In Iowa and New Hampshire Hold Your Nose and Vote for Bernie

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Morning Briefing | Wednesday, January 27, 2016

For an Open and Contested Democratic Convention with New Candidates Coming into the Race; To Keep the Democratic Process Going; To Prevent Hillary from Quickly Wrapping Up the Democratic Nomination; Gov. O’Malley Also Better Choice Than Wall Street Warmonger Hillary; A Dozen More Dem Debates Needed; Bernie’s Infrastructure Plan Provides a Meager 13 Million Jobs at $77,000 per Job Including Capital Investment (If Any) Paid for by US Taxpayers; Tax Wall Street Party Wants 30 Million Jobs at $167,000 per Job Paid for by Nationalized Federal Reserve; Bernie Claims to Want a Political Revolution, but Is Too Pusillanimous to Attend the Manchester Union Leader Debate for Fear of Hillary’s DNC Stooges; Bernie Gives Federal Reserve Banksters a Free Pass; Bernie Laments Free Trade Sellouts but Won’t Back 15% Protective Tariff

On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, the Tax Wall Street Party calls upon voters in Iowa and New Hampshire to hold your noses and vote for Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in spite of much of what he represents at this point. We do not do this because we believe that Bernie is qualified for the presidency. Indeed, we are pretty sure that Bernie is not qualified for the presidency. We are not suggesting a vote for Bernie because we think that he has the will or the charisma of a leader. Indeed, we think that Bernie Sanders has been doing everything possible to sabotage his own presidential campaign, despite the sacrifices he is calling upon other people to make on his behalf. Bernie’s stress on civility in regard to Hillary Clinton is essentially a form of craven posturing carried out at the expense of the most vulnerable elements at home and abroad, whom Bernie has been betraying in order to preen himself as the less acrimonious candidate in the eyes of the feckless and fussy independents.

Our motivations lie entirely elsewhere. If Hillary Clinton can win the Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primary, she is then likely to sweep to the Democratic nomination, cutting off all debate and all discussion on her way. Because we feel that none of the Democratic candidates is acceptable, we want to keep the process open and uncontrolled as long as possible, in the hope that delay may allow conditions to improve. We want an open and contested Democratic convention, not the vapid and banal photo opportunity of recent election cycles, but rather a clash of ideas at the same level of ferocity as the agony being suffered by the American people under the cruel and stupid domination of Democratic and Republican Party hacks.

Keep the process open, and new candidates may enter the race – and we don’t mean the buffoon Joe Biden. Convention delegates, the last time we looked, were pledged to vote according to primary and caucus results only on the first ballot. But if the convention goes beyond the first ballot – something which has not happened in many moons but might well happen this year– then those delegates can support other candidates, including those just entering the race. The winner could very well be a candidate who had not participated in any primaries at all. Since none of the three candidates currently in view is qualified for the presidency, prolonging the contest with a view to stimulating new candidacies amounts to the only method for getting ourselves out of the current blind alley of incompetence and malevolence. If the conventions reassert their power to nominate whomever they choose, this will also be a severe blow against of the post-Citizens United plutocratic and oligarchical organization of US elections, since campaign contributions by finance oligarchs during the primary phase will become far less certain in their effect.

If Hillary Clinton wins both Iowa and New Hampshire, she will likely then go on to win in South Carolina and Nevada. By this point, the Democratic primaries will have turned into a coronation. In the process, the Republicans may well be benefiting from an actual clash in their primaries, which will focus attention on the GOP, leaving the Democrats to languish in the corner amidst total indifference. The spotlight will be on the Republicans and the Democrats will have no action worth covering.

We therefore urge voting for Bernie Sanders, for reasons which have very little to do with Bernie’s intrinsic qualities. Our recommendation is purely tactical, and sees Sanders merely as a vehicle, a means to prevent Hillary from winning everything in the short run.

Holding your nose and voting for Bernie is probably the most effective means of blocking Mrs. Clinton. But for those who truly cannot stomach Bernie, there is also the possibility of voting for former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. O’Malley deserves some respect because his achievements as governor include the total abolition of the death penalty, including the freeing of all death row inmates; the enactment of the Dream Act for the children of undocumented immigrants, and the establishment of marriage equality, as called for in the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment. It is also important that O’Malley win some delegates in the early Democratic primaries, which operate according to proportional representation, since this is yet another way to deny Hillary the delegates she may need further down the road to wrap up the nomination.

So hold your nose and vote for Bernie Sanders in spite of everything. “Everything” includes the unbelievable cowardice of the Vermont social democrat. Today, the well-known New Hampshire reactionary newspaper, the Manchester Union Leader, announced its intention of sponsoring an unsanctioned debate among the Democratic Party’s presidential candidates. As Governor O’Malley has helpfully pointed out, the absurdly low total of six Democratic presidential debates was artificially limited by Democratic National Committee Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a favor to Hillary Clinton, since the latter was counting on a coronation and did not wish to be exposed to the unpredictable winds of an actual debate on policy, character, honesty, and related issues. So even if the Manchester Union Leader was primarily interested in mischief, their proposal fulfilled an objective necessity for more discussion with more voices and more choices.

Bernie’s weakness has been so systematic that it has continuously raised questions as to whether he is a serious candidate at all. He looks for all the world like a left wing man or stalking horse for Hillary Clinton, designed to convoy disaffected Democrats back into the party when they were just about to liberate themselves from its yoke. The tipoff to this was in the first Democratic debate, when Bernie prevented the other candidates from ganging up on Hillary to demand some straight talk about her handling of classified information in the form of her emails. The real issue behind this formalism of handling classified information is that Hillary was one of the prime movers and organizers of that catastrophic series of destabilizations now known among the dupes and gulls as the Arab Spring. Hillary was running the Arab spring when it started in Tunisia, when it broke out in Egypt and toppled the elected President Mubarak, and when it spread to Libya, including with the death of Colonel Qaddafi. There is every reason to believe that Hillary personally superintended the transfer of thousands of jihadi butchers from Libya to Turkey, and thence to Syria, as a means of ginning up the Syrian civil war. Then there is the matter of the incalculable folly of the Maidan destabilization of Ukraine. Voters have the right to know the full details of her crimes.

Governor O’Malley has immediately accepted the invitation from the Manchester Union Leader. Hillary Clinton coyly stated that she would attend if the other candidates did. Bernie should therefore have called her bluff by accepting the invitation. But instead Bernie Sanders, the cringing toady, the feckless weakling, plaintively whined that he was afraid to accept the invitation because his disobedient behavior might later be used as a pretext for excluding him from debates in some of the states down the road. Such open advertisements of weakness can easily elicit responses of aggressive adventurism in a world in which, whatever Gnome Chomsky may think, the United States has no monopoly on aggression and oppression.

Bernie also remains unacceptably fuzzy on programmatic points. Today, in an address to the Steelworkers of one Iowa town, Bernie touted his support for a program of spending $1 trillion for infrastructure, creating 13 million new jobs in the process. The cash would come from the Department of the Treasury, on budget. This may sound like a lot to the naïve, but it is in fact wretchedly meager. Bernie’s plan would allocate just $77,000 per job – a totally inadequate sum. $77,000 might be barely sufficient if it represented wages and benefits. But that would mean a total capital investment per job of $ 0 !! Even a leaf raking program of the Keynesian type would require $10 or $15 for a rake. On this issue as on so many others, Bernie needs to get into the details if he wants to be taken seriously.

The Tax Wall Street Party demands the creation of 30 million new productive jobs by means of $5 trillion in credit from the nationalized Federal Reserve. The money would be created as national credit creation, for the purpose of job creation. Bernie doesn’t mention the Fed – he wants the money to come from taxpayers or borrowing from China. We want the money to be created out of thin air, as reactionaries and libertarians keep whining. That is why we can say that our infrastructure program will be paid for by the nationalized central bank acting as a national bank in the service of the entire economy, and not just of selected zombie bankers and hedge fund hyenas. Our program will not be paid for by borrowing money from China, nor will it be financed by tax increases. Bernie’s inability to specify his sources of revenue is the inevitable consequence of his refusal to wage a political revolution against the Federal Reserve System!

This unfortunate pattern of cowardice and fuzziness is something we hope Bernie can overcome during the long five-month primary season, which we hope is now opening before us. In addressing a group of Steelworkers in Iowa today, Bernie made a good case against free trade sellouts like NAFTA, CAFTA, WTO, TPP, and others. He railed against the practice of the runaway shop, which destroys manufacturing jobs in the United States paying $20-$30 an hour, and transfers them to Third World sweatshops with coolie wages of a few dollars per hour at most. In the course of his remarks, Bernie Sanders made an excellent case for the imperative necessity of a protective tariff. But, once again, Bernie Sanders is far too cowardly to make a frontal attack against the entire failed and bankrupt structure of economic and financial globalization – which no American voter ever got to decide on. Unless and until Bernie Sanders incorporates a protective tariff and the repudiation of the existing sellout agreements, he will not be credible as a presidential candidate.

But in spite of all this, voters should hold their nose and vote for Bernie, or at least support O’Malley – purely as a means of preventing catastrophic early victory by Mrs. Clinton. Americans have the bad habit of equating voting for a candidate with some kind of lifelong political marriage. In a system as depraved and corrupt as this one, voting is purely tactical – not an end, but only a means to an end.

If both Hillary and Trump can be defeated in Iowa and New Hampshire, the world and national political situation will improve markedly. The Tax Wall Street Party urges you to help make it happen over the next two weeks.

On Eve of Iowa Caucus, Warmonger and Wall Street Puppet Hillary Clinton Once Again Suffers No Damage from Feeble Attacks by Bernie Sanders; Obama Still Won’t Endorse Hillary; Will She be Indicted?; Bernie Still Has No Job Creation Program, Will Not Condemn Hillary’s Catastrophic Arab Spring Destabilizations Which Created ISIS, Is Still Fuzzy on Details of Taxing Wall Street Speculation; United States Needs the Proven American System of Political Economy and New Deal, Not Blather of “Democratic Socialism”; O’Malley Repeats that Trump Is Fascist

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Morning Briefing | Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Welcome to #TaxWallStreetParty livetweet of #Democratic presidential debate in #Iowa-Will #Bernie #Sanders Encouraged by Polls Get Serious?

#FeelTheBern-#Bernie so far has not been serious challenger to #Hillary but #BorderGuard #GateKeeper to help her-Will he get serious as foe?

Now that he is even with #Hillary in many polls will #Bernie decide to become serious challenger by going for #KnockOut tonight #FeelTheBern

To compete seriously beyond #NH #Bernie needs #KnockOut punch vs #Hillary in debate-Hit her on #ArabSpring #Emails #WallStreet #Warmongering

#FeelTheBern If #Bernie takes his issues seriously he must try #KnockOut punch to expose #Hillary as #WallStreet #Warmonger-Otherwise a fake

#FeelTheBern-#Bernie must get his head out of the fussy world of #Vermont leftists & independents and go for #KnockOut punch vs #Hillary

#Bernie sabotaged his own campaign by refusing to attack #Hillary on #emails & classified info-Posturing at the expense of victims of crisis

#FeelTheBern-#Sanders must stop cringing & pulling his punches in debate-Need to knock out #Hillary-Stop the posturing lives are at stake

#FeelTheBern #Bernie talks of problems but offers few solutions-We need a president not a complainer-in-chief-How will he break banks’ power

#FeelTheBern #IncomeInequality is urgent issue but wealth must be produced before it can be distributed-#GreenJobs will not cut mustard

#FeelTheBern-#DemocraticSocialism was a #ColdWar invention to mobilize social democrats for red-baiting vs communist union organizers-#YPSIL

#FeelTheBern #DemTownHall #Bernie-tell them you will pay for #MedicareForAll using 1% #WallStreetSalesTax on all turnover-Esp #derivatives

#Demagogy #FeelTheBern is talking about comes from #Hillary who uses #GOP talking points in her desperate campaign #DemDebate

#FeelTheBern #WallStreetSalesTax is worth more than a passing reference-Need more details, refute #GOP arguments-What %? #Derivatives incl?

#FeelTheBern Teach them #WallStreet pays no taxes especially no sales tax turnover tax transaction tax-Get revenue suppress #speculation

#FeelTheBern wants to argue that he would be better for women but he has no program for job creation-See #TaxWallStreetParty program

#FeelTheBern has no ideas for forcing the #FederalReserve to pay for economic recovery-#TaxWallStreetParty wants 30mill plus 10 mill youth

#FeelTheBern raps #Hillary for voting for #Iraq war-He should cite her catastrophic #ArabSpring #destabilizations which gave us #ISIS !

#Obscurantists & #reactionaries out there are freaking about the highly effective #TaxWallStreetParty livetweet of #Democrats #FeelTheBern

#FeelTheBern Stop saying that #Hillary is good and go for a #KnockOut-Try telling that to the widows & orphans of #IraqWar she supported!

#FeelTheBern #OMalley credits include ending #DeathPenalty enacting #DreamAct #MarriageEquality but he dodged #WallStreetSalesTax-Dems lost

#FeelTheBern #OMalley failed to enact #WallStreetSalesTax & instead went for #RainTax & other regressive taxes so #GOP’s #Hogan became Gov

#FeelTheBern #OMalley talks #debt free college-Better is free college at community & state colleges paid for by 1% #WallStreetSalesTax

#FeelTheBern #OMalley wants Freedom from #Monopoly-First mention of enforcing antitrust laws vs #WallStreet banks in #Democratic debates

#FeelTheBern #DemTownHall #TWSP farm program: No #Foreclosures #DebtFreeze Zero % #FederalCredit for spring planting #FoodForPeace worldwide

#FeelTheBern #Viability issue in #Iowa caucus-A process question-He should say hold strong but then join #Bernie as way to prolong race

#FeelTheBern Dems & #GOP are sold out to ag #monopolies & international grain cartel-#TaxWallStreetParty program revives family farm

#FeelTheBern #OMalley again seizes moral high ground by attacking #Trump’s #Fascist rhetoric-Neither #Hillary nor #Bernie dares do this

#FeelTheBern Eternally complacent #Hillary wraps self in mantle of #Obama-But Obama was a huge disappointment too-Wasted historic 2008 oppy

#FeelTheBern #Hillary bobs weaves ducks question on her #Dishonesty-Could she be indicted in #Email scandal re #Classified information ?

#FeelTheBern Make #Hillary admit purpose of US #Benghazi mission was airlift of #Jihadi terrorists from #Libya to #Turkey & thence #Syria

#FeelTheBern #Hillary can’t mask her compulsive pathological #Warmonger nature gloating about her strangulation of #Iran economy-Pathetic

#FeelTheBern #Hillary if you are telling yarns then tell us how you ordered the murder of #Qaddafi in midst of your Phony #ArabSpring-

#FeelTheBern #Cuomo is hitting #Hillary harder than #Bernie did-Time to take the gloves off #Bernie-Don’t posture with lives of others!

#FeelTheBern Insufferable posturing by #Hillary about her catastrophic tenure as #SecretaryOfState-How about her links to #MuslimBrotherhood

#FeelTheBern Can #Hillary stand up to #Fascist #Trump? Shameful offensive dangerous #OK-But how about fact that #Trump is a #Nazi ?!?

#FeelTheBern #Hillary wants #Coalition vs #ISIS-Including #Saudi dark ages monarchy, feudal #Qatar, #Turkey who supply & fund #ISIS ?

#FeelTheBern #Hillary should admit thast #Benghazi stand down order was issued by #CIA boss #DavidPetraeus in Sept surprise v #Obama 2012

#FeelTheBern’s #DemocraticSocialism is wretched slogan-We need #AmericanSystem #Hamilton #Dirigism #NEWDEAL #Protectionism #TWSP

Republican Party Breaking Apart on Eve of Iowa Caucus; National Review Touts “Conservatives Against Trump” Broadside by 22 Buckleyite and Neocon Ideologues

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, January 23, 2016

McCain, Dole, Lott, Hatch, Branstad See Cruz as Catastrophe for GOP; Trump Thus Exposed as Lap Dog of the Washington GOP Oligarchy; Trump’s Bid for Power Deadly Serious; Bernie Sanders Doing Nothing to Widen GOP Split; Trump Peddling Extreme Form of GOP Cultural Populist Wedge Issues; Robert Kennedy Was Last Genuine Economic Populist for Democrats; Obscure Racist Crackpot Sam Francis Exposed as Trump Guru; Oregon Governor Kate Brown Demands Feds Arrest Land Grabbers; Harney County Wants Bundy Gang Gone; Trump Defeat in Iowa Serves U.S. National Interest

World Crisis Radio
January 23, 2016

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[download audio]

“The situation is absolutely intolerable and it must be must be resolved immediately. The very fabric of this community is being ripped apart…. [Federal officials] must move quickly to end the occupation and hold all of the wrongdoers accountable….And until Harney County is free of it, I will not stop insisting that federal officials enforce the law….The residents of Harney County have been overlooked and underserved by federal officials’ response thus far. I have conveyed these very grave concerns directly to our leaders at the highest levels of our government: the U.S. Department of Justice and the White House.”
— Oregon Governor Kate Brown on the Bundy standoff.

What Real Populism Looks Like: Comparing the Phony Populism of the Fascist Donald J. Trump with that of the Authentic Urban Economic Populists Robert Kennedy and His Ally Martin Luther King

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Morning Briefing | Friday, January 22, 2016

Robert F. Kennedy, a real economic populist whose example exposes the fraud of the fascist Donald Trump.

Lately the corrupt corporate media have started referring to Donald Trump as a populist. To call this defender of oligarchical privilege a populist is of course an absurdity, but today very few can tell the difference. We therefore present a short portrait of one of the last authentic populists to contend for power in this country – Robert F. Kennedy, the younger brother of the slain President. Trump is a cultural populist, reeking of xenophobia and the scapegoating of defenseless groups to protect his Wall Street cronies. Robert Kennedy was an economic populist, seeking to unite the principal groups in the US population based on a program of economic modernization that expressed the interests of all working people, students, and GIs. Kennedy intended to implement this program in cooperation with Dr. Martin Luther King. But both were cut down in the spring of 1968. Some familiarity with Kennedy will help to put Trump in perspective as a demagogue serving the Wall Street banking elite who have financed much of his career. This comparison is all the more timely in the week of Martin Luther King’s birthday.

The following is an excerpt from Webster G. Tarpley, Surviving the Cataclysm (Progressive Press of California, 1999-2009). FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO: http://progressivepress.com/book-listing/surviving-cataclysm-2nd-ed

The Vietnam adventure was not the work of the much-despised Joe Sixpack, but rather of the Harvard geopolitical boutique, unopposed by the Pentagon careerists. However, once the country was engaged, Joe Sixpack and the rest of Middle America believed it was patriotic to support the troops and the war they were fighting. The impulses of World War II, Korea, and the Berlin and Cuban missile crises were still operative among the masses. Soon the Harvard boutique had grown tired of Vietnam, and left Johnson isolated as the chief warmonger fighting for his own political survival. Later, Nixon’s successful demagogic appeal to the Silent Majority and the hard hats gave the Harvard boutique the opportunity to assume a posture of horror at the depravity of the American masses, who had always in their view been racists and who were now supporting a war of genocide. It is fair to say that many leftish academics and intellectuals by this time had come to hate the American people. This marked a change from the 1930s, when leftist intellectuals had generally expressed some degree of sympathy with the suffering of the depression-stricken American masses. The change heralded an important split in the old FDR national coalition.

Robert Kennedy: Urban Populist, Tribune of the Underclass

A recent and attractive model for modern urban populism with a strong international appeal is provided by the brief 85-day quest for the presidency on the part of New York Senator Robert Kennedy, who had just won the decisive California Democratic primary and was building momentum for the White House when he was assassinated in June 1968. There is every reason to think that he would have been elected, and that his campaign would have focused attention on real issues, especially economic issues. In thirty-year retrospect, the patrician Kennedy appears not just as a successor to FDR, but perhaps also as the Tiberius Gracchus of the postwar US empire, offering a last chance to implement reform and avoid disaster, before being silenced by an assassin. 1968 was a year of upheaval, caused in part by the Johnson administration’s policy of waging war in Vietnam. However, there was also an atmosphere of acute racial conflict, which had been expressed in inner-city riots in places like Watts, Newark, and Detroit. The background for this racial discontent was the drought of US productive job creation after 1958. But when the stunning Tet offensive of the Vietcong coincided with the January opening of the presidential primary season, the presidential contest focused initially on Vietnam.

Robert Kennedy knew what the Roosevelt coalition had been, and knew the importance of either preserving it or renovating it to make it more effective. Kennedy’s friend and adviser, the Village Voice writer Jack Newfield, recalls: “Class, in the economic and sociological sense, was the key to understanding Kennedy’s appeal in Indiana, in the country, and what he dreamed of doing if he ever became President. Late one night, near the end of the Indiana primary, Kennedy said to me, ‘You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that poverty is closer to the root of the problem than color. I think there has to be a new kind of coalition to keep the Democratic Party going, and to keep the country together…. We have to write off the unions and the South now, and replace them with Negroes, blue-collar whites, and the kids. If we can do that, we’ve got a chance to do something. We have to convince the Negroes and poor whites they have common interests. If we can reconcile those two hostile groups, and then add the kids, you can really turn this country around.” (Newfield 278-9) This contradicted the strategy which was being elaborated at that time by most sectors of the US ruling class and its operatives. In 1968, figures as ideologically diverse as McGeorge Bundy of the Ford Foundation, Nixon Labor Secretary George Shultz, and black power activists like James Forman and Stokely Carmichael were becoming interested in using the pretext of the fight against racism to mobilize the black ghetto poor to weaken and break up white-dominated unions in the building trades and other sectors.

Harvard historian and Kennedy family ally Arthur Schlesinger portrays the Robert Kennedy of 1968 as “the tribune of the underclass,” a patrician acting in the overriding cause of national unity. Kennedy said on March 17, 1968: “We are more divided now than perhaps we have been in a hundred years.” He wanted “to heal the deep divisions that exist between the races, between age groups and on the war.” Kennedy had opposed the Vietnam War starting in January 1966. According to Schlesinger, Kennedy sought “a coalition of the poor and powerless in the battle to bring the excluded groups into the national community.” “I’ve got every establishment in American against me,” said Kennedy on April 2, 1968. “I want to work for all who are not represented. I want to be their President.” (Schlesinger 872)

Schlesinger quotes writer Robert Coles: “Kennedy had a unique ability to do the miraculous: attract the support of frightened, impoverished, desperate blacks, and their angry insistent spokesmen, and, as well, working-class white people.” (891) Alexander Bickel commented: “His greatest gift to the country would have been the respite these two groups [blacks and ethnic white workers] would have granted him to seek solutions that cannot at anyone’s hands come quickly.” (Schlesinger 891) Paul Cowan, a radical activist, observed that Kennedy was “the last liberal politician who could communicate with white working class America.” (Schlesinger 891) Kennedy was opposed by Johnson’s Vice President, Hubert Humphrey, whose vapid slogan of “the politics of joy” translated into endless war in Vietnam and the status quo on the home front. Continue reading What Real Populism Looks Like: Comparing the Phony Populism of the Fascist Donald J. Trump with that of the Authentic Urban Economic Populists Robert Kennedy and His Ally Martin Luther King »

Fascist Trump by Far the Greatest Threat to U.S. Democracy and Constitution; Imperative that Trump Be Defeated in the Closely Matched Iowa Caucus

Iowa the Best Chance for a Trump Defeat that Can Deflate the Demagogue’s Rhetoric of Invincibility; Otherwise Trump Could Secure GOP Nod and Steamroller Wall Street Warmonger Hillary and Treacherous Bernie; Why the Tax Wall Street Party Calls on You to Fight Fascism

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Morning Briefing | Thursday, January 21, 2016

“Only one thing could have broken our movement – if the adversary had understood our principle and from the very first day had smashed the nucleus of our new movement with the utmost brutality.”
— Hitler, September 3, 1933
“If the enemy had known how weak we were, they would probably have beaten us to a pulp…. they would have pulverized our organization at the very beginning.”
— Goebbels (Nazi Propaganda Minister), 1934

The Nazi Party assembles at its annual rally in Nuremberg. With Trump, the United States would be heading for this nightmare.

As the February 1 Iowa caucuses approach, it is indispensable that persons of good will have a clear strategic concept of who the main enemy is, and also of the secondary enemies who can be relegated to later on.

The finding of the Tax Wall Street Party is that the decades long poster boy for Wall Street banks Donald J Trump represents by far the greatest threat of a fascist seizure of power which would severely damage or destroy what remains of our formal democracy and Constitution. All of us now have the duty to mobilize to prevent our country from going into the abyss of fascism. The Tax Wall Street Party accepts our historical responsibility to warn the American people about what is to happen. Over the next several weeks and months, it is important to be guided by this governing strategic fact. If Trump is able to win the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, there is reason to believe that he will then go on to seize the Republican presidential nomination. At that point, he would be facing feckless weaklings like the widely hated Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, the cringing toady. Trump might steamroller both of them. The manifest lack of fighting qualities on the part of the two leading Democratic candidates suggests that Trump might then be well on his way to the presidency. God forbid.

Don’t kid yourself: There is simply no comparison between a bourgeois government – no matter how reactionary, no matter how oppressive, no matter how warmongering – and a mass movement of fascist thugs.

The danger of a Trump presidency must be taken with deadly seriousness. During the interwar period, many working-class politicians and trade union officials consoled themselves with the naive reassurance that the fascists and Nazis would not be able to seize power. Some anti-fascists went so far as to delude themselves that they were setting a trap for the fascists and Nazis in the form of state power. They kidded themselves that once the fascists had taken over, they would discredit themselves by their inability to govern, and would then fall from power. In Europe today, the fascist agitation of Trump is being sugarcoated with the idea that he is a clown and buffoon whom nobody needs to take very seriously. This is coherent with the view of the Italian dictator Mussolini among certain Anglo-American opinion makers, which is that Il Duce was nothing more than a buffoon. If so, he was a buffoon who somehow managed to get about 1 million people killed – so by the end, very few were laughing.

If Trump wins in Iowa and New Hampshire, do not rely upon the establishment of the Republican Party in the House, Senate, and Republican National Committee to save the country by blocking Trump’s path. So far, the GOP bosses have not been willing to spend a dime on anti-Trump negative advertising in Iowa and New Hampshire. They have no objection to fascism, but they want to keep their sinecures and incomes. Plenty of anecdotal evidence shows that Republican bigwigs are already rushing to make their own cozy deals with Trump. They are endlessly corrupt and devious. We should remember that Mussolini ruled as prime minister in a coalition government of nationalists, liberals, and populists from late 1922 until early 1925. This arrangement ended when the fascists murdered Matteotti, the leader of the Socialist opposition in parliament. On the way to power, Mussolini feared nothing so much as the united front of anti-fascists which never materialized. The tragedy of the United States today is that we lack even the building block of such a united front. However, this can and must change fast. This is one of those moments when the most revolutionary thing you can do is to state loudly and clearly what is happening.

Hitler’s seizure of power in January 1933 was facilitated by the complete lack of unity among his opponents – just like today. Hitler’s first government was a coalition with the reactionary eastern landowners of the German National People’s Party; the vice-chancellor was von Papen of the Catholic Center Party, who thought he could control Hitler, but was soon forced to become his servant. Lesson: do not appease fascism, but unite against it.

If Trump should be defeated in the Iowa caucus, the entire US domestic situation could improve. Trump’s entire campaign is based on a fascist rhetoric of invincibility which is the cornerstone of the psychological dream world he has constructed far from the bounds of reality for his duped and fanatical followers. The first order of business in a Trump election rally is generally that the candidate reads the results of a series of public opinion polls, showing that he is beating the opposition. Trump’s mystique is that he has been invincible as a businessman (despite his numerous bankruptcies), will be invincible as a candidate, and will be invincible as president against such formidable rivals as Russia, China, Mexico, and Japan. The emotional investment in this belief structure on the part of his rank-and-file supporters is enormous.

What will happen to Trump when he has to taste the bitterness of defeat? Let’s not waste too much time speculating, but rather go out and make sure that this moment of truth overtakes his March on Washington as soon as possible. It used to be widely recognized that defeat was an essential part of building character, and that learning to show resilience in the face of adversity was a building block of strong character. “In victory magnanimity, in adversity, fortitude, and in defeat, defiance.” went the old saw. Trump talks about adversity from time to time (but not much), but he very seldom talks about defeat. To what hysterics will he resort? In any case, the entire profile of Trump’s campaign would suffer a crippling reverse. And the bigger the defeat, the better.

So Trump campaigns as the inevitable winner. What if he loses? What will he talk about then? One obvious possibility is that Trump, as the fascist that he is, will follow the example of Hitler and blame his own personal defeat on others. The centerpiece of Hitler’s demagogy in his first few years of political activity was the stab in the back legend, which asserted that the German Army had never been militarily defeated on the battlefield, but rather betrayed by cliques of liberals, social Democrats, Jews, and communists back in Berlin. If Trump is defeated, he will have to blame that defeat on somebody, and the Republican National Committee and other parts of the Republican establishment are the obvious scapegoats. This would mean that the RNC has broken its promise to give Trump fair treatment. At that point, Trump would have to focus his hostility on the RNC, which could lead to the breakup of the Republican Party. This scenario is yet another excellent reason to defeat Trump in Iowa, since this could accelerate the great historical task of busting up the Republican Party as a force in Washington DC.

Fortunately, there is substantial evidence to believe that Trump CAN be defeated in Iowa. The rival fascist gang under Ted Cruz has procured the services of the sinister British “election management” firm Strategic Communications Laboratories. SCL has been busy for months identifying micro-electorates in Iowa to send micro-pandering messages to them. In addition, published accounts of SCL’s past activities frequently mention the capability of this firm to carry out a virtual a coup d’état when needed, using methods that other operatives might view as dirty tricks. By contrast, Trump’s get out the vote operation in Iowa appears to be somewhat haphazard, and may have the indispensable precinct captains in fewer than half of the approximately 1650 precinct caucuses. Many pundits have already predicted that Cruz can beat Trump because the latter has relied too much on his own charisma and not enough on a mundane get out the vote operation. So Cruz may well be stronger in Iowa, although he is weaker nationwide.

Make no mistake: Cruz is fascist. But he is the weaker fascist. Focusing on Trump is like saying Germany first, and then Japan. in December 1941. Trump is the more dangerous foe.

In relation to Cruz, there is a very insidious dynamic at work which needs to be identified. Cruz is such an odious hypocrite and scoundrel that he tends to concentrate hatred upon himself. That hatred is broadly justified, but to act on the basis of such hatred would be a dangerous irrational blunder. Which candidate to oppose should not be decided on the basis of raw emotion, but rather on the basis of the kinds of strategic considerations we are laying out here.

The view here is that Trump would have a very hard time dealing with defeat in Iowa, especially since this defeat might cut severely into his vote totals in New Hampshire. In any case, he will not have the Big Mo that Bush the elder talked about in 1980. Deprived of his favorite themes of his own greatness and invincibility, what will Donald talk about?

If we compare Trump to Cruz, we can easily see that Cruz is by far a weaker candidate. Cruz leans primarily on the Christian evangelicals who are numerous in the farm states and in the South, but less in the Electoral College megastates. He is heavily invested with groups who consider abortion to be the vital issue of the hour. He is a kind of unctuous Elmer Gantry. Naturally, this is all a crass theatrical act, since Cruz and his wife are grasping, money-grubbing elitists and worshippers of Mammon who have financed their way into politics with loans from Goldman Sachs (where Heidi works, where she is getting paid leave during the campaign, and where Ted gets his medical insurance). Cruz has worked for all three branches of the US federal government, including law clerking at the Supreme Court. He is a consummate careerists, social climber, and insider. All of this can hurt him badly if he gets the Republican nomination and gets sustained scrutiny.

Cruz is an example of clerical fascism – a fascist movement with religious leaders playing a key role. Examples have included Franco of Spain, Marshal Petain of Vichy France, Salazar in Portugal, Dollfus in Austria, Codreanu in Romania, and Monsignor Tiso in Slovakia. Cruz’s closest rival for the clerical fascist mantle is probably Santorum.

Could Cruz ever hope to break out of the GOP’s encirclement in the Electoral College? Could he win in a blue state? Since Cruz’s ideological profile would be the most extreme right-wing on the part of a Republican nominee since the catastrophic Barry Goldwater of 1964, the answer seems to be no. At minimum, Cruz will not be a viable contender in New York State, after his raving insults of the past weeks.

In short, Cruz cannot win a general election and take the presidency, whereas there is ample evidence that Trump might.

The first factor helping Trump is the crudest of them all: filthy lucre. Trump claims to have a personal fortune of $12 billion, but even if it is only $8 billion, he can still spend unlimited amounts of his own money, giving him an astronomical advantage over others who are not billionaires. Trump does not need to spend time raising money unless he wants to. Cruz is totally subservient to his Wall Street backers. This can create political problems as well as financial ones. Trump can feel free to maneuver with absolute fascist cynicism and impudence in any direction he wants to go. He will not be getting phone calls from indignant financial angels whose special-interest toes he has stepped on.

Cruz, by contrast, needs to coddle his financial backers. This is a real problem in a Republican Party where the elitist donor class has up to now stubbornly refused even the smallest material concessions to their own petty bourgeois and plebeian base. They want to keep the Republican Party as the party of the super-rich and their duped fanatics, even if the duped fanatics are getting mighty scarce. Cruz’s problem is thus the problem of the entire GOP in microcosm. But Trump is generally not ideological at all, but rather the crudest of pragmatists, so he does not need to respect monetarism, neoliberalism, supply-side theory, or libertarian Austrianism. His stock in trade is hatred, scorn, and resentment targeted at certain scapegoats, plus the meaningless promise of making America great again. So he can follow the racist hatred wherever it leads him.

Trump could plausibly appeal to white suburban voters who are comfortable or even affluent, especially if they think he is destined to be the winner. Cruz’s fanaticism on abortion in particular would make it next to impossible for him to win white suburban women in the Northeast, Midwest, and the West Coast. Trump could easily revert to his earlier pro-choice position and become viable in surprising places. Cruz lacks this demagogic flexibility.
All in all, Trump poses the greater threat by far. The cunning of reason is about to give the intrinsically evil Cruz the chance to do something meritorious – he can weaken perhaps decisively the more formidable fascist demagogue Trump. The Tax Wall Street Party urges the defeat of Trump in Iowa and New Hampshire.

US Needs the Highly Successful New Deal, Not Failed Socialism: A Real Program to Attack Income and Asset Inequality and Provide Full Employment and a Rising Standard of Living In The United States; A Challenge To Bernie Sanders From The Tax Wall Street Party

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, January 20, 2016

In the Democratic presidential debates of this cycle, there has been much talk about the problems of wage inequality and asset inequality in the United States economy. Bernie Sanders in particular has built his entire campaign on the notion of attacking economic inequality. Nevertheless, the actual concrete measures advocated by Bernie, as well as by Hillary Clinton, are totally inadequate to address this problem. The Tax Wall Street Party takes this opportunity to outline a basic package of measures to begin restoring income equality and asset inequality for the American people. We challenge the Democratic presidential contenders, and indeed all presidential candidates, to measure their platform planks against the only serious economic program – ours.

Class Against Class: Who Will Pay to Exit the Depression?

Eight years after the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy triggered a world derivatives panic, the United States economy remains mired in stagnation. A real economic recovery program will not be cheap. The basic question is therefore which class in society will be called upon to pay for getting the country out of this depression. Will it be the Wall Street financier oligarchs who have to pay, or will it be working families. Bernie Sanders knows that Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs has appeared before Congress with the gall to demand cuts in Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Obama may be discussing precisely these ideas with speaker Paul Ryan behind closed doors. But when it comes to financing paid family and medical leave, Bernie wants to finance that with a regressive tax on working families. This is unacceptable. It is time to make the financiers pay for their crimes, partly by jail time, but above all through coughing up the money needed for urgent reforms.

Mass Traction Economic Demands-Not Petty Bourgeois Process Reforms

The first step in towards economic equality is to challenge and defeat the exorbitant political power exercised by Wall Street. Wall Street is built on speculation. The way to mobilize hundreds of millions of people to demand that Wall Street pay up is by attacking Wall Street speculation in a way that has an immediate, significant, and measurable benefit for the working families. We say that class-based measures that shift the costs from working families to the Wall Street speculators are Mass Traction Economic Demands. These demands are much more effective than the impotent process reforms like Bernie’s favorite of campaign finance reform, which are difficult and arduous, and yet produce no immediate, direct improvement in the situation of working families. These are losing tactics.

Internal Revenue Service headquarters in Washington DC. Get the IRS on Wall Street’s case and the American people will breathe easier.

The Wall Street financiers have reshaped the entire US political, financial, and tax system to favor their trade of speculation. The Tax Wall Street Party therefore proposes the institution of a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax on all transactions of buying and selling stocks, bonds, and derivatives. Among the derivatives, this tax would apply to all exchange traded futures, options, indices, and the various combinations among them. Derivatives stipulated among counterparties would also be taxed. The worst and most dangerous classes of derivatives, like Credit Default Swaps and Collateralized Debt Obligations need to be outlawed, with bright line criminal penalties. Vigorous punitive measures must be applied to foreign markets, like that of London, which deal in oil and energy speculation using derivatives, jacking up the price paid by the US consumer.

Because Dodd Frank is so pathetic and useless, we still do not know the actual amounts of derivatives trading. Suffice it to say that a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax would produce many scores of billions of dollars in federal revenue. This revenue would then be distributed to the states, counties, and cities in the form of revenue sharing. The reason for the budget crisis of US governments at all levels is quite simply the fact that Wall Street pays no tax. By taxing Wall Street, we can fix government budgets at all levels. Austerity cuts can and will be rolled back, and fired government workers can and will be rehired. Benefit cuts and cuts in social services must be restored for all the people.

Since productive activity is currently taxed, while financial speculation is not taxed, this amounts to a government subsidy for the sociopathic activity of the speculators, while producers are penalized. This playing field must be tilted in the other direction – we need support and encouragement for tangible, physical, commodity production in infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, scientific research, and other areas. The speculators of the casino economy must, by contrast, be punished for their excesses. The Wall Street Sales Tax will also prevent the creation of new speculative financial bubbles.

To advance economic equality, nationalize the Federal Reserve as a bureau of the US Treasury and use federal credit creation for job creation to the tune of 30 million new productive jobs.

The Federal Reserve System sees itself as a central bank which serves banks, hedge funds, money market funds, and other exclusively financial institutions. In our time, these institutions are overwhelmingly cynical and sociopathic. The Federal Reserve must therefore be nationalized as a bureau of the United States Treasury and brought under the control of public laws passed by the House and Senate and signed by the president, which specify guidelines for credit issuance, for interest rates, for loan maturities, and for the approved categories of lending. Those categories are once again focused on tangible physical production in infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture, mining, scientific research, and related areas.

When the Federal Reserve is nationalized, it will begin operating as a national bank in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton. This new Bank of the United States will serve the interests of the entire economy, with special emphasis on productive sectors, as compared to the overblown financial and service sectors. The obvious first step, as illustrated by recent infrastructure disasters from collapsing bridges in Minnesota to lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan is a national mobilization to rebuild the entire infrastructure of the United States. This would include passenger, freight, and commuter rail; urban mass transit; energy grids and energy production, focusing on the most modern and effective forms of technology, with special attention for the ITER project to yield a functioning source of thermonuclear fusion power; ports, docks, canals, locks, dams, and other water projects; 1,000 new state-of-the-art hospitals to replace those lost to privatization and budget cuts over recent decades; the rebuilding of the entire interstate highway system, including all bridges; the construction of schools, libraries, universities, and public buildings of all kinds; the immediate completion of 5 million housing units as first step towards the renovation of the nation’s housing stock.

By investing $5 trillion of federal lending at 0% interest for maturities up 100 years, we can create 30 million new productive jobs at union wages for the American people. For young people and those who are not currently in the labor market we will also need about 10 million entry-level, youth, and summer jobs in the spirit of the late Mayor of Washington DC, Marion Barry. With 40 million new jobs coming online, the United States would approach full employment for the first time since 1945. A tight labor market will drive up all wages.

Another $1.5 trillion must be issued by the nationalized Fed to refinance the massive burden of student loans currently crushing the younger generation and the middle class in general. By refinancing that massive debt at 0% per year with open-ended maturities, we can freeze this debt, let inflation begin to do its work of attrition, and prepare the political terrain for debt forgiveness, which should be the goal.

Cheap federal credit at 0% or close to it, with maturities up to 100 years as required, will be extended to all forms of tangible physical production. This will range from Silicon Valley, modern maglev rail, plasma physics, and space vehicles to dry cleaners, restaurants, and auto repair shops. The cost of capital for all these businesses will go down to nearly zero percent.

The 1% Wall Street Sales Tax will stabilize all government budgets. The nationalization of the Federal Reserve System will trigger an unprecedented economic recovery that can continue indefinitely.

A protective tariff of 15% on all imports should be instituted to prevent unscrupulous manufacturers from relocating their factories as sweatshops abroad with the belief that they will be able to ship the goods produced elsewhere back into this country. This will not be tolerated. The United States will no longer serve as a dumping ground for international competitors. The United States will not serve as the buyer of last resort for all the junk on the world market.

The minimum wage must be immediately raised to $15 per hour, with the firm commitment to raise it again within 2 to 3 years.

The anti-union Taft-Hartley Law must be repealed, and the option for states to declare themselves as “right to work” union-busting states permanently abolished. The ability to join a union and to enjoy the benefits of collective-bargaining must be established in federal jurisprudence as one of the inalienable rights of the American people.

Four years of college or university education in public institutions, combining community college and state colleges and universities as needed, must be available free of charge to any qualified applicant. This education will be paid for by the Wall Street Sales Tax and other taxes levied on the financial community. This is a matter of United States national security, since no employee can be considered viable in the 21st century if they lack a four-year college degree.

The current Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, must be complemented and supplemented to provide Medicare for All. The key is to offer a public option in the form of buying in to Medicare, whose premiums (just over $125 per person per month) are far more economical than the cost of private insurance. If healthcare consumers can choose economical Medicare for All at a reasonable price, private insurers will not be able to compete, and will wither on the vine. Their demise will be the fruit of competition and their own greed, and not of any governmental decree. A robust Medicare for All freely chosen by the American people will be the result. Proceeds from the Wall Street Sales Tax will also be useful in this context.

The Estate Tax (or finance oligarch tax) must remain in effect, in part because these funds are needed for the federal treasury, and in part to discourage the formation of exorbitant family fortunes, which can then be used to manipulate and influence the political process to the exclusive benefit of financier oligarchs. Loopholes must be closed, and the entire structure be made more progressive, especially in regard to estates over $5 million. Donald Trump’s proposal to abolish the estate tax would be a windfall bonanza to reward sociopathic speculators, and must be firmly rejected.

We must remove the $118,500 cap on personal income subject to the Social Security payroll tax of 6.2% for employees and 12.4% for the self-employed. All wage income must be taxed for Social Security purposes – the sky’s the limit.. With this, the financial viability of Social Security old-age pensions, unemployment insurance, and disability insurance will be restored.

At the same time, since much of the private retirement savings of American working people was destroyed in the 2008 world derivatives panic, we must face the fact that the Social Security pension will increasingly be the only source of income for many retirees. Because of this, it is imperative that the Social Security pensions of today be increased by 20 to 35%, and then adjusted upward according to need in the near future.

Instead of lowering the top marginal rate on the federal income tax, we should increase the IRS top marginal rate from the current 39.6% to about 65%. This makes much more sense than Trump’s insistence on providing yet another windfall bonanza to the financiers and their henchmen by lowering the top rate from 39.6% to 25%, which would reward of the rich and super-rich with tens of billions of dollars in additional tax rebates. Trump’s tax cuts for lower and middle income people will amount to chicken feed by comparison.

Capital gains need to be taxed at least at the same rate as ordinary income, thus eliminating the federal subsidy for speculative and parasitic activity. That will mean a 65% marginal rate for the super-rich. This measure is also necessary to discourage the pervasive speculation in this economy.

Other countries tax personal assets and accumulated wealth as well as yearly income. In the current depression and financial emergency, the United States federal government should also enact a yearly tax on assets of at least 3% per year. This will help absorb the exorbitant wealth associated with names like Trump, Koch, Soros, Adelson, and Mercer.

It is reported that United States corporations have hoarded in excess of $2 trillion in stashes held overseas. Many presidential candidates are competing to offer larger and larger enticements for these plutocrats to bring their cash home. A new tax code should include an ultimatum to these malefactors of great wealth to repatriate all such cash hoards in full and pay all applicable taxes at the current rate. If the wealthy malefactors and corporations prove adamant in their desire to escape US taxation, then a 50% punitive confiscatory tax should be enacted on all cash held overseas, with full provision to collect this money by seizing assets held in the United States.

The illegal tactic known as tax inversions, which occurs when a US company transfers its corporate headquarters to foreign countries under the cover of a merger must be rigorously forbidden, with catastrophic tax penalties and criminal charges against the perpetrators.

The United States will also require punitive confiscatory taxes on any corporate executives who seek to transfer factories and jobs overseas.

State income taxes must be made more progressive. Sales taxes (especially on groceries) and personal property taxes must be seen as regressive and quickly phased out.

Adding up these measures, we can see an effective apparatus for reversing the wealth redistribution and wealth transfer put into action by the reactionary Reagan and his corrupt entourage. The income, and then the assets of the superrich will be cut down to size. At the other end of the income scale, working people will begin to increase their savings.

Bernie pledges that his Secretary of the Treasury will not be from Goldman Sachs, but this is doubletalk – maybe Goldman Sachs is demanding the vice presidency or the State Department this time around. Bernie now says he wants to break up the Wall Street banks. This sounds radical, but is it really? The federal courts broke up John D Rockefeller’s Standard Oil trust a century ago, but that never led to Esso or Exxon-Mobil operating in the public interest. Very little changed. The federal courts broke up AT&T three decades ago, but has that substantially improved telephone service or labor practices? No. Even the nationalization of banks has yielded mixed results – look at Europe, where many banks that have been nationalized, are just as sociopathic as their privately owned competition. Bernie says he wants to tax Wall Street turnover to pay for free college education – but let’s hear how big that tax will be and whether it will be collected on the notional value underlying derivatives transactions.

The Tax Wall Street Party challenges all presidential candidates, and all candidates for federal office in Congress to declare where they stand in relation to this comprehensive program.

Tax Wall Street Party Calls on United Kingdom Government and All Others to Bar the Fascist Donald Trump; All Nations Have Moral Responsibility to Oppose Fascism in Every Way Possible; Indict Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder for Needless Lead Poisoning in Flint Water System; 1% Wall Street Sales Tax and 0% Federal Century Bonds Can Replace Crumbling U.S. Infrastructure

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, January 19, 2016

British Home Secretary Theresa May: urge her to ban the fascist Donald Trump from entering the United Kingdom.

Today, a committee of the British Parliament in London spent several hours debating the question as to whether the Republican presidential candidate and fascist agitator Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the United Kingdom. This highly unusual debate was triggered by an Internet petition demanding that Trump be outlawed from visiting the UK because of his racist policy of barring all Moslems from entering the United States. This petition has now been signed by about 600,000 Britons. Today’s debate was not expected to culminate in a binding vote, since the question of barring an individual from entering Britain is the purview of the Home Secretary, Theresa May.

Tax Wall Street Party urges the British government to ban Trump. Governments friendly to the United States should make full use of the present occasion to extend a helping hand to the opponents of fascism in this country. The American people will have a long memory for those who supported the fascist Trump in this critical juncture, and also for those who did something to shut him down.

The British government would best serve its own national interests by banning Trump. The petition triggering this debate shows the presence of a significant sector of public opinion opposed to letting Trump bring his racist road show to the United Kingdom. Trump must be considered a fascist provocateur eager to raise his international profile by making trouble in the UK. His mere presence could easily cause riots because of his egregious track record of insulting Latinos, Moslems, Chinese, Japanese, and others. He has also compiled an appalling record of insults to women. A visit by Trump could easily be disruptive of public order. His personal security detail is a group of goons who routinely beat up black, Latino, Moslem, and other protesters at his election rallies. Will he be bringing those methods into the UK? The Trump roadshow contains much which would normally be classified as an incitement to riot. Every country on earth would be well advised to bar Trump and declare him persona non grata.

There are even bigger stakes involved with Trump. The notion of an actual fascist regime coming to power in a country like the United States ought to make the entire world shudder. Trump is a clever enough demagogue to avoid revealing his true intent in regard to Russia, and covers over this question with a series of professions of friendship for President Putin that are about as serious as the declarations of eternal friendship that once came from U.S. President George W Bush. Trump has already announced his intentions to commit war crimes in the Syria-Iraq area as part of his plan to attack ISIS/Daesh. Who knows how far his lust for aggression will take him? Let’s not find out.

It has been argued that the moral and political opprobrium of being banned by the British government would empower Trump by allowing him to portray himself as a victim, and the martyr, therefore deserving of public sympathy. In our view, this analysis is very wrong. In many areas of U.S. public opinion, Great Britain continues to enjoy high levels of prestige and moral authority. Those who argue that Trump might moderate his views after visiting peaceful scenes of racial integration in the United Kingdom are pathetically naïve in their thinking. Trump is playing the cards of racism and fascism, and has no intention whatsoever of turning back.

If the British government rejects Trump’s presence, this will give many Americans serious food for thought. We also hope that a British ban on Trump will be imitated by other countries of the European Union, providing a very salutary shock for U.S. public opinion. Ideally, every government in the world should reject Trump. This would be a highly effective means of conveying the judgment of civilized humanity that the mass deportation of 12 million Latinos, the building of a wall along the US-Mexican border, the blocking of all ports of entry to Moslems, and other measures advocated by Trump are anathema to many Americans and unacceptable.

Within the longer view of history, Britain also has a special responsibility to break with the residues of appeasement and softness on fascism left over from the 1930s. The infamy of appeasement as practiced by Sir Neville Chamberlain at Munich in 1938 must never be repeated, and one excellent way to make that point is by closing the door in Trump’s face.

We therefore urge the British government to make clear as soon as possible that Trump is not welcome in Britain because the British people are anti-fascist.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s Criminal Austerity Policies Are Destroying Human Lives in Flint; U.S. Infrastructure Needs to Be Totally Rebuilt at the Expense of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder: Why has he not been arrested?

Flint, Michigan is in the news today because of President Obama’s declaration of a State of Emergency due to potentially deadly chemicals and lead in the drinking water there over several years. The tragedy of Flint has been featured in many articles over the past several months as its toxic water supply became impossible to ignore. It is a city 70 miles north of Detroit with 40% of the majority African American population of 99,000 below the poverty level. The story of the failure of Flint’s critical infrastructure can be looked at as a cautionary tale involving neoliberalism, austerity policies and the failure of short term political scheming by appointed and elected officials, especially the reactionary Republican Governor Rick Snyder.

The roots of this disaster go back as far as one wishes to travel, but certainly the radical extremists of the Reagan years accelerated the process of decline through deregulation, lack of concern for environmental consequences, radical redistribution of wealth upwards to the plutocrats, and reduction in funds to support, repair and expand essential infrastructure and services.

Some government officials were paying attention to the ‘general welfare’. Studies in the 1980s suggested water rates be adjusted to cover repair, replacement, and adequate funding to cover the debts of the water system. However, these warnings to be aware of future needs were pushed aside by politicians in the interests of improving chances in the next election cycle. Also in the 1980s, the state of Michigan passed its first Emergency Manager laws. These Acts placed decision making further away from responsibility to the citizenry, making the promotion of public interests more difficult. Ideas of emergency management evolved over twenty-plus years, culminating in Act 436 in 2012, which gave even greater authority to the appointed managers.

Clinton Democrat Jennifer Granholm was the governor of Michigan from 2003 to 2011. Though she promoted “Clean Energy” policies and some environmental oversight, she practiced austerity by reducing the state budget, as well as the number of state employees, with the idea this would help a ‘recovery’. After leaving office she admitted publicly that cutbacks do not work.

Republican Governor Rick Snyder (2011 to present) continued the austerity regime and prolonged emergency manager control. He is closely aligned with the reactionary austerity ghouls of Michigan and ultimately responsible for the policies that led to the persecution and cruel incarceration of the Rev. Edward Pinkney in Benton Harbor, Michigan. Part of Rev. Pinkney’s campaign was to restore water rights to all citizens of Benton Harbor and other cities.

Flint itself was once known as Buick City and was home to 37 General Motors plants, which poured many toxic chemicals into the area rivers, including Flint River. When those plants moved to Mexico, the tax base was drastically reduced, as was the ability of the population to support the highest water rates in the county at $140/month.

In March, 2013, Flint was faced with the end of its contract with Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, which was demanding a 30 year contract and increased rates to cover replacement of its pipeline. With the idea of saving money, the city council chose another water supplier whose pipelines would not be ready for three years. Flint resorted to upgrading its old water filtration plant using Flint River water to replace Lake Huron water from Detroit.

The switch occurred on April 25, 2014. By August a “boil water advisory” had to be issued when coliform bacteria were discovered in the water. More chlorine was added and this increased the corrosion of the water, which was already very corrosive due the polluting salts left by GM. The few remaining GM factories were switched to Flint Township water to avoid destructive effects in its manufactured products. No such luck for the residents, who were developing rashes, sickness and lead poisoning, especially the children.

Dangerous levels of trihalomethanes, which damage human organ tissue over time, were revealed in January of 2015 and Detroit offered to sell water to Flint without the normal hookup charges. In February EPA officials started inquiries with Michigan Department of Environmental Quality concerning the need for corrosive controls. This lasted six months and no action was taken in the interim. On March 18th the city council voted to reconnect to Detroit water, but the emergency manager refused.

Emergency managers are the local dictators used by Snyder to impose killer austerity in favor of the bondholders. They have the ability to override mayors, city councilors, and other elected officials. They report only to Snyder.

EPA researcher Miquel Del Toral identified water problems in February 2015, but was ignored or discredited. Dennis Muchmore, Snyder’s chief of staff, sent an email pointing out the distress of Flint residents sometime before July, and he too was apparently ignored. In August researchers at Hurley Medical Center in Flint reported high levels of lead, but no action was taken. On September 2 Virginia Tech professor Marc Edwards reported on corrosiveness causing leaching of lead and it was not until October 1st that Genesee County officials declared a public health emergency.

Though he made some relatively minor Public Relations gestures now and then, Gov. Snyder did not take serious action to address the proven illness, lead poisoning, and undrinkable water until October 2 of 2015, after he could no longer pretend no serious systemic problem existed in Flint. Currently the National Guard provides clean drinking water, but it could be many months or a year before a permanent solution is reached, unless a temporary return to Detroit Water is arranged.

As if this hasn’t been devastating enough to tens of thousands of people, austerity doctrine required that the public be blamed repeatedly for having old pipes in their homes, and that is what happened.

The Flint water crisis is yet another graphic illustration of the total breakdown in infrastructure in the United States. The Tax Wall Street Party demands an immediate program of $5 trillion to fund a comprehensive rebuilding of the entire national infrastructure. This money will come directly from the Federal Reserve, which will be directed by an act of Congress to make these funds available for purchasing bond issues by state, county, and city governments (like Flint) to begin construction. It is expected that some 30 million new productive jobs will be involved in this massive program of public works. This must be supplemented by 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, 50% of the proceeds of which would be transferred from the U.S. Treasury to the states under revenue sharing. These funds would be available for maintenance, repairs, improvements, and other necessary purposes. In addition Gov. Snyder and some of his associates need to placed under indictment for wrongful death.


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Bernie Sanders Again Feckless, Fails to Launch Direct Attack on Hillary Clinton as Warmonger, Muddies the Waters on Her Status as Wall Street Puppet

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Monday, January 18, 2016

Won’t Criticize Her on Fake Arab Spring as Incubator for ISIS, Fatuous Faith in Dodd-Frank, Handling of Classified Email Information About Her Crimes; but Her Smug Complacency Could Sink Her in Iowa and New Hampshire; Kudos to O’Malley, the Only One to Call Trump Fascist; Bernie’s Monarchist Devotion to Royals of Saudi, Qatar, Jordan Fiercer than Ever; Nobody on Wall Street Is Afraid of Bernie!

#UFAA #TWSP #LiveTweet of Dem debate starts 9pm est-Will #FeelTheBern morph into serious candidate vs #HillaryClinton? #UniteBlue #DemDebate

#Hillary radiates entitlement complacency & inevitability-the pride which goes before a fall-#Bernie talks vaguely-No specifics #FeelTheBern

#FeelTherBern wants health care min wage #infrastructure-But WHO will pay? Which class will pay? Tax #WallStreet and nationalize the #Fed!

Hapless #OMalley wants #GreenJobs that all have to be subsidized or they would already exist-Harkens back to #JimmyCarter-Poorly advised

Talk of gun control-To change mass psychology in US we need 30 million new productive jobs, 10 million youth & entry level #FeelTheBern

30 mil new jobs plus 10 million youth summer & entry level jobs spell tight labor market absorbing immigrants valuing life #HillaryClinton

#FeelTheBern -10 mill summer jobs will attack youth jobless-Name it after DC’s late mayor #MarionBarry-1% #WallStreetSalesTax-Make banks pay

Let’s see if #Hillary wants to abolish #DeathPenalty as #OMalley did in #Maryland-No more than #BillClinton who ran on executions in 1992

#DemDebate-#CIA runs the drugs & #WallStreet launders the money so #Hillary useless on both counts-#Dems love #Soros who loves drugs

So far #FeelTheBern has failed to established bona fides as serious challenger to #Hillary the #WallStreet operative-#UniteBlue-#BorderGuard

#FeelTheBern is a timid rightwing #SocialDemocrat who talks a good game but has few concrete proposals to make #WallStreet pay for crisis

#Hillary a desperate demagogue in attacking notion of #MedicareForAll-But #Bernie must specify how #WallStreet will pay-#DemDebate

#HillaryClinton talks like reactionary Republican-Very stupid of her to focus on debaters’ points when she is so obviously lying-#DemDebate

#FeelTheBern very stupid to praise rationed & underfunded #British #NationalHealthService-#HillaryClinton fears clash c #GOP over reform

None of the #DemDebate talks need for 1% #WallStreetSalesTax to help fund #MedicareForAll as fair share of #ZombieBankers & #HedgeFundHyenas

None of #DemDebate esp #HillaryClinton see chance to bust up #GOP in their huge faction fight played out this week at #SOTU-She is defeatist

Who in #DemDebate will denounce #Trump & #Cruz as #Fascists-Not #FeelTheBern-#OMalley sez billionaires are fascists-#Bernie is feckless

Hey #DemDebate-How about calling for indictment of #MI Gov #Snyder for lead in water of #Flint? How about getting #Bundy gang arrested?

#FeelTheBern-#Bernie needs to raise issue of #HillaryClinton’s #email violations in context of #destabilization of #MiddleEast & #Ukraine

#FeelTheBern still cannot be seen as serious opponent of #HillaryClinton since he pulls punches on issues that can knock her out-#UniteBlue

#FeelTheBern-If you want to break up the #WallStreet banks then give more details-This sounds like a demagogic throw away line-#DemDebate

Dumb #HillaryClinton takes bombastic stand on #DoddFrank just as that turkey is about to be exposed as useless in 2016 downturn-#DemDebate

#GlassSteagall all well & good-But #CreditDefaultSwaps & #CollateralizedDebtbligations need to be banned-1% #WallStreetSalesTax on turnover

#HillaryClinton hits #FeelTheBern for support of 2000 deregulation of #derivatives in #CommodityExchangeModernizationAct-#BillClinton’s bill

#HillaryClinton rants litany-including #DebtFree #education but she turns away from financing that through a #WallStreetSalesTax #DemDebate

#ClimateChange ie #GlobalWarming sure to bring out worst in #DemDebate-Their bad faith shown by refusal of #nuclear and #Fusion energy #ITER

If #Green #renewable energy is #solar #wind were #Economic then they would be happening already-If they are superior why the #Subsidy

#HillaryClinton obsessed with fear that if she is not the biggest #warmonger she will seem weak-But this is definition of weak-#DemDebate

Will crypto-#Monarchist #BernieSanders repeat praise of #Saudi #Emirates #Jordan #DarkAges absolute #Royals-Will he raise #HumanRights?

#DemDebate-Yes to #DiplomaticRelations with #Iran-#Richelieu argued need to #negotiate with everyone all the time-Always advantageous, learn

Bellicose angry #HillaryClinton wants to punish #Iran for what they do in #Syria? #Hillary is morally insane-guilty of war crimes in #Libya

There it is-#FeelTheBern love affair with #Jordan #Monarchy goes on-#KingAbdullah of #Amman is his main adviser on what to do vs #ISIS-Bad

Feckless as always #FeelTheBern declines chance to attack #HillaryClinton’s running of disastrous #ArabSpring-Tries to blame i on #Bish

#DemDebater #UniteBlue-#FeelTheBern pays standard ritual homage to #DarkAges #monarchs in #SaudiArabia #Qatar-They’re so rich sez #Bernie

Stupid #HillaryClinton blames all 250k dead in #Syria civil war on #Assad-But that means #ISIS & #alQaeda never killed anybody-Absurd

Talk of #NSA back door at #DemDebate misses big issue of #Cointelpro stalking through #FusionCenters #Surveillance #Stasi methods

#DemDebate-#OMalley takes moral high ground by hitting #Trump #Fascist methods-#HillaryClinton & #FeelTheBern too cowardly to rap fascists

#FeelTheBern’s rant re campaigning on issues is admission of #IMPOTENCE-Who cares about your high road when #Americans die from war & hunger

#OMalley good attacking #HedgeFundHyenas attacking #PuertoRico #DemDebate But not good praising #FusionCenters-#HillaryClinton talks #Flint

#DemDebate-#FellTheBern wants #GovSnyder of #MI ousted for lead in #Flint water-#Snyder has been dealing in #EmergencyManagers for years

At #DemDebate no direct hits on #HillaryClinton by #FeelTheBern-But she hurt herself with #GOP line on health care-Nix on shifting #Congress

All of #DemDebate focused on #FeelTheBern? Then a tragically wasted opportunity-We needed critical focus on #HillaryClinton of #WallStreet

Does Obama’s Bipartisan State of the Union Posturing Conceal a “Grand Bargain” Sellout to Ryan and McConnell that Would Burnish His Narcissistic Legacy by Shredding Entitlements?

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Saturday, January 16, 2016

Real Historic Task in 2016 Is to Speed Ongoing Disintegration of Republicans; Cruz Not Eligible for Presidency; Time to Expose the Scandal of Gestapo Tactics at Trump Rallies; FBI Mormon Mafia Seen in Cahoots with Bundy Gang Landgrabbers in Oregon; No to Nightmare Constitutional Convention Demanded by GOP Extremists Rubio, Carson, Kasich, Huckabee and Paul; Only Tax Wall Street Party Program Can Prevent New Depression Downturn

World Crisis Radio
January 16, 2016

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[download audio]

Just Too Weird explores the scandalous history of the Mormon Church in the United States and exposes the Mormon Mafia in the FBI and CIA who are giving the Bundy Gang the kid glove treatment out in Oregon. Buy the book here http://www.progressivepress.com/book-listing/weird-romney-mormon-takeover

Cartoonist’s view of Ammon Bundy, one of the top honchos of the land grab gang currently occupying federal property near Burns, Oregon. How long will he be allowed to run wild?

The New York Stock Market has just completed the worst two weeks at the beginning of the first quarter in all of its history. Many signs point to a significant downturn within the present ongoing world economic and financial depression.

Last GOP Debate Before Iowa Caucus Full of Acrimony, but Fails to Address Factional War Inside Party, Where Elite Donor Class Is Pitted Against Embittered Petty-Bourgeois and Plebeian Base

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Friday, January 15, 2016

Fascist Bully Trump Intimidates His Cowardly Competition as Nikki Haley Critique Is Minimized; Attacked by Trump, Cruz Maneuvers Desperately to Dodge Issues Raised by His Unreported Goldman Sachs Loan and Canadian Citizenship; Chris Christie the Garden State Göring Rails Like a Drunken Storm Trooper Against Obama; Jersey Governor Vies for Role of TV Strikebreaker for Ruling Class in Next Strike Wave; Failed Libertarian Rand Paul Chooses Oblivion as His Faction Crumbles

Chris Christie appears to be the Garden State’s answer to Nazi bigwig Hermann Göring (right).

Get set for #TaxWallStreetParty livetweet of #GOPdebate-From the party of 1% #WallStreetSalesTax and #nationalized #Fed for 30 million jobs

#Fascist #Cruz slurs #NewYork values-But built career on NY values to the tune of a cool million from #GoldmanSachs & #Citibank-#GOPdebate

Stay tuned for #TaxWallStreetParty live tweet of #GOP debate-We will provide running count of how many times their proposals start #WW3

#Cruz the #SuperDuper of crazed #GOP base-Wife & health insurance from #GoldmanSachs wife-$1mill from #Goldman & #Citibank-#Hypocrite #Liar

#Canadian #Cruz always pretends to be #StrictConstructionist of #USConstitution when it suits him but is very vague on #NaturalBornCitizen

#NikkiHaley sez her speechwriters were #MitchMcConnell #SpearRyan #GOP party boss #Priebus-#Trump should bolt!

#GOPDebate #MonicaCrowley admits #NikkiHaley swipe at #Trump directed by #GOP establishment.The wrecking ball swings

#GOP debate-#NewYorkValues #hypocrite #Cruz whines no war come out of #Gulf naval incident-All sailors free so what is his beef? #GOPdebate

First #WorldWarThree line-#Cruz says anyone picking up US sailors will feel #the full force and fury” of US military might-Including #Hbomb?

#Stealth union buster #Kasich promises better life through wage gouging-#Christie celebrates his own crude bluntness-Wanted #WW3 vs #Iran

Big question is whether #FoxNews hacks eg #Cavuto will ask questions on civil war in #GOP between #reactionaries & #fascists-#GOPdebate

#JebBush in #SwanSong of one of worst political dynasty in US history-His grandfather helped finance #Hitler’s seizure of power-#GOPdebate

In wider world #Guantanamo is synonym of lawless oppression and infamy-But for these #GOP fanatics it is an applause line-They are isolated

#Knownothing #Trump repeats his #Moslem exclusion line-Appeal to dark places of #American mind-Incoherent jump to national debt-No att span

#Cruz looks like #ThePenguin-put on extra pomade all the better to slither with-Dodges issue of #FEC filing on $1 mill #Goldman #Citi loan

#FoxNews anchors don’t ask re #GOP split between elite #DonorBase & crazed petty bourgeois & plebeian base #GOPdebate Shills!

Beware emotional trap of hating #fascist #hypocrite #Cruz so much that greater threat of Arch-#Fascist #Trump is forgotten-#GOPdebate

Packed hall in #SouthCarolina #CradleOfSecessionism favoring #Cruz arguments in favor of anything goes interpretation of #USConstitution

#NikkiHaley in hall-Angry #Trump claims her as friend, sez “US military is a disaster-All a mess”-Unbelievable slander of US institutions!

#Cavuto! Ask about factional war in #GOP between #Koch #Adelson #Mercer and crazed petty bourgeois-plebeian base-#FoxNews hacks strike out

Poor #Carson’s campaign exposed as money laundering op where greedy consultants rob him blind-Costing $11mill to raise $15mill #GOPdebate

#GOPDebate After #FlintRiver scandal in #Michigan, #ChrisChristie ripe for disaster with #EmergencyManager in #AtlanticCity

#GOPDebate #Carson admits if #GOP loses in 2016 party at risk of national irrelevancy. Just what the doctor ordered!

#Carson standing on stage beside 2 honest to God #Fascists #Trump & #Cruz plus a bunch of #reactionaries but rails at #secularProgressives

#MariaBartiromo looking awful in an outfit of #BarabaraBush Blue-The #MoneyHoney shies away from followup on #GOP split prospects, factions

Poor #JebBush flirts c #NikiHaley-Wants to make the #FBI do its job! A totally utopian plan for bureau that “failed and failed and failed”

#GOPdebate Let’s see if the #FoxNews hacks can ask re enforcing federal law vs #Bundy gang of #fascist goons holding US property in #Oregon

#GardenState’s answer to #HermannGoering ie #ChrisChristie unmasks as vulgar #guttersnipe with vile insults vs #Obama-He is a #scoundrel

#GOPdebate Hypocrite #Cruz a stooge of #NewYork #WallStreet banks but wants us to believe he is opposed to NewYork values-#Trump bests him

#GOPdebate #Jeb wants unilateral US sanctions vs #Iran but these would have no impact since no other major country would join them-A fool

Applause in hall for mention by #Kasich of arch-#racist #StromThurmond-praise for him sank #GOP Majority leader Sen #TrentLott-#GOPdebate

#Carson talks like a five year when asked about #MiddleEast-He free associates away from issue-#Christie full of criminal energy

#Trump repeats his #xenophobic #Islamophobia line-Invited to re-think his stance-How about just thinking it once-#GOPdebate-Rants “Security”

#Trump appears somewhat subdued tonight-His campaign schedule is very light-But it may be taking a toll on hedonistic hotelier #GOPdebate

#Cruz wants to strip citizenship from US #jihadis-Easy for him to say since he has multiple citizenships-could be #Canada PM-#GOPdebate

#GOPDebate -#Trump shows he sees #ProtectiveTariff as a throw away threat, In our Party it’s a mainstay of #US economy-15% #ProtectiveTariff

#Rubio uses 19th century #Democrat #Copperhead #Confederate argument vs #ProtectiveTariff-All of them swear allegiance to failed #FreeTrade

#Cruz rants of #FlatTax, end of #IRS=Tax bonanza for the #WallStreet fatcats at #GoldmanSachs & #Citibank financing his campaign-#GOPdebate

#GOPDebate – #Trump calls #Icahn a “great businessman” -Reality shows him to be an Anti #union #AssetStripper #TajMahal

Need $3.6 million in #Infrastructure? Try 1% #WallStreetSalesTax! #Christie wants to reward corporate predators for bring back $2t-Tax them!

How can #Christie talk seriously about #Infrastructure-His track record is blocking needed tunnels under #HudsonRiver, keeping federal cash

#GOPDebate -#ChrisChristie gets #Infrastructure question, Remember he destroyed #NewJersey new #RailTunnel 2 #NewYork #AccesstoRegionsCore

#GOPdebate #Rubio claims #Cruz wants #ValueAddedTax-All unnecessary if we get 1% #WallStreetSalesTax-#Cruz wants end to #EstateTax-

#GOPdebate #Christie wants to loot entitlements under cover of #Reform-Also wants to be admired for his courage in stripping pensions

#Christie puts in strong bid to get hired by #RulingClass as #Strikebreaker in chief-Law and order tough guy-#Bureaucratic-#Authoritarian

#Rubio wants to run v #ISIS-Wants to prevent visas-Why not wipe out #ISIS/#Daesh by closing the strategic #Jarablus corridor? #GOPdebate

#Rubio vs #Cruz sliming contest helps only top #Fascist #Trump-All #GOP candidates are cowards, afraid to tackle the arch-bully-#GOPdebate

#GOPdebate-#FoxNews hacks allow only a #LimitedHangout of factional warfare inside #RepublicanParty-Seeking to hide breakup from rank & file

#GOPdebate-#Trump sez US is a mess-#American people say #Trump is a #Mess-He turns #antiAmericanism into #GOP religion-Disgraceful!!

Scoundrel #Christie back to hurling slime at #WhiteHouse & #Capitol-A miserable excuse for a candidate-#Poor #Carson wraps self in cliches

#Rubio thins #FreeEnterprise comes from God-Try reading #ActsOfTheApostles if you believe that-No Free Enterprise in #USConstitution either

#GOPdebate #trump still wants to turn #Iran naval incident into #MiddleEast regional war or even #WorldWarThree-His warmonger instincts show

Rand Paul Boycotts Kiddie Round in Fit of Pique, Leaving Fiorina, Huckabee, and Santorum to Recycle Scraps of Their Standard Stump Speeches

#GOP debate kiddie round is troika: #Fiorina #Huckabee #Santorum-No #RandPaul despite his #SouthernJurisdiction #ScottishRite masonic links

#Fascist #Cruz of #Canada got a million in loans from #GoldmanSachs & #Citibank-Those are his #NewYork values! http://mobile.nytimes.com/2016/01/14/us/politics/ted-cruz-wall-street-lo…

#Fiorina #Santorum lament that no regional war has derived from #PersianGulf naval incident-Bluster & Jingo-#GOP provides war in first 5 min

#Huckabee aka #Hucksterbee on militarist line-recycles his zingers on the old #B52s-Reciters incantations on #”RadicalIslamistTerrorism”-

#Fox softball for #Fiorina on #Cologne molestations-She continues to be a bubbling cauldron of hate-Her backers incl Gen. #Hayden #CIA #NSA

#Iran & #Putin are adversaries hisses #Fiorina while stressing her love for #Saudi #Emirates and other lands where women are subjugated

Intrinsic interest of #Fox #GOP is to see how second-tier figures respond to open warfare & ongoing split shown in #Haley attack on #Trump

#Fiorina would like to join #GOP Establishment via her #Hayden #NSA #CIA links-But she would be happy to get #Trump veep nod-

#Santorum aka #Diabolorum represents right-wing anti-#Bergoglio wing of US #Catholic bishops-He is the #Inquisition and has no #charity

Moment of truth as #GOP fanatics boo and hiss at reference to poll data that US wants background checks-Negation of reality in favor of myth

#Fiorina recites her same old story of call from #NSA boss #Hayden calling after 9/11-She wants cyber-#corporatism of public and private

#Huckabee urges gun store owners to disobey federal regulations on firearms-But a president must take care that laws be enforced-

Folksy #Huckabee seems to be fighting for enhanced lecture fees in future-Like #AlanKeyes and others-Recites shopworn reactionary cliches

ON #infrastructure #Santorum sees threat from #Iran #ElectroMagneticPulse-The rest of US see #GOP congress as main wrecker of roads bridges

On job creation-74% of US has no college degree sez #Santorum has no plan to educate more but can only mock #Obama-Wants to deport 6 mil

$19trill debt means #entitlement cuts are needed sez #Fox-But #Huckabee won’t touch #ThirdRail-Wants to tax #Consumption

#Fox-Only recycled stump speeches so far-Ask these bozos if they support #fascist #Trump, #fascist #Cruz, of #reactionary #Establishment

#Fox-Make some news for crying out loud-Ask them where they standing in looming breakup of #GOP into #reactionaries v #Fascists! #GOPdebate

Lady in green #TrishReagan asks interesting questions-Is she bidding to push #MariaBartiromo aside as plutocrat pasionaria? #GOPdebate

#FamilyFormation issue-#Santorum cites #Putnam on breakdown of #family which he sees as totally detached from wages scholarships services

Lady in green #TrishRegan asks interesting questions-Is she pushing to oust #MariaBartiromo as plutocrat pasionaria? #GOPdebate

#Santorum claims time spurned by little #RandPaul the whining frat boy who refused a place in the Kiddy Round-Marking end of #Libertarianism

#Huckabee cites a certain #Lucre from #Texas as inspiration-Is this reference to the #Mammon he worships? #Fiorina ends c weird incantation

#GOP Kiddy Round an arid show since #Fox reporters refused to address issue of #GOP civil war between plutocratic #DonorElite & crazed base

#Greta & #Santorum agree college is not worth it-No free or affordable college c Rick-Just after he bragged his kids in college at #Citadel!