Support for Ryancare Cratering as Bill Is Reported Out of House Budget Committee by a Single Vote, with Tea Party Voting No

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity|TWSPTax Wall Street Party

ASNAmerican System Network|Thursday, March 16, 2017

Federal District Judges in Hawaii and Maryland Block Latest Trump Immigration and Refugee Ban; White House FY 2018 Budget a Saga of Broken Promises: No New Infrastructure Program, but Department of Transportation Will Cut Already Meager Funding for Amtrak and Light Rail; Army Corps of Engineers Reduced by 16%; National Institutes of Health Face Cuts of $6 Billion or 20%, Equal to Total Current Funding for Breast Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Mental Health Research; WIC High-Protein Foods for Expectant Mothers Curtailed; No More Federal Money for Meals on Wheels for Elderly and Disabled; LIHEAP Heating Assistance Cut; Fierce Backlash Against Brutal GOP Austerity Building Up; After Defeat of Wilders in the Netherlands, Prospects Dimming for Anti-Immigration Candidate Marine Le Pen to Win French Presidency

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