Strategic Iraqi Town of Sinjar Liberated from ISIS Psychopaths in Just 24 Hours, Blocking Mosul to Raqqa Highway 47

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, November 14, 2015

Ousted ISIS Czar Allen Raves that US War with Caliphate Will Last “Forever” Unless Assad Is Eliminated; ISIS Reeling on All Fronts as Russo-Syrian Forces Break Siege of Kweres Air Base; Iraqi Army Envelops Ramadi; Terrorists Decimated by Bombing & Desertions in Aleppo-Palmyra Region, Likely to Collapse this Winter; Gnome Chomsky Covers for Erdogan with Classic Limited Hangout Pitch; In GOP Debate Ruled by Monsters from the Id, Trump’s Rejection of Minimum Wage Hike Destroying His Populist Mask as 95-Minute Iowa Tirade Raises Doubts about Sanity; Unstable Mythomaniac Carson Not Fit for Oval Office; Stock Market Decline Pre-Discounts Fed Rate Increase; Ted Koppel Issues Sinister Warning about Looming Cyber Attack; At Iowa Democratic Debate, Confront Bernie Sanders Concerning Crimes of His Saudi Pals

World Crisis Radio
November 14, 2015
With a Report from Thierry Meyssan in Damascus

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Jihadi John

Gnome Chomsky

Donald Trump
Jihadi John
Eliminated: The Pentagon claimed that US forces had slain Jihadi John, a British member of the ISIS genocide cult who has appeared in terrorist videos purporting to show western prisoners being decapitated.
Gnome Chomsky
His Washington Post op-ed chiding Turkey about repression of reporters while not mentioning Erdogan’s role as boss of ISIS perfectly illustrated the classic limited hangout: to defend someone by pretending to attack them.
Donald Trump
His rejection of an increase in the federal minimum wage has destroyed the illusion of his populism and may well mark the beginning of his decline.
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