Tarpley to Russia Today: CIA, MI6 behind terror attack in Iran’s Baluchistan region

October 19, 2009
Russia Today

Webster Griffin Tarpley is interviewed by Russia Today in Washington DC exposing the role of the CIA and British intellgence in yesterday’s terror bombing in Iran’s Baluchistan region claimed by Jundullah which killed several key commanders of the Iranian Pasdaran Revolutionary Guards. Tarpley locates the US-UK strategy in the attempt to break up Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran in favor of the microstates and ministates demanded by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the grey eminence of Obama’s foreign policy. Baluchistan is the location of the strategic port of Gwadar, which could become a key to solving China’s need for imported oil – a perspective the Anglo-Americans are determined to block. Tarpley also cites the role of current US Defense Secretary Robert Gates in the foundation of “al Qaeda.”

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