared to do the right thing, Carter would then “be open to that conversation.” “We’re not conducting or coordinating any military operations with Russia at this moment,” Cook added. “And it’s not clear that we’ll ever reach an agreement to do so.”’4

For all his pedantry about military doctrine, the bungling “Ash” Carter seems to have forgotten that the president is the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the United States, and that Carter himself is part of that chain of command. Carter needs to be reminded that the answer to a direct order from the president is not a “conversation” of backtalk, but rather swift and obedient implementation. Carter should be called upon to repudiate this impudent statement by his spokesman Peter Cook. If he declines to do so, he should be fired on the spot.

In the meantime, fighting continues in the critical logistics hub of Manbij in northern Syria, where, for all practical purposes the Jarablus to Efrin corridor on which ISIS depends for recruits, gasoline, ammunition, spare parts, military equipment, and money flows has already been cut.

In the last several days, the encircled ISIS forces launched a desperate counteroffensive to break the siege, and that counteroffensive has now been largely defeated, albeit at considerable cost to the SDF-YPG forces surrounding Manbij, including the loss of Mohamad-Ali Mustafa, Leader of the Martyrs of the Dam Brigade, who was helping to lead the liberators. According to the ARA agency:

‘AMUDE, SYRIA, July 13 — Senior official of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) Dr. Nasir Haji Mansour on Tuesday told ARA News that ISIS is fighting very hard in Manbij city “which is slowing down the operation” that started on 31 May. Moreover, ISIS has started to kill civilians that are trying to flee the city, he said. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) on 31 May launched an operation to take the 98-km border pocket of Manbij from militants of the Islamic State (ISIS). So far, the battle has taken a very heavy toll on the SDF forces. “If the SDF capture Manbij, all of Aleppo’s countryside would be under threat, because it’s a strategic stronghold for ISIS,” SDF official Mansour told ARA News. “It’s a strategic battle and different from Tel Abyad and Shaddadi [where ISIS just withdrew],” he said. “If the operation is successful, the connection between ISIS, Turkey and Aleppo’s countryside will be cut off,” he said.… However, the SDF official says ISIS has only one of two solutions in Manbij: “Either they will surrender and give up, or fight against us until they die,” he said. So far, it seems that ISIS has chosen for the last option.’5

The Aleppo countryside referred to is another term for the Jarablus corridor, through which Erdogan’s Turkey has been catering to the logistical needs of the ISIS butchers. The most recent tactical dispatches from the fighting front indicate a slow but inexorable advance of the SDF-YPG into the key points of Manbij. According to Fars:

‘TEHRAN, July 14 — (FNA)- The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) seized back control of al-Nafous building in Manbij city in Northeastern Aleppo after killing tens of terrorists. A military source said that after the Kurdish forces retook control of Seven Seas square in the Northern parts of Manbij, they could also regain al-Nafous building and seizing an ISIL tank in the region. The source reported heavy clashes in Manbij, adding that the SDF say they are keeping the dead bodies of 25 ISIL terrorists. Also another source close to the Kurdish forces said that they killed over 40 ISIL militants in Manbij on Wednesday. The SDF forces won back the strategic Seven Seas square in Manbij on Thursday. During their operations in Manbij, the Kurdish forces purged ISIL terrorists from 2km of the city from al-Sharia square to the National hospital. The SDF forces destroyed a vehicle carrying weapons and ammunitions for the ISIL terrorists and killed 28 of them. They also seized a large number of weapons and munitions from the militants. The militants then were surrounded by the Kurdish forces between all-Sharia and Seven Seas squares which ignited heavy clashes between the two sides. The terrorists sought to blow up a suicide car to open their escape way but the SDF forces outsmarted and destroyed the car.’6

Shervan Darwish of the Manbij Military Council has recently reminded Americans and Europeans that, with the effective blocking of the Jarablus corridor already been carried out by the SDF-YPG forces, it is now no longer possible for ISIS to send its trained terrorist cadre into Turkey and thence into the rest of the world. Darwish thanked the US-led international coalition for assistance in the form of weapons, experts and training, and air support. Darwish’s comments:

‘Kurdish military official and commander of the SDF-led Manbij Military Council, Shervan Darwish, said that the Islamic State (ISIS) radical group is no longer able to send jihadi fighters from Syria to the outside world. “The time for ISIS transportation of terrorists to the outside world has come to an end. We have imposed a complete siege on the group’s major border pocket near Turkey. The group cannot cross that border anymore,” Darwish said in an interview with ARA News. “Also, the roads linking Manbij with Jarablus and Aleppo have been blocked by our (SDF) troops,” the Kurdish commander said. Darwish pointed out that other roads between Raqqa [capital of the Islamic State] and other Syrian areas have been cut off by the Kurdish-led Syrian democratic Forces (SDF) after heavy clashes. “ISIS seems paralyzed… no more terrorist convoys and reinforcements for ISIS in Syria. The group is now in a defensive position, desperately trying to keep its positions,” he said. “We have been working hard to accomplish this. Besieging ISIS in its key territory means protecting the entire world from further transportation of trained terrorists,” he told ARA News. “Of course the group could still use its sleeper cells to carry out attacks in the West, but those who have been trained for years in the ISIS jihadi camps in Syria are no longer able to carry out their missions abroad. They are now under siege, and soon will be eliminated on the Syrian soil,” the SDF official said. He added that the US-led coalition has been playing a key role in supporting the SDF factions on the ground. “The coalition has provided us with military experts and weapons, and it continues to support us through an effective air cover. Our cooperation and collaboration has weakened ISIS,” Darwish said. “We will continue to work together in order to eliminate this mutual enemy, this brutal enemy of humanity.”7

These remarks hold out the hope that the terrorist capital of Raqqa can be liberated before the end of the summer, meaning in advance of the US presidential election. The SDF-YPG are currently in the front line of the struggle of civilization against terrorism, and must be given comprehensive help.

Obama has just ordered 560 more US special forces to the Mosul area to help make good on his April promise to liberate that city – the largest controlled by ISIS – before the end of the year, and hopefully before the end of October. Loyal US commanders should recall Farragut at Mobile Bay and Sherman before Atlanta in late summer of 1864, when both strove for victory to keep a catastrophic candidate out of the White House.

The added dividend is clearly that the annihilation and extinction of ISIS will provide a severe blow to the demagogic election strategy of the defeatist Donald Trump. The anti-nationalist Trump is betting everything on US failures and disasters. He is selling the US cause short whenever and wherever he can. Some good news coming from Manbij, Fallujah, and Mosul will go far towards defeating this candidate who gloats over “crippled America.”

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Behind the City of London’s Brexit Coup d’État: A British-Chinese Alliance of Infamy Against the United States

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
WBAI.org — Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner
July 14, 2016

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ISIS/Daesh Tells Its Followers Military-Territorial Collapse Is Near, but Pro-Trump Media Won’t Tell U.S. Voters; Nightmare of “Caliphate” Ending in Syria and Iraq; Media Execs Hiding U.S. Victories from Public to Avoid Exposing Absurdity of Fascist Billionaire’s Defeatist Rhetoric

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Thursday, July 14, 2016

On June 29, the day after the terrorist attack on the Istanbul airport, US aircraft supporting Iraqi ground troops scored one of their biggest tactical victories in recent years with the bombing of a densely packed column of ISIS forces fleeing from the liberation of Fallujah in which 200 terrorist vehicles were destroyed and almost 350 jihadi fighters killed. The column of vehicles was essentially annihilated, as seen in the bombsight camera film footage. The coalition air forces claim that they rigorously observed all humanitarian procedures designed to spare the life of civilians and non-combatants. The combination of losing Fallujah, together with this devastating bombing attack of retreating terrorists, represents a stunning blow to Daesh.

But the really remarkable thing about this story is the degree to which it has been blacked out and suppressed by the controlled corporate media here in the United States. The Istanbul airport bombing received thorough and indeed indeterminable news coverage in the print and electronic media. But the destruction of the ISIS column outside Fallujah has passed almost unnoticed.

The beneficiary of this highly selective reporting is obviously presidential contender Donald Trump. The entire structure of Trump’s demagogy depends on keeping the American public in the dark, disoriented, and demoralized about the progress of the military effort against Daesh. Well-informed American voters are aware that Trump was catapulted to his current status as Republican nominee presumptive thanks in part to $2-$3 billion worth of free publicity, with cable networks broadcasting the raw footage of his fascist-style rallies with no rebuttal, no commentary, no refutation, and no fact check.

Not content with that egregious partiality, the same networks are now deliberately suppressing important news events that do not fit into the defeatist and pessimistic Trump narrative of an impotent and crippled America. Trump, we know, is heavily invested in American defeat and American failure. He has built his political house on US disasters which he tries to blame on his adversaries, and hopes to do this more and more in the future, thanks to the ongoing Strategy of Tension leading up to a September/October Surprise to stampede voters in his direction.

This media strategy of lies and duplicity may not be tenable for long, however, since the “Caliphate” is manifestly collapsing at a rapid rate. Good news from the front will be bad news for the anti-national Trump.

The attack on the ISIS convoy is shown through the bombsight camera of one of the aircraft involved. Here is a summary from the July 12 edition of USA Today, which has shown slightly more interest in this story than many newspapers:

‘Coalition aircraft pummeled Islamic State convoys as they fled advancing Iraqi forces in Fallujah, killing 348 militants and destroying more than 200 vehicles…. The Islamic State had learned to avoid massing in large numbers to avoid airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition. Now the militants were clustered in a traffic jam south of the city in what appeared to be a panicked retreat from Fallujah, about 35 miles west of Baghdad. “There was no missing it,” said Maj. Gen. Jay Silveria, deputy commander of U.S. Air Forces Central Command. When the dust cleared in late June, at least 348 militants were killed and more than 200 vehicles were destroyed, including truck bombs, in one of the deadliest single attacks on the Islamic State since the militants swept into Iraq nearly unopposed two years ago, according to coalition statistics and interviews with officers overseeing the attacks. “It’s going to change their calculus in the rest of this campaign,” Silveria said, referring to the Islamic State.’1

This important defeat for ISIS came about to some degree because of the foolish blunder of massing vehicles in a tightly packed convoy in the face of overwhelming air power. This suggests that more experienced and competent ISIS leaders, including veterans of the Iraqi Army and other armies, may have been so decimated by bombing and other attacks in the recent weeks that no real officers were on hand to minimize the convoy’s vulnerability from the air.

Here is the original USA Today report of this engagement published on June 30:

‘Airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State rocked the extremist group near the Iraqi city of Fallujah on Wednesday, killing at least 250 suspected militants and destroying at least 40 vehicles, according to media reports. The reported strikes occurred south of the city, and are just the latest setback for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, which continues to suffer devastating defeats just two years after capturing large swaths of Iraq. An unnamed U.S. defense official told FOX News that a convoy of ISIL fighters was hit as they tried to leave a neighborhood on the outskirts of Fallujah. Reuters first reported the air assault. The airstrikes come a day after three suicide bombers blasted Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport, killing at least 42 people and leaving more than 230 wounded. Initial indications suggest ISIL was behind the deadly terrorist attack.’2

Again, this crushing defeat of ISIS terrorist forces took place the day after the attack on Ataturk airport in Istanbul, Turkey. A competent psychological warfare and propaganda staff should have had very little difficulty in weaving these events into a highly effective anti-ISIS “media narrative” in which the terrorists carry out their savage atrocity, but are then destroyed by an overwhelming retaliatory blow. Anyone interested in putting the efforts against ISIS in proper perspective would have been doing this all along. But in reality, precious few American voters have any idea of these events. This allows the demagogue Trump to continue raving about a fantasy world in which ISIS is continually on the winning side.

This morning, the Washington Post finally got around to telling its readers that ISIS is losing the war, and is in full retreat:

‘Even as it launches waves of terrorist attacks around the globe, the Islamic State is quietly preparing its followers for the eventual collapse of the caliphate it proclaimed with great fanfare two years ago. In public messages and in recent actions in Syria, the group’s leaders are acknowledging the terrorist organization’s declining fortunes on the battlefield while bracing for the possibility that its remaining strongholds could fall….But signs of desperation are mounting weekly inside the caliphate, which shrank by another 12 percent in the first six months of 2016, according to a report last week by IHS Inc., an analysis and consulting firm. A remarkable editorial last month in al-Naba, the Islamic State’s weekly Arabic newsletter, offered a gloomy assessment of the caliphate’s prospects, acknowledging the possibility that all its territorial holdings could ultimately be lost. Just two years ago, jihadist leaders heralded the start of a glorious new epoch in the world’s history with the establishment of their Islamic “caliphate,” which at the time encompassed most of eastern Syria and a vast swath of northern and western Iraq, a combined territory roughly the size of Great Britain. “They’re not trying to be clever about it,” he said, “but they’re really trying to prepare their followers to cope with a ‘caliphate’ that is no longer a caliphate.”3

But notice even here the grudging and cautionary tone, with the primary emphasis less on depicting the ongoing disintegration of ISIS than on warning the reader not to get too optimistic, since ISIS will respond to the loss of its territorial Caliphate with increased terrorist attacks in the “crusader” states.

For two years, the principal propaganda line of ISIS was their claim to have re-created the caliphate lost amid the wreckage of the Ottoman Empire in the wake of World War I. The biggest single selling point for ISIS was that it was supposedly a territorial state on its way to world conquest. The concept was something like “Today Raqqa, tomorrow the world.” One of the main theoreticians of this utopian strategy was al-Adnani, a virtuoso of triumphalist propaganda. But Adnani and his associates are now a chastened crew, and are forced to find ways to theologize and ideologize retreat, rout, and humiliation.

‘Abu Mohammad al-Adnani — who serves as the main spokesman for the terrorist group aka the Islamic State, ISIL, or Daesh — attempted to justify ISIS’s recent losses and insisted that the group’s fight against the West is far from over. “Indeed, we do not wage jihad to defend a land, nor to liberate it, or to control it,” Adnani said in the message. He continued: We do not fight for authority or transient, shabby positions, nor for the rubble of a lowly, vanishing world. … If we were able to avert a single fighter from fighting us, we would do so, saving ourselves the trouble. However, our Quran requires us to fight the entire world, without exception. This is a far cry from ISIS’s prior propaganda works, which pushed a message of “remaining and expanding,” implying that ISIS was on a path to world domination. Since its stunning rise to power, during which the group seized territory across Iraq and Syria and declared a “caliphate” ruled by strict Islamic law, the group has suffered a series of battlefield losses. J.M. Berger, a fellow at the George Washington University Program on Extremism and coauthor of the book, “ISIS: The State of Terror,” told Business Insider that Adnani’s audio recording is “the weakest message we’ve seen from ISIS possibly ever.” “Their previous messaging and communications have sought to advance the narrative that they’re winning, that they’re succeeding on the ground,” Berger said. “What we’ve heard in this message is some cold water being thrown on that. There’s confession to the possibility that they could lose some territory.”’4

Defeatist propaganda is nothing new. In the 1930s, fascists and fascist sympathizers often hesitated to declare openly their support for fascist states. Instead, they tended to stress that the fascist nations were invincible, and that resistance would be costly and futile. This was a main theme of Charles Lindbergh of the America First movement, of which Trump is a caricature. Defeatism was a watchword for the Patterson family press (Chicago Tribune, New York Daily News, and Washington Times-Herald). The Hearst press was generally on the same line.

With resources like the White House, Pentagon, and State Department press operations, plus the Democratic National Convention and the various candidates, it ought to be possible to refute the defeatist Trump narrative of an invincible ISIS conquering the world. Use the Democratic convention as a teach-in on this topic. Most important, the war against ISIS must be pursued to completion quickly, so Trump can no longer build his foreign policy demagogy on this theme.

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Beijing Puppet and British Treasury Boss George Osborne Threatened U.S. with Catastrophic Financial Warfare to Protect HSBC, UK’s Biggest Bank, from Criminal Charges of Money Laundering for Terrorists and Drug Cartels, Loss of U.S. Banking License

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, July 13, 2016

China Rejects Verdict by U.N.’s Hague Court, Re-Affirms Intent to End Freedom of Navigation in Strategic South China Sea; Discredited and Aggressive Clique Around President Xi Negating Rights of Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan and Rest of World Who Use International Waterway

Map of South China Sea, the international waterway which President Xi and Premier Li of Beijing are trying to arrogate to as a means of compensating for their growing unpopularity at home due to pro-free market incompetence and failure in managing the economy. Note the 9-dash line reflecting Beijing’s exorbitant maritime claims.
George Osborne
British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne, the main negotiator of the British-Chinese alliance against the United States. Osborne used shameless blackmail about a world financial panic to get Obama administration weaklings to back down from lodging criminal charges against the top UK bank HSBC (successor of the Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation, the classic British drug money laundromat since the Opium Wars of the 1840s). Osborne will soon visit Beijing again to work out new post-Brexit plans for anti-US actions.

For those curious to see what the world will look like under the worldwide Chinese-British alliance, the last few days have brought some appalling revelations. First, a report prepared by Republican committee staff in the House of Representatives has revealed that the notoriously pro-Chinese British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne used the threat of a worldwide financial panic, systemic crisis, and economic breakdown to coerce Obama administration officials into dropping their plans for criminal charges against Britain’s largest bank, the infamous HSBC, for the bank’s role in the money laundering for terrorists and drug cartels.1

These events occurred in 2012 when the US was represented by Treasury Secretary Geithner, Attorney General Eric Holder, and Chairman Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve System. These feckless officials were threatened by Osborne with a “financial calamity” and a “global financial disaster” in the eventuality that HSBC or its executives were to be hit by a criminal indictment. According to the London Guardian:

‘The US government decided not to pursue criminal charges against HSBC for allowing terrorists and drug dealers to launder millions of dollars after George Osborne and the UK banking regulator intervened to warn that prosecuting Britain’s biggest bank could lead to a “global financial disaster.” On Monday, a congressional report published letters and emails from Osborne and Financial Services Authority (FSA) officials to their US counterparts warning that launching criminal action against HSBC in 2012 could have sparked a “financial calamity”. The House financial services committee report said the UK interventions “played a significant role in ultimately persuading the DoJ [Department of Justice] not to prosecute HSBC”. Instead of pursuing a prosecution, the bank agreed to pay a record $1.92bn (£1.4bn) fine. The report revealed that Osborne wrote to Ben Bernanke, who was then the Federal Reserve chairman, and Timothy Geithner, the then treasury secretary, to warn that prosecuting a “systemically important financial institution” like HSBC “could lead to [financial] contagion” and pose “very serious implications for financial and economic stability, particularly in Europe and Asia.” … The 2012 settlement detailed how Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel and Colombia’s Norte del Valle cartel laundered $881 million through HSBC and a Mexican unit. In some cases, Mexican branches had widened tellers’ windows to allow big boxes of cash to be pushed across the counters..’2

According to the House Republican staff report on why financial executives were not held accountable for the 2008 derivatives panic:

‘… Osborne wrote to Ben Bernanke, who was then the Federal Reserve chairman, and Timothy Geithner, the then Treasury Secretary, to warn that prosecuting a “systemically important financial institution” like HSBC “could lead to [financial] contagion” and pose “very serious implications for financial and economic stability, particularly in Europe and Asia”….

“Treasury documents acquired by the Committee raise very serious concerns about DOJ’s … deal with HSBC in late 2012—not the least of which is that DOJ declined to prosecute anyone involved in a massive breach of U.S. anti-money laundering and sanctions laws due to HSBC’s large size and “systemic importance.” “A nation governed by the rule of law cannot have a two-tiered system of justice—one for the largest banks, and another for everyone else. Accordingly, inasmuch as DOJ continues to believe that certain financial institutions are too large to effectively prosecute, it is imperative that DOJ promptly inform the Congress of this fact, so that Congress can seek to address the problem of ‘too big to jail’ through its legislative function.”

We must stress that the matter of a world financial breakdown crisis to occur if HSBC were denied its claim of operating above the law and against the US public interest is not simply a dispassionate or detached forecast or prediction. Coming from a person like Osborne, the financial calamity must be seen as a direct threat, and part of a blackmail operation. Osborne’s letter essentially says that if the Americans refuse to let HSBC run wild, laundering money for terrorists and from drug transactions, the British Treasury and the City of London will make very sure that such a panic occurs, and occurs in such a way as to maximize the damage suffered by New York. This is intolerable blackmail, but something that will become habitual if the Anglo Chinese succeed in expanding their influence.

We want to hear from Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, those famous stalwarts of the left wing of the Democratic Party, to make clear that “Wall Street” in the sense of rapacious financial oppressors is not limited to the island of Manhattan, but has another center of gravity in the City of London. They should make this matter an issue in the presidential campaign starting with the July 25 Democratic National Convention.

George Osborne is the British politician most closely associated with the British-Chinese alliance, which is emerging as one of the greatest threats to world peace and prosperity. It was Osborne’s visit to Beijing in September 2015 which set the stage for Xi’s triumphal state visit to London in mid-October of that same year. Upon arriving in Beijing, Osborne proclaimed himself as “China’s best friend,” a function which he has been ruthlessly carrying out ever since.

Osborne has attracted much hostility in his current role as Chinese Trojan horse inside the European Union, where he has fought hard to protect Beijing from attempts by European officials to block Chinese dumping, especially in the area of steel. Osborne was willing to kow-tow to Xi by banning any mention of Chinese human rights atrocities during the Xi extravaganza in London last October. In the same way, Osborne was eager to sacrifice some of the last British steel production (albeit already globalized into the hands of the Tata interests of India) in order to appease the dumpsters of the Middle Kingdom.

But other European officials have tried to fight back against the Sino-dumping:

‘China is not a market economy. It has chosen a dumping strategy that is ravaging European industry. The EU itself risks imploding if Europe persists with the error,” says Edouard Martin, a French MEP leading the revolt. A report by the Economic Policy Institute concludes that unilateral MES [market economy status] for China would endanger 3.5m jobs in EU industry by limiting anti-dumping tariffs. Almost all the EU’s 350,000 steel jobs would be a risk.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Daily Telegraph noted that Osborne has been acquiring something of a reputation on the continent as a Chinese agent:

‘…the suspicion in Brussels is that he has become a Fifth Columnist for Beijing …because he is dancing to the tune of London bankers angling for the yuan trade,’3

On the second big point, the immaturity, incompetence, and demagogy of the Beijing leadership has been underlined by the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s response to a finding issued by the United Nations Permanent Tribunal in the Hague, Netherlands, in response to a complaint brought by the Philippines concerning Chinese encroachments in Philippine territorial waters and economic space.

The world is aware of the sweeping and baseless claims advanced by the Chinese government concerning its alleged right to control the entire South China Sea, which is an international waterway open to all nations. One of the classic principles of American foreign policy is the freedom of the seas, and it is time to refurbish this doctrine of the freedom of navigation in the interests of all states.

The crude Chinese claim to annex the South China Sea is about as outrageous as it would be for the United States to claim sole ownership of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean down to the coast of Venezuela. And the South China Sea is a vital artery for Japan, South Korea, and others, carrying a total of $5 trillion in yearly trade.

Sailors assigned to Patrol Squadron (VP) 45 conduct flight operations aboard a P-8A Poseidon over the South China Sea. During the flight, the crew of the P-8A documented several warnings, issued by China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN), to leave the area. The mission documented the continued expansion of reefs which have been turned into man-made islands with airport infrastructure in the South China Sea. VP-45 is on deployment supporting U.S. 7th Fleet operations in the Pacific. (U.S. Navy video/Released)

China has been building artificial islands in an attempt to buttress their inflationary claims to territorial waters. The Chinese have justified all this with a claim of “historic rights” to the South China Sea, but the Hague Tribunal pointed out that China forfeited any such claims in the moment when it signed the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which the Philippines are also a signatory.

According to the Straits Times of Singapore:

‘In a landmark ruling on Tuesday (July 12), a UN-backed arbitral tribunal concluded that China has no legal basis to claim “historic rights” to resources in the South China Sea and it has violated the Philippines’ sovereign rights in the disputed waters. Manila, which lodged a case at the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) in The Hague against Beijing in 2013, welcomed the ruling. But Chinese President Xi Jinping said while China is dedicated to maintaining peace and stability in the South China Sea, it will not accept any positions or actions based on the outcome of the arbitration case. In a 497-page ruling that overwhelmingly favors the Philippines, the five-member tribunal said Beijing “had no historic rights to resources in the waters of the South China Sea”4

The only documentation advanced by the Beijing regime was the unilateral “nine-dash line,” a crude map dating back to the late 1940s, when the new People’s Republic of China under Mao Tse-Tung was attempting to stake out its unilateral claims against waters previously controlled by Chiang Kai-Shek’s Republic of China, which was soon forced to fall back on Taiwan:

‘The nine-dash line, previously the “11-dash line”, is the demarcation line used initially by the government of the Republic of China (ROC / Taiwan) and subsequently also by the government of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), for their claims of the major part of the South China Sea. The contested area in the South China Sea includes the Paracel Islands, the Spratly Islands, and various other areas including the Pratas Islands, the Macclesfield Bank and the Scarborough Shoal. The claim encompasses the area of Chinese land reclamation known as the “great wall of sand”’5

The arrogant dismissal of the Hague ruling by the Chinese Foreign Ministry, combined with the jingoistic campaign of the controlled media, and the bombastic naval maneuvers called to coincide with the UN verdict, suggest that Southeast Asia may now be headed for troubled times. Some ocean areas claimed by China are also claimed by Japan, and this could trigger the US-Japanese mutual defense treaty. The United States also has a treaty with the Philippines, who as the successful litigant in the current Hague proceedings can expect to be targeted by Beijing, quite possibly by new harassments of fishermen and the like. Taiwan also enjoys an implicit US guarantee. South Korea is also a US treaty partner.

The Hague arbitration result also strengthens the claims of Vietnam to maintain its own territorial waters. Vietnam has been upgrading its military and naval cooperation with India, and therefore does not stand alone. Other countries, like Indonesia and Malaysia, will doubtless be heard from.

Observers will be carefully evaluating the Chinese response to judge to what extent the Anglo-Chinese alliance has already encouraged Beijing’s adventurism and aggressive tendencies. The government has made the rocks, reefs, and shoals of the South China Sea into a great national epic drama. Now Xi has lost face – always a paramount consideration in the politics of this region. Expect Xi to put on a maritime circus in the disputed zone as soon as he can.

Even so, the entire pathos is entirely needless, since no credible threat against the freedom of Chinese merchant and military vessels in the South China Sea has been advanced by anybody. The crisis is completely futile and manufactured, and responsibility goes to Beijing’s doorstep.

Why are President Xi and Premier Li so foolish as to go down this dangerous and profitless path? The political regime of the Chinese Communist Party has been suffering for decades from an acute crisis of legitimacy. Chinese leaders are co-opted by secret committees of party insiders, with elections playing no role. The political system is not much different from that of Saudi Arabia or North Korea. Over the medium to longer run, China will require a constitutional compromise that will allow a democratically elected representative government.

But this is what the Chinese Communist Party under the leadership of Xi and Li is determined not to permit. The short term solution developed by Beijing leaders in the post-Tien An Men period is to offer the Chinese population the following bargain: we will deliver increasing economic prosperity if you let us keep political power.

When Xi and Li assumed power some years back, their watchword was “No stimulus!” In other words, these self-styled Communists were about as backward in their economic thinking as the Republican Tea Party of the US House of Representatives. As a result of this stupidity, which may have already reflected British free market ideology, the Chinese stock market collapsed by 30%. Now, many industries are in trouble and are seeking to dump surplus production into foreign markets.

De Gaulle once wondered why the Soviet Union was so turbulent in foreign affairs, and his conclusion was that the leadership in the Kremlin was seeking to divert attention overseas in order to camouflage failures, tensions, and explosive contradictions on the home front. The unwise behavior of Xi and Li suggests that their bungling performance, combined with their attempt to use anticorruption demagogy to wipe out centers of domestic opposition to them, may be stoking a growing opposition both to them and to the oppression of unchecked Communist Party rule in general.

The Tax Wall Street Party calls on the Obama administration to reopen the case of HSBC money laundering, and to reject British pressure for the appeasement of malefactors of great wealth by launching criminal indictments against that bank and the executives who inevitably knew that the illegal money laundering was going on.

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Antiquated U.S. Rail Infrastructure Needs Massive Modernization, with 0% Century Bonds Purchased by the Nationalized Federal Reserve

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Baltimore’s 1895 Howard Street Tunnel Is Only Freight Rail Link Between Philadelphia and Washington DC; Toxic Chemicals Shipped by Rail with Inadequate Safeguards; If Predatory Railroad Executives Persist in Using Freight Rail As a Cash Cow for Asset Stripping, They Will Face Nationalization; Where Is Trump on Nationalizations? Or Is He One of the Asset Strippers?

By Gregory Edwards, TWSP Transportation Advisor

It’s 2016 and we in America don’t have a reliable space launch vehicle, we don’t have a supersonic jetliner, and we certainly don’t have modern freight railroads. A series of recent high-profile US railroad accidents highlights a brewing national emergency.

On May 1, 2016, a CSX freight train derailed underneath the Rhode Island Avenue Metro station a mere 2 miles from the US Capitol. Sodium Hydroxide leaked from several derailed cars, highlighting the flaws in the US tanker car fleet. Many of the US tanker cars designated DOT-111 are susceptible to punctures, leaks, and thermal failures, but continue to transport oil and hazardous liquids across the country. Washington DC citizens were shocked that freight railroads were transporting hazardous materials through major cities. CSX claims it reroutes hazardous materials outside of major cities, but only transports empty hazardous containers through those cities. This must be proven under intense scrutiny.

Baltimore’s pre-1900 Howard Street Tunnel is a critical choke point for US east coast freight. On May 1, 2016 a CSX freight train derailed in the 121-year old Howard Street tunnel (completed in 1895). This luckily produced no fires or chemical release, but blocked traffic to the port of Baltimore. This incident may sound familiar, as in 2001 a CSX train derailed in the tunnel and sparked a fire that burned for 6 days. Improper ventilation systems and emergency access extended the emergency. Explosions rocked Baltimore as gas released from the derailment sparked fires in the sewer system three weeks after the incident. The tunnel on its best day is a major shipping bottleneck and cannot support double stack intermodal trains. With the expansion of the Panama Canal and the inability to quickly transport Panamax cargo into the nation on the east coast, this creates a reduced economic potential for our nation.1

On June 4th, 2016 a Union Pacific train carrying shale oil from the Bakken Oil fields derailed and punctured 11 of the 96 cars. Several cars leaked oil into the Columbia River and adjacent water table. The derailment was caused by improper track maintenance by UP. As the trains passed over the faulty tracks the gauge widened under the load and the railcars fell through the track. This is particularly dangerous as the Bakken Oil is widely known for its high volatility. Failure to maintain tracks carrying such explosive cargo is particularly egregious. Many saw an environmental victory in the halting of the Keystone XL project and other US oil pipeline infrastructure, but now highly flammable oil is transported on a network comprised of late nineteenth century braking systems, inferior track infrastructure, and flawed tanker cars.

The rail accidents recently climaxed on June 28, when two BNSF intermodal trains collided head-on in Panhandle, Texas. Information leaks indicate that an engineer of one of the trains blew through two signals and onto an active single track. The results were devastating as the two trains collided at speed killing three and causing significant damage. Similar to the Amtrak 188 crash north of Philadelphia, this event would not have happened if Positive Train Control (PTC) had been in place. Based on Federal Railroad Administration reports, BNSF is the closest of any Class 1 railroad to full PTC implementation. A 2015 report issued by BNSF appears to show 0 route miles of active PTC as of the 2015 calendar year:

Warren Buffett’s BNSF model railroad is scarred by consistent attempts to silence whistleblowers, the most public of which highlights an atmosphere marked by ignoring federally mandated brake tests to keep profitable trains moving. The original PTC mandate called for full implementation within 7 years of the 2008 law, but by December 2015 no freight or passenger railroads had PTC protections in place. PTC now joins Electronic Braking as a successful lobbying effort to defer a modern safety mandate. Congress has been forced to extend the deadline three more years. Will railroads continue to use their lobbying body, the Association of American Railroads, to wiggle out of safety regulations once again?

We at the Tax Wall St Party focus on providing mass traction solutions to urgent economic problems. We propose a full upgrade of the US railroad infrastructure with or without the current Class I railroads. Under the authority of an economic state of emergency the Federal Reserve must open an Infrastructure Credit Stimulus window and provide trillions of dollars of 0% credit to public and private entities to fund and implement the most rigorous standards of modern railroading. This will include repair and replacement of all bridges, tunnels, 100% concrete tie trackage, full PTC implementation on the entire US network with a close to immediate operational goal, the retirement of the late 1800s Westinghouse braking system to be replaced by electronically controlled pneumatic braking systems, and retirement of the inferior DOT-111 tanker car to be replaced by highly resilient and modern crashworthy railcars. This will immediately bring the US railroad infrastructure up to a state of good repair. Failure to comply with these upgrades will result in de facto nationalization on the Consolidated Railroad (Conrail) model. Predatory railroad executives are on notice that they must stop treating our strategic freight rail as a cash cow for their asset-stripping schemes.

With a full infrastructure investment by the US government, all railroads will be re-regulated under a restored Interstate Commerce Commission. Rates will be stabilized to account for operating needs and a reasonable level of reliable, built-in profit. To enhance a climate of domestic manufacturing associated with a reintroduced protective tariff on US imports set at 15%, all railroads will be required to fully restore short line operations. Class 1 railroads have been exclusively purchasing 6-axle diesels designed for long distance, high-profit unit trains, but have ignored the consistent but lower margin local services. With the shameful sell off of General Motors’ profitable Electro-Motive Division (EMD), current US manufacturing has failed to produce a “yard” or “local service” diesel in almost 30 years (last switching diesel was built in 1985 and the last 4-axle road diesel was produced in 1991).

Therefore, a new manufacturing firm should be organized by the US government based on the model of the 1917-1920 United States Railroad Administration (USRA) to produce modernized yard and local service diesel locomotives.2 This agency could also design and regulate modern railcar production. At this point, Class 1 railroads will be required to balance 6-axle road motive power purchases with a proportional purchase of 4-axle short line engines to serve a revitalized domestic manufacturing sector.

As the US rail infrastructure is brought to an A rating, one eye must be firmly kept on a technological leap frog. Zero percent credit from the Federal Reserve must be provided for the engineering and construction of Maglev (magnetic levitation) passenger, computer, and freight operations. Not only must the current US passenger rail system reach a minimum of 300 mph, but the transportation of freight must be held to similar standards. The goal should be a maximization of domestic economic potential by expediting the speed of commodities and goods. With the current US predicament of 21st century economic demands overloading an early 20th century infrastructure, a full economic recovery will not be possible. Looking forward to early 2017, when Trump will have been defeated and the Republican Party collapsed as a national political force, the Tax Wall Street Party urges anti-Wall Street Democrats to prepare for the implementation of an Infrastructure Renaissance in America.

  1. ‘The Howard Street Tunnel is on the only direct rail link on the CSX rail line from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. The only other direct rail link is the Amtrak Northeast Corridor, a passenger line with only limited freight operations performed by Norfolk Southern Railway.’ If the Howard street tunnel is blocked, freight trains must be sent on a long detour through the Middle West to get from Philadelphia to Washington. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Street_Tunnel_fire
  2. ‘The United States Railroad Administration (USRA) was the name of the nationalized railroad system of the United States between 1917 and 1920. It was possibly the largest American experiment with nationalization, and was undertaken against a background of war emergency.’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Railroad_Administration

Dallas Killings Provide New Fuel for Trump’s Demagogy Ten Days Before Republican Convention

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Saturday, July 9, 2016

Trump Backers Rave of “Civil War,” Suggesting Need for Man on Horseback; Alleged Racist Ravings of Patsy Micah Xavier Johnson Made to Order to Assist Trump; Reports Initially Spoke of Multiple Snipers, Triangulation, Killing Zone, and Bombs, but Dallas Police Quickly Switched to Lone Assassin Theory, Beyond Credulity; Did Moles Help Technicians Disappear, While Patsy Was Liquidated by Robot?; After San Bernardino and Orlando, Dallas Signals Pro-Trump Strategy of Tension Has Escalated into Pre-Convention Mode, with Long Hot Summer Phase Next; U.S. Does Not Need a New Kerner Commission Fraud, but Full Employment with Forty Million New Jobs Paid for by Wall Street and the Fed; U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne a Key Operative for “Golden Era” British-Chinese Alliance vs U.S.A.; How Alexander Hamilton Put the Public Good Over His Personal Animosity Against Jefferson to Block Arch-Traitor Aaron Burr’s Path to the White House

World Crisis Radio
July 9, 2016

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

[download audio]

Watts Bar II Nuclear Plant of the Tennessee Valley Authority Is Operational

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Friday, July 8, 2016

This Is First Reactor Brought Online in US Since 1996; New Models Have Passive Cooling Systems Which Make Repeats of Three Mile Island and Fukushima Impossible; Sixty-Five Nuclear Facilities Now Under Construction Worldwide, Led by China with Twenty-One; US Building Four Plants, Trailing China, Russia, India, Tied with South Korea and United Arab Emirates

Tennessee Valley Authority Watts Bar 1 and 2 power plants

With the completion and first criticality of the Watts Bar unit 2 power reactor the United States enters a new age of hope and optimism. The Watts Bar 2 reactor, owned and operated by the Tennessee Valley Authority, began construction in 1973 but suspended in 1985. Construction restarted in 2007, was completed in late 2015-early 2016 and was first started in May 2016. At the time of writing, Watts Bar 2 is in operation but at low power in accordance with routine startup and testing procedures. This is the first reactor to be brought online in the United States since Watts Bar unit 1 in 1996. The Watts Bar Nuclear Generating Station is located near Spring City, Tennessee.

Also under construction in the United States are four other reactors, all located in Georgia and South Carolina and all sharing the state-of-the-art Westinghouse AP1000 reactor design. Two reactors each are located at the Virgil C. Summer Nuclear Generating Station in South Carolina and the Vogtle Electric Generating Plant in Georgia. All four reactors began construction in 2013 and are scheduled to begin operation in 2019-2020. These are the first new reactor projects in the US since the 1980s.

The AP1000s feature many advances over the reactors currently in operation in the US allowing for a simpler reactor design and few critical parts resulting in a reactor with a smaller footprint, less material, and far fewer valves, safety pumps, pipes, and wiring. A key advancement in terms of safety is the AP1000’s passive-cooling ability, meaning that in case of an emergency, the AP1000 does not require grid power or large diesel backups to pump cooling water to prevent meltdown. The AP1000 design accomplishes this by use of natural convection to keep the reactor safe in case of a sudden shutdown. Lose of emergency cooling was the cause of the meltdowns at Fukushima, when the diesel generators were swept away by the tsunami, and also Three Mile Island, which had its emergency cooling water valves mysteriously closed, preventing cooling water from immediately flowing when needed. Had reactors been designed with passive safety in the 1970s, those meltdowns never would have occurred.

With the good news of new reactors comes bad news of the closure of old reactors for economic and political reasons, with no adequate replacements ready to go online. The most recent power plant to close is the Diablo Canyon Power Plant on the California coast. The two large 1000+ Megawatt reactors at Diablo Canyon, like most of the US nuclear reactors, were originally licensed for 40 years of operation, which for Diablo Canyon ends around 2025. With monitoring and research into how the reactors have aged, many US reactors have had their operating licenses extended to 60 years with ongoing research being conducted on extending some reactors to 80 years. Due to political pressure on Pacific Gas and Electric, the plant’s operator will not be seeking an extension, opting instead to jump into the abyss of wind and solar which will never, with existing technology, be able to replace the very reliable thermal base load power provided by Diablo Canyon. In the Midwest, three more reactors are in the balance, one at the Clinton Nuclear Generating Station in central Illinois, and two reactors at the Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station in northwestern Illinois on the border with Iowa. Together these two sites produce enough power for about 2 million homes. It is imperative that aging reactors be replaced in advance with the most modern equipment, and not simply shut down.

These three reactors have all had their licenses extended into the early 2030s but may be closed early, largely because of the low cost of natural gas but also what some feel is a lack of coherent long-term energy policy in the state of Illinois.

As of now, nuclear power produced by 99 nuclear plants represents about 20% of the US total power supply and 67% of US carbon-free power, with the remainder being provided by hydro-electric. Nuclear power represents the only source of off the shelf, widely deployable and indefinitely expandable source of clean energy. A move away from nuclear power, or a failure to expand nuclear power to meet future demand, will mean increased reliance fossil fuels. As the cleanest, safest, and most reliable sources of energy available, nuclear power must play a central role in any long-term energy plan for the 21st century.

The most formidable economic competitors of the United States, especially China, continue to rely on nuclear energy, and many are building new reactors. Thirty countries have a total of 446 nuclear reactors, and these produce about 10% of world electricity.

Countries that do not keep up with modern technology will be increasingly left by the wayside. Of the ten new reactors started up in 2015, eight were in China. China currently has 30 reactors operational and 21 under construction. Iran fought hard to bring the Bushehr I nuclear plant online. India is building six new reactors. Russia has announced 20 new reactors by 2020, and nine are already being built. The United Arab Emirates are building four facilities. Pakistan is planning to build 32 reactors. Egypt has two plants being built and two more about to start construction. Canada is planning two, and Finland one. South Korea has 24 plants, and is building four more. Japan shut down all its 54 reactors after Fukushima, and is gradually bring all but six back into operation.

At the world level, countries that want serious economic development recognize that nuclear energy has an indispensable role. On the other side of the coin, pessimistic Germany has renounced nuclear energy, and finds its economy burdened by some of the highest energy costs in the world.

Whatever the merits of the climate change argument, it is clear that the only carbon-free, all weather, year round, 24/7 power source capable of providing economical and reliable base load capacity is a modern nuclear reactor. Intelligent environmentalists are increasingly supporting this realistic and rational alternative.

The Tax Wall Street Party calls for the expeditious replacement of existing nuclear plants with the most modern prototypes, with 0% 100-year financing from the $5 trillion infrastructure window of the nationalized Federal Reserve System.

—Carl Prakaashana, Energy Editor, Tax Wall Street Party

The Anglo-Chinese Alliance Marches On: Queen Elizabeth II, City of London Extremist Financiers, Rupert Murdoch Revealed as Brexit Sponsors

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Morning Briefing | Wednesday, July 7, 2016

Plebiscite a Bogus Sham As Disposable Demagogues Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage Depart the Stage; Police Minister Theresa May Touted As Next Prime Minister; Legal Authorities Agree an Act of Parliament Is Needed for British Departure; China and UK Seek to Wreck US Dollar for Own Aggrandizement

“The wily shafts of state, those juggler’s tricks
Which we call deep designs and politics,
(As in a theatre the ignorant fry
Because the cords escape their eye
Wonder to see the motions fly)
Methinks, when you expose the scene,
Down the ill-organ’d engines fall;
Off fly the vizards and discover all.
How plain I see through the deceit!
How shallow, and how gross, the cheat! …
Look where the Pulley’s tied above!
Oh what poor engines move
The Thoughts of Monarchs and Design of States,
What pretty Motives rule their Fates! …
Away the frighted Peasants fly,
Scar’d at th’unheard-of Prodigy…
Lo, it appears!
See, how they tremble! How they quake!”
—Jonathan Swift, “Ode to the Honourable Sir William Temple,” (1689)

Jonathan Swift was the author of Gulliver’s Travels. There and in the lines quoted above he showed a remarkable ability to see through political trickery and manipulation. Swift would have been fascinated by the colossal fraud perpetrated on the British people and the world by factions of the City of London financiers, the monarchy, the foreign office, and other elite forces. We refer of course to Brexit, a cynical bait and switch conducted under the cloak of demagogic anti-establishment rhetoric.

Over the July 4 weekend, when Americans were congratulating each other on having cut loose from the withered mummy of British imperialism in 1776, parts of the fake Brexit façade were already falling down. First, the tousled blonde bankers’ boy Boris Johnson – who had led the career of a picaresque dilettante alternating between the City of London and the British newspaper center in Fleet Street before serving two terms as mayor of London – would not be a candidate for Prime Minister in party votes starting this week. Boris Johnson had already become a laughingstock as it became painfully obvious to observers all over the world that he had absolutely no plans, ideas, or programs for running Britain once that unhappy country had left the European Union. Boris Johnson’s mind, when it came to policy, was very much the tabula rasa or empty blackboard that the British philodoxer John Locke had posited. In any case, Boris Johnson was retreating into the shadows.

Then came the turn of the scurrilous Nigel Farage, one of the leading lights of UKIP, the UK Independence Party. This is the xenophobic entity which had provided many of the shock troops which successfully frightened the leaderless and disoriented pensioners, senior citizens, unemployed, and populations of depressed areas like the north of England into supporting the Brexit. Farage, like his co-thinker Trump, proved full of petty resentments even in his moment of triumph: as part of his swan song, Farage taunted the members of the European Parliament in Brussels, recalling that they had laughed at him years ago when he gave his first speech announcing his plan to pull Great Britain out of the European Union. The Euro-deputies had laughed at him, Farage recalled bitterly. “But you’re not laughing now, are you?” added the crude and tasteless former stockjobber.

These two abrupt resignations by disposable demagogues suggest that the Brexit campaign was indeed orchestrated from behind the scenes by powerful bankers and oligarchs, who have now told Johnson and Farage that their services are no longer required, and that it was time to leave the premises immediately.

Theresa May
Theresa May

The departure of Johnson, the British politician who was thought most likely to successfully contend of for the conservative party leadership, and thus for Prime Minister in the next general election, probably coming in the autumn. Instead, using the same kinds of cords and pulleys described by Swift, the Tories (Conservatives) now seem to be in the process of anointing Theresa May, who has served as Home Secretary in the two Cameron cabinets over the past six years. The post of British Home Secretary amounts to a police minister, running internal security, brigades of Bobbies, and myriads of closed-circuit television cameras.

One somewhat bizarre aspect of the Theresa May candidacy is that she was officially a supporter of the Remain position in last week’s plebiscite. But now, she vehemently asserts that the Brexit represents the Collective Will in the Rousseauvian sense, and must therefore be carried out immediately. This will be her task, she asserts. Theresa May looks like a variation on the profile of the infamous Margaret Thatcher, whose relation to her own cabinet, British trade unions, and the British people in general was thoroughly sadistic.

Brexit campaigners, especially Boris Johnson, promised to reallocate the £350 million which London has been sending to Brussels each week and make this money available for the woefully underfunded National Health Service which the Tories have long been trying to starve to death. But now Farage has confessed that this promise was nothing but a Big Lie. There is widespread alarm that the post-Brexit Tories will finally satisfy their seven decades-old wish to privatize and destroy the National Health Service. There may soon be little to stop them, since if left of center Scotland quits the United Kingdom, England will be left as a thoroughly reactionary state with a Tory majority as far as the eye can see.

Britain’s public debt has already been downgraded by the ratings agencies. The pound sterling has dropped below last week’s level and is now at $1.29. This might be good for exports, if the United Kingdom had any, but by and large the British economy contains only financial services, derivatives, speculation, hot money and the like. The dramatic weakness of the pound will mean a sharp cut in the British standard of living in the months and years ahead.

Right-wing England under the Chinese alliance is likely to revert to laissez-faire, free market policies of Dickensian cruelty, rolling back social legislation and labor legislation which have been on the books for more than 150 years. Who knows whether a minimum wage will survive? Will there be government regulation of wages and hours? Time will tell, but the perspective is grim.

Many British newspapers have now published opinions from legal experts according to which, despite the lawless anarchy which is inevitable in a country which lacks a modern written constitution, it should be impossible to carry out Brexit without an act of Parliament, supported by a majority vote. This shows once again that the British political elite could easily block the Brexit and remain in the European Union. So if they do not stop Brexit, it simply means they do not want to.

More straws in the wind are now suggesting additional dimensions of the British-Chinese alliance, which is now emerging. One aspect of this alliance is that the City of London will become the principal offshore clearinghouse of the Chinese currency, the ren min bi. This relationship in turn will serve as a component in an all-out effort to destroy the United States dollar as the world reserve currency. One problem with this plan is that its implementation is fraught with risks of general war. Another problem is that if the British-Chinese hegemony is established, Europe, North America, and Japan may find themselves much worse off than they are with the greenback.

We are now learning more about the cabal of oligarchs and financiers who duped the British people into voting for Brexit. Two important voices were those of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, who are both anti-Europe. Some time ago the Queen admonished Nick Clegg, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party, which was then in a coalition government with Cameron’s Tories:

‘Her Majesty let rip at the then Deputy PM during a lunch at Windsor Castle, The Sun has been told. The 89-year-old monarch firmly told passionate pro-European Mr. Clegg that she believed the EU was heading in the wrong direction.’

The Queen also attacked the EU in the presence of some members of Parliament:

‘One of a group of Parliamentarians in a circle with her at the time asked Her Majesty for her thoughts on Brussels. The Queen is said to have snapped back angrily: “I don’t understand Europe”. A parliamentary source, who relayed the remark to The Sun, said: “It was said with quite some venom and emotion. I shall never forget it”. The claims will explode a furious controversy. Brexit-backing Tory MPs are already leaping on The Sun’s revelations as a strong sign the Queen is secretly on the side of Leave ahead of the landmark EU referendum on June 23.’1

British imperialist forces may try to revive the Commonwealth as a replacement for the EU:

‘Some Australian politicians are already calling for the UK to restart “an ambitious plan for Commonwealth free movement of people, starting with Australia, the UK, Canada and New Zealand,” which had previously been blocked by the EU. With the promise of a resurgent commonwealth, who can blame the Queen for spying opportunity in Britain’s Brexit vote?’2

Boris Johnson has also revealed that one big reason for his hostility to Brussels and the EU is the attempt of the European Commission to regulate the exorbitant bonuses of City of London finance executives. Johnson’s masters have been determined to fight off a modest EU financial transactions tax, which is being implemented on the continent.

Johnson told a committee of the House of Commons some months ago that the Leave campaign had received backing from Lord Blackwell of Lloyd’s Bank, Lady Noakes of RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland), and Sir Henry Angest of Arbuthnot Banking Group. These are all top finance oligarchs.

It was Rupert Murdoch’s Sky Television and the Sun tabloid that brainwashed the pensioners and cottagers in the shires. But Murdoch is fighting for his own rights as a billionaire, and certainly not for these hapless and deluded little people. As Anthony Hilton, a columnist for the Evening Standard, a rival London tabloid, wrote:

‘I once asked Rupert Murdoch why he was so opposed to the European Union. “That’s easy,” he replied. “When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.”3

The smaller a political unit is, the easier it is for oligarchs to dominate. In larger nations, oligarchical interests clash and sometimes cancel each other out.

Referenda or plebiscites are now being touted by ignorant libertarians as the last word in democratic expression. But plebiscites have a very mixed record, no matter how democratic they sound. They are sometimes the vehicle by which mob rule (ochlochracy) flips into tyranny. It is enough to recall that Napoleon Bonaparte’s rise to power was accomplished through referenda: in 1800, a referendum confirmed Napoleon as first consul after he had taken power in a coup d’etat. In 1802, another referendum made him first consul for life. In 1804, yet another referendum made him emperor. Napoleon’s whole system was based on referenda: his rule has been described as “dictatorship by plebiscite.”

Louis Napoleon Bonaparte or Napoleon III also ruled as dictator and emperor through plebiscites. After seizing power in a coup, he had his dictatorship validated through a referendum in 1851. In 1852, another referendum made him emperor as Napoleon III. He held still another plebiscite in 1870 to get approval for his “liberal Empire” reforms, and he succeeded in this as well.

In Germany in 1934, it was by plebiscite that the office of President of the Reich was combined with that of Chancellor, producing a combined head of state and head of government post in the form of the Führer, and this post was taken by Hitler. Thus, Hitler’s totalitarian dictatorship was the result of a referendum.

Anyone who, like Mike Taibbi of Rolling Stone, argues for the metaphysical sanctity of any referendum is therefore not being judicious.

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