Tarpley to Rome Anti-NATO Conference: Pro-War Intrigues of Petraeus-Allen-Breedlove Clique Threaten Survival of Europe

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Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
October 26, 2015

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No to War, No to NATO: Call to Action from the Rome Peace Conference, October 26, 2015

We, the participants attending the International Conference Against War and For a Neutral Italy and an Independent Europe held in Rome on October 26, 2015, on the initiative of the No War No NATO Committee, with representatives from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Sweden, Latvia and the United States join together in condemning the NATO monster drill Trident Juncture ’15, which is currently ongoing in the Mediterranean in preparation for new acts of aggression by the US-led Atlantic Alliance in Europe, Asia, and Africa. NATO is responsible for wars which have caused millions of deaths, millions of refugees, and colossal destruction. It is now dragging humanity into an endless war whose results, if we continue along this path, will be catastrophic for the entire world.

To escape from this death spiral of armed conflict, the participants in this Conference call for an alliance of all democratic forces for peace, for the sovereignty of peoples, and against the wars unleashed by a tiny minority of cynical profiteers.

For this purpose, we commit ourselves to set up a European Coordination devoted to helping the nations which are currently NATO member states to reclaim their sovereignty and independence, which are the indispensable pre-conditions for creating a new Europe capable of contributing to the establishment of international relations based on peace, mutual respect, and economic and social justice. At the same time, we pledge to cooperate with any democratic movement in the world which is pursuing similar goals.

As a first operational step in this formidable task, we intend to institute an international news and information network, which will become a key factor in countering the disinformation and mystification of the controlled media in order to develop mutual understanding and coordinate our forces in this decisive struggle. All those taking part in the Rome conference will receive a summary of all the proceedings and a database of the participants, with a view to promoting an initial coordination and exchange of information.

We are now moving toward a second European-wide event. All of those taking part today are committed to expand the list of organizations and individuals who want to contribute to building this movement.

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