On Eve of Supposed 500th Anniversary of Protestant Reformation, Absurd Efforts Emerge to Promote Anti-Historical Image of Martin Luther as Saintly Founder of Modern Western and American Civilization

UFAAUnited Front Against Austerity|TWSPTax Wall Street Party

ASNAmerican System Network|Thursday, September 14, 2017

Ideological Contortions Include Promoting Luther as Non-Violent, but He Wanted to “Stab, Smite, Slay” Rebellious Peasants in the 1525 Uprising His Agitation Helped Detonate; 100,000 Killed; “It Is the Time of the Sword, Not the Day of Grace,” Wrote this “Toady of Princes”; State Took Over Church, with No Separation; Virulent Anti-Semitism Whitewashed; Hagiography Is Fake History

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