House and Senate Republican Austerity Budgets Mark New Phase in Fascistization of America; GOP Wants $5.5 Trillion in Killer Cuts Over 9 Years, with Two Thirds Gouged from Low-Income Programs; Corrupt News Media Seeking to Hide True Extent of Savagery; Medicare Becomes a Voucher, Food Stamps and Medicaid Slashed via Block Granting to Koch-Controlled Governors; Pell Grant Program Gutted, Closing Door to College for Minority Youth; $1 Trillion More in Unspecified Cuts Still to Come; CBO Must Score this Budget in Megadeaths, Not Dollars; Rev. Pinkney Slams Aramark, Kingpins of Prison-Industrial Complex at 79¢ per Inmate per Meal; Calls Supporters to April 14 Berrien Co. Hearing; Meet Stuart Hooper, Candidate for UK Parliament Representing South Basildon and East Thurrock, Essex

With a Report from Michael Chiotinis in Athens, Greece

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
March 28, 2015

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Chuy Garcia
Chuy Garcia
Chuy Garcia lacks the courage needed to demand that derivatives speculators pay to support Chicago out of their $1 QUADRILLION river of hot money; stubbornly refuses to campaign for LaSalle Street Tax; grovels for Clintonista bankers’ boy Rahm Emanuel in promising “bad news” for his own supporters; raves that unions, not zombie bankers, are responsible for Chicago’s finance problems.
Stuart J. Hooper
Stuart J. Hooper
Stuart J. Hooper, Graduate Student at City University London, studying for a Master’s Degree in International Politics and now seeking funds to become a candidate for the House of Commons in the Parliamentary election to be held on May 7, seeking the seat for South Basildon and East Thurrock, Essex currently held by Stephen Metcalfe of the Conservative Party.
Tom Price
GOP Rep. Tom Price
THE BANALITY OF EVIL: Republican Congressman Tom Price of Georgia, Chairman of the House Budget Committee — His House GOP budget passed this week will go all the way to Nuremberg.
Dr. Strangelove Megadeaths
“WORLD TARGETS IN MEGADEATHS” — In Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 movie Dr. Strangelove, the top US Air Force general is shown holding a binder entitled “World Targets in Megadeaths.” These same RAND Corporation methods will be needed by the Congressional Budget Office for scoring the GOP’s FY 2016 budgets, which are a threat to the lives of many Americans.

Chuy Garcia Needs Mass Traction Economic Issue to Defeat Failed Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on April 7; LaSalle Street Tax on Derivatives Trading Is Only Timely Solution; US Should Veto Fourth Term for War Menace Netanyahu; Greek Parliament Passes Humanitarian Aid for Austerity Victims, but Merkel And Schäuble Insist on Troika Diktat; Tsipras Will Confer with Putin April 8; Rev. Pinkney Defies Congressman Upton from Jail

With Reports from Michael Chiotinis in Athens and Emily Webber in Chicago

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
March 21, 2015

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Chuy Garcia
Rahm Emanuel
Janet Yellen
Left: Insurgent Democrat Jesus “Chuy” Garcia: Good intentions, but no way to pay for needed programs without dipping into the $1 QUADRILLION river of untaxed money that flows through the Chicago derivatives markets yearly.

Middle: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel: A Clintonite austerity Dem and bankers’ boy who should be eminently beatable.

Right: Incompetent Fed chair Janet Yellen, whose ill-advised policies are piloting the United States back into the depths of the 2008 depression. This week, her bungling triggered a new round of currency chaos, this time hitting the US dollar.

This past week witnessed another round of the currency chaos, triggered by seemingly contradictory statements from the failed Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen. For several years now, the Federal Reserve has been under pressure to raise interest rates. The pressure comes largely from the rentier interest, meaning rich plutocrats who have lots of cash and want to earn a higher return on their holdings. For these plutocrats, the Fed’s post-2008 regime of interest rates close to zero has been a continuing disappointment. Joining in the chorus to raise interest rates are also the self-styled libertarians and Paultards, always eager to raise their voices in the service of wealthy predators. The feckless Yellen has been gradually bending to this rate hike pressure, even though the stock market has lurched sharply downward at her every previous step away from easy money.

In the wake of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the rest of the Wall Street zombie banks, the privately controlled central bank has tried a $27 trillion line of credit to troubled financiers, plus three rounds of support operations for bankrupt, kited derivatives designated in public as Quantitative Easing. These operations have added more than $3 trillion in junk to the Fed balance sheet, and have not produced a lasting recovery. Instead, most of this hot money has immediately become flight capital headed towards the hottest speculative markets on the planet. In 2009-2010, the Pelosi Democrats in the House pushed through a half-baked Keynesian consumer led-recovery in the form of the Stimulus and the Supplemental, for a total of about $1.2 trillion. This effort produced some positive results in the short run, but these results began to fade as soon as the money began to run out under the attacks of the Tea Party fanatics. The Keynesian approach had not revived capital goods production, and thus failed to overcome the depression.

Mellonite-Austrians like Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, and the 60-odd GOP congressman who currently make up that gaggle of sociopaths that calls itself the “Freedom Caucus” have been agitating since the 2008 panic for their classic remedy: a total deflationary crash that would bring the nation to its knees, after which they promise that a full recovery would quickly and magically ensue. Their favorite model for this is the 1920 panic and depression, which they regard as a model to be imitated today — never knowing, or perhaps forgetting, that the most lasting effect of the 1920 panic was to set the stage for the emergence of fascist rule in Italy in October 1922. When the libertarian legions of greed bully Yellen to raise interest rates, they are actually campaigning to put the United States through the ringer of just such an all-out deflationary crash, since it is widely known that 0% borrowing is now the only thing propping up stocks, real estate, but also auto. These libertarians are people who have money and who are convinced they will continue to have money, so that when the crash is over, they will be able to buy valuable assets for pennies on the dollar. Those assets will include the labor of people like you and your family.

In addition to hot money, Keynesian stimulus, and all-out deflationary crash, there is also the actual solution advocated here, which comes down to a Hamiltonian dirigist credit stimulus obtained by nationalizing the Federal Reserve, in whole or in part, to provide $5 trillion in 0% long-term federal credit for a massive infrastructure program, supplemented by more than $1 trillion in refinancing to freeze the crushing student debt burden by getting interest rates down to 0%.

To sum up, Yellen is currently embracing the hot money variant. If she raises interest rates, she will be moving — whether she knows it or not — towards the deflationary crash option. The Keynesian stimulus plan has been relegated to some academics and political organizations embedded in the left wing of the Democratic Party.

This past week, the Federal Reserve’s communiqué finally stopped describing its approach to interest rate policies as “patient,” which was widely interpreted as meaning that interest rates would be raised for the first time in over five years at the Fed’s mid-June meeting. But Yellen, speaking at a press conference after the Fed confab, stressed that the lack of patience does not necessarily mean impatience, leaving greedy speculators to make their own guesses.

Yellen’s confusion led to immediate chaos in currency markets, where the desirability of parking huge masses of hot money in a given currency is greatly influenced by the interest rates prevailing in that currency. First, the euro rose by three cents or 2.5% against the dollar on Wednesday, scoring its biggest single day gains since 2008. Then, on Thursday, the dollar gained back 1.9% against the euro. These are extraordinarily large fluctuations for major currencies, to say the least.

By the end of the week the dollar was still down by 1.5% against the euro on the week, and down 1.2% in relation to 10 major currencies, according to the Bloomberg Dollar Spot Index, making this the worst week for the US greenback since July 2013.

However, this new round of dollar instability should not be attributed primarily to Yellen’s substandard public-relations skills. For the past six months, world currency markets have been buffeted by hurricane force winds, signaling in all probability a new and more acute phase of the current world economic and financial depression.

In October 2014, Japanese economic authorities carrying out the policy known as Abenomics massively increased their own Quantitative Easing program, rapidly expanding their money supply and making the yen cheaper compared to other currencies. In December, Belarus responded to an incipient collapse of its ruble by imposing currency controls and exchange controls. After the Russian ruble had declined by almost 50%, Moscow adopted its own informal currency and exchange controls, administered by government officials stationed in the offices of the main financial actors.

The Singapore dollar has been falling for three straight quarters, and its prospects are considered to be at their worst since the time of the 1998 Asian Contagion crisis. The Singapore dollar is significant in its own right, and also because it serves as a speculative proxy for the currencies of neighboring Thailand and Indonesia. In mid-January, Swiss authorities abandoned their euro peg, and the Swiss franc went up by about 30% in a single day, one of the largest major currency moves in recent history. But within less than a month, this vast uptick was surpassed on the downside by the Ukrainian hryvnia, which fell by 45% in a single day, as a result of contorted maneuverings for self-preservation by the Kiev central bank.

Shortly after the Swiss up-valuation, the attention of speculators turned to Denmark, which has similarly pegged its currency to the euro. In order to defend this peg, Danish authorities have had to lower their interest rates four times in three weeks, reaching an all time modern low at negative 0.75%. The speculators have backed off for the moment, but are most likely regrouping for another attack.

The Swiss shock was immediately followed by Mario Draghi’s announcement that the European Central Bank would indulge in €1 trillion of its own Quantitative Easing, and the euro has been falling ever since, reaching a 12 year low against the dollar just before Yellen got into the act.

The half-year of instability we have summed up can thus be attributed to two main factors: first, many countries – most notably Japan — are attempting to exit the depression via competitive devaluation to increase their market share of world exports by driving down their own currencies and thus pricing their competitors out of the market. The second factor is that the Fed functions in reality as the central bank for most of the world, and any move to raise interest rates in Washington has the effect of sucking hot money out of various Third World speculative markets which superficial observers have regarded over recent years as economic powerhouses — when they were merely the beneficiaries of the fact that the hot money advocates momentarily had the upper hand in Washington.

However, these recent events are even more ominous. We have just received another object lesson in the fact that currency values are determined primarily if not exclusively on the basis of hot money forward yields. The Dodd-Frank law is already a failure, as former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley wrote this week in the Des Moines Register. In addition, the grave problems associated with automated trading and program trading, including flash trading, obviously remain unresolved. As the Wall Street Journal wrote on March 20, 2015:

“[The dollar-euro] episode intensified many traders’ concerns about liquidity – the capacity to buy or sell quickly at a quoted price. Many currency trading firms reported difficulty executing desired trades, and automated trading programs added to the swings by offering euros and dollars and higher or lower prices than many traders said they expected. Bond traders also reported difficulties trading US treasury securities.” There is also the problem of cascading stop loss orders, which became harder and harder to fill as the US currency continued to fall. Wednesday’s events were a demonstration that any unexpected financial or economic event might be capable of triggering a panic based primarily on automated trading and stop loss orders. A major systemic crash could, in short, occur at any time. The only way to prevent another derivatives-based world panic like 2008 is to implement the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, which would restore stability to these market permanently.

The final proof that a return to the fixed currency exchange rates or parities of the Bretton Woods system (1944-1971) are necessary for the economic prosperity of humankind comes from the haute couture House of Chanel in Paris. On March 17, Chanel headquarters in Paris announced that the company would increase the prices for its designer handbags sold in Europe under the brands of Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chanel, while reducing prices on the same merchandise sold in China. The cause was the depreciation of the euro, which had reduced the price of a Chanel bag bought in Paris to less than $4,000, as against the price of just under $5,000 in New York and $6,000 in Beijing. Enterprising traders were buying up the designer items in Europe, shipping them to China, and selling them just under their market price there, resulting in a flourishing gray market. Here then is yet another market thrown into chaos by the post-Bretton Woods currency anarchy.

Forty-Seven Republican Traitors Drive US Towards Catastrophic Middle East War; Closing Door to Negotiated Solution with Iran Leaves Only Armed Conflict Option; Extremist Netanyahu May Lose Knesset March 17, but Rules GOP; Threat to US Executive Agreements Spells Diplomatic Chaos; Other P5+1 Powers Should Exit US-Imposed Sanctions Regime vs Iran; Rev. Pinkney Brands Berrien County Michigan “Criminal Enterprise” Run by Whirlpool; Respected Houston Attorney Jeffrey Jackson Shows Prosecutors Violated Rule of Lenity with Trumped-Up Felony Charges

With a Report from Tax Wall Street Party Chairwoman Daniela Walls

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
March 15, 2015

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GOP Traitors

Since the Republican Party of National Sabotage took over the House of Representatives, the US government has been subjected to the full range of domestic anarchy, with crises of default, government shutdown, the Satan sandwich, the sequester, and the threatened shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security. The GOP’s stock in trade has been revealed as chaos and ungovernability, in line with their Austrian slogan of “Government doesn’t work — elect us and we’ll prove it!” The same methods have been employed by the Supreme Court RATS cabal under the ideological leadership of Scalia. Now, with the Senate under GOP control, these reactionary anarchists are pursuing international anarchy. They seek a paralysis of US diplomacy which, whatever its content, is the only alternative to a general war over Ukraine, Syria, Iran, or some other issue. The GOP is intent on provocations: first they invited the desperate adventurer Netanyahu (who threatened to attack Iran if the US declined to do so), and now they have followed that with their #47Traitors letter to the Iranian government, which promises to sabotage any peace deal.

Operation Upshot-Knothole-Badger
Operation Upshot-Knothole-Badger

If all peace deals are blocked by the GOP saboteurs, the chances of war are greatly increased. If all US executive agreements not passed by the senate are called into question (think of FDR’s emergency destroyers for bases deal with the UK is September 1940), then US foreign relations will be reduced to a chaos sure to be more dangerous than the current status quo. If there are forces in Iran opposed to a modus vivendi, these forces will surely be strengthened, again making war more likely. If the talks fail, the US will be blamed, but Americans should pass that blame on to the GOP scoundrels. Already we may be seeing the French warmonger foreign minister Fabius encouraged by the GOP in his own wrecking operation.

Despite the impression which Netanyahu and the Republicans are eager to convey, the current talks involve Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (Russia, China, Britain, France, US) plus Germany. These other powers should now retaliate against the GOP letter by exiting the US-imposed regime of economic sanctions, which they were very foolish to agree to in the first place.

The biggest GOP loser is the libertarian faker Rand Paul, who by signing on with the #47Traitors has dropped his mask of anti-interventionism, revealing the hideous visage of a warmonger. His former dupes are fleeing in droves from his stillborn presidential campaign.

The Cotton letter may help do for the GOP what the Hartford Convention of 1814 did for the Federalists: signal the beginning of their political collapse. During the War of 1812, certain New England Federalist Party oligarchs increasingly resented the loss of their UK trade, and began flirting with secessionism and a return to British rule. Although they never actually seceded, they assembled at the Hartford Convention in 1814-1815, and were thereafter marked as traitors. The Federalists nominated their last presidential candidate in 1816, and by the mid-1820s had virtually disappeared from the national scene. This contemporary cartoon shows several vacillating Federalists about to jump into the arms of the British King.

The sociopathic policies of the Republican Party underline the validity of the Tax Wall Street Party strategy, which is to first seek the extinction of the GOP as a national party, followed by the effort to split the Democrats into their latent pro-Wall Street and anti-Wall Street faction. Join us in this effort.

Sen. Tom Cotton
Senator Tom Cotton

ARCH-TRAITOR TOM COTTON – The novice GOP senator from Arkansas has made his appalling debut by authoring the absurd and stupid letter of the #47Traitors. Cotton qualifies as a traitor and a felon for his violation of the Logan Act of 1799. His punishment should include being forced to find Iran on a map. His staff has suggested that they regarded the fateful letter as a joke. Cotton reminds us of Nietzsche’s blond beast in the Genealogy of Morals, for whom “murder, arson, rape, and torture” could be seen as fraternity pranks. Here nothing less than nuclear war is at stake.

The Hartford Convention or Leap No Leap
The Hartford Convention, a series of secret meetings of New England Federalists held in December 1814

Supreme Court RATS Cabal Eyes Wrecking US Health System Over Frivolous Lawsuit; Death Toll from Court Sabotage of ACA Could Rise From 17,000 to 27,000; Pull US Advisors Out of Ukraine; Netanyahu Histrionics an Unfriendly Act; Merkel’s Anti-Greek Brinksmanship Threatens European Panic; Gnome Chomsky Sees Upside of ISIS, as Veteran CIA Asset Belhadj Joins Caliphate; Rev. Pinkney Urges Supporters to Redouble Efforts

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
March 8, 2015

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Antonin Scalia

Arch-reactionary activist judge, ideological leader of RATS cabal (Roberts-Alito-Thomas-Scalia) — Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, a Nixon and Reagan appointee and Cheney crony with numerous conflicts of interest, has voted to stop the Florida vote count in 2000, to approve torture during the G.W. Bush era, to gut the 1965 Voting Rights Act, to allow plutocrats and foreigners to buy US elections via Citizens United, to exalt the claims of the rich over the needs of working people in Hobby Lobby, and to prevent the Medicaid expansion mandated by Obamacare. He now seeks to strike down Obamacare in total chaos. It is time to revive the Constitutional remedy for a disastrous appointment which threatens the life and health of so many Americans: #ImpeachScalia!

Seventy Years After the Yalta Conference of Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill: FDR Intended to Mediate Between Moscow and London; The US Anti-Russian Position Emerged as Truman Was Manipulated by Harriman

Against Oligarchy
Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
March 4, 2015

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Excerpt from Against Oligarchy

To those whose adult lives and historical experience have been largely dominated by the Soviet-American rivalry, by the division of the world into the opposed military blocs of NATO and the Warsaw Pact, and by the Cold War, the idea that the fundamental interests of the United States and Russia are necessarily in conflict may appear as self-evident, and the clash of these two powers may seem inevitable. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The legitimate national interests of American and Russia are not in conflict. Russia supported the American Revolution through the anti-British League of Armed Neutrality, and Tsar Alexander II was Lincoln’s only ally during the US Civil War. America, in turn, was the only power friendly to Russia during the British onslaught of the Crimean War.

Up until the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt on April 12, 1945, a Soviet-American clash would have been considered by most informed observers as less likely than other outcomes. FDR’s design for the postwar world can be summed up under three headings:

  1. The unity and cooperation of the United States, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and the United Kingdom – the Big Three – as the content for the United Nations. The essence of Roosevelt’s views on the US-USSR-UK relationship was included in the Yalta declaration: “Only with the continuing and growing cooperation and understanding among our three countries and among all the peace- loving nations can…be realized a secure and lasting peace….” Roosevelt intended to hold summits with Moscow and London about once a year, with continuous consultation in the interims at the foreign minister level.
  2. The dismantling of the colonial empires, which were to be supplanted by sovereign states. At Yalta, Roosevelt asked Gen. Patrick Hurley to draw up a plan for safeguarding the independence and sovereignty of Iran. After Yalta, FDR – despite the fact that he was a very sick man – took time to meet with King Farouk of Egypt, King Saud of Saudi Arabia, and Haile Selassie of Ethiopia – meetings which the British interpreted as harbingers of a strong anti-colonial, anti-imperial thrust in postwar US policy. FDR, in conversations with Churchill, had rejected the latter’s “eighteenth century methods.”
  3. Economic development, as exemplified by the proposal FDR made at Yalta to develop the entire Danube River basin according to the methods of the highly successful Tennessee Valley Authority.

The coming of the Cold War was experienced by well-informed Americans as a stunning reversal, a breathtaking change of course, as the abrupt jettisoning of the principles which had guided FDR’s wartime planning for the postwar international scene. In the wake of the October 1995 summit of Presidents Clinton and Yeltsin at FDR’s home in Hyde Park, New York, and in view of the manifest intent of the two presidents to return to the quality of cooperation that was within reach for Americans and Russians in 1945, it is highly instructive to review how half a century of needless and useless Cold War conflict was foisted onto the world.

The roots of the Cold War lie not in any irrepressible American-Russian antagonism, but far more in British geopolitics and British balance of power machinations. These impulses were expressed in 1945 by the British Establishment and especially by the clique around British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, including most notably Ambassador W. Averell Harriman and his henchmen. As a general rule, very little of that which happened after April 12, 1945 would have happened if Roosevelt had still been alive and in command. Roosevelt’s death in Warm Springs, Georgia was a golden opportunity for the British, and they seized it with both hands.

FDR saw the three-way cooperation among Washington, Moscow, and London as the path to a more peaceful future. There were certainly plenty of suspicions in Moscow and in the mind of Stalin personally about the advisability of such a course – suspicions rooted in the “Moscow the Third Rome” cultural matrix and its Bolshevik overlay. But these difficulties were on the whole less formidable than the raving, implacable hostility which FDR’s perspective excited in London. The British oligarchy, steeped in Venetian geopolitics, saw in FDR’s proposal for big-power cooperation in the postwar years nothing less than their own extinction. In such a three-cornered world, London would be the weak sister, the low man on the totem pole. The British Establishment abhorred such a fate – their cultural matrix was the idea that the British Empire had to be the deciding factor in human affairs, come hell or high water. Or, as Sir Anthony Eden told John Foster Dulles in 1956, Britain would rather have the third world war, fought with nuclear weapons, than become a third-rate power with a shattered economy.

Big Three Unity


Yalta Conference, 1945 — seated: Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin
standing: Harriman and Molotov (2nd & 3rd from right, respectively)

As the great continental expanses of Russian and America were enriched by economic cooperation, consultation a trois would gradually be supplanted by the de facto a deux relation of Washington and Moscow – as later parlance had it, the superpowers. If US relations with the USSR remained good, then the US would of course assist Soviet postwar economic reconstruction. That reconstruction would be extended to the war-ravaged areas of Eastern Europe – to Poland, to Hungary, Czechoslovakia, to the Balkan and Danubian states. Economic development in Eastern Europe along the lines FDR proposed at Yalta would violate one of the most basic precepts of British geopolitics, the British even more isolated, irrelevant, impoverished and impotent than they already were. If the US and the USSR were able to get along, London would rapidly have become an antiquated third wheel, a museum of the gothic horrors of 18th century colonialism.

The British could of course have chosen to rebuild their own economy, and that of their imperial satellites – especially their own great continental expanses of Canada and Australia. But this is precisely the alternative which the British oligarchy is organized to reject and has historically rejected.

But if conflict between the US and the USSR could be engineered, then London would suddenly become very important indeed. Washington, needing an advanced base to counter Soviet designs in Europe, would discover a desperate reliance on British cooperation. British networks among the political leaders of the continental states would become indispensable. In any alliance of the north Atlantic powers against the USSR, London would attain paramount status among the European members. London could extort all manner of concessions from the US – economic aid, assistance in fighting colonial wars to preserve the British Empire and its sister empires, and so forth. At certain moments, London could pose as a mediator between US and USSR. Perfide Albion would also be in a position to deal under the table with Moscow in the way that later occurred through the Philby-Maclean-Burgess-Blunt-Lord Victor Rothschild-Sir Lester Pearson networks of triple agents ultimately loyal to London.

Churchill’s Lepidus Complex

For three centuries, the British had tried to dominate Europe and the world through the balance of power. In 1945, instead of being the protagonists of the balancing act, they saw themselves as being balanced, played off against the USSR by FDR. Churchill was always reluctant to hear the allies described as “the Big Three” by Eden or others. At Harrow, Churchill had learned of the second triumvirate of the Roman Republic, with Marc Anthony (lord of the east), Octavian (later Augustus) and M. Aemilius Lepidus. Now, if FDR was Augustus and Stalin was Marc Anthony, Churchill knew that the British would be forced to play the role of the inconsequential Lepidus, the virtual servant of the other two. The British Establishment rebelled against this fate.

Churchill The Provcateur

By the autumn of 1944, the final defeat of Germany was clearly not far off. Churchill gave increasing thought to sabotaging FDR’s grand design for the postwar world. During the war, Churchill had delayed, sabotaged, and crippled allied strategy with his lunatic plans for an invasion of Europe through the “soft underbelly” of the Balkans, or for “a campaign across the Indian Ocean” when MacArthur was within striking distance of Manila. As World War II in Europe moved towards its end, Churchill began to scheme for ways to provoke a clash between the US and the USSR.

Churchill and Stalin

Churchill and Stalin

The first step was to re-assert a British sphere of influence in the Balkans on the basis of virtually nothing, since the entire area, except for Greece, was occupied or about to be occupied by the Red Army. This was Churchill’s mission on his infamous “Tolstoi” solo trip to Moscow in October, 1944. At a meeting with Stalin in the Kremlin, Churchill advanced his “naughty document” giving Moscow and London percentages of control in the Balkans, as if these countries had been targets of a leveraged buy-out. Churchill proposed:

Let us settle our affairs in the Balkans. Your armies are in Roumania and Bulgaria…Don’t let us get at cross-purposes in small ways. So far as Britain and Russia are concerned, how would it do for you to have ninety per cent predominance in Roumania, for us to have ninety per cent of the say in Greece, and go fifty-fifty about Yugoslavia?

Churchill offered Stalin 75% of Bulgaria as well. He claimed that Stalin made a check mark opposite these figures.

In Greece, Churchill gave Stalin an object lesson of what “influence” meant. German forces left Greece in October, 1944. Effective control of the country outside of Athens passed into the hands of the EAM-ELAS communist guerillas. Churchill rushed in British troops, with the goal of restoring the monarchy of King George II and a court of Nazi collaborateurs.

In one of his most infamous dispatches, Churchill told the British commander, Gen. Scobie, to treat Athens like “a conquered city where a local rebellion is in progress.” Scobie was instructed not to hesitate to provoke a bloodbath. The British soon made clear that their first priority was the disarming of the communist guerillas. On December 3, 1944 EAM-ELAS staged a demonstration in Athens to show its vast support. The British forces opened fire, and fighting raged in Athens. Continue reading Seventy Years After the Yalta Conference of Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill: FDR Intended to Mediate Between Moscow and London; The US Anti-Russian Position Emerged as Truman Was Manipulated by Harriman »

German Parliament Forced to Swallow Large Parts of Syriza Anti-Austerity Program While Maintaining Liquidity for Athens; Ultra-Left Critics Are Reminded that FDR’s Hundred Days Took More than Three Months; Urgent Need for Counterweight Against Russophobe Warmongers McCain and Cameron; In New Outrage, Rev. Pinkney’s Motion for Bail Rejected by Whirlpool Tribunal; ACLU Amicus Brief Filed on Pinkney’s Behalf

With Reports from Michael Chiotinis in Athens, Pinkney Family Spokesman Larry Pinkney, and Chairwoman Daniela Walls of the Tax Wall Street Party

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
February 28, 2015

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Boris Nemtsov
Boris Nemtsov

After this broadcast was taped, the anti-Putin Russian oligarch Boris Nemtsov was assassinated in Moscow. As a “young wolf” shock therapist and privateer in the Yeltsin government, Nemtsov sang the praises of what he called “bandit capitalism.”

Tarpley at Russian Embassy
The Tax Wall Street Party and the United Front Against Austerity were represented at the Russian Embassy in Washington DC at this year’s celebration of Armed Forces Day on February 24

Nemtsov helped direct the process of nomenklatura privatization, by which the state property of the USSR was dished out to greedy adventurers who thus became the post-Soviet oligarchs. Nemtsov then sought a career as a demagogue with his reactionary “Union of Right Forces,” but he got nowhere. Most likely some cabal within NATO intelligence decided that he was worth more as a martyr than as a failed rabble rouser. It is certain that Putin had no reason to fear him. The western media are scurrying to canonize him as St. Boris the “towering figure” of the post-Soviet era (Washington Post), but his mourners were dominated by fellow oligarchs like Chubais, who incongruously prattled about democracy. (Photo: Dharmikatva)

Tsipras and Varoufakis Successfully End Failed Austerity Program Dictated by Troika, Launch Class-Based Campaign Against Wealthy Tax Evaders, Oligarchs, and Grafters; Merkel and Schäuble Rebuffed; In New York, Podemos Honcho Pablo Iglesias Refuses to Support Syriza Call for 50% Debt Reduction for Greece and Others; Calls for His Resignation Heard; SS Runes and Swastikas Favored by Kiev Troops Exposed on German TV, but Not in US; Pinkney Family Spokesman Larry Pinkney Calls Berrien County Michigan a “Criminal Enterprise” Run by Whirlpool; Next Key Hearing Feb. 27, 1 PM in St. Joseph, Michigan

With Larry Pinkney, Director of Rev. Pinkney’s Defense Committee; Michael Chiotinis in Athens, and with a Call to Join the Tax Wall Street Party from Chairwoman Daniela Walls

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
February 21, 2015

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The Tax Wall Street Party has performed a vital public service by unmasking the very fishy Pablo Iglesias of the Spanish Podemos, who has been portraying himself as the Spanish equivalent of Syriza. Hear Gregory Edwards ask Iglesias whether he will back a 50% cut in the Greek debt, and whether he will do the same for Spain. Iglesias says he will not support Syriza on their most important demand. Iglesias thus appears far closer to Soros than he does to Syriza. Why is he still the General Secretary of Podemos?

Euromaidan Protests

One year ago: fascist hoodlums deployed by NATO and incited by big-name EU politicians carried out a new and violent version of the color revolution in Kiev and other cities of Ukraine. These patsies in the street ran cover for a behind-the-scenes coup d’état, creating an apocalyptic chaos. (Photo: Mstyslav Chernov)
Burning Berkut

Burning Berkut

Murderous attacks by the anti-Russian hooligans of Right Sector and related groups killed numerous police officers. In the night of Feb. 20 to 21, a deal for new elections and constitutional changes among Pres. Yanukovich and pro-NATO protest leaders Yatsenyuk, Klitschko, and Tyannybok was guaranteed by Foreign Ministers Steinmeyer of Germany, Fabius of France, and Sokorski of Poland, plus Putin’s representative Vladimir Lukin. When the fascist bosses of Maidan rejected the deal a few hours later and stormed the presidential palace as Yanukovich was forced to flee for his life, these NATO ministers immediately shifted their support to the putschists and their illegal and Russophobic new regime. This betrayal is the cause of the present crisis. (Wikipedia)

Euromaidan Headquarters

The Maidan headquarters of the rioters was decorated with a photo of Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian Nazi leader and Quisling. (Photo: Nabak)

US Needs New Edition of American Committee for East-West Accord To Promote War Avoidance Against Ruling Class Anti-Putin Hysteria: US Fed Must Help Greece; Pablo Iglesias of Podemos Refuses to Call For 50% Haircut for Athens’ Creditors; Free Rev. Pinkney Now!

Bonnie Faulkner Interviews Tarpley on New York’s WBAI — part 2

Stephen F. Cohen

Stephen F. Cohen

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
WBAI.org — Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner
February 18, 2015

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Russia scholar Prof. Stephen F. Cohen is campaigning for a new American Committee for East-West Accord to counter neocons and humanitarian bombers. All persons of good will should support this effort.

Tax Wall Street Party Has Questions for Pablo Iglesias of Podemos In New York City

Questions For The Podemos Leader

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
February 16, 2015

Dreams or Demands?

Professor Pablo Iglesias of the Complutense University likes to present himself as the Spanish version of Alexis Tsipras, the widely admired anti-austerity leader of the Syriza Party of Greece. The Syriza government in Athens obviously needs allies in the ministerial councils of the European Union, so a Podemos government in Madrid would be a great advantage. But do Prof. Iglesias and his advisor Prof. Monedero really agree with Syriza on what is to be done? We invite Prof. Iglesias to go on the record in answering the following basic questions.

Syriza is demanding a new edition of the 1953 London Debt Conference, this time with goal of writing down Greece’s € 330 billion debt by at least 50%. (This can be compared with the 70% debt writedown granted to save GM and Chrysler in 2009.) Will you support that demand? And what will you demand for Spain at that conference? What else will you do to support Syriza?

You now say you are, like Syriza, against austerity, but what does that really mean? French President Hollande claimed he too was against austerity, and the disastrous results are plain to see. Will you commit here and now to the immediate restoration of all cuts to pensions, pay scales, unemployment benefits, social welfare, health care, and children’s benefits? Will you pledge to re-hire the public sector workers fired under orders from the IMF-ECB-EU Troika? Will you roll back anti-worker and anti-union measures? Syriza is doing all these things.

Syriza has demanded that the European Central Bank be tasked not just with serving bankers, but with financing on favorable terms the public investments needed by national governments, especially in modern infrastructure. Changing the ECB will require the efforts of a number of nations. Will you pledge to make the ECB serve the people? What is your job creation and infrastructure program for Spain?

How do you explain the overwhelming support provided for you personally by the Soros-inspired Huffington Post, Mediaset (Berlusconi), and La Sexta TV, all controlled by predatory financier oligarchs? By contrast, Tsipras and Syriza were largely demonized by the mainstream media.

You talk about politicians as “la casta,”but you have little to say about the real powers looting the Spanish economy, such as the derivatives monsters Banco Santander and Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria. Why is this? Will you join Syriza in backing a serious European Tobin tax on stocks and derivatives trading? And finally, should Spain exit NATO? Do you oppose sanctions vs. Russia?

Your recent speech at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid contained very little specific programmatic content. You said that it was time to dream like Don Quixote, but also to take these dreams seriously. Will this nebulous rhetoric be the theme of your “Yes we can” election campaign? This contrasts once again with Syriza, which advanced a coherent package of 40 mass traction economic demands in 2012, as it was fighting to emerge as the anti-austerity position. Are you the best leader for Podemos and for Spain?

TAX WALL STREET PARTY – For more information please contact: taxwallstreetparty@gmail.com

Yarosh Nazis Declare War on Four-Power Minsk Accord for Ukraine; To Solidify Cease-Fire, End All Sanctions Against Russia and Ban Arms Deliveries to Kiev; US Fed Should Honor Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos’ Request for American Aid with a 0% $15 Billion 50-Year Stabilization Loan to Stop Chinese Takeover; Pablo Iglesias of Spain’s Podemos Needs to Prove He Is Not a Soros Asset; Michigan Gov. Snyder’s Prison Officials Block Rev. Edward Pinkney’s Scheduled Interview with this Program; New Research Exposes More of Michigan “Get Pinkney” Clique; Your Help Needed Before Pinkney’s Feb. 24 Hearing at http://www.bhbanco.org/

With Reports from Pilar Baselga in Madrid, Michael Chiotinis in Athens, and Tax Wall Street Party Chairwoman Daniela Walls

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
February 14, 2015

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Normandy format talks in Minsk (February 2015)

Presidents Lukashenko of Byelarus, Putin of Russia, Hollande of France, Poroshenko Ukraine, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel (center) met in Minsk to discuss steps toward a peaceful, diplomatic solution to the civil strife in Ukraine. The unfortunate State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki demanded punishment for Russia and pro-Russian separatists if they break the accord, but in response to questions from AP seemed to rule out the possibility that pro-Kiev forces might violate the Minsk agreements. Within hours, the Neo-Nazi Right Sector leader Dimitro Yarosh proved Psaki wrong by announcing that his fighters would not be bound by Minsk II, but would rather continue to wage war on their own.

Dmytro Yarosh
Dmytro Yarosh
Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki
Pablo Iglesias
Pablo Iglesias

Pablo Iglesias Turrión is the current party secretary of Spain’s Podemos. He claims to be the Spanish version of the Greek Syriza, but a comparison shows him painfully short on mass traction economic program and long on vague utopian cliches and backing from mainstream media controlled by Soros and other bankers. So far Iglesias is much closer to the hollow demagogy of Italy’s Beppe Grillo than he is to the substantive anti-austerity and New Deal program Tsipras and Varoufakis are fighting for. If Podemos is to succeed, Iglesias must either be ousted or commit convincingly to supporting the Greek demand for a new London Debt Conference where the amount owed by Greece, Spain, and other victims of the finance oligarchs would be cut by at least 50%; the mission of the European Central Bank changed to include defense of euroland government bonds and financing € 7 trillion in infrastructure Europe-wide and 5 million new productive jobs in Spain alone; all austerity cuts, firings, anti-union, and anti-worker measures would be rolled back; and immediate humanitarian support provided for the destitute and homeless; among other measures.

Iglesias is scheduled to be feted by foundation operative Amy Goodman at Proshansky Auditorium, CUNY Graduate Center, 365 5th Avenue, on Tuesday, February 17th, 1-3pm. We urge everyone interested to stop by the Tax Wall Street Party’s informational picket line at this event.