Turkish Pals of ISIS Czar John Allen Helped Nusra AKA Al Qaeda Capture US-trained Syrian Mercenaries; Goal Was to Shield ISIS Butchers; Case Is Far Worse Violation of US State Secrets Than Petraeus or Hillary; Erdogan Must Be Expelled from NATO; Obama Needs to #FireAllen4ISIS !

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New evidence pertaining to the ambush of the Pentagon’s Division 30 platoon of Syrian rebels the Al-Nusra brigade has come to light in a recent report from the McClatchy DC news bureau. According to multiple sources cited in the signal piece report, leaks from Erdogan’s MIT Turkish intelligence to Al-Nusra encouraged the radical group to attack the freshly trained anti-ISIS fighters, leading to a handful of deaths and many being captured, including their leader Col. Nadim Hassan. The leaks were ultimately perpetrated with the tacit consent of Erdogan in order to protect his ISIS fanatics and keep pressure focused on toppling the Assad government. Erdogan feared that a US-backed contingent assaulting ISIS might start a movement in the same direction by the many hungry mercenary terrorists packed into northern Syria.

The spokesman for Division 30, clearly fearing for his life when detailing the extent of Erdogan’s treachery because he was aware of threats by the Turkish government to either kidnap or kill him, nevertheless revealed, “…we know someone aligned with Nusra informed them of our presence. They were taken within 10 minutes.”

According to another source from Division 30,

“Only the Americans and the Turks knew [exactly where and when the fighters would enter Syria]…We have sources who tell us the Turks warned Nusra that they would be targeted by this group…[Turkey was trying] to leverage the incident into an expanded role in the north for the Islamists in Nusra and Ahrar”

If the only parties aware of the Pentagon’s plan to send in ostensibly moderate anti-ISIS forces and insert them into Syria was Turkey and the US, then the only logical candidate to convey this information to circles within Turkey with the power to leak such information would be Gen. John Allen. As the nominal head of the anti-ISIS coalition, it would be his duty to inform the Turks of the coalition’s intentions and thus makes him well positioned to betray Division 30 and humiliate any attempt to take on ISIS. Allen must be arrested and interrogated before he betrays more secrets to his Turkish partner in crime.

Turkish officials quoted in the McClatchy reports confirm the intention of Turkey to break down any attempt to fight ISIS and re-direct military aggression against Assad.

“One official from southern Turkey said the arrival plans for the graduates of the so-called train-and-equip program were leaked to Nusra in hopes the rapid disintegration of the program would push the Americans into expanding the training and arming of rebel groups focused on toppling the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”

Kurdish YPG forces were also aware of the leaks to Al-Nusra by Turkey and corroborate the story that the intention is that Turkey becomes leader of the Anti-Assad military campaign. YPG spokesman Mustafa Abidi said,

“They want the Americans to train and equip rebels but only on their terms and to confront both the regime and the Islamic State…This incident not only embarrassed the Americans and made the Free Syrian Army programs look weak compared to Nusra, but also makes working with Turkey on their terms even more important.”

Finally, reports by an anonymous Syrian rebel confirmed what our daily briefings have been reporting for many months, that Erdogan is the primary ally and true Caliph of ISIS intent on toppling the secular Assad government and installing a new Ottoman Empire.

“Another rebel commander…said he was not surprised Nusra would target the U.S.-trained fighters…‘Nusra are al Qaida by their own admission,’ said the commander…‘And there’s no ideological difference between Daash and the Nusra Front, just a political fight for control. All of the top Nusra commanders were once in the Islamic State.’…’[Turkey] don’t want anything bad to happen to their allies – Nusra and Ahrar al Sham – along the border and they know that both the Americans and the Syrian people will eventually recognize that there’s no difference between groups like Nusra, Ahrar and Daash,’ he said.”

Regardless of whatever capability Division 30 possessed as an anti-ISIS fighting force, Turkey’s betraying them constitutes a NATO member country infringing on an ally’s military operation. While the American mass media is flooded with contention over the email servers of Hillary Clinton and over whether she or David Petraeus is the bigger criminal, the seditious clique led by Gen. Allen and Erdogan is intent on ruining all operations against the secret army known as ISIS in the Middle East. Erdogan has become a roadblock to any progress in the region pertaining to the ISIS; in response to this treachery, Turkey must be expelled from NATO. As for Allen, Obama must fire him as soon as the Iran nuclear deal has been solidified. All supporters of an end to conflicts in the Middle East must call for an examination and expulsion of these subversive networks and re-orientation of the anti-ISIS coalition or risk wasting their time in fruitless efforts at peace. Now more than ever, the watchword must be: #FireAllen4ISIS !!

Calls Are Heard for the Fed to Lower Interest Rates into Negative Territory; More Pushing on the String of Monetary Policy Will Not Work; After Failures of Fiscal and Monetary Stimulus as Well as the Debacle of Austerity Cuts, It’s Time to Try Credit Stimulus in Form of $6 Trillion of 0% Long-Term Federal Reserve Credit for Infrastructure and Education – Not Speculation – to Create 30 Million New Productive Jobs

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Recent turbulence in the stock market, the commodities market, and in world finance generally derives first of all, from the inability of the Xi leadership of China to control the bubble economy they set in motion some time ago. As a result, the prices of oil, copper, and other basic commodities have been subjected to severe price declines. These declines have violated the expectations of many zombie bankers and hedge fund hyenas, who had built up derivatives portfolios based on continued speculative booms in some of these areas. Therefore, the disruptive potential of the Chinese crisis in the West is considerable.

This is all the more true because, despite the optimistic hype coming from the Obama administration, it is clear that the United States has never really recovered in real economic terms, from the catastrophic events of 2008. Financial markets, notably the stock market, have gone up, but the real economy of manufacturing, agriculture, mining, energy production, transportation, scientific research, and related activities of tangible physical commodity production has remained stagnant or declining, with a growing permanent deficit in investment and employment.

The other problem is the manifest incompetence and stupidity of the US Federal Reserve System under Janet Yellen. Rich plutocrats and rentiers — people who have large amounts of money – have been screaming for years that they wanted interest rates to go up so they could get a better return on their hoarded wealth. This has been a favorite libertarian argument advanced by the Paul faction. Of course, for the average American groaning under tens of thousands of dollars of high interest consumer debt, raising interest rates would be a calamity.

As a result of the plutocratic pressure, the Yellen Federal Reserve was, or is, about to repeat the catastrophic blunder of the Federal Reserve inflation hawks of 1937, when the incompetent Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau demanded retrenchment and pushed the economy into reverse in the so-called New Deal Recession. Billions of dollars of hot money had rushed into New York in the expectation that the Fed would raise interest rates in September, leading to an increase in the value of the US dollar, and thus to a tidy short-term profit for these speculators. Because of the sharp falls in the New York stock market last Thursday and Friday, it has become at least dubious whether the Fed will in fact raise these interest rates in September. Once that impression became widespread, British and other speculative interests began pulling their money out of New York over this past weekend, leading to the markets 1100 point decline in the first five minutes.

The other consideration of central bankers like Yellen has been the desire to acquire a minimal stock of “ammunition” (as they term it) to be able to deal with a major economic slowdown in the very near future. If interest rates are at or near zero, it would be hard for the Fed to provide an effective stimulus by lowering these rates.

A remarkable aspect of today’s market declined has been the increasing demands not only that the Fed should not increase interest rates at its much discussed September meeting, but also that Yellen & Co. should now begin to consider further lowering of interest rates. Since rates are already very close to zero, this evidently means that the Fed should cross over into negative interest rates. This would mean that the Fed would demand an annual percentage rate to allow the member banks to store their funds in its vaults, or to carry out certain kinds of swap agreements, and so forth. A number of European countries, notably Germany, have tried negative interest rates recently, but with limited success.

The attempt to stimulate the US economy with interest rates that are below zero and therefore negative, in the hope that this policy will force the zombie bankers to begin investing, and especially to begin investing in new plant, equipment, and productive labor, is not likely to be successful.

Fed Will Be Pushing on a String

“Pushing on a string” is the typical central banking term for an attempt to provide stimulus to a struggling economy by lowering interest rates. The central banker can offer 0% money, but this may not convince the zombie banker to borrow the money. It is also clear that the zombie banker will not invest in productive plant and equipment, since much larger short-term speculative ripoff profits are available in the derivatives market.

The Fed has tried and failed to stimulate the US economy with three rounds of Quantitative Easing, meaning a monetary stimulus carried out by buying financial assets (generally toxic derivatives, which would represent astronomical losses if they were marked to market). This has been supplemented when necessary by Fed purchases of US government bonds, also with the goal of keeping interest rates near zero. Draghi of the European Central Bank has also been experimenting with this kind of monetary stimulus, but with limited success.

The overall lesson is that monetary policy has been tried in every conceivable way, and has failed to provide recovery from the current depression.

There is also the question of fiscal stimulus. The United States attempted fiscal stimulus in the form of the $800 billion 2009 omnibus stimulus bill passed by Pelosi and signed into law by Obama. This was later strengthened by an additional $400 billion in the so-called Supplemental Appropriations Bill. These actions represented an attempt at Keynesian pump priming. By providing money for unemployment insurance and other social safety net expenditures, as well as by funding highway construction and other permanent capital investments in infrastructure, these two measures produced a modest short-term improvement in US economic prospects.

But, as soon as the reactionary Republicans seized control of Congress in 2010, the notion of stimulus became a dead duck, and the positive aspects of these bills tended to expire. That meant that the US economy began to lapse back into a deeper depression. The Keynesian stimulus approach works very poorly, in part because Keynes as a typical central banker was unable to distinguish between productive and nonproductive activities in any systematic way. The recent Keynesian stimulus relied on consumer spending, which will never lift a modern economy out of depression. Overcoming depression requires that the capital goods producing industries be revived and this has not happened.

We can also see that strategies depending on fiscal austerity, energy austerity, and budget cuts have also failed abysmally, as the situation in Greece and other austerity countries graphically documents.

With all of these tools of governments and central banks having failed, what remains?

The One Tool Remaining: A $6 Trillion Credit Stimulus

The answer is a credit stimulus targeted on infrastructure and thus on the capital goods producing industries, with the goal of approximately 30,000,000 new productive jobs in the case of the US. A Marshal Plan for the Cities and Rural America should provide another 10 million entry-level jobs financed by the US Treasury through the 1% Wall Street Sales Tax on turnover in stocks, bonds, and derivatives.

In order to do this, the Federal Reserve would have to re-conceptualize its mission as a serving the entire US economy, and not just cliques of Wall Street money center bankers. The Republican Congress would of course be violently hostile to any serious recovery measures, but fortunately the current situation makes it not only necessary, but quite possible, to go around them. The Federal Reserve already operates to a large degree outside of the law, since it takes orders from the zombie bankers and not from the elected executive or legislative branches. Accordingly, what is needed in the near future is a peremptory call from the president to Yellen demanding that the Federal Reserve, after having wasted $3 trillion at minimum on buying toxic derivatives under quantitative easing, now switch over to a $5 trillion program of buying infrastructure bonds from states, counties, and cities.

The Fed would be instructed to issue a tender offer such infrastructure bonds, which should generally take the form of 0% interest rate century bonds maturing over 100 years. State governors and legislators, county executives and county councils, mayors and city councils would be invited to sell the Fed their bonds, with the proceeds being used exclusively to rebuild US infrastructure, including the restoration of the interstate highway system, the comprehensive modernization of passenger, freight, and commuter rail, state-of-the-art energy production and the upgrading of existing energy grids, canals, airports, locks, and container facilities, as well as libraries, schools, hospitals, public buildings, and other tangible physical improvements.

Up to now, the central bank has done nothing more than offer loans of speculative hot money at interest rates approaching zero. The depression has continued. At this point, it is necessary for the central bank to begin acting like a national bank, by stimulating, not just the credit supply, but also the credit demand in the form of funding for the urgently needed projects just outlined.

On top of this, a special $1.4 trillion student loan credit window should be opened to offer new college loans and the refinancing of existing college loans at 0% over multi-decade maturities. This would serve to limit future growth in the crushing burden of high interest student loans, which is currently preventing the millennial generation from completing their education and getting permanent jobs, homes, and the other necessities of life.

If the US economy should go into decline once again during the coming weeks and months, with interest rates not far above 0%, the Federal Reserve may soon have no choice but to turn to this policy. It is a question of using the inherent credit creating power of the American people and the US economy for the purpose of job creation and overall economic recovery, with rising standards of living, full employment, increased longevity, and a general improvement in culture and prosperity.

The process just outlined could represent the first phase in a gradual nationalization of the Federal Reserve and its transition from banker-oriented central bank to a dirigistic, Hamiltonian national bank responsible for the well-being of the entire US economy, including the primary components of working families, human capital, and productive labor. The Tax Wall Street Party stands ready to provide leadership and advice during this process.

Netanyahu Redoubles Effort to Save ISIS by Attacking Syria with Artillery and Jets; Israeli Warplane Reported Shot Down Over Syrian Territory; Iran and Syria Media See Netanyahu’s Bombing Campaign vs Damascus as Gambit to Inflame American Jewish Opinion Against Iran Nuclear Accord; Beware Desperate Actions by Netanyahu; Obama Returns to White House from Vacation Just in Time to #FireAllen4ISIS!

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Monday, August 24, 2015

As we have chronicled, recent developments in the Middle East have opened up the prospective of either destroying the ISIS butchers, or at least of decisively weakening them. This potential derives from two very recent events: on the one hand, the United States, Germany, and other NATO countries have announced their intention of quickly pulling their Patriot missile batteries out of Turkey, thus depriving the ISIS terrorists of their air defense umbrella over their safe havens just south of the Turkish-Syrian border. On the other hand, Russia has delivered six highly capable MiG-31 interceptor aircraft, giving President Assad’s Syrian Air Force the ability to organize successful bombing raids on ISIS strongholds.

But at the precise moment that the destruction or decimation of ISIS has come into view, the desperate demagogue Netanyahu has launched an attack on south-west Syria using artillery and aircraft. This is surely a diversionary attack, designed to keep Syrian military assets tied down far from the ISIS strong points.

In addition, according to Syrian and Iranian media cited by the Jerusalem Post, Netanyahu may be deliberately sending Israeli pilots into the range of the capable Syrian air defenses, seeking a bloody shirt that he can wave before the faces of American Jews in a cynical subterfuge to inflame them against the Iran nuclear accord signed among Iran, the permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council (including the United States), and the European Union. The US Congress is scheduled to hold its first votes U.S. Congress is scheduled to hold its first vote no later than September 14. Given Netanyahu’s three documented attempts to attack Iran and drag the US into catastrophic war, we must assume that this cynical nihilist is capable of literally anything. False flag red alert should continue until further notice.

According to Sputnik:

“The Syrian air defense shot down an Israeli warplane violating the Arab country’s air space, an Iranian news agency reported. The Israeli fighter jet was targeted over the city of Al-Quneitra on Friday, Iran’s Fars news agency reported on Saturday. On Friday, the Israeli Air Force resumed airstrikes on Western Syria, targeting a government army base at Khan Al-Sheih in Damascus province and another in the al-Quneitra province after a six-hour halt in attacks that followed their multiple air raids over the Golan Heights. Both Syrian army installations have been under siege by the al-Qaeda-linked group of al-Nusra Front and their allies from Ajnad al-Sham and Jeish al-Islam groups.”[1]

At the same time, the butchers of ISIS have turned to a second round of chemical warfare assaults in recent weeks, as reported by the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA):

“Aleppo, SANA – Local sources from the town of Mare’a asserted that ISIS terrorists used shells containing chemical materials in their attacks on residential areas in the town on Saturday. Activists on social media sites reported that a number of locals in Mare’a suffered from cases of asphyxiation after ISIS shelled the town with shells believed to contain toxic materials. This isn’t the first time that ISIS employed chemical weapons, international investigators and technicians said in a report published by New York Times last Wednesday that ISIS used chemical weapons in two separate attacks on Tal Barrak and Hasaka.”[2]

TWSP Chairwoman Daniela Walls Slams Trump as “Fascist,” Bernie Sanders as “Counterinsurgency” on Susan Lindauer’s Covert Report Broadcast; Trump Trolls, Disgruntled Paultards, Assorted Misfits and Malcontents Reply with Denial of Service Hack Attack

On Sunday morning, Tax Wall Street Party Chairwoman Daniela Walls was the guest of Susan Lindauer on her Covert Report broadcast. Lindauer focused on the mass rejection by the American people of hack politicians like Hillary and Jeb Bush, but also on the extremely dubious and problematic nature of the two leading beneficiaries, Trump and Bernie Sanders. Daniela Walls delivered a devastating critique of Trump and Bernie, pointing out that Trump qualifies as an outright fascist through his policy of scapegoating an ethnic minority – Hispanic immigrants – for a world economic depression caused by Trump’s Wall Street backers. Trump’s Triumph of the Will (a theme drawn from Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, and Hitler) will force him into early confrontation with Putin, quite possibly with apocalyptic consequences. As for Bernie, he is disqualified from the presidency by reason of his pathetic cowardice. He is a counterinsurgency op designed to convoy those fleeing from warmonger and Wall Street tool back into the Democratic Party. Bernie has no understanding of credit, which is why he says nothing about nationalizing the Federal Reserve and also opposes the vital renewal of FDR’s ExIm Bank.

Lindauer responded with an enthusiastic endorsement of these points. The audience was generally pleased, but the class enemy was not. At the start of the second hour a barrage of robocalls overwhelmed the server, knocking the show off the air for many minutes. At one point, a strange astrology program was heard. Was it Trump trolls, disgruntled Paultards, or other misfits? The two-hour broadcast is eminently worth listening – hear it at:


Liberal Mushhead Think Tanks and Demagogues Mobilize on Twitter Spouting Anti-Assad Rhetoric

Anti-Syria and anti-Assad regime change activists and think tank propagandists are enraged at Obama for micro-managing the operation against ISIS in Syria. Reports early in the operation last year, plus the Tax Wall Street Party Morning Briefings and from Thierry Meyssan strongly hint that Obama is coordinating U.S. operations in Syria with Assad (and Putin) to combat ISIS.

Now, the likes of Ken Roth from the Human Rights Watch and a cadre of anti-Assad propagandists are using the social media to re-demonize Assad with such discredited charges as the epithet of #ChemicalAssad on Twitter, using it to rehash lies that Assad was responsible for the sarin attack in Ghouta two years ago, now known to have been organized by Erdogan of Turkey to get foreign support.

The Center for Mid-East Studies of the Josef Korbel School at the University of Denver has become the leading U.S. think tank to promote the propaganda line for regime change in Syria. The school recently enlisted Stirling University Professor Idrees Ahmed of Glasgow England to assist in recruiting support among liberal progressives to support regime change in Syria, including a new War.

But their agenda has been thwarted by tough questions at Korbel School teach-ins and an ambivalence of the Trump drunk media to promote their tired narrative and more.

Medicare for All Must Be Implemented with a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax to Stop Deadly Diseases


A member of the Tax Wall Street Party reports having recently undergone a colonoscopy to remove a small polyp in the colon. Fortunately, the single polyp was benign and easily removed. The member was thankful to the doctors who performed the procedure.

Colon cancer, an easily avoidable form of cancer if screened for and detected early, is the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States and the third leading form of cancer existing in men & women. One of the inhibiting factors causing an individual to forgo getting the screening/procedure done is cost to the individual.

Between $12-$14 billion dollars per year is spent just for treating this disease with over 1/2 the cost being borne by Medicare. Just for colon cancer treatment, an uninsured individual could see costs ranging from $600 to $5,400. For individuals with Medicare coverage, the cost is co-insurance (20% of Medicare allowable charge for service) plus $147 yearly deductible.

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), coverage of colon cancer screening tests/colonoscopies are required by health plans that started after September 23, 2010. The ACA does NOT require so-called “grandfathered plans” or plans in existence before September 23, 2010 to provide this level of coverage. Despite some states’ having laws in place requiring coverage, some private insurance plans cover just the screening, with the patient having to cover the cost of anesthesia, bowel prep kit, pathology costs, and a facility fee. This can result in the patient having to pay out of pocket a shockingly high amount of costs totaling hundreds of dollars, even with private insurance.

The Tax Wall Street Party believes in making Medicare available for all. This would make all Hospital Insurance (Part A), all Medical Insurance (Part B), & all outpatient Prescription Drug Insurance (Part D) cover each individual for $100 per month, no deductibles, no co-pays, if the person can afford it. If the person is indigent, the cost would be nothing.

The funding of Medicare for All would come from a 1% Wall Street Sales Tax, with no tax assessed on individuals with total stock/bond/derivative investments of less than 1 million dollars. This tax will claw back a considerable amount of money made by multinational banks and shadow banks (i.e. hedge funds, private equity firms, insurance companies, etc) in the stock, bond, and especially the multi-quadrillion dollar global derivatives markets.

If the US wants to have 21st century infrastructure, it takes a well-educated, healthy populace to research, design, build, & maintain the future structures needed to support an advancing civilization. No nation can consider itself fully modernized unless the health and well being of its people is assured.

[1] “Israeli War Jet Shot Down Over Syria – Media,” Sputnik News, August 23, 2015,


[2] “ISIS attacks Mare’a town in Aleppo province with chemical weapons,” SANA, August 22, 2015, http://sana.sy/en/?p=52298

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak Reveals Netanyahu Tried Sneak Attacks Against Iran in 2010, 2011, and 2012; One Attempt Would Have Involved US Forces Participating in a Drill; Need US Ultimatum to Cease and Desist; TWSP Demands that All Presidential Candidates Condemn These Intrigues to Drag U.S. into War; #FireAllen4ISIS

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Sunday, August 23, 2015

In an interview to biographers aired on Israel’s Channel 2 this past Friday, the former Prime Minister Ehud Barak said that during his time as Defense Minister, he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had planned three times to conduct military operations against nuclear facilities in Iran. Each time, thanks to advice and intervention by the Israeli military, Netanyahu shelved his plans to bring about a cataclysmic war. A report by Reuters included the following details:

“Israel’s political leaders pushed to attack Iran at least three times in the past few years but had to back down on the advice of the military and due to concerns about its ally the United States, former defense minister Ehud Barak said. In interviews to his biographers aired late on Friday by Israel’s Channel Two, Barak said he and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had wanted military operations against Iranian nuclear facilities in 2010, 2011 and 2012…In 2010, the Israeli leadership wanted an attack but the military said it did not have ‘operational capability,’ said Barak…In 2011, two ministers in a top security forum convened to discuss an attack changed their mind and decided against it, Barak said…In 2012 the timing coincided with a joint military exercise with the United States. ‘We intended to carry it out, Barak said, but going ahead with an attack on Iran while U.S. forces were conducting the exercise would have been bad timing’”[1]

Further intelligence on the scenario has been written up by the news agency Al-Monitor and the Jerusalem Post describing the negotiations involved in decisions that could potentially lead to a World War III scenario. A report from Al-Monitor on July 8th of 2015 stated:

“Participants in the Jerusalem Post‘s fourth annual conference in New York on June 7 [2015] [came] under public cross-examination over the actions of Israel’s political and security services during the tense days of 2010, when the government contemplated a military assault on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Sitting on the panel were former Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi; former Mossad Director Meir Dagan; two former heads of the National Security Council, Maj. Gen. Giora Eiland and Maj. Gen. Uzi Dayan; and senior columnist Caroline Glick… Glick claimed that in 2010, two members of the panel ‘were given an order to prepare the military for an imminent strike against Iran’s nuclear installation, and they refused.’

Quick to protest these allegations, Dagan got into a vociferous argument with Glick. ‘It was an illegal order,’ he said. ‘You were not there. You don’t know what happened there.’

Glick refused to concede: ‘Had you not brought in your expert legal opinion to determine whether or not the prime minister of Israel and the defense minister of Israel have a right to order Israel to take action in its national defense, then we would not be where we are today.’ She blamed Dagan and Ashkenazi for the current situation, which, according to the Israeli right, leaves the country with no way out. What she was effectively saying is that the heads of Israel’s security forces conducted a quiet putsch against the political leadership, preventing them from launching an Israeli assault against Iran’s nuclear facilities following plans prepared well in advance…Netanyahu ordered Ashkenazi to prepare the IDF for an attack on Iran within 30 days. In professional terms, this was a case of “prepping the system.” Ashkenazi was rather shocked by the order, and he wasn’t the only one. So were Dagan, Shin Bet Director Yuval Diskin and the chief of military intelligence, Amos Yadlin. Not one of them could believe what they just heard. A “readiness order” requires a formal government decision before it can be issued, or at the very least, a decision by the Cabinet. It is a strategic order, during which time the IDF calls up the reserves and puts numerous systems into action. Although the law requires a government decision before such an order can be given, in this particular instance, Netanyahu issued the order offhandedly during the meeting of a forum with no legal standing…

…All the heads of the various security forces were unanimous in their opinion that an Israeli attack on Iran would be a historic mistake that could result in disaster.” [2] [Emphasis added]

Details on the decision to stand down in 2011 were revealed in greater detail by the Jerusalem Post on the same day as Barak’s audio recording being played on Channel Two:

Continue reading Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak Reveals Netanyahu Tried Sneak Attacks Against Iran in 2010, 2011, and 2012; One Attempt Would Have Involved US Forces Participating in a Drill; Need US Ultimatum to Cease and Desist; TWSP Demands that All Presidential Candidates Condemn These Intrigues to Drag U.S. into War; #FireAllen4ISIS »

Scheming ISIS Czar Allen Has Until Labor Day to Attack Syria, Preserve ISIS, and Save Erdogan from Looming Election Defeat

Pullout of NATO Patriot Missile Shield from Turkey, Russian Delivery of MiG 31s to Syria Set Stage for Destruction of Caliphate; Allen’s M.O. Calls for Covert War Coup While President Is Out of Town; Advisers Aid Assad, Prepare Way for Collective Security Treaty Organization Peacekeepers; Putin in Crimea Warns of Terror Offensive; Need High Alert for False Flag Attacks; Israeli Bombing of Syria a Diversion to Help Jihadis; Chinese Contraction and Competitive Devaluation Spread Monetary Chaos to Vietnam and Kazakhstan; Turkey, Nigeria, Pakistan, Others May Be Next; Tsipras Resigns, Calls Early Vote; Lafazanis Leads 25 Popular Unity Reps Out of Syriza – but Have They Learned the Right Lessons?; Fascist Trump Demands Mass Deportations, Wants to Destroy Greatest US Strategic Advantage; #FireAllen4ISIS!

With Reports from Thierry Meyssan In Damascus and Michael Chiotinis In Athens

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio
August 22, 2015

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

[download audio]

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras
Splits from Syriza
Popular Unity faction leader Panagiotis Lafazanis

Convergence of Putin and Obama Against Allen and Erdogan: Moscow Delivers 6 MIG-31 Foxhound Aircraft to Assad Government of Syria; These Planes Plus NATO Pullout of Patriot Missiles Will Allow Syria to Clobber ISIS Terrorists Shielded Up to Now by Erdogan; Russian Advisers on the Scene Supplying Syria with Satellite Imagery, Studying Terrain for United Nations Peacekeepers; #FireAllen4ISIS

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Friday, August 21, 2015

An unimpeachable Middle East source sends the following intelligence estimate:

“The delivery of six MIG 31 combat aircraft to the Syrian government in Damascus corresponds to the withdrawal by Germany, Spain, [and the US] of Patriot missile batteries from Turkey within the framework of NATO.[1] On this subject, there is a kind of cooperation between Moscow and Washington. The idea is to give the Syrian Arab Army the equipment required for a bombing campaign in northern Syria. Up until the present moment, the Syrian Arab Army’s aviation has been deterred from doing this by the Patriot missiles stationed in southern Turkey, and did not possess a sufficient number of combat aircraft able to operate at altitudes low enough to evade the surface to air missiles now in the possession of the jihadis. It is for this reason that the Syrian Air Force has not been capable of defending the Kurds in a city like Kobane.

This is the response of Putin and of Obama to the maneuvers carried out by General John Allen, who had gone off the reservation to stipulate an accord with Erdogan for a safe zone for rebels in Syria.

Obama is attempting to push ISIS [aka Daesh, ISIL, etc.] out of Syria and to use some of its components against Russia in Ukraine. Putin and Assad are attempting to liquidate the jihadis on Syrian territory.

The delivery of the MIG-31s comes against the backdrop of the creation of a Russian-Syrian military commission. Numerous Russian military advisers have been arriving in Damascus over recent days. For the first time in five years, they have been sharing their satellite imagery with their Syrian counterparts.

This is the first time since the beginning of the Syrian conflict that the Russian Army has been directly involved in military operations in Syria. In addition, the Russian military advisers have been becoming familiar with the situation on the ground so as to evaluate the options for the deployment of a peacekeeping force under the aegis of the United Nations.

Report from Moscow: Putin Warns Against Subversive Foreign Forces Attempting to Destabilize the Crimea; Kurdish Leader Unmasks Erdogan as Behind ISIS Massacres

Moscow, August 20 — As widely reported among various pro-Iranian English-language news outlets (Fars, IRNA, Press TV, al Manar) Russian President Vladimir Putin recently sent a private though blunt message to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan via Turkish Ambassador Umit Yardim. The message was clear and to the point: drop your support for ISIS terrorists, Erdogan, or I’ll break diplomatic relations and turn Syria into a “Big Stalingrad” for terrorists backed by you and Saudi Arabia.

Putin’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov issued a weak and narrow non-denial denial, saying that Russia had never called Erdogan a dictator. In the same press conference, Peskov denied that Russia would send troops to Syria, which was read by many as a veiled threat to do just that.

So it seems that Putin is drawing his own “red line” with regard to Syria! Putin’s quote is as follows: “Tell your dictator Erdogan to go to Hell, and that unless he stops well established and easily proven support for ISIS, Russia will sever diplomatic relations. We are prepared to turn Syria into a big Stalingrad for Turkey and her Saudi allies and their vicious little gang of Hitlers. Your little dictator is a hypocrite, attacking the military coup in Egypt while, at the same time, he is trying to overthrow the elected government of Syria. As it stands, China, Iran and Russia will guarantee the survival of Syria.”

A few days later, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov muttered that the Saudi Foreign Minister was an “f*****g moron” during a bilateral pourparler. If this is the rage in Moscow against the Saudi-Turkish tandem, there can be little doubt that Russian officials are angry enough to issue an ultimatum to Turkey.

The real substance of Putin’s comments was neither confirmed nor denied by Peskov, making the veracity of these comments all the more plausible, as such inflammatory statements, had they been fabricated by the press out of thin air, would have been overtly denied.

This quote supposedly originated in The Moscow Times, though this can’t be confirmed. The quote was, however, leaked through certain channels and sends a clear message to Erdogan that couldn’t be sent through any official or public channels due to the delicate international situation Putin finds himself in. Turkey is, after all, a NATO member state. Perhaps this is the safest way of sending a clear message to NATO without further fueling the Western propaganda hysteria against Russia.

Under Russia’s recent ban on “undesirable” foreign organizations, subversive NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy, the MacArthur Foundation, and others involved in color revolution/destabilization programs like the Euro-Maidan, the virulently Russophobic Moscow Times (based in Finland) will probably pass into Russian ownership very soon.

At the height of world hysteria over Erdogan’s fraudulent Goutha chemical weapons incident, Vladimir Putin made his position on the Syria conflict crystal clear in his September 11, 2013 op-ed in the New York Times, “A Plea for Caution from Russia”:

“The potential strike by the United States against Syria… will result in more innocent victims and escalation, potentially spreading the conflict far beyond Syria’s borders. A strike would increase violence and unleash a new wave of terrorism. It could undermine multilateral efforts to resolve the Iranian nuclear problem and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and further destabilize the Middle East and North Africa. It could throw the entire system of international law and order out of balance.”

“This threatens us all,” he went on to say.

It is not surprising that Russia would be worried about the rise of ISIS in the Middle East due to their proximity to the conflict zones, and due to direct threats from ISIS terrorists to Russia, that ISIS will fight Russia in Chechnya.

Erdogan is playing a duplicitous game in Syria – fighting ISIS by attacking their enemies the Kurds, and working to undermine the government of Russian ally Bashar al-Assad, which by the way has been fighting ISIS terrorism in Syria from the outset – something that neither the US, the EU, nor Turkey could claim. The pattern of NATO attacks on actual ISIS terrorists suggests a strategy of pushing ISIS closer and closer to Iran and Russia.

As reported in the International Business Times:

“Cemil Bayik, co-founder and a senior leader of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), accused Turkey of colluding with the Islamic State group by attacking Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria. In an interview with the BBC, Bayik alleged that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is ‘behind ISIS massacres…The Turkish claim they are fighting Islamic State … but in fact they are fighting the PKK,’ Bayik told the BBC. ‘[Erdogan’s] aim is to stop the Kurdish advance against them, thus advancing his aim of Turkishness in Turkey.’ He also added that negotiations between the PKK and the Turkish government were the “only choice” if long-lasting peace is to be attained.”

Erdogan is also playing the Crimean Tatars against Russia, which may be an annoyance for Putin now, but as ISIS gets driven closer and closer to Russia, this could end up being a base of support for Erdogan’s ISIS terrorists to begin targeting Russian interests.

As for Erdogan, his outrageous duplicity in his dealings with Russia and Ukraine are on full display with his offer of a $50 million loan back in March 2015. He has also joined in the hysterical NATO chorus of Russophobia regarding the long-settled issue of Crimea. As reported in Reuters, Erdogan, in a press conference with Poroshenko, expressed his “support for the territorial integrity, political union and sovereignty of Ukraine, including Crimea, in every platform”. As reported in Sputnik News, Turkey has refused to recognize Crimea’s reunification with Russia, and considers it to be an act of repression against the Crimean Tatars. Expect to hear more of this in the news in the coming months as ISIS begins their pivot to attack Russia via Chechnya and Crimea.

Underlining the seriousness of this matter, Putin attended a meeting on Crimean security in Sevastopol on Wednesday, August 19, 2015. According to a Press TV report, Putin showed he is alert to this danger during his recent trip to Crimea. “It’s obvious that a risk remains from outside forces to destabilize the situation on the [Crimean] peninsula in one way or another,” Putin remarked at the meeting. “In certain capitals they talk openly about … the need to carry out subversive activities,” in Crimea, the Russian president noted. “Personnel are being recruited and trained to carry out subversion, acts of sabotage to conduct radical propaganda.”

Erdogan is trying to play both sides off against each other, as he is doing in Syria. The biggest problem for him will be that both theaters of activity (Syria and Crimea/Ukraine) directly involve Russia, which goes a long way towards explaining Putin’s uncharacteristically harsh language regarding Erdogan. As the US and NATO continue to play similar games with Putin, perhaps this is also a subtle way of sending a message to Obama as well.

[1] http://www.janes.com/article/53660/syria-reportedly-receives-mig-31-inte…

ISIS Benefits as Turkey Bombs Kurdish Fighters – #FireAllen4ISIS!

Webster G. Tarpley Ph.D.
Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner
August 19, 2015

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Patriot System
The US and other NATO countries are pulling their Patriot missile batteries out of southern Turkey, depriving the Moslem Brotherhood dictator Erdogan of his ability to shield ISIS terrorists from the Syrian Air Force along his southern border.

Sixty-Two Years after a CIA Coup Ousted Iranian Prime Minister Mossadegh for Nationalizing His Nation’s Oil Reserves: US Foreign Policy Still Relies on Color Revolutions, which Must be Outlawed like Poison Gas

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
August 19, 2015

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ISIS Czar Allen Boosts Erdogan’s Scheme for Civil War, Dictatorship in Turkey Under Cover of Early Elections; Move Could Pull US into Vortex of General Middle East Conflagration

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Wednesday, August 19, 2015

In less than a week, Turkey could find itself on the road to totalitarian dictatorship under President Recep Erdogan, the secret boss of ISIS. Yesterday, Prime Minister Davutoglu officially gave up his mandate to find a junior coalition partner to the AKP party, which failed to win a majority in recent elections because of the new-found strength of the Kurdish party. The nationalist MHP party refused Davutoglu’s offers and, while the mandate is now passed on to the social Democratic CHP party, the likelihood of any coalition being built before the August 23 deadline is thin. After the 23rd, Erdogan can dissolve the government and call for new elections. It is Erdogan’s belief that new elections will see his party retake the majority and provide him with the political backing to officially become dictator of Turkey – provided that he can furnish a war hysteria to prod the nationalists to join with the pro-regime Islamists.

This falls right in line with what Gen. Allen would like to see in Turkey. Currently Erdogan is waging war against the Kurds, a conflict which threatens to erupt into a full civil war in Turkey. There has been an intensification of terrorism within Turkish borders. As our recent exposé of Gen. Allen’s coup against Obama detailed, opposition officials in Turkey believe these events have been instigated by Erdogan himself in order to create a state of panic from which he can re-secure the AKP constitutional super-majority in parliament. With a new majority government he could then push through his demand to rewrite the constitution, making him a dictator.

For those not closely watching Turkish politics, reports like those found in the Wall Street Journal claiming this news will only lead to a more US-style executive president only serve to muddy the waters in Allen and Erdogan’s favor. The secular Turkish republic envisioned and built by the great Mustafa Kemal Atatürk was meant to have only a ceremonial and non partisan president. Erdogan and his AKP party directly violate this position when they call for a “presidential system” that will result in a super presidency freed of the “chains” of checks and balances. Prior to the July 7 elections, Erdogan was violating the Turkish constitution by engaging in party politics in favor of the AKP, demanding they win 400 seats in Parliament so that he could ensure his proposal to rewrite the constitution would be pushed through.

Erdogan’s abuse of the presidency is what has caused the negotiations for a government coalition to fail to emerge, as the nationalist and opposition parties’ at least desire a ceremonial president rather than a dictatorial sultan. But Erdogan already considers himself to be dictator of Turkey, saying this past Friday, “Accept it or not, Turkey’s governmental system has become one of an executive [read: “dictatorial”—TWSP] presidency… What should be done now is to finalize the legal framework of this de facto situation with a new constitution.”

With this statement, Erdogan completely ignores the July election that was a firm display of people’s loss of faith in his Muslim Brotherhood policies of war, financial ruin and terrorism. If there are to be new elections, watch for Erdogan to do anything he can, with the help of the insubordinate General Allen, to maintain a sense of tension and fear in Turkey with more false flag terrorist attacks and more bombing of the PKK. These will serve to make more of the nationalist MHP voters turn out in favor of the AKP.

If Erdogan succeeds in re-writing the constitution and reforming the government under AKP rule, NATO’s synthetic ideology of democracy and human rights will tend to collapse amid general scorn. The key NATO partner in the Middle East will be under a repressive dictator who is the leader of the terrorist army NATO claims to abhor; it may lead to Turkey being ousted from the alliance. However, any end-result of the Turkish political game that leaves Erdogan in a position of power is what Allen needs to continue his supply of ISIS fanatics flowing into Syria. General Allen needs the iron dictatorship of Erdogan, while Erdogan sees it as his opportunity to extend a new Caliphate in the Middle East under his role of ISIS Caliph and neo-Ottoman Sultan, with Davutoglu as Grand Vizier.

War on Immigration Demanded by Fascist Trump Spells US National Suicide, While Guaranteeing Chinese World Domination; Mass Deportations Would Establish Fascist Police State, Squander Greatest US Strategic Advantage vs Competitors; Pessimism Shows Crisis of US Culture and Ideology; The Union Dead Fought for Birthright Citizenship and XIV Amendment

After endless delays and much fanfare, the nihilist candidate for President Donald Trump has finally revealed his secret solution to the problem of illegal immigration.

First, the megalomaniac hotelier wants mass deportation of undocumented foreigners, to the tune of approximately 12,000,000 persons. This provision would by itself guarantee chaos and dictatorship, a true reign of terror across the United States. The essential economic functions fulfilled by foreign workers would quickly break down, with incalculable consequences. Large sectors of the US economy might simply collapse. The fruited plain would become a darkling plain of jackboots, truncheons, SWAT teams, chain gangs, and stadiums used as holding pens as police departments grapple with the impossible task of rounding up, jailing, and deporting all those millions. Families would be separated, and every American urban landscape would be haunted by the screams and weeping of orphaned children. The US would emerge as a fascist police state with a shattered economy and no hope of keeping pace with China and other competitors.

Continue reading ISIS Czar Allen Boosts Erdogan’s Scheme for Civil War, Dictatorship in Turkey Under Cover of Early Elections; Move Could Pull US into Vortex of General Middle East Conflagration »

Syrian Terrorist Rebels Just Trained In a Program Pushed by ISIS Czar Allen Immediately Defect to Al-Qaeda/ISIS; This Program Must End Now; More on the Horrors of ISIS Sex Slavery; Is Nightmare Scenario for Syria Realistic, or Just Another Gambit from Allen with Obama on Vacation?

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity | TWSPTax Wall Street Party

Morning Briefing | Tuesday, August 18, 2015

General Allen is a macabre laughingstock once again in Syria with the help of his crony Recep Erdogan, turning an alleged anti-ISIS fighting force into an ally of insurgents waging war against the legitimate Syrian government. After Obama announced last year that the Pentagon would begin training “moderate” terrorist rebels and death squad members to fight ISIS, not the Assad government, Allen’s policy insured that the newly trained US puppets marched more or less directly from their training camps into the ranks of the most extreme terrorists, with the so-called “Division 30”of US puppets now fraternizing with ISIS and fighting to destroy the Syrian nation-state.

Division 30, officially the “New Syrian Forces,” is a 54-man group (hardly a division-more like a platoon) that was trained by the US-led coalition against ISIS to become the kernel for a new Syrian national army solely fighting extremists in the region. After crossing the border into Syria from Turkey late July, one of the leading Al-Qaeda affiliates in the area, Jabhat Al-Nusra, attacked Division 30, killing five members and taking their commander hostage as well as at least thirteen other soldiers. Division 30 has since reneged on their US-assigned role and said they would not fight against Al-Nusra; instead they pledged to fight against the Syrian government forces. Allen and Erdogan apparently never intended the soldiers in Division 30 to be anti-ISIS fighters at all; the soldiers released a statement saying they were, “on the same page with all holy warriors in Syria.” The program under which these terrorist rebels were trained should be immediately defunded and shut down.

Yesterday, to further reveal they were never “moderate” to begin with, Division 30 praised Al-Nusra saying, “Seven Division 30 fighters who were being held by the brothers in Al-Nusra Front have been freed.” Al-Nusra touted the release of the hostages as a gesture of “good will” towards Division 30.

The capture of Division 30 rebels by Nusra, their subsequent release and the agreement forged between the two groups reflects the real purpose of the “safe-zone” Allen and Erdogan wish to create south of the Turkish border. Mainstream media reports claim the safe-zone is to be cleared of ISIS fighters and then inhabited by moderate forces. But the actions of Division 30 show the opposite is the reality. The safe-zone is to be a supply line for fresh jihadist troops to replenish the decimated ranks of ISIS, allowing ISIS to pivot towards Iran. The so-called “moderate” troops will continue the war against the Syrian government with an open supply route through Turkey for new soldiers to come in and oil to be exported out to the company run by Erdogan’s son Bilal Erdogan.

With Obama scheduled to vacation on Martha’s Vineyard for two more weeks, Washington insiders are expecting a move by ISIS Czar Allen to regain ground lost when the US and Germany pulled their Patriot missile batteries out of Turkey. The following analysis, published by Jason Ditz of Antiwar.com, may reflect a scenario presently being used by Allen. This variation may be to allege that the Assad government is about to collapse, that ISIS is about to seize Damascus and the Mediterranean coast, and that something must be done. For Allen, the something is always US infantry divisions. As for Russia, certain circles might be happy to see Allen and the neocons get their wish and get the US bogged down in another catastrophic land war in southwest Asia – a development which could relieve US pressure on the Ukrainian front. Ditz writes:


“There has been a recent proliferation of conferences and behind-the-scenes meetings among various regional and world powers on the situation in Syria in recent days, with Russia leading the charge for some sort of anti-ISIS unity among rebel and government factions, and the US no longer spurning the idea. There are a lot of reasons behind this, and a lot of moving parts keeping such deals from happening readily, but the main driver is a fear of the “nightmare scenario” of the Assad government collapsing outright and ISIS sweeping in to take the rest of a country they already control over 50% of.”

To prevent Syria from collapsing under the strain of Allen’s proxy armies, Russia has indeed taken over the process of uniting anti-ISIS rebels and the Syrian government,. Russia has been a key player in recent talks involving Middle East powers that include Iran, Oman, the Syrian opposition, and Saudi Arabia. These meetings were done to create an anti-ISIS coalition that counters the pro-ISIS group led by the now-isolated Erdogan, who is only in power still largely because General Allen props him up. One of the breakthroughs in the Russian led talks includes hosting the Syrian opposition and their paymasters, the Saudi regime, in Moscow. Illustrating the Russian anger against those trying to tear the Middle East apart, it was during a press conference last Tuesday between Saudi representatives and Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov where the latter muttered under his breath his feelings for the actions of the Saudis (f*****g morons”), much like how Putin issued an ultimatum to the idiotic Erdogan to a Turkish envoy a few weeks ago. Russia is showing it will not permit Syria, and their sole Mediterranean naval base there, to be destroyed by the maniacal General Allen’s coalition and his imperialist tool Recep Erdogan. The least that Americans of goodwill can do to support the intention of keeping peace and stability in Syria and the entire Middle East is to demand that Allen be fired when it is politically feasible for Obama to do so and for a new multilateral effort against ISIS be waged, beginning with the ousting of Turkish President Erdogan and a possible tribunal for his crimes against the Kurds.

#FireAllen4ISIS !

Kidnapped Syrian Christians To Become ISIS Sex Slaves If Fanatics’ Demand For Ransom Not Met

As our Morning Briefing reported on August 9th, nearly 220 Syrian Christians were kidnapped by the murderous ISIS thugs ravaging Syria. The Daily Mail of August 16th has released “leaked” photos allegedly showing Syrian Christian women held by ISIS, possibly from the same region as the kidnappings earlier this year. Tragically, the leaks show the women holding signs saying they will be sold into sex slavery to ISIS fanatics unless ransoms are paid.

Reports concerning the role of the sex trade within ISIS controlled areas detail the barbaric system of selling women into slavery is not just economic. The Christian Science Monitor included in its coverage of the tragic fate of Kayla Mueller that ISIS has selectively lifted and misconstrued passages of the Quran to justify sexual violence. Sex slavery for ISIS fighters has become not only an industry but also a spiritual duty. This sickening elevation of not only slavery, but also sexual slavery, to a virtuous act is a direct result of Erdogan supporting ISIS, General Allen acting as ISIS czar and the treacherous role they play in protecting ISIS. Allen is responsible for the rape of Syria. The blood of all ISIS hostages and victims is on their hands.