Congressional Warmongers Fail to Block Iran Nuclear Accord, but Poison Pills Remain; Neocons Still Seeking Confrontation with Russia in Syria and Ukraine; Lavrov Calls for Defense of Civilization vs. ISIS; UK Scribblers Scapegoat US Spy Chief Clapper and CENTCOM Commander Gen. Austin to Shield ISIS Czar Allen from Charges His Networks Faked The Intel; #FireAllen4ISIS!; House GOP Crazies Act Out Bizarre Ritual, Threaten Leadership Coup, Government Shutdown October 1, and US Default on National Debt in November

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Morning Briefing | Saturday, September 12, 2015

Also: Get ready for COINTELPRO 2.0: fourteen years after 9/11, US police state has millions of surveillance role players with 78 fusion centers and 250 privatized law enforcement information units (LEIUs) and red squads mobbing and swarming independent organizations and thinkers; methods of “zersetzung” (decomposition) copied direct from Stasi (East German communist secret police); FBI stalking, no-touch torture, gaslighting all illegal; what Snowden forgot to tell you!

Snowden told you that they were listening but he never said what they would do after that –

Bernie Sanders must drop his support for Saudi expansionism, condemn King Salman’s deliberate genocide in Yemen

Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
TARPLEY.net – World Crisis Radio

With a report from Michael Chiotinis in Athens and an interview with Dmitri Trifonov of the Open Alliance of Election Monitors about this Sunday’s Russian regional elections

September 12, 2015

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Sergei Lavrov (above left) – Calls on world to support Assad vs ISIS – take heed.

James Clapper (above left) and Gen. Lloyd Austin (above right) – Scapegoats for the cooking of intelligence by the Petraeus-Allen networks?
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