Senator Jones of Alabama Must Be Seated in U.S. Senate Now to Help Stop GOP Tax Scam Monstrosity; Support for Plutocratic Bill Still Soft, but Mass Action Is Needed this Weekend

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity|TWSPTax Wall Street Party

ASNAmerican System Network|Thursday, December 14, 2017

Reeling from Alabama Defeat, Trump Searches for Plausible Scapegoats; Dina Powell of Goldman Sachs Exiting; Melodramatic Scenes as Omarosa Is Ousted and Signals Retaliation; Tlllerson Sensibly Offers North Korea Talks Without Preconditions, but He Too May Be Sacked Soon; Reactionary Thugs Target Mueller; Converging with White House Line, Putin Impudently Dismisses Russiagate as “Fabricated” “Spymania”

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